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WHO ARE WE? AFC! Welcome to Annerley Football Club Meet the Program Editors

Left: Gemma Layfield, Romina Richardson, Kalla Linsley & Andrew (Joe) Wood

Our Juniors Are Back!

Fast Football Facts German soccer player Mesut Ozil donated his €300,000 World Cup victory bonus to pay for surgery of 23 children in Brazil. Soccer player Didier Drogba is credited with brokering a cease-fire in his home country of Ivory Coast that brought a five year civil war to an end.

After almost 4 weeks without a game the Junior points teams finally made it back onto the park last weekend and MiniRoos commence again this weekend. When you return you may (hopefully) start to notice some activity that has been happening around the fields. We have laid some turf on field 2 to fill in some bare spots and have now cleaned away the rubbish after 3 floods in 10 days around Easter.   The stormwater project being managed by council has reached another major milestone this week with the commencement of works to install the irrigation pick up connections and pumps.  A new shed will be constructed near the machinery sheet and connections to the clubs tanks, the bowls club and hopefully the senior club will be established.  Unfortunately there is no update on the timing to repair the causeway sections that have been significantly washed out, but council are aware of the issues and are working to design an effective solution. We have also had discussions with council about installing a fence on the raised area around the new water basin and we hope to receive approval shortly to install a 1.2m high black chain wire fence. Included in this approval is the installation of netting on the clubhouse side of field 3 to further reduce the risk of balls entering the creek. In the next week we hope to finally install and test our new 800W LED lights for field 4. They are a few months behind schedule but with some luck we will have them operating in early May. Lastly we will be loosing access to half of the clubhouse's car park for a period of up to 2 months. This is to allow Fulton Hogan access to store machinery being used for resurfacing the busway. The main field car park is now open and is the preferred parking area for club members. Best of luck on the pitch!! - Annerley Recreation Club Executive Committee

SPONSORSHIP WITH ANNERLEY FC Want more exposure in the local Annerley community? Our mission at Annerley F.C. is to inspire a love of sport across the East Brisbane community, by providing quality football for everyone in a caring, inclusive environment.

Senior Club Champion

View our sponsorship proposal online to learn about how A.F.C can promote your business http://www.annerleyfc.com/sponsorship/ Get in touch with us if you believe a partnership with Annerley F.C is for you! Gemma Layfield | Marketing & Media Officer | 0408 859 211 | sponsors@annerleyfc.com


Swing by the Monkey Bar Cafe (located at the Junior Clubhouse) this weekend while you watch the Annerley juniors in action.

Trading Hours - Wed-Sun 7am-2pm

serving delicious fresh cooked breakfasts & lunches)


Pop in and try our NEW lunch menu!

A.F.C MEMBERS SPECIAL OF THE WEEK GET 20% OFF YOUR WEEKDAY ORDER GET 10% OFF YOUR WEEKEND ORDER Valid until 8th May. May be asked a trivia question to prove membership. Mention the advertisement in this program to get a HIGH FIVE off Danielle Brady.


1st / 2nd / 3rd May 2015

MEN'S & WOMEN'S FRIDAY 1st MAY 6:30pm Annerley 1 - Elder Oval (Capital League 1 Reserves) Annerley  Vs   Holland Park Hawks

8:00pm Jack Speare Park 1 (Men's City League 1) Taringa Rovers  Vs   Annerley Annerley 3  (Men's City League 3) Annerley  Vs   Brighton Bulldogs  

Daniel Messer

8:30pm Wakerley Park 1 (Men's City League 2)

Souths Utd Vs   Annerley Dalton Park 1  (Men's City League 4 Blue)   Peninsula Power  Vs   Annerley Annerley 1 - Elder Oval  (Capital League 1) Annerley  Vs   Holland Park Hawks

SATURDAY 2nd MAY 1:00pm Annerley 3 (Women's City League 5 Blue) Annerley  Vs   Moggill  

Leah Ferrell

3:00pm University of Qld 3 (Women's City League 1)   UQ FC  Vs   Annerley Annerley 3  (Women's City League 4 Blue) Annerley  Vs   Samford Rangers  

SUNDAY 3rd MAY 4:30pm John Fredericks Park 1 (Bris Women's Premier League) Capalaba  Vs   Annerley

Hiro "Sumurai" Tanoi


Friday 1st May 2015

MEN'S Men's Capital League 1

Annerley F.C. VS Holland Park 8:30PM Coach: Russel Mapri Coach's Corner! with Russel Mapri Last weekend's results (tied 1-1 with competition favourites Mt Gravatt) proved the team finally and completely understand my system and passages of play. We all put it together on the field, even with a large number of players unavailable for selection. The boys really stood up against one of the comps heavyweights, Mt Gravatt and proved to everyone that if we put it together on the day we can beat anyone. This weekend is another tough assignment with Holland Park. They must be respected and we certainly will do just that. Another good result , will certainly give is the confidence we so desperately need. GO ANNERLEY!

