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· Issue 30 · May 2015

tl;dr Conversion is key when it comes to strong affiliate performance and you can use authenticity to increase your conversion rates.

Be Authentic to

Increase Conversion Rates by Keri Lyn Renner


onversion is one aspect of affiliate marketing that

Keri Lyn Renner

fascinates me. In fact, I’m a bit obsessed with it. If you run any affiliate marketing, it should fascinate

you, too. Your conversion numbers can speak directly to how

ated. Ask for their input and feedback on products with which

your audience is reacting to the information you share, which

you might not be as familiar. All of these things will strength-

is ultimately money in (or NOT in) your pocket.

en the confidence of your community, which in turn leads to

One of the most valuable things you have is your audi-

those higher conversions that we love.

ence and your relationship with them. Over time, they grow to

Third, always be prepared to step in to assist with an is-

trust your voice, your space, and the information you share.

sue, should one occur. Things happen, but your ability to as-

For these reasons, nothing is more authentic than personal

sist in making things right can only further build the trust that


you have with your audience.

Does this mean that you need to have a personal con-

Not only does a higher conversion mean more profit, it

nection to every product or piece of information that you

also means your audience is responding positively to the type

share? No. It means that when you CAN offer personal ex-

and quality of information you are sharing. On the contrary,

perience, such as “I recently ordered from this company and

lower converting offers might not only be a disappointment

was thrilled with the shipping time” or “I have been a member

financially, but over time can lead to a disengaged and unin-

of this subscription club for two years and just renewed for

terested audience.

another year!”. Your audience will find comfort in your expe-

Trial and error is a great way to test your audience, so

riences, which will give them confidence in their purchasing

keeping a close eye on performance is key. If you run too many


irrelevant offers, you might run the risk of losing the trust of

When you do NOT have personal experience with a brand,

your audience and, ultimately, their attention altogether. Con-

there are other things you can do to increase the authenticity

version performance can be very telling to the effectiveness

of what you are sharing. First, research the product. Share any

of the information you are sharing and a wonderful gauge for

reviews, ratings, or even price comparisons. Include a 1-800

detecting your readers’ needs and wants.

number or FAQ website address for the product to assist consumers in furthering their research before buying. Second, use your audience for assistance. Your audience is a community of like-minded individuals that you have cre-

Best of all, you might even be surprised at what you find-which will have you fascinated with conversion performance. Make it a habit. Check your stats, brush your teeth, and go to bed. Get up the next day and do it all over again.

Keri Lyn Renner has blogged and obsessed with conversion performance for 7+ years at


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