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AER NEWSLETTER • January - June 2020



AER NEWSLETTER • January - June 2020

Korea- ASEAN Women in STEM Forum 2019 Prepared by Ir. Prof. Dr Leong Wai Yie


r. Prof. Dr Leong Wai Yie, Dean of Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment, MAPSA University, was invited to the Women Leader Panel at the Korea - ASEAN Women in STEM Forum 2019.

In conjunction with the 2019 ASEAN-Republic of KOREA Commemorative Summit that took place in Busan, Korea from November 25 to 26, The Association of Korean Woman Scientists and Engineers (KWSE) hosted the 2019 Korea-ASEAN Women in STEM forum. The forum aimed to provide the opportunity to discuss and suggest international collaborative policies for women in STEM between Korea and ASEAN Countries. This international forum was to strengthen women in the STEM networks, provide information exchange and joint policy development especially between Korean and ASEAN women. During the forum, Ms. Ayako Inagako, the Director of Human and Social Development Division, Asian Development Bank shared the data and statistics on Women in STEM in ASEAN countries. Invited ASEAN women leaders included Ms. Le Thi Khanh Can (Vice President of Vietnam Association for Intellectual Women, Vietnam), Dr Juana Tapel (Chair of Women Engineers’ Network, Philippine Technological Council, Philippines), Ir. Prof. Dr Leong Wai Yie (Chairperson of The Institution of Engineering and Technology, Malaysia Chapter), Dr Supatcha Chaimatanan (Research, Geo Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency, Thailand), and Dr Hyun–Ok Kim (Senior Research, Korea Aerospace Research Institute, Korea) Ir. Prof. Dr Leong presented the role of Malaysia governmental institutions and the support given exclusively to encourage women in STEM. There were 31.8% women engineers from a total of 12,100 engineering members registered with The Board of Engineers, Malaysia. The Malaysia’s law and policy to support exclusively “Women in STEM” were shared. Ir. Prof. Dr Leong had proposed various international collaboration for women in STEM including events such as conferences, visits and exchange of ideas, research collaboration, policy development collaboration, data sharing, workshops and forum networking touching on issues related on Women in STEM. This forum had successfully brought together business leaders, policymakers, innovators and influencers to help profile the best female talent and boost human capital in the region. Delivering renewed focus on the STEM skills pipeline across the region is essential to boost productivity, grow the economy and create new jobs. The Woman Speakers at the forum

AER NEWSLETTER • January - June 2020


The 7th UIA Round Table Asia-Pacific 2019 a success! Prepared by Ir. Prof. Dr Leong Wai Yie


he 2019 UIA Associations Round Table Asia-Pacific in Pattaya, Thailand hosted 114 participants. These participants represented 54 different associations, organisations, and offices from 20 different countries.

Ir. Prof. Dr Leong Wai Yie represented INWES in attending the UIA round table meeting and promoted INWES to all delegates, including doctors, journalists, scientists, businessman and NGO secretaries at this event. Throughout the two-day events, invited speakers shared their experiences on the various challenges, tool kits and information on the setup of associations. Delegates were very interested and impressed with INWES as this organisation comprised of so many women engineers and scientists around the world. INWES was invited to present a talk at the next 2020 UIA meeting in Korea. UIA Round Table Asia Pacific had once again provided a very good platform for NGOs with various background to share and discuss their operation experiences.

The UIA Associations Round Table Asia-Pacific opening

Round table discussion in session


AER NEWSLETTER • January - June 2020

Report on Electricity Regulations and Electrical Installation Roadshow and Stakeholder Engagement Prepared by Sdr PJ Low


