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this portfolio represents a selection of academic and personal projects made during the past four years.


My name is Asier, a 24 year old Product Design Engineer from Vitoria-Gasteiz, Basque Country. I am currently studying my Masters in Innovation and Design at Mälardalens Högskola, Västerås, Sweden. With this programme I am gaining deeper knowledge about how to implement an added-innovative-value to the design process, and how it can be managed within organizations. Overall, I am passionate Itabout creative andthe artistic is essential to understand environment and whatinto it entails, beingprocess. a product Iforam the bath, activities and bringing them the since design should convey hygiene and cleanliness. On the other constantly working and trying to upgrade my own projects hand, these two concepts are essential, since the user and enjoy discovering and other will beappreciating a child between 2 to 5 yearsartistic of age, who may tend to put objects into the mouth. works. Through the user analysis, it has been concluded that I see Product Design as atheway of turning toy should be colouredproblems in a way thatinto attracts the but without aside thethe above-mentioned user-adapted solutions; a child, practice thatleaving includes users concepts. On the other hand, and based on the in a creative journey of finding the solution that fits them capabilities of the user, the shapes of the product will best. My priority is to work hand toin the hand with thehand users, be suitable size of him/her for a more ergonomic theseduring ones being simple and since I believe they are the main grip, focus theclean, whole rounded.

design process.


dordoy water toy ace bottle h2go water dispenser dugu car concept oio lunchbox ekhi pizza & cake packaging

followed methodology

problem opportunity

based on the shape of a turtle, this floatable toy has a cavity at one of the ends, introduced, based on which the games will var y. The main goal of the game will be to make pairs.




design thinking

methodology solution




design from scracth

01 01 dordoy dordoy 2 months 4 members

water water to to


01 DORDOY water toy design

objective designing a bath toy that fulfills the needs of a kid between 2 and 5 years of age key factors




The product should be directed and adapted to the user, reason why it is essential to do a complete analysis of the user. It will also be necessary to know the lifestyle that the family will lead.

Happyness Softness user


The user is an active family with enough time to share with their children, at least during bath time. In addition, the toy will have renovating concepts like making the child learn new concepts and boosting his/her creativity too, combined with a firm awareness about the much-needed respect for the environment. As for the child, one could say that he/she transmits happiness and joy to the whole house. Keeping in mind that parents will be active and spend time with their children, the child will need nothing more than that, in order to be happy.

Based on the conclusions obtained during the entire exploration phase, it has been possible to establish the formal lines that may define the product.

the fun face of the simplicity formal lines

It is essential to understand the environment and what it entails, since being a product for the bath, should convey hygiene and cleanliness. On the other hand, these two concepts are essential, since the user will be a child between 2 to 5 years of age, who may tend to put objects into the mouth.

Through the user analysis, it has been concluded that the toy should be coloured in a way that attracts the child, but without leaving aside the above-mentioned concepts. On the other hand, and based on the capabilities of the user, the shapes of the product will be suitable to the size of him/her hand for a more ergonomic grip, these ones being clean, simple and rounded.

brief divided based on the level of importance





easy use







helps bathing process

XILODRILE based on the shape of a crocodile, while floating, its game is based on a six note silo. The toy includes two small drumsticks.

DICE the user enters the dice in the water, and this one, after being introduced, will leave the water facing up one of its faces. Depending on the geometrical figure on the face, the child will have to throw that same form, inside the cube, being a kind of game of basketball.

D DO ORRD DO OYY based on the shape of a turtle, this floatable toy has a cavity at one of the ends, introduced, based on which the games will var y. The main goal of the game will be to make pairs.

final product final product

Dordoy is the name of the developed toy. It has a turtle shape, which is why it has been named as Dordoy; bearing in mind that dordoka is turtle in Euskera. This product has a main large user age range of between 2 and 5 years of age. The toy is adaptable to each stage of learning and development of the user, as it has different functionalities or ways for using it. The game consists in inserting the insole into the slot once all the balls are placed in the holes. The user, either alone or with the parents or siblings, will have to catch a ball on each side of the turtle, this way uncovering the color, figure or number below and trying to form pairs. If he/she can not form the pair, the balls will have to be put back in place, but if the pair can be made, the balls can be scored in the basket that this product has. However, this basket can be placed on any wall of the bathroom, as it has two suction cups and could be placed without the need of applying a big force for doing so.

playing dynamics

Only using the turtle, with the curiosity and the fun that transmits when floating on water

Adding an insole, the memory is developed by remembering the figures that appear on it, such as colors, numbers, etc. (swaping

insole variety

With the balls and the basket case, fun is added to the game. The balls can be used alone or with the memory game, As when the child gets a pair, he/she can shoot the balls to the case.

