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WHO ARE WE? AFC! Welcome to 2015 This might be the first time you're reading about Annerley and if that's the case... that's great, because one of our key goals for 2015 is to extend our reach. 2014 was a remarkable year for the club. Participation Numbers were higher than ever with over 350 juniors and 200 seniors playing in blue and white. This year, we want to take that to the next level!

Looking Back 2014 SEQWPL Women's Premiers & Grand Final Winners Football Brisbane Player of the Year - Liz Doherty (SEQWPL 1) Annerley/Olympic 2013 Men's Capital 2 Premiers Women's Division 1 Premiers & Grand Final Winners & City Cup Winners Annerley also believes in a commitment to the community and holds regular fundraising events. 2014 MS Day (Supporting people with multiple sclerosis)

2013 Pink Socks Day (Supporting breast cancer awareness) Canteen Cup (Supporting young people with cancer)

Looking Ahead We expect great things at Annerley for 2105 and have already got the ball rolling. With some recent club improvements including fencing and paths and more improvements on the way, 2015 is set to be a big year both on and off the field.

Men's Capital 1 Seniors Capital 1 Reserves City League 1 City League 2 City League 3 City League 4

Women's Premier League City League 1 City League 4 City League 5

With Season 2015 under-way we welcome Brisbane Knights and Ipswich Knights to Elder oval for the clubs first Home fixtures of the year.

Annerley FC Committee

SPONSORSHIP WITH ANNERLEY FC Our mission at Annerley F.C. is to inspire a love of sport across the East Brisbane community, by providing quality football for everyone in a caring, inclusive environment.


2014 was a remarkable year for the club and this year we want to take that to the next level. To achieve this, we need sponsors to get on board in a spirited partnership.

CLUB HERO $7,500

Our Sponsorship proposal highlights what Annerley F.C. can offer sponsors and how sponsors can enable the club to improve, grow and evolve.All of the sponsorship packages are flexible and can be tailored to suit. Get in touch with us if you believe a partnership with Annerley F.C is for you! Gemma Layfield | Marketing & Media Officer | 0408 859 211 | sponsors@annerleyfc.com Packages and their prices have been listed here but you can find full sponsorship information here: http://www.annerleyfc.com/sponsorship/




Friday 6th March 2015

Annerley FC vs. Brisbane Knights


6:30PM CAPITAL 1 SENIORS Coach: Russell Mapri

8:30PM Capital 1 Reserves

Capital 1 Seniors

L. Booth-Mowatt L. Mollenhauer (C) C. McAllister D. Beunen J. Manteufel M. Iovenitti M. Bailey M. Linsley J. Vickers B. Mauri A. Potts A. Johnson N. Brasesco H. Tano C. Seoane Ruiz D. Ruiz

18 D.Messer 1 L.Sutherland 3 D.Savage 7 J.O'Brien 13 E.Valenti 9 N.Klaassen 10 J.Magarry 14 J.Corcoran 2 N.Garcia 6 D.O'Brian 4 C.Maclennan

Subs: 8 J.Mengotti 11 M.Linsley 17 M.Toeller 12 J.Clarke RGK L.Booth-Mowa

Coming up next week... The Senior Men travel to The Grange to renew old Division Two rivalry's with another recently promoted Division 2 Club.


Saturday 7th March 2015


CITY LEAGUE 1 6:00PM Coach: Michael Fahey (FFA Senior Football License) City League 1 K. Solomon C.Morton N. Apolony S. Pantelas H. Mearns E. Purton R. Sweeney M. Rejtano K. Evans A. McKay K. Linsley A. Nichols K. Deegan J. Birleson

"I have come to Annerley after heading up senior Women's Football at Bayside United for the past 2 seasons. I have been made to feel very welcome, and the club has put together a great coaching team and support network for women's football. No wonder Annerley has such a great reputation!! We have had a good pre-season, although not without its challenges. The continuous competition restructures are affecting women's football remarkably, and it has seen us lose players who would otherwise love to be playing here. The over allocation of NPL licences has created a vacuum of quality girls, but we have been lucky in building a strong squad and our ongoing relationship with the local NPL licensee (Olympic FC) create significant long term opportunities We are well prepared for round 1, coming off the back of an undefeated pre-season for the Division 1 side which culminated in winning the BWPL Reserves Invitational Trophy. We do have a substantial number of girls out this week though due to injury and being away, caught out by the staggered start to the season. >>>


"Anyone else see the striking resemblance between the coach and I?"

