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June 2011

The Women Enrich

The Sandwich Generation Does this describe you? - pg 2

Business Tool Bag Online Promotion - Are you everywhere you need to be? - pg 3





few words about Affiliated Women International (AWI); it came

about initially as a heavenly mandate to do something online for women who don’t have a huge business agenda; maybe in transition from corporate America or some other life-changing experience; desire to grow personally as well as professionally and have a desire to connect with other women in much

Health & Wellness

the same boat. The idea for face 2 face “Neighborhood” groups came a few

Social Workouts Can Change Your Life - pg 4

Financial Health Growing an Income Garden - pg 5

weeks after launch of the 1st website (now a distant memory).

In the intervening years, much has changed – or should I say “been tweaked”. A dear friend I met on Twitter tells me if we’re not “tweaking” until I take my last

Growth & Development

breath, we’re not doing something right! The same friend believes we offer a

Personal growth and development is a critical pursuit as we seek to succeed in life! - pg 6

Marriage & Family

‘niche’ that few, if any other women’s organizations offer. And that’s something for the woman we call “extraordinary-ordinary woman”. And I mean that with utter respect.

A few words from a naturopath - pg 8 & 9

An Inspired Life Allowing Your Heart to Sing - pg 10

Spring Cleaning Allowing Your Heart to Sing - pg 11

Credit Score 101

The world is full of us. Extraordinary-ordinary women that is. In fact, most women on the planet fit that description. They may not aspire to the “huge stuff”, but they aspire to be as real, honest & earnest in their dealings with others as possible.

The extraordinary-ordinary woman doesn’t put on “airs”. She’s simply who

Allowing Your Heart to Sing - pg 11

she is and doesn’t ask more of us than to take her as she is. Her family is of

Know Your Client Listen, truly listen to them - pg 12

great significance and important to her, so much so that, until the timing is right, she may wait to pursue her passion and purpose.

National Envoy Leadership Team Listen, truly listen to them - pg 13

continued on page 15


2011 is the year of the Baby

Women especially feel the brunt of

Some services are even free.

Boomer. If you were born

this responsibility. Most women work

Contact your local Office on Aging

between 1946 and 1964,

today; have the responsibility of their

for some of the free resources.

you are a Baby Boomer. Every day

immediate family and extended family.

of this year 10,000 people will turn 65

60% of caregivers are women. 50% of

Home care is available to come into

years old. This will continue for the

Americans over age 85 require regular

your loved one’s home and help with

next 19 years.

assistance. As caregivers we think we

care (showers, dressing, ambulation,

should be able to do it all and we feel

etc.) provide meals, light housekeep-

If you are a Baby Boomer, you may

guilty if we can’t. 51% of caregivers

ing and transportation. If your loved

find yourself in the “Sandwich

get sick or die before the person they

one needs more care than a few

Generation” as well. You may still

are caring for. Don’t wait to be one of

hours a day, assisted living may be

have children at home and be caring

those statistics.

an option. There are some lovely

for mom, dad or other relatives as well.

assisted living communities at a wide

You may find yourself sandwiched

There are so many resources

price range. Assisted Living

between the two.

available to help you with the care

Communities are licensed by the State

of your loved one.

and must comply with strict regulations in the care they provide. continued on page 13

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Business Tool Bag



With hundreds of millions of users,

Online Promotion

you simply must be on Facebook.

Are you Everywhere You need to be?

I have not found a business or topic yet, that isn’t talked about on

The answer isn’t nearly as intimidating as you may think. That is

Facebook. You can have a profile for

especially true when I share one of my key secrets at the end.

yourself, friends and family. But, you

People say they see me everywhere on the internet. But, I say,

also need a “page” for your business.

“They see me everywhere I need to be.” So, where do you need to be online to promote your business?



This may seem like a silly place to

Follow these five easy steps.

promote your business, but the biggest and brightest promoters are all over Twitter. This is a great platform to interact with potential clients and customers. It is also a great place for your customers to promote you.



This site is a little intimidating at first, but it is a great place to network. It is the online version of your local Chamber of Commerce, BNI, or other networking group.



A good place to network for your

Finally, you need to connect these sites through PingFM. This is a free

business. You can only have 2000

service that lets you post a comment, like you would on Twitter, and it

connections, but it is still a good

is sent out to all the social sites you link to it.

place to be.



