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tl;dr – Three easy-to-follow strategies to slash shipping costs and eliminate cross-border hassles to successfully sell in Canada.

· Issue 33 · January 2016

Eliminate Cross-Border Shipping Hassles

for Canadian Success by Steven Page

Steven Page



Local In-Country Fulfillment. This is the most efficient

s a marketer, you understand the intensity with

way to get products to consumers within two to four

which your business can grow at any given moment.

days, and includes full tracking information. You can

PayPal estimates that, by 2018, nearly 130 million

store your product in Canada, either at your own facility

shoppers will place orders outside of their borders, spending

or a local fulfillment warehouse. This method will reduce

over $300 billion a year.

your international shipping costs because the product is geographically closer to the customer who will automati-

Canada’s market has various advantages that make it a

cally receive Canadian shipping rates.

practical option for cross-border sales. Canada and the U.S. share a lengthy border, a common language, and not to forget,

2. Turnkey Cross-Border Logistics. If you do not want to

the North American Free Trade Agreement. Most importantly,

store product in Canada, and prefer to use your current

sixty percent of Canadians already make purchases from

U.S. distribution center, you can still work with a Cana-

American web merchants, according to cross-border transac-

dian logistics company that provides cross-border con-

tion processor Payvision; and online research firm, eMarketer,

solidated shipping services. Consolidated shipping will

reports that Canadians purchased $22.97 billion worth of

allow for cost-effective shipping directly from the U.S. to

goods online in 2014.

Canada and avoid cross-border delays and hassles.

Canada is a great international market to enter, as long as


Flat-Rate Shipping. With the right high volume logistics

you keep in mind the involvement of duties, sales tax, regulations

partner, you will have the ability to provide your custom-

for health and beauty products, and customs clearance proto-

ers with flat-rate shipping. High volume shippers receive

cols. Unexpected challenges can arise especially when your

the lowest rates through Canada Post and can reach

business grows faster than anticipated, and consumers start

your consumers in a shorter amount of time than if you

purchasing before you have a Canada-specific logistics plan.

were to ship directly from the U.S.

When not handled correctly, customers may experience

Although Canada presents some traditional problems,

shipping delays, high shipping costs, and surprise fees. By

having a Canadian logistics partner that can manage every-

working with the right people in Canada, who can help you

thing on the back-end ensures that your Canadian custom-

seamlessly navigate each step, you can ensure that your Ca-

ers receive their orders with the same hassle-free service that

nadian customers are satisfied with their purchase and your

your U.S. customers get.


This allows you to focus on what made you a successful

To determine the method that works best for you and

marketer in the first place: sales and marketing that doesn’t

your product category, consider one of these three strategies

get you caught up with trying to become an international lo-

to help your business grow and succeed in Canada:

gistics expert.


Steven Page is Founder & President of Stalco, a Canadian-based logistics and fulfillment company.

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