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The Media Commissioner 2.0

Welcome to Universal City, California and to the 35th Annual AFCI Cineposium! Table of Contents Acknowledgements




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AFCI Contact Information 2110 Artesia Blvd., Suite 234 Redondo Beach, CA 90278 Ph: 1.323.461.2324 Fax: 1.413.375.2903 Staff Larry Brownell, CEO, Allison Chaney, Education Specialist, Kevin Clark, Director of Membership, Elyse Gammer, Director of Business Relationships, Cheryl Henry, Accounting and Collections Manager, Laurie Lehmann, Director of Professional Development & Events,


Welcome to Universal City for the 2010 AFCI Cineposium! After serving on the Cineposium Planning Committee for several years, it was an honor to be invited to act as this year’s chairperson. I have thoroughly enjoyed making new connections with film commissioners around the globe to help plan for what we hope to be the best Cineposium ever! The Planning Committee has done a stellar job, and I personally thank each of them for their efforts. We also extend a hearty welcome and thanks to our expert speakers, panelists, moderators and sponsors. Please reach out to them and thank them for taking time from their busy schedules to join us. The Planning Committee worked tirelessly on creating sessions with expert panelists to help guide us through the swiftly changing dynamics of the entertainment industry. The sessions are designed to help film commissions remain relevant partners with industry decision makers, while also fostering workforce and business growth in each of our diverse regions. And, it is important for film commissions to remain strong and to be armed with the tools and knowledge necessary to educate our government and business leaders, as well as our constituents, as to the importance of the services we provide to revenue and job-generating clients. We are grateful for your continued support and participation in the AFCI and look forward to sharing a quality experience with you during Cineposium. Let’s celebrate new connections and a bright future for film commissions! My very best regards,

Pam Haynes Director, West Virginia Film Office


SPECIAL THANKS Cineposium is truly a team effort. Thanks to these organization and individuals who make it successful: CINEPOSIUM 2010 COMMITTEE Pam Haynes, Cineposium Conference Chair Joan Miller, AFCI VP of Professional Development Sharif Al Majali Mimi-Davis Taylor Silvia Echeverri Botero Mary Cruse Todd Cassidy Sue Hayes Jeremy Henthorn Michelle Howard Drew Mayer-Oakes Marshall Moore Kevin Shand, CFC Mark Stricklin, CFC Dave Worrell AFCI BOARD OF DIRECTORS


Janice Arrington

American Film Market (AFM)

Walea Constantinau

Film Independent

Belle Doyle Sue Hayes


Sten Iversen

Benita Brazier, Ambassador Service Chair

Drew Mayer-Oakes Mary Nelson

Janice Arrington

Joan Miller

Kevin Shand, CFC

Ingrid Rudefors

Mark Stricklin, CFC

Kevin Shand, CFC David Shepheard Mark Stricklin, CFC


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Schedule-at-a-Glance * Schedule Subject to Change Saturday, October 30

Sunday, October 31

8 : 30a m- 5 :00pm

7: 00a m - 4: 00pm

Registration Open

AFCI Board Meeting

(Great Hall)

(Executive Board Room)

9 : 00a m- 5 :00pm

8: 00a m - 4: 00pm

AFCI University

AFCI University Master Class

Film Commission Professional

Marketing for Film Commissioners

(Studio 3)

(Studio 3) 1 0: 00a m-1 0:30a m AFCI University

8: 00a m - 4: 00pm

Morning Break

AFCI University

(Studio Foyer)

Digital Scouting Workshop (Producers Room)

1 2: 15pm-1 :30pm AFCI University

10: 00a m - 10: 30a m


AFCI University

(Studio 2)

Morning Break (Studio Foyer)

2 : 30p m- 5 :30pm AFCI Board Meeting

11: 30pm - 12: 45pm

(Executive Board Room)

AFCI University Master Class Lunch (Studio 2)

3 : 00p m- 3 :30pm AFCI University Afternoon Break

3: 00pm - 3: 30pm

(Studio Foyer)

AFCI University Afternoon Break (Studio Foyer)

6 : 00-7: 00pm AFCI University Reception

4: 20pm - 4: 40pm

FCP Registrants Only

Coach Bus Pick-up for Cineposium Opening Reception at DGA Offices (Ballroom Circle Driveway)


5 : 00p m- 6 :30pm

12: 15pm - 1: 30pm

Cineposium Opening Reception (Directors Guild of America: Sunset Blvd. and Hayworth Ave.)

Networking Lunch with Speaker Speaker Presentation Begins at 12:45pm

Cineposium Registrants Only


6 : 20p m- 6 :50pm

1: 30pm - 3: 00pm

Coach Bus Pick-up for Return to Sheraton Universal

Workshop 1:

(Directors Guild of America: Sunset Blvd. and Hayworth Ave.)

Taking Your Commission to the Next Level: Expanding Your Client Base Beyond the Traditional

Monday, November 1

(Level: Essential)

7 :00a m-5:00pm


Cineposium Registration Open 1: 30pm - 3: 00pm

(Great Hall)

Workshop 2: Lobbying Your King: The Politics of Film

7 : 00a m- 8 :30a m Continental Breakfast - Speaker Presentation Begins at 7:30

(Level: Advanced)

(Great Hall/Ballroom)

(Studios 3-4)

8 : 30a m- 1 0:00a m

3: 00pm - 3: 30pm

General Session:

Afternoon Break

Transformation and Reinvention:

(Great Hall)

Hollywood 2.0 3: 30pm - 5: 00pm


General Session: 1 0: 00a m-1 0:30a m

How Would You Handle It?

