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So you have got your blog all setup with a great theme, optin forms and you are starting to generate some content but you want to increase blog traffic? In this post I am going to share with you 5 simple tips to increase your blog traffic and here's the best part, you really don't need to put any more work than you are right now. This is about blogging smart to promote your website to your target market to generate 100s of leads a week. By following these simple steps you will increase blog traffic and have a steady flow of targeted traffic for a lifetime. Increase Blog Traffic In 5 Easy Steps 1. First of all make sure that you have these 2 great plugins installed on your blog. The first is called All in one SEO Pack which is simple and easy to use. Simple add you keywords and a keyword rich descriptions which will show in Google. The next to increase blog traffic is XML Sitemap as this will help Google and other search engines find your blog which means your visitors will find your blog. 2. Backlinks - You must link to other high ranking sites like Facebook, Twitter and EzineArticles as this will give your blog authority and also a place for people to click and come back to your blog. Simply place links to your latest blog post on these sites. 3. SEO will form part of your backlinks to increase blog traffic but you also need to pay special attention to your keyword research. By spending an extra 10 minutes before each post you will find great keywords with little competition and a fairly high search rate. 4. Commenting on other people's blogs in your niche will give you a backlink but also that blog owner may come over to your blog and leave a comment. Google likes to see activity on a blog, so it will push the blog up the search engine. Also when you leave a comment, be sure to share that content on all the social media sites using the share buttons on the blog. This will get reciprocated when others come to your blog and leave a comment. 5. And finally join a tribe like Worldwide Partnership Tribe to get all your post syndicated and others will share your work. This is a great way to get instant traffic to you new posts and best of all you don't even have to go to the tribe and share other people work or even post your content. It is all done for you on auto pilot, giving you the time and freedom to do whatever you want. To Increase Blog Traffic Takes no Time at All

To increase blog traffic using these steps takes absolutely no time at all, in fact in the long run it will be saving time as your blog traffic will increase through the work you are putting into place today. These are some of the tips you can put in place today and start to see an increase in your blogs traffic within 24 hours or less.

Thank You for taking the time to read this article which I hope you enjoyed. I am extremely passionate about helping people build their business online using social media. If you would like to see the exact formula our team members are using to generate a ton of leads everyday head to my blog at and get your free 3 day "The Secrets Behind Social Media"

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==== ==== WP Optin Pro (Mobile Optin included) - Developers License - WP Optin Pro Brings Relief - Check This Out! ==== ====

Best 5 Ways To Increase Blog Traffic  

WP Optin Pro (Mobile Optin included) - Developers License WP Optin Pro Brings Relief - Check This Out!

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