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YEAFEO 21 in Yangon, Myanmar


AER NEWSLETTER • July - December 2015


YEAFEO 21 in Yangon, Myanmar


he Young Engineers of ASEAN Federation of Engineering Organisation (YEAFEO) organized annual get together amongst the 10 ASEAN countries. Each country rotates as host in alphabetical order. This year, the 21st anniversary of YEAFEO was held in conjunction with CAFEO 32 in the beautiful city of Yangon, Myanmar. YEAFEO has been in existence for the past 21 years and is celebrating its 21st birthday in this scenic city of Yangon Myanmar. The official event was from 10th to 12th November, 2014. Approximately 21 delegates from Malaysia flew to Myanmar to participate in YEAFEO 21.

PRE-YEAFEO (DAY 0) – DAY TOUR AROUND MYANMAR Prior to the start of YEAFEO, the delegates arrived a day earlier to have a day tour of the city of Yangon. Boarding a bus under a local tour guide, Ms. Hsu Mon Oo, the YEAFEO delegates toured the city throughout the day to enjoy the lovely sites of Yangon, Myanmar. The first stop was at the circular train station, which is one of the historical sites as it was built since the British colonial times. All of them took the circular train from one stop to another to experience the true essence of local life in Yangon. After the circular train ride, they were taken to the Chauk Htat Gyi Pagoda which is known for its 65 meters long and 16 meters high Reclining Buddha. Everyone was in awe of the huge structure which was well worshipped by the locals. There were also some Burmese writings inscribed on the Chauk Htat Gyi Buddha’s feet which accordingly contains information on 2

AER NEWSLETTER • July - December 2015

YEAFEO 21 in Yangon, Myanmar Buddhism and teachings of the Buddha. A similar Reclining Buddha can be found in the city of Bago which we will visit later. Following that, a visit is made to the Bogyoke market which is also known as Scott’s market to look for some local souvenirs. Lastly, the visit was to the Shwe da-gon Pagoda which is one of the most famous pagodas in the world and the main attraction of Yangon city. The Pagoda sits atop a hill and is 99 meters tall. It can be seen from most places in Yangon throughout the day and night. Around the Pagoda are a number of shrines, one for each of the eight days of the week. In Asian astrology its calendar has 8 days and not 7 days. Wednesday is divided into two days but the reasons for this were not told to the delegation. Local people pray to the shrine according to the day of their birth.


RECEPTION On the opening day, the YEAFEO delegates who were already registered are invited to join the bowling competition hosted by the Young Engineers of Myanmar Engineering Society (YEMES). The delegations from different ASEAN countries were divided into groups not limited by country. This allowed every one to mingle around and make new friends with other young

AER NEWSLETTER • July - December 2015


YEAFEO 21 in Yangon, Myanmar engineers from other countries while enjoying a good game of bowling. The Welcoming Reception was held at Sedona Hotel that night for all CAFEO and YEAFEO delegates. The Reception was held a day prior to the opening ceremony to welcome all the delegates. Many of us were able to catch up with old friends and acquaintances. We renewed old friendship while making new ones as well. It was fairly well organized and delegates had plenty of food and drinks to last throughout the night.

YEAFEO (DAY 2) – OPENING CEREMONY AND YEAFEO MEETING On the second day, the grand opening ceremony started at 9.00 a.m., officiated by H.E. U Kyaw Lwin, Union Minister of Construction, Myanmar and H.E. U Myint Swe, Chief Minister of Yangon, Myanmar. Following the opening ceremony, YEAFEO delegates then proceeded with the country report presentation where each country take turns to present their activities organised within their country for the past one year. This is where the participants learn of one another activities. That afternoon, all the meetings were in session and so too was the YEAFEO meeting to discuss the activities to be planned for the year and also to look into future activities for 2015. The meeting ended with the presentation of souvenirs and tokens to all the members at the meeting. After the meeting the young engineers enjoyed themselves at a nearby restaurant for their dinner. The restaurant had a wonderful seaview and the restaurant was pearched on a wooden platform for the lovely night breeze. It was a night of laughter, friendly chit chat, renewing of acquaintances as well as getting to know new engineers in the group and a night of fun.

Post meeting, YEAFEO delegates have dinner at a nearby restaurant.