Morning Break


(Great Hall) 1 0: 30a m-1 2:00pm General Session: The Role of the Film Commissioner Part 1: Film Commissioners as Economic Developers (Ballroom)


Tuesday, November 30

12: 15pm - 1: 30pm

7: 00a m-5 :00pm (Great Hall)

Lunch and AFCI Membership Meeting - Member Meeting Begins at 12:30pm

7: 00a m-8 :30a m

(Starview Room – Top Floor of Hotel)

Continental Breakfast - Speaker Presentation Begins at 7:30

1: 30pm - 3: 00pm

(Great Hall / Ballroom)

General Session:

8: 30a m-1 0:00a m

Candid Conversations: Finding That ... “One More Thing”

Cineposium Registration Open


General Session: The Role of the Film Commissioner Part 2: Balancing Act – That Was Then, This is Now!

3: 00pm - 3: 30pm Afternoon Break (Terrace Patio)

(Ballroom) 3: 30pm - 5: 00pm 10: 00a m -10:30a m

General Session:

Morning Break

Speed Connections

(Great Hall)

(Terrace Patio)

10: 30a m -12:00pm

5: 00pm - 6: 30pm

Workshop 3:

Networking Reception

Who’s Getting It Right? Best Practices for Film Commissioners

(Terrace Patio)

(Level: Essential) (Studios 3-4) 10: 30a m -12:00pm Workshop 4: Sustaining Your Film Commission and Community (Level: Advanced) (Ballroom) SPECIAL NOTE: WORKSHOP LEVELS Workshops have been rated as either Essential or Advanced. Essential level workshops are for those individuals seeking introductory level information. Advanced level sessions are for those looking for information and discussion at a higher level.


Cineposium Opening Reception

Held in Conjunction with Film Independent’s Filmmaker Forum

From film commissioners to producers, everyone in the industry senses the far reaching changes brought on by technology and changing business models. Enjoy this opportunity to network with producers and friends who share your commitment to the entertainment industry today and tomorrow. AFCI is co-sponsoring Film Independent’s Filmmaker Forum Reception which includes complimentary cocktails and light hors d’oeuvres at the offices of the Directors Guild of America in West Hollywood. Buses begin departing at 4:20pm and will return to the Sheraton beginning at 6:30pm. This reception is proudly hosted by AFCI and Film Independent with the generous support of American Humane and P3 Update.

Sponsored by

Film and TV Unit


AFCI UNIVERSITY * Information as of October 12, 2010

FILM COMMISSION PROFESSIONAL (FCP) Saturday, October 30, 2009, 9:00am – 5:00pm Registration Opens at 8:30am Studio 3 This one-day foundation course is the face-to-face companion to Film Commission Fundamentals Online (FCF), our introduction to film commission work. Film Commission Professional (FCP) builds on the information presented in Film Commission Fundamentals by providing more in depth information on several of the most important elements involved in film commission work. Together, these two courses are particularly useful for film commission staff members, community liaisons, government officials, and anyone interested in starting a commission. The course will be taught using lecture and small group exercises with information about marketing, economic impact, and alliances and partnerships. Faculty • MARY CRUSE, Film Commissioner, Humboldt Film Commission • BELLE DOYLE, Locations Department Manager, Creative Scotland *The AFCI Ambassador Program will be welcoming first time Cineposium attendees during lunch. MASTER CLASS - MARKETING FOR FILM COMMISSIONERS Sunday, October 31, 2010, 8:00am – 4:00pm Registration Opens at 7:30am Studio 3 Marketing for Film Commissions will show you how to develop a marketing plan that will most effectively sell your jurisdiction. Marketing has become increasingly important for film commissioners and experienced faculty will cover essential topics such as the 4 P’s of effective marketing plans, developing and applying your marketing budget, promoting with public relations, advertising strategies, tracking results and successful sales tactics and strategies.You’ll walk away with a written plan you can put to work immediately. Faculty • SIMON HUDSON, Professor and Director - Center for Excellence for Tourism Economic Development, University of South Carolina


FULL-DAY WOR KSH OP DIGITAL SCOUTING WORKSHOP Sunday, November 1, 2009, 8:00am – 4:00pm Registration Opens at 7:30am Producers Room Great location photos sell locations. In this highly interactive workshop, a professional location scout shows you how to shoot, manipulate, and share superior digital location photos.You’ll use local L.A. scenes as your subjects, and then bring your photos into our computer lab to learn the processes of stitching, optimizing and managing your digital image files using professional software tools. Faculty • DON GRAY, Locations Manager, New Mexico Film Office


Monday, November 1, 2010 CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST 7:00am – 8:30am Continental breakfast opens at 7:00am; Keynote Presentation will begin at 7:45am (Ballroom/Great Hall) OPENING KEYNOTE BREAKFAST: CHANGES YOU CAN COUNT ON: Join AFCI as we host John Tarnoff as our Opening Keynote Breakfast Speaker. John is a 30-year veteran of the media/entertainment business, with broad management experience as studio executive, film and interactive producer and technology entrepreneur. His Opening Keynote presentation will focus on 3 important changes film commissioners face every day: culture, business climate and globalization. Learn how these changes are affecting your business model and what you can do to build around what you already have in place. Sponsored by Speaker • JOHN TARNOFF, Consultant and Thought Leader, Newspeak Consulting Group


GEN ERA L SESSION TRANSFORMATION AND REINVENTION: HOLLYWOOD 2.0 8:30am – 10:00am (Ballroom) As the global impact of the digital revolution marches on, film commissioners must keep pace more than ever. Considering the affects of consumer behavior on content financing and distribution, industry desire to maximize film viewing beyond traditional arenas, the inseparable pairing of video games with children’s films and action movies, and the revival of 3D, it’s proof that the past, present, and future workings of film commissions will never be the same. By striving to understand and satisfy the needs of today’s global producer, film commissioners can nurture their local industry. Learn to embrace the digital revolution with the help of this general session. Speakers/Panelists • JOHN TARNOFF, Consultant and Thought Leader, Newspeak Consulting Group (Moderator) • CALDECOT CHUBB, Producer and Production Executive • JAY DUPLASS, Independent Filmmaker, Director and Writer Sponsored by • CHRIS EDWARDS, CEO and Creative Director, The Third Floor REFRESHMENT BREAK 10:00am – 10:30am (Great Hall)

