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ABOUT IGEC The Institute for Global Emergency Care is a collaboration in research, training, outreach, and leadership by three world-class medical institutions: The University of California San Francisco, the University of Cape Tow n, and Stellenbosch University. IGEC works as a regional implementation partner for the World H ealth Organization in developing emergency care systems and supporting the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals for the A frican region. To accomplish this, the Institute collaborates w ith the A frican Federation for Emergency M edicine, universities, N GOs, and government departments across A frica to develop M aster's, diploma, residency, and other educational programs specializing in emergency care. This collaboration is uniquely positioned to merge world class medical and scientific expertise w ith informed, relevant, and effective implementation.

" I GEC ai ms to i ncrease access to ti mel y, l i f e-savi ng heal thcare f or al l , through strategi c research and techni cal advi si ng f or emergency care systems devel opment."

-- IGEC Vision

Research Trai ni ng Outreach Leadershi p

NEED FOR EMERGENCY CARE IN AFRICA The countries of sub-Saharan A frica face a disproportionate burden of acute injury and illness; despite this, few healthcare systems adopt an integrated approach to early recognition and resuscitation of the acutely ill or injured patient. Evidence show s that such an approach substantially reduces the morbidity and mortality associated w ith a range of medical, surgical, paediatric, and obstetric conditions. Barriers to emergency care implementation in the region include a lack of: documentation of the acute disease burden, consensus on regionally appropriate metrics to facilitate impact evaluation, locally relevant research, human resource capacity, and coordinated advocacy for acute disease prevention and emergency care. IGEC works to address these emergency care challenges through systemic and academic approaches.

MISSION AND GOALS Become t he l ocus f or emergency and acut e care devel opment in Af rica IGEC works w ithin existing A frican networks among universities, national and regional societies, government ministries, and funders. Through these relationships, IGEC provides regional expertise to overcome logistical and cultural boundaries to facilitate improvement, and has a unique capacity to respond to changing regional demand in a robust and flexible manner. Buil d academic capacit y by enabl ing growt h IGEC focuses on expanding academic global health capacity by increasing research and publication output regionally, and by integrating efforts of multiple fields including, but not limited to: emergency medicine, nursing, public health, primary health care, and family medicine.

INTERNATIONAL TRAINING PROJECTS Core Emergency Care Curricul um IGEC has collaborated w ith A FEM to develop advanced emergency care curricula for short courses, 1-year training, and 3-year residency programs. These curricula include linked presentation and assessment materials that are being utilized across the continent. These courses have since facilitated emergency medicine training in the follow ing countries: Egypt, Kenya, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Sudan, Tanzania, Botswana, Uganda, Zambia, Cameroon, and N igeria. Short Courses IGEC, in partnership w ith A FEM , runs a series of short courses on basic emergency care, from 2 days to 2 weeks, individualised for each target group. Such courses are designed for nurses, clinical officers, and non-specialist physicians. So far these short courses have been offered in Tanzania, Zambia, Ethiopia and Uganda.

WHO Basic Emergency Care Courses A s an implementation partner for the WH O, IGEC offers WH O's Basic Emergency Care course to health institutions all over the region. AFEM Handbook of Acut e and Emergency Care IGEC and A FEM collaborated to design, w rite, and publish the first handbook on acute and emergency care specific to the A frican setting. This handbook has been w idely distributed throughout most countries on the continent. Fel l owships in Cape Town IGEC, in collaboration w ith the Division of Emergency M edicine at both University of Cape Tow n and Stellenbosch University, offers A frican emergency physicians M aster's Fellow ships in pre-hospital medicine, disaster medicine, aero-medicine, paediatric emergency care, and point-of-care ultrasound.

i nf o@igec.co.za w w w.i gec.co.za