You need to have an active and

Nikki Leigh Award winning author, social media publicist and relationship

optimized blog for your business.

coach. For more information, visit

Even if you have a website, you need a

Author of Book Promo 201: Harness the Power of the Internet

blog. It needs to have consistent, high

with Web 2.0 and Social Media and a dozen other books.

quality and relevant content.


Health & Wellness Social Workouts Can Change Your Life I have seen the

Group classes can add to your

power of commu-

success. Most people find having

nity that evolves

a buddy to help keep them moti-

in a social work-

vated and accountable is critical

out setting. As a

to an on-going fitness routine.

Zumba Fitness instructor for the

Though you may want to bring

last three years, I have witnessed

a buddy to your first class, after

amazing transformations in mind,

interacting with classmates, you

body and spirit in our class. Not

will find that the class can become

only have some of the attendees

your inspiration. The connection

changed their body but they have

to others in the class can heighten

also gained a circle of friends that

the impact of the physical workout

have supported them through

because the connection can also

exercise and daily life.

lift the spirit.

Zumba Fitness is a Latin-inspired

The whole social workout experi-

dance workout that is fun and

ence can compound upon itself.

feels more like dancing than

Like a snowball, before you know

aerobics. This is the key that has

it, you’ve improved your health,

made it so successful. If you’ve

Since Zumba incorporates twelve

your outlook, and gained a few

never tried it, I would encourage

basic steps into most routines,

new friends who share a strong

you to do so. There are classes

once you catch on to these, it

connection. No matter what the

virtually everywhere. Check out

becomes easy to follow.

class, I encourage you to find a fit- to find a class near

ness routine that incorporates fun,

you. The beauty of Zumba is that

While your first class may feel a

fitness, and friendship. It is a very

you don’t have to be physically fit

little uncoordinated, by the third

powerful combination that can

to start. You can be of any size

class you begin to relax and enjoy

change your life forever. I know it

and any fitness level.

the great music, energy, and the

has changed mine.

natural endorphins that kick in when you work out. Christy Hays is a certified Zumba instructor who now leads 5 Zumba classes per week. Visit today!


Financial Health Growing an Income Garden

It is hard to believe that spring is near, after all the ground hog did not


see his shadow, which means an early spring. Some say he did not see

Make a plan: determine your goals:

his shadow because there was too much ice and snow…I don’t know,

eliminate debt, financial independence

but one thing that’s certain, spring is near. In preparation for spring we

or leave a lasting legacy?

plant gardens full of colorful flowers and vegetables.

2 Ever thought about planting an income garden? A well planned income

Analyze and prep the soil: analyze your

garden produces a bountiful harvest that yields a lifetime of flowers.

income, assets and liabilities. Clear out weeds (debt, bad/spending habits) that

This garden leads to an exciting journey, “A Woman’s Journey to

chokes your garden. Create a SMART

Financial Security”. Planning this garden is a beautiful place to begin

spending/saving plan.

this journey.

3 Plant a variety of seeds: Diversification is necessary for a healthy income garden. Plant seeds that complement each other and that blooms in different seasons. Seeds that provide shelter during strong winds and bad weather.

4 Maintain your garden: regularly review your garden and prune away any weeds

Starting this income garden is easy; it’s the same as starting any

that stump growth. Water it with regular

garden. Follow these steps and watch your seeds blossom.

deposits. Add fertilizer to give it an extra boost.

Plant a beautiful perennial garden that is big enough to share with others and that continues to bloom and leaves a lasting legacy.

5 Call a professional gardener: seek

Plant the seed and watch it grow!

financial professionals that offer honest and objective advice. Together you can

Gina G. Hitchens

plant an income garden that is always

A financial advisor, planner and business consultant.

in bloom.

She is also an AWI Neighborhood member at Indy North.


Growth & Development

Kat asks: “What do you consider one of the most significant issues in the development of women leaders today?”

Personal growth and development is a critical pursuit as we seek to succeed in life! It has been said that if we’re not growing and developing, we’re probably not breathing. Change is simply

LINDA ~ I believe women, in general, have a difficult time recognizing that they are leaders and/or or have leadership qualities, skills, abilities, etc. I’ve been doing a series of AWI e-letter posts on women and power. I find many women who cringe at the thought of their own personal power as they attach a negative connotation to the word “power”.

a part of life and that’s what personal growth and development is about – change. We either change vicariously by life acting upon us; or we can direct personal change by intentionally

I believe those of us who have a passion for facilitating women’s growth and development as leaders – at any level – must help women confront their own fears of being powerful (even viewed by others as powerful); help women own their power so each can develop the leadership skills they have.

pursuing activities that will produce an outcome far better than we might have expected.