Sponsored by

GEN ERA L SESSION THE ROLE OF THE FILM COMMISSIONER PART ONE: FILM COMMISSIONERS AS ECONOMIC DEVELOPERS 10:30am – 12noon (Ballroom) Creative economic strategies are the name of the game in today’s changing global market. Whether promoting workforce retention through training programs or recruiting brick-and-mortar businesses, film commissions are increasingly called upon to tap into the creativity and initiative necessary to effect long-lasting economic results. This session will guide today’s film commissioners toward forging the partnerships that serve to strengthen the economy. Speakers/Panelists • CHERYL BAXTER, Economic Development and Community Revitalization Expert Sponsored by • MAUREEN O’REILLY, Business Catalyst


LUN CH SUPPORT AND INNOVATION FOR INDEPENDENT FILMMAKERS 12:15pm-1:30pm; Keynote Presentation will begin at 12:45am (Ballroom/Great Hall) AFCI welcomes independent filmmaker, Heather Rae, at the Opening Keynote Lunch. Heather has worked as a producer and executive for over 20 years and is currently producing “Ass Backwards” starring Alicia Silverstone,Vincent D’Onofrio, Brian Geraghty and Jon Cryer. Her film “Frozen River” was nominated for two Academy Awards. Heather will address the state of independent filmmaking, the current needs of film commissions worldwide, and how new technology is affecting independent filmmakers, their work and distribution efforts. Sponsored by Speaker • HEATHER RAE, Academy Award Nominated Independent Filmmaker

SPECIAL NOTE: WORKSHOP LEVELS Workshops have been rated as either Essential or Advanced. Essential level workshops are for those individuals seeking introductory level information. Advanced level sessions are for those looking for information and discussion at a higher level. TAKING YOUR COMMISISON TO THE NEXT LEVEL: EXPANDING YOUR CLIENT BASE BEYOND THE TRADITIONAL (Level: Essential) 1:30pm – 3:00pm (Ballroom) In response to mounting competition, film commissioners need to adopt a proactive approach to attracting indie, commercial, and digital production to their jurisdictions. How will you tweak—or overhaul—your marketing strategies? For starters, this session will examine the smartest ways to network with management companies, agents, tracking boards and trades to identify projects in development and uncover the broader opportunities a project might present beyond filming. Speakers/Panelists • MADELYN HAMMOND, Madelyn Hammond and Associates (Moderator) • JIM GIBBONS, Motion Picture Advertising and Marketing Consultants • ROME VIHARO, Social Media Producer and Content Strategist • MARJAN SAFINIA, President of Merge: Sponsored by Media, and partner, Fat Dog Films


HOW TO LOBBY YOUR KING: THE POLITICS OF FILM (Level: Advanced) 1:30pm – 3:00pm (Studios 3-4) Thriving relationships with government leaders are essential and it’s the film commissioner who must go the extra mile to make it happen. Knowledge of what’s selling on the political landscape and who’s buying is critical to nurturing relationships with your governmental leaders on the local, regional, and national levels. Jobs, economic impact, coalition building and image are dear to leaders of every rank. How does a film commission position itself as an expert in film and media production while communicating its own needs? How does a film commission help guide governmental decision making without crossing legal or cultural boundaries? This session will lay out ideas and tools to help you develop key talking points for building governmental support, engaging the local production community and building your grassroots support. Speakers/Panelists • LARRY DICKERSON, Destination Marketing Group • BILL DOYLE, LOCATION MANAGER AND “FILM FIXER” • FRANCES SEGHERS, Executive VP Worldwide Government Sponsored by Affairs, Sony Pictures Entertainment REFRESHMENT BREAK 3:00pm – 3:30pm (Great Hall)

Sponsored by

GEN ERA L SESSION HOW WOULD YOU HANDLE IT? 3:30pm – 5:00pm (Ballroom) A perennial favorite, this session offers a chance to share experiences and insight as you explore real-life situations and evaluate the difficult choices that film commissioners face in today’s changing environment. There will be plenty of time for Q&A and good discussion. If you have a question and want to remain anonymous, a drop box will be available this year. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to share with and learn from your peers! Speakers/Panelists • MARSHALL MOORE, Director, Utah Film Commission • MARK STRICKLIN, CFC, Sponsored by Director, Birmingham-Jefferson Film Office


CINEPOSIUM 2010 Tuesday, November 2, 2010 CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST 7:00am – 8:30am (Ballroom/Great Hall) Continental breakfast opens at 7:00am; Breakfast Presentation will begin at 7:30am

BREAKFAST PRESENTATION: DELIVERING THE NEXT GENERATION OF CONTENT Join Steve Norris as he shares with the Cineposium audience his experiences with how technology is changing the industry, and what role he envisions film commissioners to play in the next 5 years. Speaker • STEVE NORRIS, Former Managing Director of Film, Sponsored by Framestore and British Film Commissioner GEN ERA L SESSION THE ROLE OF THE FILM COMMISSIONER, PART TWO: BALANCING ACT – THAT WAS THEN, THIS IS NOW! 8:30am – 10:00am (Ballroom) An esteemed group of international film commissions will explore the traditional and present-day roles of the film commissioner. By exchanging their predictions on global finance and digital technology, they will help you to gain insight into what the future may hold. Sure, it’s challenging to move forward if you don’t know who you are and where you’re going, but this panel will help illuminate your path! Speakers/Panelists • LISA STROUT, Director, New Mexico Film Office (Moderator) • HANS FRAIKIN, Quebec Film and Television Council, Canada • STEVE NORRIS, Former Managing Director of Film, Framestore and British Film Commissioner • INGRID RUDEFORS, Film Commissioner, Sponsored by Stockholm-Mälardalen Film Commission • DAVID SHEPHEARD, Film Commissioner, Abu Dhabi Film Commission


REFRESHMENT BREAK 10:00am – 10:30am (Great Hall)