Previous Men's Results... Our Capital 1 side scored in the 90th minute to record 1-1 at home to Mt Gravatt, and the reserves team conceded two late goals to draw 4-4. The City 1 team's match was again postponed due to a fire in East's canteen.

Line Up D. Savage (C) L. Sutherland (GK) N. Garcia S. Otigbah C. McAllister C. MacLennan D. O'Brien J. O'Brien J. Clarke N. Klaassen M.Capinini B. Mauri M. Linsley J. Magarry C.Ruiz Seone L. Booth-Mowat


Saturday 2nd May 2015

WOMEN'S Women's City League 4

Annerley F.C. VS Samford 3:00PM Coach: Rodo Barahona Coach's Corner! with Rodo Barahona

Line Up

I'm Rodo (short for Rodolfo) coach of the Div 4 Women'sR. Medway(GK) T. Adams-McKenzie squad at Annerley this year. This year I've taken over D. Brady the coaching spot from Luc. After a slow start we've managed to get enough numbers to register the team. K. Morgan L. Buzacott We have a good mixture of experienced and new I M. Rosier players, which gives the group a good balance. A. Spencer A. Bui We started the season on a high note with 2 consecutive victories, but A. Shiel after a couple of week without matches we lost our momentum with two defeats. Unfortunately our astounding goal keeper, Rebecca, is out C. Reynolds C. Mcdonald with a broken hand from the last game- she played half a game with C. Farrell this injury (absolute champ!!) We are back this Saturday at home and E. Abbott everyone is eager to get back to our winning form. We're all about having fun and enjoying ourselves, to me that means more than winning! J. Manning L. Farrell Previous Women's Results... M. Maradiaga Only two of our Women's teams had catch-up matches over ANZAC S. Hourigan weekend. Our City 1 side continued their good form with a convincing 3-0 win at home against local rivals, Easts. Unfortunately, our City 4 team couldn't hold on to their half time lead, going down 4-1 at North Pine.

The few times I've scored I was so surprised I forgot to celebrate!


I once shook Vincenzo Grella's hand in Caxton Street. Full name: Maria Fernanda Rosier Nickname(s): None! Mine stayed safely in Brazil when I moved here. Current Annerley team: Women's Div 4 Preffered position: Left back. Greatest footballing achievement? Premiership winners and grand final runners up in 2008. Most embarrassing footballing moment? There are too many to list. Normally involves me thinking I've got the ball, missing it completely and landing on my backside. Pre-game song? No game song - would probably ruin my game as I would spend the whole game trying to get it out of my head!! Favourite band/artist? I'm not a 'favourites' person. There are too many good things under each category to choose from! Favourite food? Vietnamese - AJ's spicy beef noodle soup. Favourite Annerley goalkeeper? Tammy - I have probably learned more on how to play in defense from her than from any coach I've had.

Full name: Matthew Thomas Linsley Nickname(s): Maths/Mazz/Lesley/Linsley Current Annerley team: Captain 1 Reserve grade. Favourite Jersey Number: 18 because "BRAAAATTTTSSSYYYYYY!!!" Most embarrassing footballing moment? Chased after Besart Berisha for 200m in Southbank to shake his hand. Best ever goal celebration? Performed a dance that can only be described as the Davy (named after the dance's creator). Which footballer would you trade places with for a day? Mario Balotelli. Just to see what it's like to have 98% of the footballing world think you're a goose. Favourite footballing memory? Getting my first pair of football boots that weren't hand-me-downs. What would you spend your last $20 on? 2 Burritos. Favourite TV Show? Arrested Development, the UK Office & The Simpsons.


2nd / 3rd May 2015

JUNIORS 8:30am Memorial Park 3 (U10 Geckos South Brisbane Hub 1)

Southside Eagles Germany Vs  Annerley FC Brisbane Roar Goodwin Park 3  (U8 South Brisbane Hub 1) Olympic FC Under 8 White  Vs  Annerley FC Chelsea

8:45am Annerley 5 (U8 South Brisbane Hub 2)

Annerley FC Manchester United Vs  Annerley FC Liverpool Annerley 4  (U9 Goannas South Brisbane Hub 1)   Annerley FC Manchester United  Vs  Mt Gravatt Wellington Phoenix Annerley 4  (U9 Geckos South Brisbane Hub 1) Annerley FC Chelsea Vs  AC Carina FC Sharks

9:00am Annerley 4A (U11 Goannas South Brisbane Hub 1) Annerley FC Manchester City  Vs  Olympic FC Red Heath Park 2  (U10 Komodo Dragons South 1)   Eastern Suburbs A.C. Milan  Vs  Annerley FC Barcelona  