Group Photos of the Organisers and Speakers

ollowing a very successful outing in Phnom Penh, Cambodia; ASEAN Engineering Inspectorate – Electrical Installation (AEI-EI) kept the momentum going by organising yet another roadshow in the beautiful city of Vientiane, Laos PDR. Join forces with The Lao Ministry of Energy and Mines, on 14 October 2019, just ten days after the Roadshow in Phnom Penh, AEI-EI orchestrated yet another dynamic activity, at the premise of Electricite du Laos, Thong Kang Village, Sisattanak District. Vientiane, Lao PDR. The event was witnessed by over 40 participants from various Ministries in Laos. One of the objectives of this roadshow was aimed to reach out to engineers and stakeholders in Laos to identify possible gaps in the various ASEAN Countries’ Electrical Installation Standards & Regulations and Application with that of Laos. Coupled with expert speakers around ASEAN, the roadshow opened to the audience with a Welcoming Speech by a representative of The Lao Ministry of Energy and Mines. Ir. Yau Chau Fong, Chairman of AEI-EI Streering Committee came on stage to deliver his Opening Remarks as well as to introduce the speakers and representatives who were present and representing their respective organisations such as The Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers of the Philippines (IIEE), the Federation of ASEAN Consulting Engineers (FACE) and many other organisations. These representatives came along to show their support for this event. The order of the day continued with a presentation by the first speaker, Mr. Ministh Silattanavong, Acting Director of Division, Department of Energy Management from the Lao Ministry of Energy and Mines. He delivered on “Laos Electricity Law & Codes”. Ir. Yau Chau Fong then presented his topic on “ASEAN Electrical Code Sharing”. After a short tea break, the event progressed with Eng. Ly Sovannarith from The Board of Engineers, Cambodia making his presentation on “Prosumer Low Voltage Installation”

AER NEWSLETTER • January - June 2020


Meeting with Ministry of Public Works, Lao PDR

The final speaker for the session was Mr. Wahyudi Joko Santoso, (Direktor Teknik dan Lingkungan, Indonesia), who presented his topic on “Indonesia Electrical Code Sharing”. Before ending the afternoon, the Organisers and Speakers were presented with Tokens of Appreciation while the participants received their Certificate of Attendance. A word of thank you and appreciation were made to all who attended the roadshow and for their effort to make this event another successful one

MEETING WITH MINISTRY OF PUBLIC WORKS, LAOS A meeting with Mr. Vongphachanh Boulaphanh from the Ministry of Public Works, Lao PDR was held after the roadshow in Vientiane, Laos PDR. The discussion session focused mainly on how to encourage organisations in Laos to join AFEO. It was noted that Laos has not set up any an engineering society to champion the plight of the engineers and hence perhaps AFEO could help to work with the relevant Ministries there to set up an engineering professional learned body.

Participants at the roadshow


AER NEWSLETTER • January - June 2020

Report on Electricity Regulations and Electrical Installation Roadshow Prepared by Ir. Ng Win Siau


n conjunction with The National Engineering Congress 2019 organised by The Engineering Institute of Thailand under the H.E. King’s Patronage (EIT) in Bangkok, Thailand; the ASEAN Engineering Inspectorate – Electrical Installation (AEI EI) roadshow was held on 14 November 2019 at Impact Forum Business Centre, Nonthaburi, Thailand. This was yet another collaboration initiated between AEI-EI and EIT leading towards promoting goodwill and mutual understanding. The roadshow witnessed a sharing session by Mr. Khun Prasitt Hemwarapornchai, Adviser of the EIT Thailand AEI- EI representative. His presentation was on the topic “Thailand Electrical Code”. He emphasised the latest update that included a large number of annex into the Thailand Electrical Code. He further explained that this effort was to enhance the user’s knowledge and experience. The next session was presented by Ir Ng Win Siau, the Malaysian Chairman of AEI EI who shared a topic on “The Malaysia deviation of the Electrical Installation Standards or MS IEC 60364”. As this roadshow often showcased experts around ASEAN countries, the next speaker was Mr. Khin Maung Win from Federation of Myanmar Engineering Societies (Fed.MES) who presented information on “How the Electrical Installation Standards become a part of the Myanmar Building Code”. After the lunch break, due to overwhelming questions sessions with the inquisitiveness of the audience, the roadshow was transformed into a workshop session. Participants were eager to discover more information on the topics that were shared by the speakers and their expert views on various issues. A throng of participants gathered around the speakers and answered many questions. Some of these questions were recorded as below: 1.

Thermography is important in the electrical inspection but the challenge is the price and the cost. How and what could be done to help in a more reasonable cost?


How could Engineering Council in Thailand able to detect an unethical engineering in practice?

Overall, the roadshow conjoined number of expert delegates from various ASEAN countries. Five delegates represented Myanmar, three from Malaysia, one from Singapore and to top it all, Thailand provided five engineers for the roadshow and to the delight of the packed audiences for this event. Both the roadshow and the workshop were a great achievement for EIT as this event gave a sole experience in spreading awareness in the standard development area with the aim to reach out to the young professionals, cultivating and encouraging them to be part of an AEI-EI national team.

