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AER NEWSLETTER • January - June 2018



Talk on Overview of ASEAN Low Voltage Electrical Installation Regulation and Standards Prepared by Ir. Dr Charles Siow Chun Lim


n 3rd March 2018, the ASEAN Engineering Inspectorate - Electrical Installation (AEI-EI) National Working Group of the ASEAN Engineering Register (AER) with the support from the Electrical Engineering Technical Division (EETD) of The Institution of Engineers, Malaysia successfully organised the talk on “Overview of ASEAN Low Voltage Electrical Installation Regulation and Standards” at Wisma IEM. This talk is the first roadshow talk conducted in Malaysia. The speaker was Ir. Yau Chau Fong, the Chairman of the AEI –EI Steering Committee of the AER. The talk was attended by more than 30 participants. Ir. CF Yau started his presentation by giving an overview of ASEAN Federation of Engineering Organisation (AFEO) and AEI. He then briefly introduced the history behind the AEI initiative. There are 3 AEI initiatives namely AEI in building inspection, AEI in boiler inspection and AEI in electrical inspection/installation. The talk of the day was mainly on AEI Electrical Installation (AEI-EI) which is currently being spearheaded by IEM. AEI-EI ultimately aims to harmonise the standards in electrical installation amongst ASEAN countries to catalyse the mobility of electrical engineers across the borders. The speaker then zoomed in to the main agenda of the day which is the preliminary findings of the Feasibility Studies on Electrical Installation Standards in Buildings Amongst ASEAN Countries. Due to the time constraint, Ir. Yau only managed to briefly present the acts and regulations, registration of electrical professional engineers and cable colour coding practices at the 10 ASEAN countries. After this, the speaker presented the AEI-Electrical Blueprint (20182035) which was formulated based on the recommendation by the AFEO Secretary General brought up and discussed at the AFEO Mid-term meeting 2017 in Singapore which was then formalised by the Bangkok Declaration signed at the AFEO Year-End Governing Board meeting held on 18 November 2017.


AER NEWSLETTER • January - June 2018


The short term goals as captured in the blueprint would mainly be on creating awareness amongst engineers and relevant stakeholders in ASEAN on this AEI-EI initiative. The mid-term stage would be the implementation stage where the AEI-EI would be looking into introducing electrical standards to university students as well as registering electrical engineers. The long term plan would be the involvement of inter-governments to really putting harmonisation of electrical installation standards into effect. As conclusion, Ir. Yau re-emphasized the importance of standardisation to promote mobility of engineers amongst ASEAN countries. He also acknowledged the support by various institutions which have contributed towards making this feasibility study a success. ■

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT FROM IES 12 - 14 November 2018 Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore

CONFERENCE OVERVIEW In this year’s edition, CAFEO 36 is introducing the ‘Singapore Rail Technology Conference (SRTC)’, co-organised with SMRT Corporation, and the ‘ASEAN Engineering Deans Summit (AEDS)’, co-organised with the Singapore University of Technology and Design. Held over two days, the conferences will comprise of keynote, case study presentations and panel discussions with Q&A. The presentations will focus on lessons, challenges and opportunities in these fields. Information and insights will be drawn primarily from local and international case studies with a focus on practical solutions.

SRTC CALL FOR ABSTRACTS The Singapore Rail Technology Conference is a point of confluence for operators, regulators, industry partners, and academia to network and share about projects, technologies, ideas, and best practices around the ASEAN region. The rapid development of railway networks in the ASEAN region, enabling the large scale movement of people and goods, is expected to supercharge the region’s economic growth. Rail investments in the region span both green and brown field activities, and range from the building of high speed rail networks, new regional and inter-city links, to the renewal and rejuvenation of established metro lines. Continues on Page 11 AER NEWSLETTER • January - June 2018