AER NEWSLETTER • July - December 2015

YEAFEO 21 in Yangon, Myanmar YEAFEO (DAY 3) – BAGO ½ DAY TRIP/AFEO GOVERNING BOARD MEETING AND CLOSING DINNER The next day was time for the young engineers to present their report and findings of their YEAFEO Board meeting to the AFEO Governing Board. A request was made to the Board to allow the Young Engineers to join the Mid term meeting in Manila, Philippines the following year. The Board after discussing the proposal allowed Philippines Technological Council, the host of the Mid term meeting in Manila to decide whether they are able to accommodate the young engineers to be part of the Mid term programme. PTC assured the Board that the arrangement is possible and hence the 1st Mid term meeting for the YEAFEO will be in Manila, Philippines in June 2015. After attending the AFEO Board meeting, the group of young engineers left for a field trip to Bago. The technical visit was very informative and lively for the young engineers as it was a good day for outing after a long meeting, the day before. That night was the last and most important event whereby the Farewell Banquet dinner was arranged for all participants and delegates. The evening was lively with presentation of awards for the best engineering projects, individuals and companies honoring the deserving engineers and prominent personalities for conferment of honorary membership. The country presentation of each member organisations rendering their traditional songs and dances with everyone in the crowd joining in the songs. The singing trilled the crowd and it was a night full of memories. The MES President, U Win Khaing then handed over the AFEO flag to the incoming AFEO Chairman, Dato Ir. Lim Chow Hock, IEM President. This signifies that Malaysia will be the next host for CAFEO 33. The event ended in the late night. Everyone was tired, excited, happy and full of wonderful memories of CAFEO 32. To all of you - See you all in Malaysia

AER NEWSLETTER • July - December 2015


AFEO Mid Term Meeting in Manila, YEAFEO 21 in Yangon, Myanmar Philippines


he ASEAN Federation of Engineering Organisation (AFEO) Mid term meeting and Engineers Summit was held in Manila, Philippines from 2-7 June 2015. Philippines Technological Council (PTC) hosted this event in Manila, Philippines from 2-4 June 2015. PTC also organised the World Engineers Summit immediately after the Mid Term meeting from 5-6 June 2015 at Philippine Trade Training Center. The delegates were hosted at the Century Park Hotel where the Working Groups and the Young Engineers of AFEO held their meetings prior to the Mid Term Board meeting. For the 1st time the Young Engineers of AFEO (YEAFEO) participated in this mid year meeting. The different working groups held their meetings on 3 June 2015 at the Century Park Hotel from 9.00 a.m. until 5.00 p.m.

REPORT FROM WORKING GROUPS This Work Group on Energy and Environmental Engineering chaired by Malaysia is working together with Federation of Engineering Organisations of Asia and the Pacific (FEIAP) on the Green Building Index of which FEIAP will be take the lead to produce the green index template. So far Green Design building guide for Residential and Non-Residential Building had been finalized. AFEO is therefore assisting FEIAP to prepare the index and the Framework for the Product Listing and Route to Product Listing. Two Workshops had been jointly organized with FEIAP by AFEO on “Sustainability of Resources and Green and Sustainable Design” and “Construction for Infrastructure and Building”. A paper on “Renewable Energy – Regional Energy Policy” had been prepared and presented to the AFEO Members. The group is collecting data for Energy policy from the 10 Asean countries. The template prepared by The Institution of Engineers, Singapore (IES) had been circulated to all the member organisations and awaiting feedback. The Work Group on Education and Capacity Building chaired by Singapore is concentrating on the Education aspect and is not putting emphasis on the Capacity Building. The aim is to develop a draft on continues professional development (CPD) Framework or guidelines for AFEO countries. IES is also proposing the guidelines for PDP as well. The Work Group Chair on Disaster Preparedness, Mitigation and Management Work is Thailand and the group aimed to produce a position paper on the topic and to learn from each other’s experience. The group is looking at 6

AER NEWSLETTER • July - December 2015

AFEO Mid Term Meeting in Manila, YEAFEO 21 in Yangon, Myanmar Philippines i.

Report on disaster situation from each member country


Discussion on issues


List of expert and volunteer

iv. Country grouping based on disaster presence v.

Possibility of organising one day workshop and one day field trip on disaster preparedness mitigation and management

vi. Conclusions or propose issue to AFEO Board The Transport and Logistic Work Group chaired also by Thailand was set up with the following objectives : •

to promote transportation and logistics engineering within Southeast Asia and the Asian region

to foster the exchange of information among its members;

to collaborate related activities on transportation and logistics engineering among the members

to facilitate moving of transportation and logistics engineers in Southeast Asia, and the Asian region (after the year 2015)

A proposal was made that since Malaysia had been appointed to set up an ASEAN Road Safety Centre (ARSC) at the recent 4th meeting of the ASEAN Multi-sector Road Safety Special Working Group; as proposed by Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS), more information on the centre is required. IEM was requested to provide information on the Centre and to invite MIROS to make a presentation at the next Work Group meeting i. ii.