AER NEWSLETTER • January - June 2020


Report on an ASEAN Engineers Forum & Roadshow on Electricity Regulations and Electrical Installation Prepared by Sdr PJ Low


A photo for the memory lane

o round up the ASEAN tour before heading back to Malaysia with the finale in December 2019, ASEAN Engineering Inspectorate – Electrical Installation (AEI-EI) Committee combined their efforts with the Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers of the Philippines, Inc (IIEE) to organise an ASEAN Engineers Forum & Roadshow on 30 November 2019 in Pasay City, Philippines. It was held in conjunction with the IIEE 44th Annual National Convention and Expo 2019. The Expo recorded over five hundred exhibition booths showcased during this event with over 7,000 Philippines Electrical Engineers flocking to the convention and expo which ran for four days. The Manila roadshow got underway with an Opening Remark by Dr. Cirilo C. Calibjo, the IIEE President who welcomed and acknowledged the present of speakers and the 150 participants. Later, Engr. Florencio D. Berenguel (Bong) took to stage to share the IIEE - ASEAN and Asia Pacific Engineer Registry (AAPER). He also updated on activities that IIEE International had been organised around ASEAN and the Asia Pacific. Engr. Robert U. Mabulay, from the PICE/PTC touched on how to register as AER, ACPE, Int’PE and APEC members. He further discussed on the processes and the differences amongst the Registers. Resonating the mantra, “Towards ASEANising Electrical Engineers”, Ir. Yau Chau Fong, dwelt deep into the ASEAN Electrical Installation and information on future harmonisation of electrical installations in ASEAN. Dr. Florigo C. Varona, turned back time and brought the participants on the Philippines historical journey tracing to the first Philippines Electrical Code (PEC) and discovering the author who penned down the codes to the history of the law that governed the Electrical Installations.


AER NEWSLETTER • January - June 2020

H.E. Dr. Chan Sodavath from the Ministry of Mines and Energy, Cambodia shared the current electrical installation regulation and standards of Cambodia. With rich knowledge in power development plans, power sector development and power project development touching on implementation and management, he spoke on the ways to move forward in electrical installation regulation and standards in his country. The person who did not need any introduction to the Philippines audiences was Engr. Romulo R. Agatep from Philippines Technological Council (PTC) who updated all the participants on the benefits of becoming an AER, ACPE and APEC engineer as well as the desire to unlock potential of opportunities overseas for these groups of engineers. After all these guest speakers had spoken on their respective topics, the session had an open forum. The floor was then divided into few sessions between speakers and participants to discuss on questions relating to the fate of PEC if harmonisation was to take place in future. Several senior participants also expressed their concern on the fee charges that the retired engineers would also have to comply. For the closing, Engr. Larry C. Cruz summarised and provided a simple take away information on the speakers’ presentation to the participants. He stressed the importance of getting ready as the globalisation era had already started. The event stretched beyond the scheduled closing time due to the overwhelming interaction between speakers and participants. The roadshow and forum ended with a note of appreciation from organisation and word of thank you to all who have made the event a successful one.

Presentation of Token of Appreciation to the speakers

AER NEWSLETTER • January - June 2020




uilding up from the success of ASEAN Electrotechnical Symposium & Exhibition in 2016 and subsequently in 2018 held in Kuala Lumpur, The Institution of Engineers, Malaysia (IEM) this year 2019; in collaboration with Standards Malaysia and Suruhanjaya Tenaga (ST) bring the symposium to Georgetown, Penang on 5 December 2019. This symposium is to further propagate and disseminate the Electrical Installation Standard & Regulation in Building amongst the ASEAN countries to the northern part of peninsular Malaysia. A total of 139 participants registered for the said Symposium. The participants were greeted with a Welcoming Speech by the IEM Penang Branch Chairman, Ir. Yau Ann Nian followed by the Presidential speech by Ir. David Lai Kong Phooi. The Symposium was then launched by En. Hussalmizzar bin Hussain, Director of Accreditation, Standards Malaysia who read the message from Y.Bhg. Datuk Fadilah Baharin, Director General of Standards Malaysia.