Sponsored by

SPECIAL NOTE: WORKSHOP LEVELS Workshops have been rated as either Essential or Advanced. Essential level workshops are for those individuals seeking introductory level information. Advanced level sessions are for those looking for information and discussion at a higher level. WHO’S GETTING IT RIGHT? BEST PRACTICES FOR FILM COMMISSIONERS 10:30am – 12:00PM (Studios 3-4) If you’ve ever wondered how to work with regional film offices, market without incentives, run a better FAM tour, or find your own office financing, then this session was made for you. Tackle these and other tricky topics with your colleagues in a relaxed venue. Speakers/Table Moderators • DREW MAYER-OAKES, San Antonio Film Commission (Moderator) • GEORGE DAVID, General Manager, Royal Film Commission of Jordan • JOAN MILLER, Film Commissioner,Vancouver Island North Film Commission • MARY NELSON, Communications Manager,Virginia Film Office • AARON SYRETT, CFC, Director, North Carolina Film Office SUSTAINING YOUR COMMISSION AND CREATIVE COMMUNITY 10:30am – 12:00PM (Ballroom) How does your jurisdiction adapt to ensure continued viability and proven value to stakeholders? We’ll look at value propositions (studio films aren’t the only things that matter), alternative fundraising models, your role as revenue generator, how the major studio model of filmmaking is being impacted by the rise of indie films and its meaning for the future of film commissions. If that’s not enough, we’ll address this curious question: In today’s unsteady economy, should film commissions charge for their services? Speakers/Panelists • DAVE WORRELL, Director, Alaska Film Office (Moderator) • GREG HEMSTREET, Senior Director of Production Finance, Universal Pictures Sponsored by • MAUREEN O’REILLY, Business Catalyst


LUN CH LUNCH WITH AFCI MEMBERSHIP MEETING 12:15pm – 1:30pm; Membership meeting begins at 12:30pm (Starview Room, Top Floor) GEN ERA L SESSION CANDID CONVERSATIONS: FINDING THAT ... “ONE MORE THING” 1:30pm – 3:30pm (Ballroom) It’s not news that the landscape of film financing has changed dramatically. Worldly filmmakers are looking for sustainable financing from current and trusted sources as well as from emerging markets. At the same time, film commissioners juggling local private investment with far-flung production companies and studios, play an increasingly important governmental role in supporting the creative industry through incentives and subsidies. In a technology-driven economy and environment, how do film commissioners find that “one more thing” to support the next production? Get answers from a panel of entertainment/media lawyers discussing the very latest on co-production deals and financial joint endeavors. Speakers/Panelists: • MARY ANN HUGHES,Vice President, Sponsored by Film and Television Production Planning, Walt Disney Pictures • PETER ARMSTRONG, Partner, Film and TV Group, Harbottle and Lewis & • LISA NITTI, Greenberg Traurig LLP • STEVE SALTZMAN, Loeb and Loeb, LLP • TIM WILLIAMS, Co-President and Head of Production, Green Street Films


REFRESHMENT BREAK 3:00pm – 3:30pm (Terrace Patio)

Sponsored by

Film and TV Unit

GEN ERA L SESSION SPEED CONNECTIONS 3:30pm – 5:00pm (Terrace Patio) This ALL-NEW networking event will introduce you to effective networking tools and industry professionals in an easygoing environment. Amid the backdrop of a unique format, participants will make connections with the right people and generate fresh ideas for fruitful networking. Host • CHAMBERS STEVENS, Director, Coach, Actor SPEED CONNECTIONS NETWORKING RECEPTION 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm (Terrace Patio) Sponsored by Join Hosts AFCI and Shoot Magazine as we conclude the 35th Annual Cineposium Conference. Our industry friends are invited to stay for cocktails and light hors d’oeuvres on the Terrace Patio next to the pool. This is a great opportunity for you to network with those you met at the Speed Connections session. Don’t miss it! > W W W. S H O O T O N L I N E . C O M


BIOGRAPHIES * Information as of October 12, 2010

PETER ARMSTRONG Peter is a Partner in the Film and Television Group at Harbottle Lewis. He has specialized in film and television copyright, production and finance for over 30 years. He represents Hollywood studios on rights matters and is responsible for the production legal work on major US films shot in the UK and Europe. Current examples are The Wolfman and Robin Hood for Universal Pictures. Peter also acts for an extensive list of other UK and European independent producers. CHERYL BAXTER Cheryl has been actively involved in economic development and community revitalization for over 30 years. She has integrated her private sector experience with understanding of public and community objectives to develop realistic, successful programs. Cheryl has been an ongoing consultant to the Louisiana Film Office within the state’s Department of Economic Development where she worked with the entertainment staff to identify the optimal strategic elements to include in the film, music, and digital media initiative. She has been a consultant to the State of Kentucky as the legislature evaluated and turned down a film incentives package. She developed an impact assessment for the film scenario in greater Cleveland and recently managed an impact estimate for the State of Pennsylvania where she gave expert testimony to the Tourism Commission and a state legislative sub-committee. CALDECOT CHUBB Caldecot has worked in Los Angeles as a producer and senior production executive since the mid-80s. Collectively in those sixteen years as an executive, he supervised the development and production of several dozen films besides his own. He has personally produced eight movies and is currently in post-production on Unthinkable, directed by Gregory Jordan and starring Samuel L. Jackson for Senator Films.