IEM was therefore appointed to contact MIROS to see whether a copy of the manual is ready and to see if there are any green highway index or informative document since Malaysia has a very good system.

Subsequent to this, the AFEO Governing Board also approved the formation of a new Work Group on “Smart and Sustainable Cities” which will be chaired by IES (Singapore) and the AdHoc Committee on Mobility of Engineers chaired by PTC (Philippines). The Energy and Environmental Work Group had to be separated to 2 Work Groups namely Energy Work Group and Environmental Work Group to enable full concentration on the pertinent issues. AER NEWSLETTER • July - December 2015


AFEO Mid Term Meeting in Manila, YEAFEO 21 in Yangon, Myanmar Philippines OTHER MEETINGS As the norm, the other Committees such as the Award Committee continued to approve the nominees recommended for conferment of Honorary titles and for the recognition of Outstanding Engineering Achievement Awards in respective ASEAN Countries. The ASEAN Engineering Register Commission also held its meeting to approve new ASEAN Engineers, Associate ASEAN Engineers, Engineering Technologists and Technicians. Lastly the AFEO Governing Board held its meeting at the Philippine Trade Training Center, Manila on 4 June 2015. WELCOMING DINNERS AND RECEPTION The delegates had a very sumptuous buffet seafood welcome dinner at the Vikings Luxury Buffet, Seaside Restaurant on 2 June 2015 and the Farewell Dinner was hosted at the Barbaras Heritage Restaurant providing an evening of fun and entertainment. Delegates were treated to a night of Filipinos cultural dances and songs. AFEO GOVERNING BOARD MEETING AND CLOSING The Mid term AFEO Governing Board meeting was held on the morning of 4 June 2015 at the Philippine Trade Training Center (PTTC) at 8.30a.m. The meeting ended at 10.15a.m. and the delegates attended the Opening and Viewing of the Exhibition organized in conjunction with the Mid Term meeting and the Engineers Summit. After witnessing the opening of the exhibition, the delegates participated in the technical visit to Public Works Office to look at the construction of a major intersection and flyover in the city of Manila. After lunch and after a short rest, the AFEO MidTerm Closing Ceremonies concurrently with the Engineering Summit Opening Ceremonies were held. The programme also included the presentation of certificates and medallions to the newly registered ASEAN/APEC Engineers from Philippines. DINNER AND FELLOWSHIP The Fellowship dinner was held at the Barbaras Heritage Restaurant and the delegates were entertained with dances and songs by the Filipinos dancers. The delegation also enjoyed a very delicious dinner of local Filipinos cuisines. The night ended with the delegation participated in the dances with the entertainers and photo sessions.


AER NEWSLETTER • July - December 2015

AFEO Mid Term Meeting in Manila, YEAFEO 21 in Yangon, Myanmar Philippines 3RD PHILIPPINE ENGINEERING SUMMIT - ENGINEERS …..POWERED TO SOARS !!! The summit opens on 4 June 2015 and continued with the paper presentations and technical sessions for two days and ended on 6 June 2015. The summit was held at the Philippine Trade Training Center (PTTC). 200 participants were at the function with the AFEO Chairman and AER Head Commissioner in attendance.

AER NEWSLETTER • July - December 2015


CAFEO 33 YEAFEO 21 in Yangon, Myanmar


AFEO 33 was with the theme on “The Lights to Bytes: ASEAN Engineering Evolution & Future Challenges.” The event is scheduled from 23-26 November 2015. Currently the organiser, IEM Penang Branch is soliciting for papers for the conference and besides technical paper presentation, there was to be parallel meetings of the working groups namely •

Energy and Environment Working Group

Education and Building Capacity Working Group

Transport and Logistic Working Group

Disaster Preparedness and Mitigation Working Group

Smart Sustainable Cities

Mobility of Engineers

The 2 Day conference will also include a day of technical visits to factories and sites in Penang. Some of the proposed sites are •

Mengkuang Dam

Batu Kawal Industrial park

Bayan Lepas Free Trade Zones

Water Front Development and

Steel Fabrication Plant

The usual social activities for the YEAFEO and WE-AFEO with the Golf Competition and Treasure Hunt for the young engineers are being planned. The opening ceremony of AFEO will be on the morning of 24 November 2015 at the Hotel Equatorial, Penang.

INVITATIONS Members of the AFEO Organisations are invited to participate in this AFEO event CAFEO 33 from 23- 26 November 2015, in Penang Malaysia respectively.


