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· Issue 25 · January 2014


Blogging Formula Zac Johnson

by Zac Johnson

you are going to have to spend a lot of time networking at conferences, writing on various sites and working on your social presence. The more out there you are the more peo-


ple will see and remember your name. Be sure to keep your ow many of you are still laughing at silly bloggers

profile pictures and name consistent across all platforms.

that are wasting their time by writing blog posts

This way it will be easy for people to find and track where

that nobody reads? You might be laughing, but

you are.

there is a good chance that these bloggers are laughing, too

Leverage Your Blog

– but all the way to the bank. Blogging is a serious business and now it’s become a

While it may seem like everyone has a blog, only a small

necessity for some of the largest brands in the world. Blogs

percentage are actually doing it right. Once you get to the

allow you to engage with your audience, build a brand while

point where you have a loyal following and are an authority

providing quality content and also increase your site con-

in your space, you can reach out to major news organiza-

tent that ranks in the search results. Best of all, you can cre-

tions and companies to see how you can start working to-

ate a six figure business for less than $100.

gether. The best way to find success in the world of blogging

Enough with the basics... how can you make six figures

is to use your connections.

a year from blogging? Let’s get started.

Show Me the Money Be the Authority

You have the authority. Your name and face are all over

I don’t care what you are awesome at... as long as you

the place and now you have leverage with a blog. This is when

are awesome. I’ve become awesome at business and inter-

you focus on making money with your site. No, this doesn’t

net marketing, so that is what I have become an authority

mean throwing as many ads on your site as you can. It means

in. You need to find what you are the best at and capitalize

you need to put everything that you have been working for

on it. When someone searches for “XYZ” on the internet,

into action. This is the high-end type of monetization that

you want your name and business to be at the top of the list.

makes real money, such as consulting, writing a book, creating a learning course, opening a membership area on your

Be Everywhere

site or even putting together a conference or an event.

One of the best ways to become an authority is to get your name out there, and I mean everywhere. This means


The bottom line is once you are an established authority within your niche, you are golden.

Zac Johnson is a branding expert who blogs at ZacJohnson.com and Brand.com.