CAFEO 35 REPORT 15TH – 18TH NOVEMBER 2017 BANGKOK, THAILAND Towards a Sufficiency Economy: Pathways to Sustainable Development Prepared by Ms. Ong Chew Yi


he 35th Conference of the ASEAN Federation of Engineering Organization (CAFEO) was successfully organised by The Engineering Institute of Thailand under H.E. The King’s patronage (EIT), and was held in conjunction with 24th YEAFEO and 6th WE-AFEO. The Convention was held in Bangkok, Thailand from 16th to 18th November 2017 at Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre (QSNCC). The official hotel for accommodation and stay in Bangkok was the Modena by Fraser. More than 1,066 participants attended this event mainly from ASEAN and FEIAP member economy that were non-ASEAN countries such as Japan, Korea, Chinese Taipei, Tunisia, Canada, Papua New Guinea, Pakistan, India, Australia and China. The total number of delegates were recorded as below: Board of Engineers, Cambodia

(Young Engineers = 10)


Philippine Technological Council

(Young Engineers = 45)


Myanmar Engineering Society

(Young Engineers = 45) (Women Engineers = 30)


The Institution of Engineers Malaysia

(Young Engineers = 35) (Women Engineers = 2)


The Institution of Engineers Singapore Persatuan Insinyour Indonesia

(Women Engineers = 2)


Pertubuhan Ukur Jurutera & Arkitek


Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations


The Engineering Institute of Thailand (ETT) under The King’s Patronage Others TOTAL

(Young Engineers = 168*) (Women Engineers = 40)



AER NEWSLETTER • January - June 2018

(Young Engineers = 8) (Women Engineers = 4)

58 103 1,066



114 Malaysian delegation led by the IEM President, Ir. Dr Tan Yean Chin were present at all the events of the Conference.

DAY 1 – 15th November 2017 0500 – 1200 Prior to the official beginning of the Conference, EIT organised a friendly golf game at Krungthep Kreetha Sport Club. Delegates were invited to join the golfing session and for IEM the Deputy President, Ir. David Lai Kong Phooi, represented the Institution with players from IEM Sarawak Branch. At 7.00p.m., IEM YES met up with HKIE YMC for dinner, mainly to catch up with old times and making new acquaintances. After dinner, IEM YES moved on to the Rot Fai Night Market to look for street food and delicacies. For the IEM main group, the delegations of 20 members including AFEO and AER Officials with the Secretariat arrived at noon and after checking into the hotel made their way to QSNCC to look at the venue and to set up the meeting rooms for the following days’ meetings.

DAY 2 – 16th November 2017 0800 – 0830 On the first day of the Conference, the registration took more than 2 hours due to the overwhelming responses. Nearly half the participants were walk-ins. All registered participants received complimentary door gifts comprising of a laptop bag, a sash bearing the logo CAFEO 35, an EIT emblem and a program handbook. Meanwhile, YES delegates were busy setting up the IEM exhibition booth at the Plenary Hall of QSNCC to show and sell IEM’s and AFEO’s souvenirs. 0830 – 1200 The day started off with three different Working Groups (WG) namely “Transportation and Logistic”, “Education & Capacity Building”, and “Energy”, convening its meeting. These working groups focused mainly on the discussion of the standards available in their respective countries, problematic issue that are of concerns and proposal for new initiatives. It was also a platform for exchanging ideas, sharing information, gathering knowledge and expertise for the benefit of the members present. Parallel to the WG was the WE-AFEO Governing Board meeting. At 10.30a.m., the Boardrooms were re-arranged to accommodate another three WG namely “Disaster preparedness and Mitigation”, “Sustainable Cities”, and “Environmental Engineering”. Parallel to the WG was the ASEAN Engineering Inspectorate

AER NEWSLETTER • January - June 2018



Register meetings. One of the Steering Committee of the ASEAN Engineering Register looks into the setting up of an Electrical Inspectorate Register to unify the codes and practices in ASEAN so as to have a register of Electrical Inspectors and Experts.

