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Who is Allison Farquhar? From nature to human nature, I’ve learned that when it comes down to it the small things matter most in life. Not only is this a personal philosophy, but I also like to think this applies to advertising. For instance an ad or idea may create what may seem like a small change in thinking at first but has the potential to spread and lead to a bigger positive shift in society. While attending Miami Ad School, I was inspired by small things, from a painting to a song lyric, and constructed these ideas into advertising campaigns portrayed in this portfolio. When I’m not planning away, I enjoy discovering charming coffee shops, strumming the guitar, or reading a book by David Sedaris.

An observer by nature, I believe there is beauty in our surroundings.

Table of Contents During this three month bootcamp, I’ve tested my versatility and polished my planning skills. This book highlights five such projects: Johnnie Walker Homeless in San Francisco SF Boards Häagen-Dazs Buxom

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Brand Situation Johnnie Walker’ sales (especially Black Label) are losing momentum among core American whisky drinkers. Our goal was to understand the mindset of our target on a deeper level.

Research: My fellow planner and I tackled the project by first talking to young males about their opinion of whisky. We discovered that their image of whisky is stale. Whisky is currently viewed as a drink that their father or grandfather drinks and that of achieving personal success. We took a deeper look into the lives of our target audience to understand what’s going on in their lives.

Target Audience: What we found is our young diverse college-graduate target market consists of disheartened males who have been in the workforce for at least 5 years (27-40 years old). These young lads might have graduated college and worked a 9-5 for a few years and then realized that the career they picked is not for them or perhaps they are an executive who wonders what difference he’s really making in the world. We are talking to males who are in a slump and need some encouragement yet have a desire to follow their dream and create their own path. They are ambitious but need to be inspired. They have potential but are feeling disheartened and maybe a bit unsettled in their lives.

Discovered Insight: Looking at our research and psychographics we discovered that these young males are feeling discouraged without a sense of purpose especially in times of uncertainty.

Strategy: We want to inspire these young males to be leaders by creating change for social good. We want them to realize that when you move towards leadership, motion begets motion. We want them to feel empowered to make a difference in society with an inspirational strategy...

Start your stride. Create change. Our team believes that even in scarcity, true leaders recognize potential and opportunity. Tribes are created when a true leader realizes an opportunity and followers are attracted.

Inspiration: Seth Godin’s book “Tribes” about how leaders build communities

Tone: Progressive, selfless, ambitious, inspiring

Our creative team developed an inspirational campaign, taglined “Start Walking,� which encourages our young male audience to start their journey toward leadership.

Web banners

Movie Poster

Outdoor movie posters

Partners: Perry Tyler (P) Yasemin Basaran (P) Kacey Coburn (CW) Katy Hamilton (AD) Timeline: 1.5 weeks

Situation: There are more than 6,000 homeless in San Francisco and a third of them are living in the street. We wanted to understand why homelessness persists in an affluent and tightly-knit city, and how we can get more people to help.

Research: We began our research by looking at statistics of charitable donations to homeless organizations and found that 80 percent of wealthy donors surveyed said they are most likely to make contributions to educational organizations, with religious (72%) and health organizations (70%) following in popularity. Homeless organizations were left out. Our next step was to take a look at the unique characteristics of homelessness in San Francisco. We found this local opinion on a blog:

“The wealthy seclude themselves in the Marina, Russian Hill, and Pacific Heights, and lobby against public transportation that would bring undesirables to their pristine neighborhoods. Aging hippies in the Haight argue about marijuana legalization and anti-war referendums when men and women are dying – visibly dying – on the streets of the Tenderloin. It’s as if all parties don’t occupy the same city, see the same shameful sights on the street, and bear the same responsibilities to taxes and charity that might help address these deep-seated and difficult problems.”

Insight: Since the wealthy in San Francisco do not regard homelessness to be an issue or donate as much to homeless organizations, their perception is skewed. Although San Francisco is one city, we observed that the homeless problem is less noticeable in richer neighborhoods than others, preventing the wealthy from understanding the scope of the problem or realizing the true face of homelessness.

Strategy: We want to show the wealthy that their perception is off. We will target the wealthy San Francisco communities with an educational campaign to show the true statistics of homelessness. We want to show that homelessness is not just the stereotype one sees of the bum panhandling on the corner. Instead, they are families, children and individuals who are trying to get an education, pay bills and build better lives.

Homelessness is more than a statistic.

We were inspired by the photo: “Migrant Mother� by Dorothea Lange

Noe Valley

Pacific Heights

Based off neighborhood demographics, target the walls of buildings to highlight startling statistics.

The problem: SF Boards (a fictitious company) is a new market entrant in the surf shop category and therefore has very low awareness. San Francisco has many surf shops such as Wise, Aqua and Mollusk which have a strong presence in consumers’ minds. Our task is to differentiate SF Boards (SFB) in a highly competitive market as well as create the media executions.

Partner: Mafe Padron (P) Timeline: 1 week

My partner and I started the process by immersing ourselves in the San Francisco surfing community so we headed to the beach where we interviewed surf shop owners and surfers.