AER NEWSLETTER • July - December 2015

1st YEAFEO Midterm Meeting at YEAFEO 21 in Yangon, Myanmar Manila, Philippines


he AFEO Governing Board approved during CAFEO 32 that YEAFEO could organised the 1st Midterm meeting in Manila, Philippines. For a simple reason, this Mid Term was to have a mid- year review to ensure all the YEAFEO activities and projects planned can run smoothly. This is an addition to liaison through the YEAFEO’s facebook group consisting of all the ASEAN Young Engineers leaders together with our ASIAN friends from. Japan, Hong Kong and etc. Below is the short programme and diary of events:

1st June 2015 Morning •

Majority of the Malaysian delegates took the morning flight to Manila reaching the Nino Aquino Manila International Airport almost noon

Thanks to our counterparts in Manila, transportation was arranged and the young engineers were pick up and taken to the Residence Hotel and Century Park Hotel

Evening •

Later in the evening all of the delegates were driven to the city centre for a sumptuous dinner at one of the hawker centre

2nd June 2015 Morning •

The delegates gathered at Mall of ASIA for a friendly bowling tournament and followed by a quick lunch

Evening •

By 3.00p.m., all the young engineers were taken to one of the Star Walk Café nearby to the Mall of Asia for the Pre-Board meeting (This is in preparation for selection of discussion topics to be presented to the Mid term Board meeting the following day)

Night •

By 7.30p.m. all the young engineers and the representatives of the member organisations and staff were taken to the Vikings Luxury Buffet Seafood Restaurant, nearby Mall of Asia. This is another sumptuous feast for all the foreign guests and was announced by the host, Philippines Technological Council as the official Welcoming Dinner AER NEWSLETTER • July - December 2015


1st YEAFEO Midterm Meeting at YEAFEO 21 in Yangon, Myanmar Manila, Philippines cum Reception. Dinner was great with variety of seafood of Asian dishes. •

The PTC President, Engr. Fred Monsada welcomed all delegates to the AFEO Midterm Meeting

The night also witness the celebration of birthdays for those delegates whose birthday was during that day or in the week. Birthday delegates included the AFEO Chairman concurrently IEM President, Y.Bhg. Dato’ Ir. Lim Chow Hock and also Young Engineer Chairlady of Philippines, Ms. Rina Guzman. The President of Persatuan Insinyur Indonesia, Ir. Bobby Umar Gafar also celebrated his birthday with all.

3rd June 2015 Morning •

1st YEAFEO Midterm Board Meeting convened at 9.30a.m., chaired by YEAFEO Chairman, Engr. Vivekasugha Alif Gunaalan and attended by Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore and Japan as guests

The 1st Edition of YEAFEO bi-monthly Newsletter was prepared and the soft launch will be during AFEO Midterm Board Meeting the following day

A Proposal paper for Disaster Preparedness by YEAFEO was prepared to be presented to the AFEO Governing Board for support

Afternoon •

The YEAFEO Chair presented the YEFEO Proposal Paper on Disaster Preparedness to the Disaster Preparedness Working Group

All four proposals were accepted unanimously. YEAFEO received applause for being proactive in disaster preparedness.

Evening •

All the young engineers attended another seafood dinner at China Town at the City Centre of Manila

4th June 2015 Morning •


YEAFEO Chair Engr. Vivekasugha attended the AFEO Midterm Board Meeting at Philippines International Trade Training Centre in Manila

AER NEWSLETTER • July - December 2015

1st YEAFEO Midterm Meeting at YEAFEO 21 in Yangon, Myanmar Manila, Philippines •

All four proposals for Disaster Preparedness were also accepted by the Governing Board

YEAFEO Bi-monthly E-Newsletter was approved and the official launch was scheduled during CAFEO 33 in Penang, Malaysia in November 2015.

Evening •

Closing Dinner was held at Barbaras Heritage Restaurant in the suburb of Manila complete with traditional dance shows and local delicacies

Each and every one of the delegates were given a token of remembrance of the visit and of the midterm meeting

Final closing photo ceremony with local tradition outfit marked the end of midterm meeting

We wish to thank the host Young Engineers, Philippines Technological Council for the great hospitality given throughout our stay in Manila. All the objectives of 1st YEAFEO Midterm Meeting were achieved successfully with One Spirit, One ASEAN! See you at Penang for CAFEO 33!

AER NEWSLETTER • July - December 2015


YEAFEO 21 in Yangon, Myanmar


AER NEWSLETTER • July - December 2015