MARY CRUSE Mary Cruse, M.A., Film Production has worked in production for more than a decade. She taught international Film History at Humboldt State University while working as a location scout, production manager and board member of the Humboldt Film Commission. For the past three years she has been active with workforce development, community outreach and strategy planning as the Humboldt Film Commissioner in Northern California. With a broad crew base, diverse locations and a smooth permitting process, Mary continues to find creative ways to market and facilitate visiting productions of all sizes. Her weekly column, “Media Without Margins,” runs in their local newspaper and online. BELLE DOYLE Belle has been running the locations department at Creative Scotland for over five years, working closely with the Scottish production industry, national Government and local Government in order to increase production in Scotland. Previously, she spent five years as Film Officer for Dumfries & Galloway Council in the south west of Scotland, running the local Screen Commission and managing a small art house cinema. Prior to this, Belle worked as an administrator for an environmental lobbying group in London, and as a technician in various different venues. As a mature student, she gained a BA (Hons) in English Literature at the University of Sheffield in 1993, and a PhD in Hollywood Film in 1998. GEORGE DAVID George has been working for the Royal Film Commission – Jordan (RFC) since 2005. He has also been part of the production team on numerous film and television projects, as well as working in entertainment PR. Following a brief theater career, his work on film in Jordan started out as early as 1996. He then located to Los Angeles where he pursued a film degree and continued on to work as a production manager and producer in Hollywood. During his time at the RFC, George has been instrumental in attracting and supporting major film productions. These include: the Academy Award sweeper The Hurt Locker, the blockbuster Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and many more. George has also pioneered several educational initiatives in film and television, namely the Film Train and Edufeatures programs.


LARRY D. DICKERSON Larry has more than 25 years of experience, having served in both large and small public and private sector organizations. In addition to serving as a senior advisor and representative for eBrains, Inc., one of the country’s leading providers of online marketing service to public sector tourism marketing organizations, Larry has established himself as one of the leading experts in technology-based tourism marketing. Larry’s work also includes additional activities with private sector tourism based businesses, assisting with sales and marketing strategies and online marketing planning. Larry’s non-tourism activity includes sales channel and representation development and investment facilitation. BILL DOYLE Bill is currently a supervising location manager and graduated from Texas Christian University with a degree in television/film. Bill worked in broadcast news as a news photographer for several years before moving to Los Angeles to work in the film business. He has worked as a Location Scout and Location Manager since 1989, in both feature films and television commercials, with directors such as Oliver Stone, Ridley and Tony Scott, James Cameron, and of course David Fincher. His feature film credits include The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, 2012, The Social Network and Green Lantern. His work has taken him throughout all 50 U. S. states and as well as 37 countries around the world. JAY DUPLASS Jay Duplass, along with his brother Mark, first made a name for himself writing and directing several award-winning short films. His first feature film was the Sundance 2005 breakout hit The Puffy Chair, which went on to win the Audience Award at SXSW and receive two Independent Spirit Award nominations. The film was released theatrically by Roadside Attractions and Netflix in 2006. Baghead, their next feature film, was picked up by Sony Pictures Classics at Sundance 2008 for theatrical and DVD release. Fox Searchlight recently released the Duplass Brothers’ first studio feature, Cyrus, starring John C. Reilly, Jonah Hill and Marisa Tomei, which has garnered rave reviews. The latest Duplass Brothers project, Jeff Who Lives At Home, is currently in post-production, and stars Jason Segal, Ed Helms, and Susan Sarandon.


CHRIS EDWARDS As CEO and Creative Director at THE THIRD FLOOR, Edwards has helped design many feature films, commercials, and video game cinematics. Theatrical credits include The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian,Valkyrie, Eagle Eye, Beowulf, Cloverfield, Avatar, and Alice in Wonderland. Cinematic credits include Resident Evil 5, Starcraft II, Diablo III, & Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3. In 2002, Chris Edwards joined a team of digital artists at Lucasfilm who were tasked with previsualizing Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith. Afterwards, Edwards spearheaded the creation of THE THIRD FLOOR, an independent previsualization company in Los Angeles, in 2004. Chris is also one of the founders of the recently announced Previsualization Society, an international organization dedicated to furthering the art form of previsualization. HANS FRAIKIN Hans set-up Quebec’s first-ever film and television commission at the beginning of 2006. Since then they have attracted over a billion dollars’ worth of production, and in addition have also been mandated to manage the Secretariat of the Quebec Film and Television Metropolitan Cluster, for which Hans is the General Manager. Hans has experience in international business and market development, strategic planning and implementation, international marketing and promotion, theatrical sales and advertising, industrial development, event planning and moderating, budget planning and reporting, government lobbying and resource management. JIM GIBBONS Jim is a motion picture marketing and creative advertising executive. He launched Gibbons and Associates in 2005 and has worked with various studios including Sony, Universal, Sidney Kimmel and Summit Entertainment to produce print materials, theatrical trailers and television spots. Most recently he worked on campaigns for Salt, What If, Lars and the Real Girl and Charlie Bartlett. Prior to forming Gibbons and Associates, Jim worked for thirteen years at Paramount Pictures where he created 5555, a stand-alone division which handled many of the studio’s advertising and marketing post production needs. As Executive Vice President of Creative Advertising, he developed creative concepts and oversaw the production of hundreds of theatrical trailers, corporate product reels and numerous television and radio campaigns. During his tenure at Paramount, Jim worked on some of the most successful films in the studio’s


history including: War of the Worlds,The Longest Yard, Braveheart,What Women Want and The Talented Mr. Ripley. DON GRAY Don Gray is a 1984 graduate of Alfred University in New York with a Fine Arts degree in Video and Computers. Throughout his career he has worked toward integrating digital tools in creative projects. In the early 90’s Don established “Image House” in Santa Fe, NM and pioneered many of the techniques used in digital large format fine art printing and digital photography. Since 2003, Don has worked as a Location Scout and Manager in the New Mexico film industry. In that time he has served as a contract location scout with the New Mexico State Film Office, taught Digital Imaging and Photography at the College of Santa Fe and taught location scouting and photography seminars for AFCI, the New Mexico State Film Office and IATSE Local 480. Don is also a filmmaker and his latest project Things We Do for Love is a festival award winning short film shot in conjunction with the New Mexico Filmmakers Training Program. MADELYN HAMMOND Madelyn Hammond is owner of Madelyn Hammond & Associates, a marketing and branding agency specializing in entertainment and media who actively works with the PGA’s Produced By Conference. She also works with various clients to extend their profile by creating innovative and targeted strategies utilizing an integrated approach including both viral and traditional marketing methods to reach consumers. Madelyn has extensive experience in consumer branding, licensing, exhibition, sales and marketing working with a number of companies including Landmark Theatres, Sony Pictures, MGM/UA, AMC Theatres and The CocaCola Company. MARY ANN HUGHES Mary Ann Hughes started with Disney in 1988. Prior to that, she spent 7 years at Avery International in various tax and accounting management positions. During her 18 years in the Disney Corporate Tax Department, Mary Ann held a number of positions ranging from a Senior Tax Analyst to Vice President, Film Production Planning. As a result of the growth and focus on production incentives and film finance opportunities, Mary Ann transferred to the Studio Finance Group in 2006 as Vice President, Film and Television Production Planning. She now devotes 100% of her time looking for opportunities to reduce production costs through film and television production incentives and structured film