1300 – 1430 After lunch, the programs were also divided into two sets. Officials of AFEO continued with another three important working group meetings namely Awards Meeting amongst Presidents of AFEO member organisations, the WE-AFEO Meeting which continued with the presentation of Country Reports and ASEAN Engineering Inspectorate Register setting up guidelines for the registering of Boilers Inspectors and Building Inspectors under two Steering Committees. At the same time, YEAFEO delegates were taken for an outing to the G-Tower as part of the technical visit program. Upon arrival to the 9th Towers Grand Rama IX, all YEAFEO delegates were briefed by the Client, Grand Canal Land on the G-Land development, followed by a presentation by the Director of the KCS & Associates Co., Ltd., Dr Karoon Chandrangsu. He shared information on key structural components, challenges faced and lesson learned from the G-Tower development. 1500 – 1700 YEAFEO Governing Board Meeting took place. During this meeting, discussions were held on how a better ASEAN collaboration could be forged. The discussion was then devoted entirely to the call for amendments to the YEAFEO constitutional. The meeting was adjourned due to the need to be present at the opening ceremony and with consent from all its members to re-commence for further discussion to the amendment of the constitution, the following day . 1800 – 1900 The opening ceremony of CAFEO 35 took place that evening at the Ballroom of QSNCC. Only limited audience was allowed admission into the hall due to security reason. The Conference officially preluded with Thai Royal Anthem, followed by the arrival of The King’s Representative, Gen. Bundit Malaiarisoon; who is the President of Thai Korean War Veterans Association Under Royal Patronage. After


AER NEWSLETTER • January - June 2018


the General had taken his Royal Seat, the President of EIT, Assistant Professor Dr Thanes Weerasiri, gave his welcoming speech. The King’s Representative then gave the Royal Opening Remarks to the events and concluded the opening ceremony by cutting the opening silk band. He also declared the Exhibition opened and toured the exhibition booths. 1900 – 2100 The day was called to an end with the welcoming dinner at Retro Live Café, accompanied by live music and the band entertained everyone during the dinner.

DAY 3 – 17th November 2017 0830 – 1130 On the second day of the Conference, the morning proceeded with the AFEO Country Report presentation by Presidents of respective member organisation. However before the start of the presentation, the Presidents of respective member organisations welcomed the arrival of the Director-General of Energy Policy and Planning Office (EPPO), Dr Twarath Sutabutr (Representing the Minister of Energy) to present the Keynote Address of CAFEO 35. It was then followed by the Streaming of Colours with the Presidents of each member organisations walking onto the stage with the ASEAN flags and performed the infamous, ASEAN Handshake. Delegates of YEAFEO, WE-AFEO and FEIAP witnessed the event.

A welcoming speech was given by AFEO Chairman concurrently EIT President, Assist. Prof. Dr Weerasiri, followed with the keynote address from Dr Twarath Sutabutr on the theme of the Conference, “Towards a Sufficiency Economy: Pathways to Sustainable Development”. Each country was then given 10 minutes to present their country report, which covered introduction of their respective organisation, major engineering events organized in their countries, on-going and upcoming megaprojects and the challenges faced. Most country report were presented by their President. IEM country report was presented by Ir. Dr Tan Yean Chin, IEM President.

0900 – 1700 Parallel to the country report presentation was the technical paper presentation. 74 papers were presented under 10 themes, and the theme dealt with sustainability in engineering education, energy, environment, transportation, occupational health and safety just to name a few. 100 odd Malaysian delegations attended this session and presented their technical paper share their ideas with fellow participants. Again while the event of AFEO was on