design from scracth

02 ace

2 months

4 members


National NationalDesign DesignCompetit Compet


03 ACE glass bottle brand and product design

objective designing a glass bottle/glass bottle set, with its packaging and brand around it key factors

brand identity



trends in cocktails and mixed drinks consumption

Local and quality products

Agricultural roots

Low calorie drinks

‘Craft cocktails’ to mixed drinks

Raise of sour flavours

More sofisticated drinks

Aromatic spices: boosting the flavour of the drink and replaces the sugar

“Aperitif” low alcohol percentage drinks. Consumers appreciate time with friends, quality time is valued, even more than the fact of consuming alcohol itself.

formal lines

first sketches

different sketches for the chosen idea

closer to product sketches

The screw cap.

A reusable bottle has been designed and can be opened without additional tools.

The spices.

A piece under the tap has been specially designed to contain spices, which allows the user to throw the spices in the drink in an easy and comfortable way. This piece contains a filter that allows you to drink it without these being troublesome, containing the spices in the cap and not letting them come together with the drink, this being uncomfortable for the consumer when drinking. A piece that is easily placed, thanks to the rubber bands. This facilitates and accelerates the pre-consumption process, and gives the beverage an added value.

Cocktail shaker concept.

Thanks to its shape, which reminds of a cocktail shaker, it is easy to recognize what type of drink it is.

Breaking innovative aesthetic lines.

The curves split the bottle into four sections, breaking with the traditional idea of the shaker, giving it a modern and renewed touch.

Individual format.

A bottle of 40 cl, for indvidual use, but somewhat larger than conventional ones, allowing you to enjoy the drink for longer.

The aluminium cap.

In order to give the bottle an industrial and recognizable touch.

Integrated tags.

Simple and clear, integrated into the sections composed by the lines of the bottle, maintaining fluidity, with a simple design and dark colors that stand out against the clarity of white glass, which allows an easy reading for the user.

take out the tap

packaging Once all aspects of the product have been defined, the packaging research and ideation begins. The bottles must be firmly fixed and the packaging must be of a relatively rigid structure to withstand the weight and protect the ACE bottles. It surrounds the bottle on all sides, keeping the bottle in place and protecting it from hits. To achieve this, the inside of the outer structure, at the bottom, has another base for holding the bottle. In fact, this proposal does not only protect the bottles, but it also helps in the after consumption of the bottles. Once consumed, it is very helpful to pick up the bottles and place them bakc on the packaging.

design from scracth

0303 H2GO OIO


2 months individual project

water water did

spenser spenser

03 H2GO water dispenser

objective implementing the technology available in order to propose a product and service that innovates and transforms the way that drinking water is commercialized around the world. The company aims for a more sustainable, ethical and responsible way of commercialization. key factors

environmental sustainability

added value


how will it look ?

main dimensions

130 cm

87 cm


37,6 cm

174,3 cm 68,1 cm

92 cm

148,7 cm

216 cm

56,1 cm

l a s e r thi oen ilnpg t h e b o t t l e for posi

touc h screen

touch screen

qr reader

qr reader

noise emisor

credit card reader

credit card reader

cash slots

cash slots

bills and coins

bills and coins

payment ticket slot

cash money change slot

the user will know all the time what is the next step for him/her during the use the action that needs to be done after, will be shown by a lighted up icon

user-dispenser interaction the H2GO App users are able to find the dispenser by the map shown on the app.

H2GO App users

in shops such as supermarkets, where the H2GO Water Dispenser is located, there are H2GO Glass Bottles available to buy, but the users can also use their own.

Card/ Cash users

the user can choose directly the saved quantity of water or set a new one and the dispenser will work automatically.

open the profile. Put the QR Code on the reader.

insert the money. Bill and/or coins.

since not all the bottles show its capacity, the user will activate the water himself/herself by pressing the start button, and stop button when the bottle has the whished quantity of water. That is why the inputted quantity will not necessarily be the one served, it is just for knowing approximately, without the need to know the exact capacity of the bottle, how much will it cost.

the dispenser will show how much 10 cl costs so the user can know how much money will the service cost, with a tactile bar that will calculate it for him/her.

the user is able to stop the water pouring at anytime he/she wants to. even when a saved quantity is selected, for security reasons.

place the bottle and press play.

after every refill the user will accummulate points for getting free refills in future uses.

the payment is done automatically to the syncronized payment method.

the dispenser gives the cash money change.

place the bottle and press play.

the user is able to stop the water pouring at anytime he/she wants to.

for reducing the paper consumption, the payment ticket will be available if the user asks for it and pushes the payment ticket button.