financing deals. She supports Disney’s feature film groups (Walt Disney Pictures and Miramax) as well as Disney’s television groups (ABC Studios and ABC Cable Network). GREG HEMSTREET Greg Hemstreet is currently a Senior Director of Production Finance at Universal Pictures. In that role he is responsible for the financial management of feature films from the development stage through release. This includes overseeing the budgeting and cost reporting of the films, as well as analyzing and tracking the various tax incentives and rebates. Prior to his current position, he spent fifteen years as a freelance production accountant, having worked throughout the country and abroad on films with budgets from $5M to $150M. Some of the films he has worked on are State of Play,The Prestige, Any Given Sunday, and Lethal Weapon 4. Greg has also held production finance positions at Warner Bros Studios and Walt Disney Studios. He is currently teaching a UCLA extension course on production accounting for film and television. He graduated with a business degree from the University of Southern California. SIMON HUDSON Simon Hudson is a Professor in Tourism and Marketing at the University of South Carolina. He has held previous academic positions at universities in Canada and England and has worked as a visiting professor in Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Fiji, New Zealand, the United States, and Australia. Prior to working in academia, Dr. Hudson spent several years working in the tourism industry in Europe. He has written five books, numerous journal articles, and is known internationally for his work on sport tourism and film tourism. He is frequently invited to international conferences to speak about his work. LISA NITTI Lisa Nitti is a transactional entertainment attorney with Greenberg Traurig and has broad experience representing a wide range of corporate and individual clients in the motion picture and television industries, including producers, screenwriters, actors, directors, banks, film funds, independent financiers, Internet companies and animation companies. Ms. Nitti also has experience representing corporations in connection with entity formation, licensing of intellectual property, joint venture agreements, and debt and equity financings. She has significant representation in connection with the financing, production and/or distribution of the following films: Milk,The Informant!,The Visitor, Appaloosa,


New York, I Love You,The Messenger,The Tournament, Lesbian Vampire Killers,The Good Doctor and What We Do Is Secret. DREW MAYER-OAKES Drew has been working with filmmakers since 1985. In 1988, he was the production manager for his first lowbudget 35mm feature film, and in the 1990s, he spent five years as a location coordinator, first for the Texas Film Commission, then for the Houston Film Commission. In 1996 he joined the film lab at Allied Digital Technologies in Dallas as a sales executive, with clients such as Walt Disney Pictures, CBS Television, and independent producers. Later, working as an independent producer in Austin, Texas, Drew produced both film and video projects for clients such as the Nature Conservancy of Texas, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, and the University of Texas, School of Law. In 2004, Drew took his wide range of experience to San Antonio, where he now serves as director of the San Antonio Film Commission. JOAN MILLER Joan Miller is a Regional Film Commissioner based on Vancouver Island. She began working as a volunteer community film liaison in 1994. After attending LTS and Cineposium as part of a Provincial team, Joan decided to invest in the AFCI training and the position developed into a full time paid job. Joan worked collaboratively with other regional liaisons, became President of the Vancouver Island Film Association and then took on the role as the President of the Regional Film Commissions Association of British Columbia. Joan is now the First Vice President of the Association of Film Commissioners International and works on the Professional Development portfolio as well as being the past Cineposium Chair. MARSHALL MOORE Marshall D. Moore was appointed Director of the Utah Film Commission by former Governor Jon Huntsman in 2007 after serving four years as producer services executive. Marshall’s credits include work for Warner Brothers, CBS Television, Leucadia Film Corp., ABC Television, Hollywood Pictures, HBO, M.G.M., Universal Television., Showtime, New World Pictures, and Cannon Films. Marshall first came to Utah 15 years ago as a location manager for the ABC mini series “,The Stand,”, and then on to an 8 year run on the hit CBS television series,Touched By An Angel.


MARY NELSON Mary Nelson has been with the Virginia Film Office for 15 years, where she works as the Communications Manager. She was been involved with the AFCI for nearly that long, and was instrumental in developing the organization’s professional development program. A member of the board of directors since 2004, she currently serves as the Board President. STEVE NORRIS Managing Director of Film at Framestore, Europe’s largest VFX company, until the end of 2009, Steve was responsible for all of company’s VFX activity across film and broadcast media as well as all of the company’s content related initiatives. Alongside managing over 400 staff during the production of VFX on such films as the academy award winning The Golden Compass, the Harry Potter series and most recently Avatar and Prince of Persia, Steve oversaw the company’s production strategy, including 6 feature films between 2007 and 2009, and was the Executive Producer on a variety of diverse films. From 1997 to 2006, Steve was British Film Commissioner, based in London, and managed all film and TV inward investment to the UK, leading negotiations with US studios, production companies, producers, talent and financiers as well as developing film strategy for the UK. MAUREEN O’REILLY As an accomplished content creator, Maureen O’Reilly has successfully delivered more than 1500 broadcast and digital media projects, including 300+ hours of entertainment programming, and 650+ commercials and corporate branding projects for private and public entities. Now blending her content production pursuits with strategic business development, Maureen is pleased to share her experiences and philosophy for building capacity in creative industries. Her views of shifting economies may be helpful as you devise similar strategies for your respective jurisdictions. Maureen’s efforts contributed to the successes of B.C. Canada House in Turin 2006, resulted in the attraction of three animation and visual F/X companies to Vancouver, B.C. between 2007 and 2010, and she identified opportunities to cross-pollinate creative industries with traditional and resource based sectors.