Thus from my perspective, the most significant issue in developing women leaders today is ourselves. We must accept that we are designed and destined to lead. And that leadership involves

I asked two professional women well-versed in personal growth and development to engage in

a level of power – power for others. Women are, again from my perspective, decidedly better equipped for using personal power for the benefit of others. We just have to accept the same as fact.

dialog with me around a few pertinent questions relative to women’s personal development. What great fun we had answering each other’s questions; but I must tell you it was a chore sorting questions from answers and getting all in the right “pew”.

Sonia ~ I believe that one of the most significant issues is Self-Limiting Statements. We sabotage our terrific ideas, undermine our ability to deliver the message, and second-guess our decisions. As a result, we are taught to both ignore the opinions of others and act as we believe (or course leaving us alone with our decisions and outcomes) or value all opinions, continually gather facts, and potentially never making any decisions.

Hopefully we succeeded in doing so. Let me introduce Sonia Di Maulo, Montreal Canada and Kat Tansey, California.

Of course there are many women out there that have the right recipe in place. They are strong, respected, and valued. Mostly because they recognize strength in others and they respect and value others. They are who they are and are not afraid to let it shine. This confidence in being uniquely themselves is, in my opinion,


is the key to unleashing even more great women leaders.

Linda asks: “What qualities should a woman look for in a coach or mentor?” Sonia ~ As a woman, I look for a coach/mentor who can deliver objective, timely, useful feedback and guidance. This person can usually quickly understand where I am and help position me for success with continued support and guidance as needed. The success of this kind of relationship is based on clear expectations, kept promises by both parties, and integrity.

Kat ~ In looking for a mentor, I want someone who has

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particular expertise, connections, or skills that I need to improve. It would be helpful if they were also skilled as a coach, but this is not a requirement. My focus with a mentor is on learning what they have to teach me. If they are willing to do this and they treat me with respect, then I consider it my responsibility to figure out how to learn from them.

I look for different qualities in a coach. I’m not seeking to learn from them as much as I am asking them to help me discover my own answers, to maximize what I already know or help me discover the learning I need. I prefer a person who does not have a prescribed approach to coaching, or a set of steps they want to put me through. Rather, I look for a person with personal strength, self confidence, great coaching skills, and versatility. I expect them to ask questions

Your Ad Here!

rather than “teach” and to introduce their personal models or prescriptions only if they are appropriate. For instance, I do not need

Contact Linda Fitzgerald

to have SMART goals explained to me for the 20th time. What I look

to reserve your

for is someone who will support me or challenge me, and knows when it is appropriate to do one or the other.

ad space in the next issue of The Women

What you are looking for in a coach or mentor may differ from what I want. I suggest you make your own list for each, and then let your lists sit for a few days. Take a look at them when you are in different frames of mind, i.e. when you are feeling supremely self -confident, or when you are feeling down or stuck. After you have tested your lists on your various “selves”, you will have a list that will work well for you. continued on page 15


Marriage and Family COURAGE in the Face of Life A few words on health from a naturopath Health is my life, my career and was to

Running on the fumes of a ticking time

Before I saw the diagnosis-giving

be my future. Two years ago, health

bomb, I visited energy healers. I got

doctor I HAD my health but never

became a convoluted, ambiguous

a counselor - traveled the lands to

acknowledged it. Before I blinked

headline in my life.

motivational leaders and speakers.

my expiration date into focus, I did

I listened to meditation CDs during the

visualizations and dream boards for

a disease that would paralyze my

nights that plagued me with the dusty

wealth, prosperity, success and

body and kill me in the process.

bleakness of unforeseen futures.

happiness but NOT health. Ironic?

MY body! The one that was still

I saw naturopaths and homeopaths.

Yes. To me, the naturopath, health

active, vital and strong.