AER NEWSLETTER • January - June 2018



going, the Committee of the FEIAP Education Engineering Task Force held two meetings to discuss on is Engineering Education Guidelines for Engineers and also for Engineering Technologists and Engineering Technicians. Everyone was then invited to a buffet lunch at Zone C1 of QSNCC after the morning session. 1300 – 1400 After lunch, AER certificate presentation took place. Delegations from the ASEAN Countries were present to collect their membership certificates and medallions with the biggest group again from Philippines. 1330 – 1730 Parallel to the AER certificate presentation was the YEAFEO country report presentation, where each country representatives take turn to present their respective country report. Following the past practice, YEAFEO also recorded the participation of Young Engineers from Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The symbolic exchanged of the souvenirs was carried out at the end of the meeting as a pledge of friendship between nations. 1900 – 2100 The day was called to an end with the networking dinner at Asiatique The Riverfront for the Young Engineers. The highlight of the dinner was the puppet show. Five talented puppeteers performed the show and it was a bonus for the puppeteers to interact and get pictures clicked with each of the participants. As for the Presidents and AFEO Officiates they were treated to a river cruise dinner hosted by the EIT President.

DAY 4 – 18th November 2017

0830 – 1230 On the third day of the Conference, the programs were more relaxing compared to the past two days. EIT organised special outdoor activities for YEAFEO and WEAFEO. Other delegates were allowed to join the special activities as well. Most of the Young Engineers took the opportunity to stroll around Bangkok city center. However that was not so for the AFEO and FEIAP delegates, as the FEIAP Exco meeting took place with delegates from Asia and the Pacific followed with a Dialogue session between China Association of Science and Technology (CAST) and AFEO discussing on the “Belt and Road” issues in ASEAN. The AFEO Governing Board meeting then convened after this dialogue session. The event continued with the signing of the Bangkok Declaration calling for mobility of engineers within ASEAN and AFEO to champion the economic growth amongst the ASEAN


AER NEWSLETTER • January - June 2018


member states. The event then proceeded with the Business Networking sessions with speakers from Singapore, (IES), Er Chong Kee Sen; Ir Ellias Saidin, the AER Head Commissioner and also a speaker from Thailand providing information on business opportunities in their respective countries.

1800 – 2100 Even the best time must come to an end. After been through with all the formalities, the time has come to bid farewell. The farewell banquet was held in the evening at Ball Room of QSNCC. Most of the delegates dressed up in their respective national costume. The ceremony kicked off with the Thai cultural dance performance. AFEO Chairman and fellow Presidents of Member Organisations marched in as the ceremony kicked off. The President of EIT and AFEO Chairman, Assist. Prof. Dr Thanes Weerasiri then declared the CAFEO 35 closed with a closing speech. The AFEO Flag was handed over to Singapore with the President’s pins which signifies the handing over of the event to 2018 host which will be The Institution of Engineers, Singapore (IES). Each country take turn to perform their national songs and dances. The Malaysia delegation performed one song which was “Aku Negaraku”. On the whole, everyone enjoyed themselves that evening with fond memories of their time in Bangkok. All the delegates including the AFEO Secretariat based in IEM thanked EIT for organising CAFEO 35 and look forward to CAFEO 36 hosted by IES in Singapore!

DAY 5 – 19th November 2017 Although some delegates chose to extend their stay in Bangkok, Thailand, many of the officials and country representatives took a late flight home to their respective countrie. ■

AER NEWSLETTER • January - June 2018



2ND ASEAN ENGINEER CONFERMENT CEREMONY Oryx Rotana Hotel, Doha Qatar 20 October 2017 Prepared by Engr. Romulo Agatep

Photo from right to left; PICE Qatar President Allen Nacario, Ashghal (Public Works Authority, PWA) Representative Engr. Frazer Anami, Brunei Darussalam representative Fauzana Alli, Thailand Ambassador H.E. Soonthorn Chaiyindeepum, Philippine Ambassador Hon. Alan Timbayan, PTC President Federico Monsada, Vice Consul Hon. Kristine Bautista, PTC Trese Bustamante, PTC Roy Baquiran and the 13 New ASEAN Engineers.

Thailand Ambassador H.E. Soonthorn Chaiyindeepum to receive the award of appreciation for supporting the event. PTC President Federico Monsada handed over the plaque assisted by PICE Qatar Pres. Allen Nacario and 1st Vice President Aileen Buenaflor.