Speech by IEM President, Ir. David Lai Kong Phooi

Mr. Dennis Chew, the Regional Director of IEC Asia–Pacific Regional Centre was present to deliver his Keynote Address. Mr. Dennis introduced International Electrotechnical Commision, IEC to the participants. He also encouraged technical experts in the audience to join the IEC Working Group. After a short tea break, Ir. Yau Chau Fong, Chair of ASEAN Engineering Inspectorate – Electrical Installation (AEI-EI) gave a brief Overview of ASEAN Federation of Engineering Organisations (AFEO) and ASEAN Engineering Inspectorate (AEI) effort. The AEI-EI objective is to initiate Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) for Electrical Installation Works amongst the ASEAN Countries. Ir. Yau shared the key findings on Electrical Installation for each ASEAN Member States. It was also highlighted to the audience that AER-EI had established Technical Sub-Committees (TSC) to review several key areas under IEC 60364. The key areas being understudied included special location, term and definitions, verification, energy efficiency and prosumer.


AER NEWSLETTER • January - June 2020

Before the lunch break, a Forum Session was conducted covering “Special Location Installations” and moderated by Ir. Ng Win Siau, Chairman for National Working Group (NWG) – Malaysia. This forum shared the differences in electrical installation in special locations in homes such as bathrooms and shower areas in the ASEAN Member States. In the afternoon, the TSC shared their findings in key areas. The TSCs consisted of TSC EI – 1 on Term and Definition led by NWG-Brunei, TSC EI 8 – Energy Efficiency led by NWG – Philippines and TSC EI – 9 on Prosumer Low Voltage Installation led by NWG – Cambodia. Finally there were also sharing on the latest updated of energy efficiency and electrical installation codes in Malaysia presented by Ir. Francis Xavier Jacob and Ir. Lee Cheng Pay respectively.

Group photo of the participants

ASEANising Engineers for A Prosperous ASEAN Community

ASEAN BIZ CHAT for ENGINEERING (ABC4E) & VIRTUAL EXHIBITION (in conjunction with CAFEO 38) PART 1: How ASEAN BIZ CHAT for ENGINEERING (ABC4E) will be conducted AFEO AER will be hosting this event on Zoom Online Meeting Platform ( 2 Zoom links will be prepared for this event Session 1 : Zoom Link No. 1 for the Presentation by Speakers and Companies representatives Session 2 : Zoom Link No. 2 for the Virtual Exhibitors PART 2 : The Flow of ABC4E and Virtual Exhibition Session No. 1 The introduction will be made by Emcee of the day. (EMCEE – Ir. Razmahwata) 1. ABC4E Introduction by Ir. Yau Chau Fong 2. Followed by the opening remarks from VUSTA – to confirm with Ms. Nga 3. Intra- ASEAN Engineering Trade Chat Sharing of Opportunities in engineering business in ASEAN : Moderator Ir. Razak 4. Intra – ASEAN Business Networking by Potential Companies From ASEAN Countries (Pre-recorded – 2-3 mins) : Moderator Ir. Dr. Siow Chun Lim 5. ASEAN Engineers' Talent Pool –briefing by Mr. Alex Looi 6. Briefing on Virtual Exhibition briefing by Ir. Dr. Siow Chun Lim 7. Closing – Emcee Zoom Link: Topic: ASEAN Biz Chat For Engineering (ABC4E) & Virtual Exhibition 2020 Time: Nov 24, 2020 02:00 PM Kuala Lumpur Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 818 6054 4499 Passcode: 523779

