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Le mot de la présidente Calendrier des événements Mercredi 5 décembre Permanence A 12h à l’AF Vendredi 7 décembre Ciné - Club A 19h à l’AF Vendredi 14 décembre Fermeture de l’AF Du 17 au 21 décembre Déménagement de l’AF Lundi 14 janvier 2013 Réouverture de l’AF 21 janvier au 1er février Summer Holiday program Lundi 11 Février Term 1 2013

Chers amis, Les fêtes de fin d’année approchent ainsi que la fin du trimestre. De nombreux membres fidèles ont assisté à l’Assemblée Générale qui a eu lieu lors du Petit Matin Croissants. J’ai le plaisir de vous annoncer que tout le comité a été réélu à la majorité avec quatre nouveaux membres dont vous pouvez lire la présentation dans les pages suivantes de la Gazette, ainsi que le résumé de mon rapport de fin d’année. Notez sur vos calendrier notre dernière rencontre 2012 sur Fitzgerald avec la soirée cinema du 7 décembre. Notez également la date de la fermeture et le déménagement de l’Alliance le 17 décembre. Et oui à partir du 14 janvier 2013 nous serons bel et bien installés au 913 rue Colombo où j’ai hate de vous y retrouver. En attendant je vous souhaite un TRES JOYEUX NOEL et UNE MERVEILLEUSE NOUVELLE ANNEE .

Le mot de la présidente The end of the year is approaching very fast. Many members and students attended the AGM during the last Petit Matin Croissants of 2012. I am pleased to report that the whole committee was reelected with four new members who introduce themselves in the next pages of the Gazette. You will also be able to read a summary of my report for the year 2012. Note on your calendar that our final event on Fitzgerald is a movie night on the 7 th of December. Note also that the Alliance will close its doors and will move on the 17 th of December. And yes from the 14th of January we will be able to welcome you in our new premises at 913 Colombo Street where I look forward to see you again. In the meantime I wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A WONDERFUL NEW YEAR. Martine Marshall - Durieux Présidente




AGM President Report Chers amis, This year has gone so fast that I find it hard to realise that we are meeting again for our second AGM on Fitzgerald. The reason it went so fast is that we have been extremely busy. This time last year we were talking about the demolition of Ibis House, about insurance claims and payments, about the loss of books and equipment, about our 3 year lease so we would have time to think about our next move, about our hopes for 2012 to rebuild the Alliance de Christchurch. Well I am delighted to report that all this is behind us and we can tick all the boxes. The insurance for Ibis House was paid earlier this year, the content insurance is being paid to us as we replace lost items, and we have already found and bought new premises. Our move is planned for the 17th of December and the official opening will take place in May next year. It will be attended by the French Ambassador, the Fondation des Alliances Francaises representative and all the New Zealand AF Presidents. The finances are looking steady and we can look to the

AGM future in the new Maison de l’Alliance on Colombo. There will be some careful planning to do because we are going to employ a Marketing and Event and Communication manager. Her work will be to draw more members and students, to find local sponsors and promote the Alliance as a top French language and cultural centre. There are many people who have contributed to the success of the Alliance this year and whom I would like to thank: the committee members, the teachers and staff, the volunteers. I would also like to thank the Délégué Général, the Service Culturel of the French Embassy and the Ambassador who are always 100% behind us. And finally I would like to thank Laure-Anne a most efficient administrator and a delight to work with. We held many cultural events this past year. There were also important meetings which I attended on behalf of the Alliance in Wellington, Auckland and Noumea. And we are working with the Festival Di-

AGM rector and all the Alliances for the French Film Festival next year. I am delighted to report that 4 new members are joining our committee and that the committee is ready to put their name up again for another year. I hope they all get your support so we can carry on the important work of the Alliance de Christchurch. Last year I recall saying that I would not seek nomination for 2013. But, because of what we have achieved since the earthquakes and because I wish to see the Alliance all set up and organised in its new premises I am seeking re-election this year. However, it will definitely be my last year as President. After that I will be very happy to retire and become a supportive member of the AF.

Evénement Moving Monday 17th December We need volunteers to help us to move in the new Alliance Française ! More info, please contact Laure-Anne

DVDs As we are moving to our new premises, we need all the DVD back before the 14th of December. You will be able to borrow DVDs in 2013 if you have a 2013’s membership. So don’t hesitate to become a member!

New committee member Genevieve Robinson I have always felt a strong connection with France. The Fleury family from Guernsey in the Channel Islands are relatives on my mother’s side, who traveled by passenger ship to New Zealand during the late 19th century. Since traveling to France during the 90s, I have felt a stronger connection and have always wanted to return, especially to the town of Cognac. I never grew tired of touring the many historic churches and museums during my stay, nor did I lose excitement at the shadows and the way the golden light skims the countryside. After meeting my half-French partner Jean-Luc last year, I have become even more determined to discover the intricacies of the French culture. We have plans to travel to France late 2014, as well as other parts of Europe. The trip will include visiting his family and hopefully, visiting the Channel Islands to discover more about my heritage and the Fleury connection. My background is in both fashion and design and information technology. I also studied creative writing and journalism and am currently contributing to a number of publications including At Home with The Press and Your Home and Garden magazine. I now look forward to working alongside the Alliance by offering what I can and adsorbing more of the French culture that I am so intrigued with.

Comité Alliance Française Président: Martine Marshall- Durieux Vice - Présidents: Alain Carpentier, Hugh Webber Trésorier: Hugh Webber Secrétaire: Justine Lee Membres du comité: Brigitte Roulet, Milinda Peris, Genevieve Robinson, Steven Lim, Heather Libeau-Dow, Robin Pawsey, Claudiu Mic Administratice: Laure-Anne Larreur Subscription AF: $55, senior: $45, family: $75 AF student/ concession: $35 Ring Laure-Anne on 365 8370 if you would like an enrolment form Advertasing rates Members: $20/ quarter page or less Non-members: $60/ quarter page Contact us AF Blogs Our partners

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