HEATHER RAE Heather has worked as a producer and executive for over 20 years and is currently producing Ass Backward starring Alicia Silverstone,Vincent D’Onofrio, Brian Geraghty and Jon Cryer. Her film Frozen River was nominated for two Academy Awards. Heather will address the state of independent filmmaking, the current needs of film commissions worldwide, and how new technology is affecting independent filmmakers, their work and distribution efforts. INGRID RUDEFORS Ingrid has vast experience in different areas of film production from the actual battle-ground; the set. She has worked in the production-office, on set, with locations, as Assistant Director and director. Ingrid worked as Production Coordinator on 15 feature films in the USA, directed six short films among them The Art Of Flying A Flag which was in competition at the Berlinale. From 1998-2008, she worked as production manager, first AD, location manager and line producer on ten Swedish feature and around 30 international commercials. She has taught film at The Stockholm Film School, and as of 2008 she was headhunted for the position as Film Commissioner of the Stockholm Malardalen Region, developing the Film Commission from scratch. MARJAN SAFINIA Marjan Safinia is an Iranian documentary filmmaker whose films have played internationally and have premiered at the Opening Night Film of SilverDocs. Marjan has lived in Tehran, London and New York and is now based in Los Angeles where she produces through her company, The Department of Expansion. She is a well-known figure in the documentary community, and currently serves on the Executive Board of Directors of the International Documentary Association as well as cohosting the pre-eminent documentary community online, The D-Word. FRANCES SEGHERS Frances Seghers is Executive Vice President, Worldwide Government Affairs, Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE), a post she has held since November 2005. Ms. Seghers oversees SPE’s worldwide government relations and public policy activities and works closely with SPE’s operating units and corporate staff groups to develop a legislative and regulatory agenda that supports the business strategies and initiatives


of the Company’s motion picture, television, home and digital entertainment divisions. She also coordinates SPE’s government activities with those of other Sony US operating companies, such as Sony Music Entertainment, Sony Electronics and Sony Computer Entertainment. Her responsibilities include supervision of government affairs at the local, state, federal and international levels. Sony Pictures distributes film, television and home entertainment product around the world and does film and television production in a number of countries, including Russia, India, China and Brazil. STEPHEN L. SALTZMAN Steve has broad experience in domestic and international transactions in the entertainment industry. He represents U.S., European, and Asian producers, production companies, studios, distribution companies, broadcasters, digital media companies, banks, film funds, directors and talent. His experience encompasses the legal and business aspects of the development, production, sale, distribution and financing of feature film, television, videogame and digital media projects, as well as related ancillary products such as print publications, merchandise and new technologies. Steve concentrates his practice on innovative and complex international co-production and co-financing transactions, as well as on the representation of financiers, bond companies and production companies/ producers in sophisticated motion picture and television financing and structuring transactions. DAVID SHEPHEARD David is a long time film commissioner with experience running film promotion programs in two countries. He was hired as the Director of the newly-formed Abu Dhabi Film Commission in January 2009. Prior to Abu Dhabi, David headed film commissions in the United Kingdom, including South West Screen, the Bristol Film Office, and Screen East from 1998 until 2008. He is also an experienced Board Member, having served on Boards for the Encounters Film Festival, Watershed Media Centre, Bristol Media, OpenHouse Films, and UK Screen Commission Network. CHAMBERS STEVENS Chambers is an actor, playwright, author, director and coach. He has been an acting coach in Los Angeles for the last fifteen years. In that time he has written eight books for young actors (5 currently in print) with others soon to follow. The actors he has coached have appeared on NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, WB and UPN. They have appeared in films, television, commercials, animation, videogames and theatre. As an actor, Chambers has


appeared in over one hundred plays. He has directed thirty-seven plays by playwrights as diverse as Samuel Beckett, Neil Simon, Craig Lucus, Beth Henley, Christopher Durang, Larry Kramer, Heiner Muller, Franx Xavier Kroetz, and William Shakespeare. MARK L. STRICKLIN, CFC Mark is in his fourth year as the Director of the Birmingham-Jefferson Film Office, and brings over 22 years of film commission/management experience to the central Alabama region. His accumulative efforts have resulted in over $990 million in revenue for Birmingham (AL), Buffalo (NY), the State of Oregon, Wilmington (NC), and the Sate of Alabama from 1987-2010 through the recruitment of over 450 productions. His efforts have led directly to employment of hundreds of local crew/service providers and millions of dollars in revenue for regional economies. The results have been felt throughout local communities, touching many businesses and individuals. Mark serves on the AFCI Board of Directors. In 2009, he was the first international film commissioner to complete the AFCI certification program and become a Certified Film Commissioner (CFC) and was the 2010 recipient of the AFCI Arthur M. Loew, Jr. Crystal Vision Award. LISA STROUT Lisa began a 30-year career in and related to film when she worked in commercials in Boston, MA and quickly switched to film and television, primarily as a location manager. In 1984, Lisa moved to New York City and ran the NY offices of Merchant Ivory Productions for two years, including a three month stint in Florence, Italy working on A Room With A View. Soon after, she moved to Los Angeles and worked again in locations for the next 13 years. Film & television productions include The Bostonians, Falling Down, Dante’s Peak and Thirteen Days, plus three years on Spencer for Hire. Lisa has worked for the State of New Mexico for eight years, the past five with the New Mexico Film Office under Governor Bill Richardson. AARON SYRETT, CFC Aaron Syrett was appointed director of the North Carolina Film Office in 2007. He came to North Carolina via Salt Lake City, Utah, where he was the Director of the Utah Film Commission. He holds a BS degree in Film, Television, and Radio from the School of Communication at the University of Utah, and a certificate in Producing from Rockport Film School in Rockport Maine. In 2010 Aaron was among


