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Test Your Products With Confidence Industrial Microbiology Laboratory - Magnetic Stirrer Hot Plate _____________________________________________________________________________________ By Kelvin - When you bring certain products to market, it is imperative that they receive the necessary testing that will ensure their resistance to mold and guarantee a stable shelf life. MicroStar industrial microbiology laboratory has the experience that will help any company assess the integrity of their products, instilling consumer confidence and avoiding future difficulties.MicroStar Lab originally started out as a facility that tested paint, paper and building materials. They’ve since evolved into the premier testing lab for all types of industries, putting their extensive expertise to use by testing many different types of products and materials. Their world-class facilities and superior testing methods provide consistent, reliable and reproducible results. Click Here In addition to mold testing, MicroStar still provides testing for the paper and paint industries, specializing in microbiological control in the manufacturing process. Troubleshooting of these complex industrial environments is one of their specialties, not only determining the sources of contamination but solutions that will eliminate the reworking of off-spec material.Antimicrobial testing of both textiles and coated surfaces is performed with the reproducibility needed to provide the confidence necessary when it comes to proving that certain materials will stand the test of time. These tests include standard methods from ASTM, ISO, MilStd, RTCA and JIS. They will even perform older versions of many methods if that is the specification your products need to meet.

The study of bacteria and fungi is a complicated one, but MicroStar Lab handles difficult tasks with ease. Their expert scientists have years of experience handling the most common forms of testing, as well as more esoteric varieties depending on the needs of a particular client. Customized standard tests are

available, as well as on-site audits and microscopic analysis. Fungus-resistance tests are not easy since temperature and humidity must be controlled within very narrow margins. Working under aseptic conditions is also critical to preventing cross contamination of organisms from one customer to another. They have found that the cleanliness that is found in the clinical microbiological laboratory must exist in the industrial microbiology laboratory in order to produce meaningful data for their customers. That’s why so many of their customers keep coming back and new customers are often referred by those satisfied customers.

MicroStar microbiology laboratory is accredited to perform a full range of testing for many different applications. We take for granted that airborne pollutants, fungi and bacteria will not harm us, and we do not realize how much work goes into the testing to make sure our risks are minimized. Some of the testing MicroStar performs includes, but is not limited to: fungus resistance testing, standard testing to determine the resistance to fungi on insulation materials, fungus resistance of paper and paper-based materials, antibacterial finishes on textiles and fungal resistance of electrical insulation compounds. These tests may sound highly technical, but they are a necessary part of standard safety procedures that, if not performed, could result in catastrophic problems down the road. Working with an experienced partner like MicroStar will ensure that the job gets done right, with testing that will unearth any issues before it is too late to fix them.For more information about MicroStar microbiology laboratory and the testing they perform, visit them online at microstarlab There, you can read about all the services they provide and find out how to contact them to see which mode of testing would be most effective for your unique circumstances.

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