I was on a path to deny what was ever

was a given. However with these

said. Blind the fear with beams of

words of prognosis, I glimpsed my

And then came the tears; I cried.

hope. Squash any conclusion I might

own mortality and my consciousness

For months, I grieved the life I had

die before my son turns three. Prove

of health was born.

lived. I grieved the life I had yet to live.

that I will continue to live a long life

I grieved my regrets and my fears that

that is on occasion paralyzed by fear

Now, two years into my health journey,

had paralyzed me before, which now

and insecurity but NOT the sclerosis of

as the shock begins to settle around

seem so trivial.

my spinal cord.

the unknown known of my unknown

Two years ago, I had completed my residency in naturopathic medicine, I had completed my teaching training to become a Gyrotonic instructor. I had my education and my career. I had my 15-month-old baby. I had my husband. I had my family. I had my home in Portland and my home in Indiana. I had my friends. I had my cat. I had my good fortune as well as my debt. I had my health.

Two years ago, I met a doctor; a doctor who told me I have 18 months to live. Eighteen possibly 24 months to bear witness as my body disintegrates -at an indefinite rate- by a fatal degenerating neurological condition,

future, I ask what is health?


To the observer, I was the picture

At first I had a revelation so clear.

tion as I am with exercise, prayer and

of health. I carried my chubby baby

I began to see dewy strings of light

love. What I know for certain is the

to full term while working as a

suspended from every heart that

gratitude I feel for what I do have.

naturopathic resident. I slept at least

connected all people at every mo-

7 hours a night. I ate organic vegeta-

ment, a vision that could only be seen

What I have are family and friends

through invigorating mist of insight.

who are willing to talk about life and death; who will hold my hand and not

I felt a peace, while scared out of

judge me when I slur, drool, or trip;

mind. I was enlightened in the pre-

people who are willing to be outra-

tense we call life. At times, when I’m

geous and unreasonable with their

lucky enough, I step back into the ho-

love. I have friends who will embrace

lographic realm of the connected spirit.

their own life, passions and gifts and be courageous in the face of unknown

I try to walk the road of my future, yet


I stop still in my tracks. Moments are monumental and precious.

In the wake their courage and support, I live: as a practicing naturopathic phy-

I am not a hero. Most of time, I

sician, an active mom, a fun and in-

wondered what my life is all about.

spirational friend, a loving and adoring

My work is to be honest, authentic

wife, a supportive and caring daughter

and aligned-true to my dreams and

and sister. And with their patience, I

to myself.

am learning how to ask for help.

bles and pasture-raised meat.

Yes, I have been labeled with a ter-

I have been dealt a hand that quite

I was thin. I exercised. I took no

minal diagnosis that if I don’t contest

literally was my worst nightmare.

medications. I knew which herbs to

every moment will kill me only after it

And now living my worst fear has

take when I felt sick. I knew which

robs me of my body. A doctor looked

awakened me beyond my dreams.

homeopathic remedy to give my son

me, my mom and my husband in the

By embracing again and again what

when he was ill. And if ever I didn’t

eyes and told us I have 18-24 months

is so in my life and surrendering to the

know, I knew whom to call, my healthy

to live. That was 25 months ago.

beauty and wisdom that is life, I am


no longer scared of DYING. Nor am

Yet, at age 33, I was told

I have fatal disease. Blink. Deep

I am not average. I work every day to

I scared of LIVING. For me today,

breath in, blink again. Repeat.

not let it take my body, my spirit, my

that is health.

So now what?

love of life, or my will. I am as vigilant with supplements, diet, and medica-

Jenni Berebitsky, ND


An Inspired Life A Cardinal Rule for Spring: Allowing Your Heart to Sing Sitting outside after a long winter,

The point is, the cardinal

feeling excited and inspired by

doesn’t sing because he has

the signs of Spring, I suddenly

no responsibilities, he sings

become aware of the bright red

because he is totally living in

cardinal up in the tree singing for

the moment! He sings because

all his worth. His message is one

he doesn’t worry about what

of simplicity: allow your heart

hasn’t happened yet. He sings

to sing!

because he has total trust in the

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process of nature and his own I work with people that sometimes

ability to creatively respond to

feel stressed, confused, or

whatever is needed in each

worried about the future.

moment. He sings because that

What if it was a “cardinal rule”

is his true nature and neither

that you had to allow your heart to

stance will reason nor circumstance

sing more often? How could that

keep him from it.

change things? What could the cardinal have to teach us?

an you beWhere in your life can gin to follow this “cardinal rule”?