AER NEWSLETTER • January - June 2020


AFEO AND AER USHERED IN THE YEAR 2020 Prepared by Ir. Dr Tan Chee Fai


s AFEO and AER ushered in the year 2020, few events were lined up for AER to focus and execute the plan for the said year. Unfortunately, the world was hit by a hush calamity in the form of COVID-19 pandemic, sending shock waves across the world. This devastation put a halt to all the activities with Movement Control Order and lockdowns taking place immediately almost every corner of the earth. With travel restriction, health risks and constraints on large gatherings or meeting, the COVID-19 effects had paved way to digital platforms. Meeting and seminars were conducted online. AFEO and AER also took this opportunity to organise few webinars collaborations with FEIAP, IET and members organisations and IEM. From April – July 2020, a total of 18 webinars were conducted through the office of the AFEO Secretariat. Few months prior to the pandemic, the processing of application for the ASEAN Engineering Register (AER) ensued as usual. Customarily, the tenure of the AER Head Commissioner would end 3rd week of April every year and the new term would begin based on IEM’s election system. However, due to COVID-19 situation, the election process did not take place until 25th July 2020. The change of AFEO office bearers for this year eventually took place with the appointment of the following members from IEM. Ir. Mohd Khir bin Muhammad assumed the position of AFEO Secretary General taking over from Ir. Prof. Dr Jeffrey Chiang Choong Luin. Ir. Yau Chau Fong took over the position from Dato’ Ir. Andy Seo Kian Haw as the AER Head Commissioner while the IEM also announced the change over of its Country Registrar from Ir. Mohd Aman bin Idris to Ir. Dr Tan Chee Fai. Ir. David Chuah Joon Huang as the IEM Hon Secretary was appointed as the AFEO Hon Treasurer. Although the lock down in Malaysia was from 18 March 2020 until Malaysian Government eased lockdown restrictions on 4 May under a “Conditional MCO,” which allowed certain business sectors to resume operations and only then the AFEO Secretariat was able to return to office and start its routine work under the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO). For this the Secretariat was able to conduct the Midterm meeting for the AFEO Governing Board but as there was no physical travelling, the midyear meeting was conducted by the AFEO Secretariat via online zoom. The Midterm meeting from 17 – 26 August 2020 was to be hosted by Board of Engineers Cambodia in Phnom Penh, Cambodia but due to the COVID 19 Pandemic, and travelling was ban the trip was cancelled and all meetings were scheduled online.


AER NEWSLETTER • January - June 2020

Ir. Dr Tan Chee Fai IEM Country Registrar

ASPIRATION AND PLANS FOR AER Ir. Yau Chau Fong, the AER Head Commissioner for 2020/2021 presented a brief Midterm status report highlighting his aspirations and plan for the AER listed as follows: - - - -

Revisit the AER Objectives Refine Country Registrars’ role and providing assistance to organising Working Committees Immediate Action Plan for the Register Long Term Aspiration to be explored.

REPORT FROM THE STEERING COMMITTEES Steering Committee on Boilers Inspectors - a template on Survey of Inspection of Boilers and Standards had been circulated for feedback. The Committee would prioritised on Inspection of Boilers, Biogas and Biomass Boilers and conduct webinar sessions on Boilers Inspection and Standards. Steering Committee on Building Inspectors – EIT had initiated the ASEAN Building Safety Awards. However for 2020, PII intended to join the Awards Presentation and was in the midst of identifying the recipients when the MCO set in. Hence this event in Indonesia had to be postponed. EIT would be organising a Seminar/Workshop on 2 September 2020 on the Building Fire Safety Inspection Guidelines and all member organisations were asked to review the guidelines item by item. Feedback was requested to be sent back to EIT by October 31, 2020. Steering Committee on Electrical Installation – Brainstorming session was arranged towards updating the Master Plan 2020 with Review and Way Forward. Efforts included conducting webinars and to have a common ASEAN CPD platform, Train the Trainer programme and Distinguished Electrical Installation Lecturer on webinar platform. The need to review the terminology of “Inspectorate” being used and the formation of Special Taskforce to look into fund generation, TSC for LVDC/Micro Grid and Training on LV and Earthing System as well as registration of electrical engineers for the CLMV organisations for planned actions had been set up. AET-EI with support from IEM would be organising an ASEAN ElectroTechnical Virtual Symposium and Exhibition 2020 on 23 September 2020 with the theme “Standards Drive Electro-technical Safety and Innovation” Speakers were invited from all ASEAN member organisations. Steering Committee on Manufacturing Inspectors – Formation of this Committee was approved and chaired by Ir. Dr Tan Chee Fai. Its role was aimed to harmonise the standards and codes for manufacturing AER NEWSLETTER • January - June 2020


equipment, systems and processes. The formation of this Steering Committee was approved on 27 August 2020 at the Governing Board Midterm meeting. The TOR and set up were:-

AEI Steering Committee on Manufacturing of AFEO Approved : 19TH AFEO GOVERNING BOARD MID - TERM - 27 August 2020 hosted by BEC, Cambodia and Virtual meeting (zoom)

