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How To Clean And Lubricate Your Bike Chain - Bike Chain Lube _____________________________________________________________________________________

By Kevin Joey - If you are a cyclist, then you know how hard our chain rings are working for us. Each time we pedal to make those strokes that propels the bike forward, the chain works continuously in high tension. Mainly, the chain is primarily the essential component for a bicycle drive train. Learn More About Bike Chain Lube

Understanding your bike chain You have to know that they do wear out over time. As it is a mechanical component, you have to maintain them. There are 3 parts of the chains, namely the inner plate, chain pin and outer plate. The pin is responsible for attaching the inner and outer plates in place, forming a long chain. Other than delivering motion for the front and back motion, it also has its sideway movements. This is also known as lateral movement. Lateral movement is necessary for you to change gears. After prolonged usage, the chain will elongate. With higher elongation, its lateral movements also increase (affecting gear shifting). How to prolong your chain's life

You have to clean your bike chain regularly. Of course, this depends on where you ride your bikes. Generally, mountain bikers will need to clean their chain more often. Use a scrub brush and water mixed with dish soap (or bio-degreaser). Switch gears so that the chain wraps the biggest gear in front (sprocket with most teeth). Position your brush at the bottom part of the chain while pedaling backwards with your hand. For stubborn dirt, use a screwdriver to prod it out. However, you also need to make sure the sprocket the chain runs on is clean. Therefore, use a toothbrush to clean the teeth of the sprocket.

After you are done with cleaning your chain and sprocket teeth, you should always dry them with a cloth or rag. This keeps moisture out. In most cases, the chain and sprocket is made from steel. Keeping the moisture out will prevent rust. How and when you should lubricate your chain? Lubrication is key. Lubrication can prevent rust and other dirt problems. But only lubricate a clean chain. There is no point in lubricating a dirty chain. At least, do a quick wipe before lubricating it, if you cannot afford a full cleaning session. Experienced riders like to lube their chain one night before heading out for rides. Position the lube on the inner side of the chain and pedal backwards slowly. Make sure each roller gets lubricated. During the next morning, you should wipe off any excess from the outer plates.

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