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Vienna Express 2010 Towards Universal Access

From June 26 to July 21, AFEW’s Vienna Express campaign connected a wide variety of communitylevel and national events – roundtables, public concerts, press conferences, street campaigns and visits to best-practice HIV projects – across 14 countries. These events had two common ambitions: to promote better access to HIV/AIDS services and to push the HIV epidemic in Eastern Europe and Central Asia to the top of the political, media and public agendas. And it’s not too late to join in! The campaign continues right here in Vienna! Please take some time to visit our East-West Wish Tree in the Global Village and add your wish to those of the people we met during our trip! Keep up-to-date with our online blog at and read about AFEW at

● Lithuania ● Austria ● Ukraine ● Belarus ● Moldova ● Macedonia ● Kazakhstan ● Kyrgyzstan ●

The Netherlands ● Germany ● Latvia ● Lithuania ●

Tajikistan ● Georgia ● The Netherlands ● Germany ● Latvia

Austria ● Russian Federation ● Ukraine ● Belarus ● Moldova ● Macedonia ● Kazakhstan ● Kyrgyzstan ●

Vienna Express Poster  

Vienna Express Poster