You might say, “If I were just a bird

Where can you trust more? Where

in the trees, I could sing too, but

can you express your true nature

I’ve got a mortgage and kids to

to creatively respond in each mo-


ment? The rest becomes nothing

Your Ad Here!

but the details. As those details begin to work out, you begin to

perspective: That cardinal doesn’t

find more clarity as you learn to let

to reserve your

just sit and sing all day either, he’s

your heart sing with the joy of life.

ad space in the next issue of

always in survival mode. He must

You begin to get a fresh perspec-

The Women

look for food every two minutes

tive and renewed motivation.

just to stay alive; he must build a

Where can you begin to allow

nest, find a mate, and then feed

your heart to sing right now?

all the baby cardinals, let alone watch for predators 24/7. It’s no club med being a cardinal either.

Wendy Mackowski, is a Professional Coach and the owner of Inner North Coaching. Please check out her new website dedicated to living an “Authentic and Inspired Life”


Contact Linda Fitzgerald

Let me offer up a different

SPRING CLEANING IS IN THE AIR Spring is here! and it’s time for some

of Spring; Clean out those closets

Dust the furniture and shampoo the

spring cleaning. It’s the perfect time

and drawers. Get rid of all those old

carpets. Remove the winter grime

to get organized. Let’s start by taking

out dated clothes and stuff that you’re

and replace it with Spring sunshine.

down the curtains, blinds or drapes for

never going to use or wear. Trash it!

By now you should be smiling with

some much needed TLC. Meanwhile,

or give it to a local charity.

pride, accomplishment and a brand new attitude!

those windows are begging for a wash inside and out with environmentally

Time to strip, vacuum and flip the

friendly vinegar and water. Don’t forget

mattresses while the pads, pillows

Tamm E Hunt is the

the screens and shutters, they could

and bedding are washing and drying.

publisher/editor of

use a good hosing down to.

Dust under the bed and store that stuff


in plastic bins and stack and store


Now open your sparkling windows and

them in the basement or garage and

She is an ordained

let the new air in with the sunshine.

make the bed with fresh linen for the

minister and LifeStyle Coach living in

I bet you and the house feel better

season. Spring is the perfect time to

the Mid-Atlantic region of the United

already. Rearrange the furniture and

paint. If it’s not in the budget, then

States. An intuitive and Reiki

get rid of that old broken lamp, Aunt

wash the walls, ceilings, light and fan

practitioner she encourages women

Ada gave you when you were twelve

fixtures throughout the house.

to empower women and is available for one on one consultations.

and throw out that broken down recliner before somebody gets hurt.

Replace old batteries in the smoke

I know it’s comfortable. Let it go!

and carbon monoxide detectors.

Buy a new one! Now, if you’re really ambitious, and want to feel the magic

Credit Score 101 How is your credit score calculated?

There are 5 components of your credit score

1. Credit History: Credit History is 35% of your FICO credit score. Obviously, paying your bills on time has the greatest positive affect on your credit score. Credit history includes credit cards

Our credit score affects many areas of our lives.

payments, foreclosures, bankruptcies,tax liens,

Your credit score can affect where you live,

judgements, and loans. Having one 30 day late

educational opportunities for your children, your

payment can cost you up to 65 points.

insurance rates, and much more. You would think that such an important aspect of our lives would be easy for us to understand. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

2. Credit Utilization: Credit Utilization is 30% of your FICO credit score. This component speaks to credit card and other revolving credit lines.

Fair Isaac and Company (FICO) , the organization that created our

Keeping your balances low, no more than 30%

present day scoring model protects it’s algorithms on how the score is

of available limit is considered acceptable.

actually calculated. But, all is not lost. Due to consumer pressure and

Maxing out your credit cards or going over

government legislation, FICO has released some credit scoring

limit by $1 can cost you big.

basics that we all should all be aware of regardless of your credit score.

continued on page 16


Know Your Client Instead of the person paying attention to what I was saying, they kept going on and on about everything else except what I was interested in. I went to a presentation for a

busy trying to sell me on stuff I wasn’t

particular product and I went

interested in instead of making sure they

to buy, because I already

understood what my needs and desires

knew this was something I wanted to try.