AER NEWSLETTER • January - June 2018


PTC President Federico Monsada received the award of appreciation for gracing the 2nd Special ASEAN Engineer Conferment Ceremony. The award was given by PICE Qatar Pres. Allen Nacario and 1st Vice President Aileen Buenaflor.

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Hear about the latest trends and developments from distinguished members from the various ASEAN countries.

Understand the considerations and challenges of railway asset renewal and upgrading. Hear about how various capital intensive rail projects in the region have been financed and how life-cycle management can benefit the organisation.

HIGH SPEED RAIL Get the latest updates and insights on what’s happening to high speed rail projects around the region.

RAILWAY TECHNOLOGY Obtain insights from thought leaders about the merits, challenges and concerns when moving towards greater railway digitalisation, use of sensors, Internet of Things (IoT) and big data for timely maintenance action to achieve operational excellence.

URBAN MOBILITY Embracing the future of automated, connected and integrated transportation trends towards autonomous on-demand services that will enhance first-mile and last-mile connectivity.

AEDS CALL FOR ABSTRACTS In the wake of the global changes that are re-shaping engineering education, the focus must be on quality and excellence in designing and delivering educational programs. Engineering education has been evolving from knowledge-based to skills-based, where emphasis is heavily placed on the outcomes of the educational program in shaping not only the knowledge, but also the skills and attributes of its graduates to prepare them to be future ready for the 21st century challenges. This inaugural two-day event will focus on outcomes-based engineering education and accreditation and new pedagogies and will bring together engineering deans, academicians and leaders of accreditation bodies to deliberate on important issues and trends impacting engineering education within the region and beyond. Continues on Page 13 AER NEWSLETTER • January - June 2018



VISIT IN ASHGHAL OFFICE (PUBLIC WORKS AUTHORITY) Westbay, Doha Qatar 22 October 2017 Prepared by Engr. Romulo Agatep

PTC President Federico Monsada and AER Country Registrar Romulo Agatep – Photo taken in front of Ashghal (Public Works Authority, PWA) building after the meeting with Engr. Frazer U. Anami- Traffic Engineering Team Leader of Ashghal.


AER NEWSLETTER • January - June 2018


At the center; Engr. Frazer U. Anami- Traffic Engineering Team Leader of Ashghal with PTC President Federico Monsada, AER Country Registrar Romulo Agatep, PICE Qatar current President Engr. Allen Nacario and Past President Arnel Punsalan in Ashghal office. Continued from Page 11



Learn about the roles of institutes of higher learning in the 21st century engineering education and various opportunities in transforming engineering curriculum to meet the future-ready needs and digital economy. This includes team and collaborative skills, entrepreneurship, innovation, multidisciplinary and transdomain challenges etc.

Hear about the update, latest progress, initiatives and new developments of engineering programs from educational leaders and administers from various ASEAN countries.

IMPORTANCE AND OPPORTUNITIES FOR INTERNATIONAL COLLABORATION Engineering graduates with strong innovative and entrepreneurship mindset and transcultural experience are highly sought. To foster more internationalisation of engineering programs and make graduates more multi-cultural aware, international collaboration among engineering programs becomes an indispensable part. Learn more on how institutions overcome challenges and difficulties in providing crossboundaries collaboration.

QUALITY ASSURANCE OF ENGINEERING EDUCATION Learn how to plan and design engineering education for outcome-based evaluation and accreditation. Explore the ways and means to ensure curricular rigor for quality assurance.

TRANSFORMATION OF ENGINEERING EDUCATION Get latest development and new initiatives on engineering education transformation like technology-enabled learning, active, peer-to-peer and small group learning, design/humancentric program, distance and digital learning, reskill/upskill of adult learners etc. Understand the importance of policies and governmental support in driving transformation. The End AER NEWSLETTER • January - June 2018



AER NEWSLETTER • January - June 2018

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