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What Jailbreak really is? For those of you who do not know, the jailbreak process is a process that unlocks some restrictions that your iPhone has after you buy it. So that’s where the name came from, because after you purchase your iPhone he is in “jail” and you have to make it free. A lot of users think that situation is really unpleasant and we can’t blame them. Since the release of the first iPhone, back in 2007, the users are struggling with this problem but they are not the only ones, because the Apple Company are very angry and trhey fight against the jailbreaking process. The Apple Company loses a lot of money because after the iPhone are jailbroke, the users download cracked apps and they don’t buy the apps from the original store. But there is not much they can do because after every release of a phone, after a short period of time the phone will be available for jailbreaking. You have to understand that downloading cracked apps is illegal and wrong. And is because the people who create the apps work very hard for that to happen and they deserve a little credit. So you have to understand that we do not support this action but we encourage you to try for free the apps before you download them from the Apple Store. Some users also say that the apps are pretty expensive but I do not agree. Of course, for most people is so much easier to download the apps for free without a lot of effort. So people jailbreak their iPhone because of the limitations that the Apple Store is offering. Many of you confuse the jailbreaking process with the unlock process, but there are two different things. While the jailbreak offers you the possibility to access free apps and download them on your iPhone, the unlock process allow you to have access on more than one service network. If you purchase your iPhone from another country, the phone may be locked and you won’t be able to make phone calls in the network that you are using. Get the iphone recovery mode. This is a problem that make a lot of users very upset but the good part is that the phone can be unlocked. But this action will also make you spend some money, in case you can’t unlock the iPhone on your own. And most people start to panic and they think it is something very complicated and that only experts can do it, but the truth is that with some effort and a lot of attenti on you can unlock your phone all by yourself. So in case you didn’t knew, most of the users also jailbreak the iPhone so they can unlock it. The iPhones can’t be unlocked unless they are jaibroke. So if you can’t use toy SIM card and you can’t make any phone calls, you have to jailbreak your iPhone first. My advice is to find a good tutorial that explains the process in simple steps.

What Jailbreak Really Is