During the presentation they went over

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the various products. Then they went

Know your clients, listen and I mean

over that you can work it as a business.

truly listen to them. Most will let you

They made it very clear that the

know what their needs, wants, and

products are for everyone, but the

desires are. There are very few that

business is not. So once the meeting

have to be pushed into getting what

was over I wanted to find out how much

they really want and if they do have to

it would cost me for the items I wanted.

be pushed into it then they are not your ideal client. The car dealerships have

Instead of giving me the price, the

finally learned this lesson. Buyers are

person that invited me to the presenta-

more informed and most have already

tion kept talking about all the products,

done their homework and research on

what they do, and the scientific facts of

what products they plan to buy.

it all, and about the business plan. Once again, I asked about the cost of the

Once a client makes up their mind what

products I was interested in, because

it is they want to buy they are ready to

I’d already done my research and knew

buy without any more prodding or push-

what I wanted.

ing. Sometimes we are so focused on giving the person more than what they

Instead of the person paying attention

need or ask for that we miss out on the

to what I was saying, they kept going

sale and repeat business. Remember

on and on about everything else except

less is more and the more you give the

what I was interested in. It grated my

more you might talk yourself right out of

nerves so bad that I couldn’t wait to get

a sale!

out of the place and knew that I would have to find someone who sold this

If you’re serious about laying the foun-

product line that I was interested in so

dation to starting your own business go

I could get the items I wanted.

to html to sign up for your “free” 15 - 20

The sad part is they don’t realize that they lost a client, because, they were so


minute intake.

National Envoy Leadership Team Affiliated Women International™


Linda has a passion to see people,

Beginning June, 2011, the organiza-

Linda has a long and

women specifically, become all they

tion, in collaboration with its Executive

varied career in project

are destined to be. In mid-2006, she

National Envoys, will launch the AWI

and program development.

answered what she calls a “divine

model across North America.

A 1974 graduate of Indiana Univer-

mandate” to do online coaching.

Linda is widowed with three adult

sity-Indianapolis, she completed her

Shortly thereafter, she formed A Wom-

daughters and six delightful grand-

formal education by earning a Master

en’s Place Network, Inc. and launched

children. She prefers the title “Vintage

of Science degree majoring in Coun-

the organization’s first website. In

Dame”. In addition to the above,

seling Education and Organizational

2008, she worked with others to de-

Linda is a published author, expert

Development. She is a graduate of

velop Affiliated Women International™

mentor/coach and accomplished

the University Associates Laboratory

(AWI), a unique model designed espe-

public speaker.

Education Intern Program and has

cially for women to come together and

continued on page 14

been a successful small group trainer

support one another personally and

and facilitator.

professionally. The AWI organization has small “Neighborhood Networks™” in Indianapolis and Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Sandwich Gen. Continued

There is also skilled nursing care for

The important thing to remember is to

more severe care needs. It can be

not wait for a crisis to start researching

an overwhelming process to start a

all of your options.

Here are some signs that you

search for care. There are people that

may need to ask for help:

can help you with that process as well.

Do your research before you need it

Most of those services are free.

so you’re not working in crisis mode

Exhaustion of the caregiver

Fears for your loved one’s safety

Your loved one is not taking their medication properly

Your loved one is not eating

and making poor decision. Most The price is another factor to consider.

importantly, take care of yourself.

Some people have long term care

Give yourself a break, go to a support

insurance policies that cover some


of these services, depending on the policy. There are some benefits that can help as well. For instance, there

properly (malnutrition)

is a veteran’s benefit that can help

Your loved one is not drinking

to pay for in home care and assisted

enough water (dehydration)


Your loved one is lonely and bored.

Darlene Merkler Merkler’s Consulting Services A Free Service Helping Seniors Find The RIght Care 951-741-0622


National Envoy Leadership Team Cont. Affiliated Women International™


Vicki Gianakos


Kimberly currently resides

Vicki is a proud gradu-

Mary lives in Tulsa,

in sunny Scottsdale,

ate of Butler University in

Oklahoma and graduated

Arizona, which is a warm

Indianapolis, IN with a BS

from Northeastern State

welcome to the past five years she

in Marketing/Communications. An

University with a BBA in Business

lived in windy Chicago. She cur-

accomplished director of corporate

Administration and Marketing. She

rently works as a marketing director

promotions and event planning, Vicki

is currently the Supervisor of Admin-

in shopping center management

implemented national “value-added

istrative Services for Cancer Care

and plans to start her own marketing

service campaigns” for a Fortune 100

Associates and has worked for them

agency soon. As a graduate of the

company for nearly 15 years. Her

for the past 24 years.