9:20am Brisbane Abruzzo Club 2 (U9 Goannas South Brisbane Hub 1) AC Carina FC Dolphins  Vs  Annerley FC Liverpool  

9:40am Annerley 5 (U8 South Brisbane Hub 1)

Annerley FC Arsenal Vs Olympic FC Under 8 Red Annerley 4  (U9 Komodo Dragons South Brisbane Hub 2) Annerley FC Arsenal  Vs   Olympic FC White 

10:45am Annerley 2 (Under 13 Division 6 South) 11:00am 12:15pm

Annerley FC (U13) Vs  Southside Eagles U13 Div 6 Heath Park 2  (U11 Geckos South Brisbane Hub 1) Eastern Suburbs Nederlands  Vs  Annerley FC Real Madrid Annerley 2  (Under 12 Division 5 South) Annerley FC (U12) Vs   Jimboomba U12 Division 5

SUNDAY 2:15pm Wakerley Park 2 (Under 15 Division 2) Souths United  Vs  Annerley FC

JUNIOR TEAM OF THE WEEK U13 Division 6 South Dan Collins (Coach) Danny Nguyen Declan Fisher Imogen Collins Jack Hayes Jamison Grinke Jesse Nielson Minh Tran Raphael King Regan Lillis Tara Clare Thomas Mcfadyen Selmir Saldic Cheer them on at Annerley FC this weekend on Field 2 at 10:45am!

Want your team featured? Email Gemma  sponsors@annerleyfc.com with your photos!

! ! Y E L R E N N A go


9th / 10th May 2015

JUNIORS 8:30am

Heath Park 3D (U8 South Brisbane Hub 1)   Eastern Suburbs Newcastle (8)  Vs   Annerley FC Arsenal (U8)


Annerley 5 (U8 South Brisbane Hub 2)   Annerley FC Liverpool (U8)  Vs   AC Carina FC Piranhas (U8) Annerley 4  (U9 Goannas South Brisbane Hub 1)   Annerley FC Liverpool (U9 Goannas) Vs  Mt Gravatt Adelaide United (U9 Goannas) Annerley 4  (U9 Geckos South Brisbane Hub 1)   Annerley FC Chelsea (U9 Geckos) Vs   Southside Eagles U9 Geckos Germany


Dittmer Park 6 (U8 South Brisbane Hub 2)   Mt Gravatt Melbourne Heart (U8)  Vs   Annerley FC Manchester United (U8) Annerley 3  (U10 Komodo Dragons South 1)   Annerley FC Barcelona (U10 Komodo)  Vs   Sheldon College Storm (U10 Komodo) Annerley 3  (U10 Geckos South Brisbane Hub 1)   Annerley FC Brisbane Roar (U10 Geckos)  Vs  Eastern Suburbs Parma U10 Geckos


Esher Street 2 (U9 Goannas South Brisbane Hub 1)   Tarragindi Tigers U9 Green  Vs   Annerley FC Manchester United (U9 Goannas)


Annerley 5 (U8 South Brisbane Hub 1)   Annerley FC Chelsea (U8)  Vs   Tarragindi Tigers Anacondas U8


Annerley 3 (U11 Geckos South Brisbane Hub 1)   Annerley FC Real Madrid (U11 Geckos)  Vs   Clairvaux FC Comets (U11, Geckos)


Cubberla Creek Reserve 1 (Under 12 Division 5 South)   UQFC U12 Divsion 5 South  Vs   Annerley FC (U12)


Dittmer Park 2 (U11 Goannas South Brisbane Hub 1)   Mt Gravatt Brazil (U11 Goannas)  Vs   Annerley FC Manchester City (U11 Goanna)

1:00pm SUNDAY 12:00pm

Whites Hill Reserve 2 (U9 Komodo Dragons South Brisbane Hub 2)   Holland Park Hawks Pheonix  Vs   Annerley FC Arsenal Teralba Park 2  (Under 15 Division 2)   Mitchelton U15 Div 2  Vs   Annerley FC (U15)

PHOTO GALLERY FANCY YOURSELF AS A PHOTOGRAPHER? We want to see what you get up to on your football weekends... and we would love for you to get involved. Tag us on Facebook (Annerley FC) or use our hashtag #AnnerleyFC on Instagram to go in the draw to have your photo in the next program!

PHOTO OF THE WEEK (below) BY: Alice Foster

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AFC'15 Match Program - Issue 08  

Annerley Football Club - Weekend of the 1st / 2nd / 3rd May 2015 Match Program

AFC'15 Match Program - Issue 08  

Annerley Football Club - Weekend of the 1st / 2nd / 3rd May 2015 Match Program


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