TERMS OF REFERENCE The ASEAN Engineering Inspectorate (AEI) Steering Committee on Manufacturing (AEIM) is established within the ASEAN Federation of Engineering Organisations (AFEO). Among others, the AEI aims to harmonise the standards and codes for manufacturing equipment, systems and processes. In this respect, the AEI Steering Committee will: 1. Develop and propose to AFEO, strategies, programmes and action plans for the harmonisation of standards, testing and labelling requirements of manufacturing equipment, systems and processes in factories within AFEO member countries. 2. Develop and propose to AFEO, strategies, programmes and action plans for the harmonisation of competency requirements for manufacturing equipment, systems and processes in factories among AFEO member countries. 3. Provide advisory and oversights on AEI implementation framework to AFEO. 4. Review and approve project plans on AEI implementation. 5. Review and approve project documentations, reports in relation to AEI implementation, maintain and communicate with the Work Group members and provide up-to-date information on AEI matters. 6. Facilitate communications and information exchanges within the Work Group members and the policy makers related to the adoption of AEI Guidelines. 7. Facilitate communications with AER Commission regarding promotion of AEI matters and certification process needed for ASEAN Engineer. 8. Develop joint communication initiatives/campaigns with Work Group members and AER members (if required) and to provide input and content for activities on AEI related issues. 9. Endorse and approve reports and recommendations from Work Group and report the progress and outcome of the programmes to AER Commission Meeting. 10. Meet at least twice annually to review progress and revise AEI work plan. Membership The following are the criteria to determine the eligibility to participate in the AEI Steering Committee:


AER NEWSLETTER • January - June 2020


the Steering Committee shall be coordinated by IEM (Chairman & Secretary/Treasurer) and Country Ambassadors to facilitate the AFEO activities. ii. the representation from groups or sectors with any direct stake to participate in the outcome of the strategies, programmes and action plans of the Steering Committee. iii. one national representative to be nominated from each Member Organisations. iv. members must have knowledge and experience on manufacturing equipment, systems and process in factories that will contribute to the Steering Committee. v. the membership shall be structured to ensure a balance of perspectives and interests. vi. members must be willing and able to make the commitment of time and required to see the project through to completion, including delegating alternates to attend meetings in his absence. vii. the National Representative from each Member Organisation is encouraged to form their own respective National Working Group (NWG) to carry out activities as spelt out in the above TOR and report the activities during the Mid Term/CAFEO meetings. viii. the Steering Committee member can propose during the Mid Term/CAFEO meetings for Advisors to be appointed to the Steering Committee with the approval of the AER Commission (AERC). The Advisor’s role is to provide inputs to this Committee as and where required. They do not have any standing and voting rights in the Steering Committee itself. Organisation Chart of Steering Committee

* Appointment by IEM

Budget (planned for organised activities/events) 1) Any income from sponsorship/profit from the courses organised by AEI Steering Committee shall be administered/monitored by this Committee. 2) The budget for each event shall be approved by AEI Steering Committee and accounts shall be submitted to AER Exco for approval and to the AERC as notification. 3) For events organised with National Working Group (NWG) Committee, the nett profit/loss after deducting all expenditure and remuneration to Speakers for the said event shall be as follows: a. AER – 50% b. AEI Steering Committee – 25% c. Member Organisation(s) (Recommend to proportion profit to NWG) - 25% 4) All events organised for members of the Member Organisations shall be administered and approved by NWG and AERC accordingly.

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he AER membership card has being released and current AER members had been invited to apply for your card. The card is not only for the identification but also served as evidence of one’s membership status with the AER. It will also eventually be a privilege card where discount and perks could be applied. A card will costs USD5.00 and those interested could pay the respective member organisation for the card. This card is being processed outside the members organisation and would be given upon collection of payment. Those interested in obtaining the card were to contact their home secretariat for further details on how to obtain the card. The cards sample were enclosed

Samples of AER Membership Cards

Lets create an ide ntity and be rec ognised-

AER Membership Ca


The proposal of having the AER membership car ID card was sug d or gested by PTC and the AFEO Governing Board requested AER to look into the implementation and financial imp lications. Decision made during the tenure of Ir. Prof. Dr Norlida as the AER Head Comm issioner


AER NEWSLETTER • January - June 2020

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