University of Minnesota, Kimberly

personal health crisis in 2008 awak-

has her B.B.A in Marketing and a

ened a newfound passion for life

Mary came to Affiliated Women Inter-

minor in Communications. Always

and a desire to help encourage and

national™ in late 2009 as Community

looking to be actively outdoors, she

empower women to realize their des-

Director responsible for overseeing

enjoys kayaking, hiking and attending

tiny and maximize their success both

the development of AWI Neighbor-

farmer’s markets. She always enjoys

personally and professionally. She

hood Networks in the greater Tulsa

connecting others and sharing the

considers AWI a “perfect fit”. Vicki

area. Under her direction, the Tulsa

importance of networking for your

is happily married with 2 wonderful

Neighborhood has grown rapidly and

own success.


she has developed additional highly competent leadership from the Tulsa

Affiliated Women International™

membership. Late last year, Mary ac-

(AWI) is the face to face aspect of A

cepted the role of National Envoy in

Women’s Place Network, Inc, The

order to help expand the AWI ‘culture’

parent company envisioned an online


women’s organization that would be a source to enrich, encourage, equip

Mary and husband Michael have two

and empower women worldwide, us-

sons adopted from South Korea. She

ing the power of technology. Its target

is very active with Dillon International,

is women who wanted something

the agency with whom they worked

different than the usual networking

when adopting William and Samuel.

organizations available to women.

She chairs the upcoming Run for the

Equally, it envisioned something much

Children 5K fundraiser for the agency

more than just a social organization.

and volunteers as a teacher at the annual Korean Heritage Camp spon-

Read the full story and history of


Affilitated Women on our website!

sored by Dillon.

Sonia asks:

Front Cover Cont.

“When I have a strong desire to grow my authentic self, where should

The Extraordinary Woman

I place my focus: on me as a woman, businesswoman, wife, mother, daughter, or sister? And why?”

We look around the landscape at the many opportunities women have

Kat ~ To me these are just different views of my constantly evolving self. What does not change is my practice of selfawareness and self- management as I move from role to role.

to connect with each other today. Modern technology makes for instant communication between folks who

For example, if I know I have difficulty communicating with someone

might not otherwise have known

who is very analytical and risk avoidant, I understand that I will need

the other existed. Seems there’s a

to slow down, be prepared with facts, talk less and ask more questions,

networking group on every corner

and take their concerns into consideration if I am going to have a

and in the middle of the intersection.

successful relationship with them. This is true whether this person is

So when AWI Neighborhoods came

someone at work or in my personal life. If we focus on developing our

to be, we entered a very busy world.

emotional intelligence and our versatility, this forms a solid base on

But we also entered the world of the

which to build skills that are applicable to all the relationships and

extraordinary-ordinary woman.

environments in our life.

I’m delighted we have done so. I wouldn’t be at home with any other

Linda ~ This is an easy one for me. I believe we come to anything as a woman first. We function in the role of

women, and I think neither would many of you.

“businesswoman, wife, mother, daughter or sister”. We cannot divorce who we are – our gender – from the roles we fill. Our roles will change over the course of our lives, but we will remain a woman forever. I believe our authenticity as a woman underpins everything else we do (our roles).

If you haven’t yet gotten acquainted with AWI – either face2 face because there’s not a Neighborhood in your “neighborhood”; or you haven’t joined our online community at THE CONNECTION STATION, please

In my days as a professional counselor, I saw many women who had

pause to take a “look-see”. Send me

a strong desire to grow into authenticity in every aspect of life except

questions or seek clarification –

their womanhood. Eventually, they discovered that seeking authentic-

I’d love to hear from you.

ity in any role they performed simply wasn’t going to bring the satisfaction they sought. My role was to facilitate learning who they were as

In the meantime, enjoy the 1st

a woman – a female. Once they engaged in that discovery process,

edition of “THE WOMEN”. Read the

life roles often changed based on the authenticity into which they were

columns by members. I especially

growing. As a woman!

invite you to check out the “Centerfold”. No, it’s not Playboy or anything

This article was too long for the magazine, so we’ve completed it at AFFILIATED WOMEN. Drop by, read & add your thoughts as well! Thanks Kat and Sonia for your understanding!

so raucous. But it is an inspiring story of courage by one young woman facing the challenge of her life!


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mix of credit is 3-5 credit cards,

put - Do Not apply for unnecessary

ered optimal. That is why credit

a home, an auto loan. This is what

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