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The Fantasy Adventures of Polly Esther and Rapunzel Rose

Journey to


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“Surprise, Polly Esther! This is a special day. Your friend Rapunzel Rose Is coming over to play.

She’ll be here while Her mama goes shopping. Finish your breakfast, Polly Esther. Start hopping!”

Polly Esther jumps down And hops on the floor As Rapunzel Rose and Her mama walk in the door.

The girls jump together In a ch aoti muddle.



The green juice ps over and in a puddle.

“Look out, Miss Fancy Feathers! Watch where you’re tromping! Polly Esther! Rapunzel Rose! Stop that stomping!”

Polly Esther and Rapunzel Rose stop in their tracks. Adventure awaits them, and they don’t look back.


They share the same thought. They dream the same dream. And now off they go As they scheme the same scheme.

They board the magic carpet and take to the skies, Yipping and yowling with shrill, joyful cries!

High above the tree tops The magic carpet glides. Giggling with glee they hang on As the carpet dips and slides

Over fluffy white clouds Where they almost collide With a flock of flying geese Who are out for a ride.

Now, Mom is worried and at her wit’s end, Which throws Miss Fancy Feathers into a tailspin.

“Hip, hip hooray! We’re on our way! Our big adventure starts today!”


welcomes all who can imagine!

“Bubble, bubble, Toil and trouble. In the sink and In the tubble.

Over stubble, Into rubble. Bubble, bubble On the double.�

Quickly, Polly Esther and Rapunzel Rose Slide to the ground. Overhead is a barrage of bubbles Floating around.

Red, purple, orange, Blue, yellow, and green. Miniature,


Monstrous, And every size in between.

There are square bubbles, Oval bubbles, triangle, and round. Pentagon, polygon, And octagon abound. “Looky! Looky!” Shouts Polly Esther to Rapunzel Rose, “We’re covered in bubbles From our heads to our toes!”

Slipping and sliding With girls and bubbles colliding, Squealing and reeling, What a fantabulous feeling! With faces upturned, Bubbles fall on their tongues. Cherry, grape, orange, Lemon, and lime! What fun!

Polly Esther trips over something And lands on her face. She looks up and sees giant Mushrooms all over the place.

The lassies prance, dance, flounce, Bounce, strut, and stomp. Under the bubbles they splash, Splatter, tromp, and romp.

“Here fishy, fishy. Eat it all gone, And you’ll grow up to be big and strong.”

Giggling, wiggling, jiggling As the bubbles rise and fall, Rapunzel Rose spies a pool of fish Who are having a ball.

The girls throw out candy And to their surprise and delight, The fish dance on the water And sing with all their might: “If you’re fishing for fun, You’re at the right place. We sing and we dance With rhythm and grace.”

Beyond the magic bubblefall And the pool of dancing fish, A beautiful rainbow beckons the girls, “Come and make a wish. Discover the end of my rainbow, And your wish will come true.” So off they trek to find the rainbow’s end Under the sky so blue.

Sliding down the candy ribbons Of multi-colored hue,

They land at the end of the rainbow Where all wishes come true.

Time to flit, flutter, and fly As the magic carpet soars home. The girls bid farewell to adventure Until once again they roam.

“What a morning you’ve had. It’s just been the best. Now off you go to naptime, And I can get some rest.”

Twin friends Rapunzel Rose and Polly Esther are a scheme team, Drifting to sleep, wishing their wish And dreaming their dream. At rainbow’s end, they wished Their next adventure to come Would be as thrilling as the one They just returned from.

What will they do? Where will they go? Read Halloween Haunting . Then you will know!

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