What SF surfers had to say: “We are passionate and dedicated but we dislike show-offs and posers. We constantly seek new challenges and love the fact that San Francisco has unique surf spots. Since environmental changes are directly tied to ocean currents, we are concerned with keeping beaches clean.�

Surfer interviewed at Wise Surfboards

What we also found is that SF surfers love for surfing has a dark side: Localism . Localism is the use of intimidation and violence, in an attempt to guard their surf break against use by outsiders in an attempt to avoid crowding.

Strategy: Change the definition of localism to represent the positive and unique aspects of SF surfing. SFB will advocate respect for both the unique SF surfing community and its environment.

SF Boards, the positive face of localism. In line with the city’s positive and welcoming vibe, we will show that SFB brings positive localism by encouraging respect for all aspects of the surfing lifestyle: respect for the environment, respect among locals and new-comers and respect for one of the most unpredictable surf spots in the planet. We’ll start the awareness campaign with print ads in SF Weekly.

We created print ads to focus on the ideas of respecting fellow surfers, unique SF spots and the environment. We also recommend building a website calendar to bring together the community with group surfing, beach clean up days and movie nights.

Partners: Yasemin Basaran (P) Kacey Coburn (CW) Katy Hamilton (AD)

Timeline: 1 week

Where Häagen-Dazs wants to go: While the company does not have a problem with awareness they are looking for a “buzzworthy”campaign to spark PR news with a new flavor. They want to shake things up a bit.

Our Target Audience: These young professional urbanites have money and love to experience and enjoy the finer things in life. They demand quality but they are not pretentious. For example, they drive a Volvo as opposed to a Subaru or Mercedes. Worldly, introspective, intelligent, highly discerning and intent upon the pursuit of pure pleasure, they like to go to museums, art galleries, concerts, and maybe a high society event. They enjoy travelling to Europe and reading The New Yorker, Economist, Forbes (but not Fortune). They enjoy sports like golf and tennis (but not croquet). They don’t buy generic brands and they ponder about world issues and read post-modern literature. Those who buy Häagen-Dazs want a certain luxurious experience.

Consumer Insights: Since their time is valuable, Häagen-Dazs eaters are the kind who love the simple pleasure in life, like cuddling up on the couch with a book. One Häagen-Dazs fan commented: “I eat ice cream when I am reading a good book or late at night, I put it in a soup bowl.”

Strategy: Since our sophisticated consumers crave simple thoughtful moments, we will blend reading and

ice-cream into a single luxurious experience.

Executional Considerations: We want to spark people’s love of reading by creating and promoting a unique ice-cream experience and also spread this love by contributing to a charitable organization: Global Literacy Project.

Executional Idea: Engage well-known authors to write short stories exclusively for Häagen-Dazs. Design a special bookshaped ice-cream container for the short stories.

How we will create buzz: Phase 1: Roll out PR campaign by sending mini “sneak peak” ice-cream bars to targeted reporters at Wall Street Journal, New York Times, etc with a synopsis of the short story. Phase 2: HD will host a book signing in major cities where the general public is invited to come and get their short story signed by the author. For our execution, the Art Director and Copywriter chose the book Hell-Heaven by Jhumpa Lahiri. Ice-Cream Flavor: Espresso Walnut Drizzle

Chapter to be inserted into front lid of the ice-cream container

Place mini-fridges with ice-cream books in bookstores like Borders.

Buxom A

RTICULATE THE BRAND POSITIONING Since Buxom is a new in the make-up category, they need to be positioned amongst the competition. Our assignment was to pick the medium, the format, and the direction for Buxom keeping in mind that the positioning will become the hub of the marketing for the brand.


REATE THE CAMPAIGN With some of the aesthetic already designed, our task was to create a multi-touch campaign for the brand using the illustrated Buxom girls. The campaign should launch the brand, generate awareness, and establish what Buxom stands for.

Partners: Perry Tyler (P) Yasemin Basaran (P) Kacey Coburn (CW) Katy Hamilton (AD) Timeline: 1.5 months

Positioning: Since Buxom’s main goal is to make women happy and not chase fashion trends we positioned Buxom with the statement:

Buxom enhances personal style & encourages individual expression. Insight: The modern definition of a woman has changed. It’s clear that women today live in a state of tug of war, juggling career, family and social pressures. Throughout history, pioneers from Madeline Albright to the Supremes have paved the path for women to be able to freely express their intelligence, sexuality and creativity. The time for Buxom is now.


Amplify yourself!

Since our campaign objective was for Buxom to serve as a

creative outlet for women, we turned

the existing Buxom girls into an all girl band:

Trixie on the Bass Eyeliner

Dolly on Vocals Lip Polish

Brandi on the Drums Isabella on the Guitar



To launch the campaign, the Buxom Babes will

go on tour via the Sephora Pro Beauty Team

visiting cities throughout the U.S. offering free in-store make-overs.

To encourage new users we proposed to place amp kiosks throughout malls where women can walk up to the kiosk, take a picture using the built-in camera and play around with the make-up “turning up” the intensity. Once she’s done enhancing her look, she can save the information and email it to herself.

This execution coincides with our strategy of “Amplify Yourself” and our objective to serve as a creative platform for women.

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My account planning portfolio

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