Ipswich were the BWPL premiers last year and have stepped back a division this year, so we are prepared for a tough encounter first up. They will be a quality side, and no matter how much they try to play themselves down, we will not take them lightly. It should be a good contest. With all the hard work done so far and the quality across both the squad, coaching and support staff, I truly believe in our outfit, think we should get a hard fought result today and expect we should be in the mix come the end of the season."

Assistant Coach: Sean Jenkins (Canadian not American) "Time for kickoff! The season is upon us and Anthony, Michael and I have worked hard with the ladies to hit the ground running. As a newbie to the Annerley family I’d like to introduce myself. I have extensive playing history in Canada and Australia, but this is my first real coaching experience, as well as my introduction to women’s football. For this reason I am delighted to have the opportunity to commence my education with Annerley FC! We have an immensely talented and industrious squad to work with and our pre-season has been very promising. I am looking forward to seeing all of that hard work expressed on the pitch. The coaches all share a common vision of the sport and look forward to an intelligent and attacking game today. Having such talented players means we can showcase a lot of tactical flexibility in our game plan, so don’t be surprised to see some familiar players pop up in unpredictable roles! The ladies have all worked incredibly hard this preseason and I know you will be as impressed with their teamwork, graft, and skill as we have been. Onwards!"

BWPL Coach: Anthony Costa (FFA Senior Football License) "2015 is shaping up to be a very exciting year for Annerley's BWPL and Division 1 teams. We have a number of new players joining our division 1 team, including a couple of players from our last year’s division 3 team. We also have a few players who have stepped up and are currently in our BWPL team. Our BWPL and Division 1 team have been working as a squad during pre-season and will continue to do so throughout the year. There is a new coaching structure for both our top two women's teams for this year, and it has been very pleasing to see the players working hard in pre-season as they continue to improve week by week, learning our new structures and systems. Here's to a cracking 2015 season!"

I’m single, currently looking for an Aussie girl… you know… I’m Spanish I have some love to share!


You get what you give.

(Photo to be released on request by potential "Aussie girls")

Full name: Daniel Ruiz Giménez Nickname(s): Logan Occupation: Software Analyst Current Annerley team: Capital League 1 Reserves Most embarrassing footballing moment: Any mistake… you know I’m a goalkeeper, so any mistake is embarrassing. Pre-game rituals/superstitions: Too much talking - I talk to the central backs, to the posts and to myself, then I spit on my gloves. Pre-game song: Boikot – Sin Tiempo para Respirar. What do you remember about your first ever coach: That guy made me cry! But he taught me that football is about sacrifice and fight. Actually, that was a lesson that I used in my life quite often. I owe him a lot. Any additional information you would like to share: I’m single, currently looking for an Aussie girl… you know… I’m Spanish I have some love to share!

Full name: Amanda McKay (seen above with #handbagdog) Nickname(s): Manda, Mandy, Mighty, Mighty Mouse, Shorty, Helga, Mini and pretty much anything that references being tiny – although most of these haven’t followed me to Annerley Occupation: High School Teacher – Maths and Science Current Annerley team: City League 1 Most embarrassing footballing moment: Receiving a yellow card for an incorrect substitution. Pre-game rituals/superstitions: Not exactly a ritual but I just have to remember to eat a proper meal before a game – I forget this a lot. Pre-game song: None – I’m more of a radio kind of person. What do you remember about your first ever coach: Not much, I was the only girl and was mostly ignored.

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AFC'15 Match Program - Issue 01  

Annerley Football Club - Weekend of the 7th/8th March 2015 Match Program

AFC'15 Match Program - Issue 01  

Annerley Football Club - Weekend of the 7th/8th March 2015 Match Program


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