the first film commissioners to receive the CFC (Certified Film Commissioner) professional designation. He also served as the Chair for the AFCI United States film commission caucus. JOHN TARNOFF John is a 30-year veteran of the media/entertainment business, with broad management experience as studio executive, film and interactive producer, and technology entrepreneur. From 2003-2009, John was Head of Show Development at DreamWorks Animation SKG. During his tenure, John supervised DreamWorks’ early production program known as “PODS,” expanded the company’s internal Artistic Development program, and initiated and ran the successful Academic Outreach program to identify and recruit entry-level animation artists and engineers from leading universities worldwide. Overall, he was responsible for a number of talent development initiatives, including the migration of artists from traditional to digital workflows on the “front end” of animation production. During the ‘80s and early ‘90s, as a production executive and producer, he supervised over a dozen movies including Diner, Pink Floyd: The Wall, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, and The Power of One, for studios including MGM, Orion, Columbia,Village-Roadshow, Warner Bros and New Line. He co-wrote and co-produced the Playstation game, WarGames, based on the MGM movie, and produced the PC game Big Brother, based on George Orwell’s classic novel, 1984, for which he acquired all interactive rights from the Orwell estate. ROME VIHARO Rome Viharo is a producer and content strategist for social media. His skill set applies comprehensive knowledge in the development, distribution, and PR of online content. As a content strategist, his skill set is employed by social media agencies and brands to create critical mass around online content, allowing for hundreds of thousands to millions of pure organic views to be obtained. He has consulted, produced, developed, and created content strategy for television, film, music, PR, commercial and social media industries. Clients have included Audi, where his content strategy was the central push for the ‘Green Police’ Superbowl Campaign, Motorola, Ford Mustang, m80im, Rebel Industries, MPower Pictures, Nicorette, Grammy, Emmy, Tony award winning artist Allee Willis, EMI, Bedford Falls Productions, Anonymous Content, Dektor Films, Zeitghost Media, St. Martin’s Press, and Superdeluxe/Turner Networks.


TIM WILLIAMS Tim Williams is Co-President & Head of Production for GreeneStreet Films, a leading independent production company founded in New York in 1996. Since 2006, Williams has run GSF’s West Coast office in Beverly Hills. His past EP credits include the 2010 Sundance Midnight hit Frozen. Gary the Tennis Coach starring Seann William Scott and Randy Quaid; Meet Bill starring Aaron Ekhart; Tenderness with Russell Crowe; Awake starring Jessica Alba and Hayden Christenson and Wedding Daze, Michael Ian Black’s directorial debut starring Jason Biggs and Isla Fisher. In addition, Williams produced Slow Burn (Lionsgate) with Ray Liotta, LL Cool J and Mekhi Phifer and Once in a Lifetime, (Miramax) the documentary about the New York Cosmos which debuted at the Berlin and Tribeca Film Festivals in 2006. He has been a visiting lecturer at both Columbia and New York Universities and has served on the Board of Directors for IFP. DAVE WORRELL Dave Worrell arrived in Alaska, fresh out of high school in 1981 with $137, a backpack and a used up one-way plane ticket. After spending a decade working a variety of television (and other) jobs as a way to pay for his adventures in the Alaska wilderness, he went back to school and graduated cum laude from UAA with a degree in Journalism & Public Communications. After graduation, he held a variety of Communications positions including: the State of Alaska - Division of Public Health, Alaska Public Telecommunications and the Alaska Travel Industry Association. In July 2009, Dave returned to State service as Manager of the Alaska Film Office.


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Taxes Nobody pays attention to tax incentives like we do. Our tax incentive department provides film productions the most up-to-date information available. From the fully interactive state comparison tool on our website to the latest incentives tweeted directly to you, with Cast & Crew you’ll know more.

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New Zealand Dollar. Registered guests may cash checks at the front desk up to $100.00 per day and $250.00 per stay with a valid driver’s license. An Automated Teller Machine (ATM) is available in the lobby, near the gift shop. Credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club and American Express are widely accepted throughout the US. It is recommended that you contact your credit card provider to inform them of your stay in the Los Angeles area in order to access your credit card accounts. SMOKING POLICY California State Law prohibits cigarette smoking in any indoor public areas. This includes the Hotel lobby, restaurants, bars and event rooms as well as all local restaurants and bars. All guest rooms are 100% smoke-free. A one-time cleaning fee of $200.00 will be charged to any guest if evidence of smoking is found in the sleeping room. AFCI will provide a smoking area outside the meeting space during event hours. INTERNET CONNECTIVITY/BUSINESS SERVICES The Link, a special lobby space, offers a welcome place to connect via the Internet and interact with other hotel guests. Registered guests have two 45 minute complimentary sessions each day they are registered at the hotel. Other standard business services are also available. Complimentary wireless internet is available for AFCI guests in the sleeping rooms and this should be communicated to you at check-in. Los Angeles has a pervasive WIFI network, providing wireless coverage in many hotspots such as restaurants. MOBILE PHONE RENTAL TripTel offers daily and weekly cell phone rentals and is located at Los Angeles International Airport. In addition, there are a number of companies that provide mobile phone rental in the Los Angeles area.Visit the Internet to find one that matches your needs. TripTel Mobi l e Phone R e n t a l Los Angeles International Airport, 380 World Way, Los Angeles, CA (877) 874-7835 – Toll Free; (310) 645-3500 TIME/TIME CHANGE AFTER CINEPOSIUM Los Angeles, California is currently on Pacific Daylight Time (PDT), which is 20 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). On Sunday, November 7th, the US has a time conversion from daylight savings time to standard daylight time, meaning at 2am on Sunday morning, clocks are set back 1 hour.You will gain one hour of time.


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