H2GO GL ASS REUSABLE BOTTLE Aiming for a higher reusability of materials in order to reduce gives the user a comfortable and environmental friendly option, that can be refilled as many times as is needed, without spending money, time and waste using plastic bottles. s: 0,5 l and 1 l. This way, the user can pick the most convenient bottle for his/her necessities. These bottles are sold on a side together with the H2GO dispenser, when this is located in stores, such as supermarkets, or similar places where bottles can be sold.


H2GO APP The H2GO App will help the user of H2GO Water Dispenser Service to get an easier, faster and more comfortable use , creating a personalized experience. The user can create his/her own profile. This profile will have its own QR Code. Just by positioning this QR Code in front of the QR Reader of the H2GO Water Dispenser, it will syncronize the information of the user. This will allow him/her to pay faster by paying straight from the chosen payment option, avoiding the need of cash or credit card, for a more comfortable experience. Since H2GO supports the use of reusable crystal bottles for a reduction of plastic use, the user when using the H2GO Glass Reusable Bottle or other reusable water bottle, he/she will need an exact amount of water in every use. So, the App will now by the recollected data what is that quantity of water, so the user just by putting the QR Code in the QR Reader of the dispenser and positioning the bottle, it will automatically refill it, with no need of pressing buttons while using the service, for a more convenient use. In adittion, the user can also adjust the quantity by himself/herself in order to get a quicker recognition for when, by way of example, he/she for multiple reasons changes to a new reusable bottle. The app will make the users’ way to the water dispenser easier by implementing a map where the dispenser near the user are displayed. The map will show the user the way to the closest one. Moreover, for an updated, fast and user need based support service, the users can notice via H2GO App when a dispenser is not working or any other issue that should be solved. The user will this way mark the dispenser using the map and explain in a description why that dispenser urges a operator. Last but not least, in order to boost the use of the dispenser, creating user to brand fidelity and giving a sense of exclusivity for the app users, these will accumulate points every time they use the dispenser, which will be translated into discounts for the next water refill.


design from scracth

04 DUGU 2 months 2 members

car concep

7th Maier S.Coop Internat Design Competition



05 DUGU car concept

objective focussing on Automotive Vehicle Design, from both the stan dpoint of Style and Colour&Trim. The aim of the competition is to imagine and visualize new concepts for the autonomous vehicle in 2030 in terms of formal languages, features, finishes... key factors


environmental sustainability


texture panel

for the user


enhancing the driving experience

design from scracth

04 03 OIO OIO 2 months individual project

lunchbox lunchbo


04 OIO lunchbox

objective designing a lunchbox that fills the blanks on the current market, by encountering a new opportunity key factors

added value



market analysis



They do not have a separate place to save the cutlery and dessert orderly They are not prepared to take them out comfortably The user can not choose the amount of dishes; the size will not vary according to this

current lunchboxes

there is no lunchbox in the parts, which depending on the user’s needs, can vary its size, being useful as a everyday lunchbox

user user

The users of the lunchbox will be both young students and older workers who need an everyday lunhcbox that adapts to their needs



final concept

final final product final product product The OIO user-adjustable lunchbox fullfils a blank on the lunchbox market, as there is no everyday use lunchbox, that adapts to the user’s day to day needs as this lunchbox does. Thanks to the possibility of being a two-piece or a three-piece lunchbox, the user can choose, depending if he/she wants to carry more or less food that day, to carry a smaller or a bigger lunchbox to work/university. Moreover, the lunchbox has a very intuitive open/close mechanism, since the user just needs to align the upper and below icons and spin both or just one of the parts.

easy easytoto open/close open/close

big space for cutlery desserts serviettes

design from scracth

06 05 packaging packaging fofo 1 month 2 members

pizza pizza && packag packa

or r

& cake cake ging ing

objective objective

05 EKHI packaging

objective objectives designing a packaging for EKHI baker y’s products, that goes hand in hand with the spirit and style of the shop key factors

aesthetics (handmade look)



small piece

main box

final product












































cash money change slot

payment ticket slot +3468 8 629272

Profile for Asier Fernandez de Antona

Product Design Portfolio - Asier Fernandez de Antona  

Hi! Here is my Product Design Portfolio which shows the projects I have worked in the last four years. Thanks for checking it out!

Product Design Portfolio - Asier Fernandez de Antona  

Hi! Here is my Product Design Portfolio which shows the projects I have worked in the last four years. Thanks for checking it out!