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Who’s Behind Gaddafi Death The real reason that m gaddafi was fighting against illuminati freemasonary plan's order this is why illuminati destory bleed death & over gaddafi story let's talk about gaddafi who naked and expose illuminati drake plan's against innocent live's In 75 gaddafi mention some couple word's in his green book and expose drake illuminati freemasonary un and their war he also explain that how freemason's controll everything media goverment even all and near the end line in interview he expose all hate war against him he also tell that why they wan't to destory his era gaddafi never serve illuminati as other leader's gaddafi was pro anti illuminati person since 72 . Today alot people think that gaddafi was dangerou's and hater but is it true ? nah it ain't true sad gaddafi was nor hater or fucker but cool dude who afriad to powerful illuminati nwo or their war's gaddafi start challeng when illuminati and freemasonary mark gaddafi story history etc they try many trick's to buy gaddafi with huge money but they couldn't buy him they also deal with other libyan leader's and sent death threat's gaddafi but gaddafi dame ? oh after few year's jul 2006 gaddafi decide to reply illuminati freemasonary un nwo after all illuminati seek other leader's and hard zoinst help to blow gaddafi they create plan with power in 2010 they ask gaddafi to leave libya in un but gaddafi badass fuck their head's with hard reply to all illuminati freemasonary un & leader's and cut line with them illuminati got anger on gaddafi and declared blood war on libya gaddafi and his family with full army and zoinst jewish support nwo 2011 for m gaddafi and libya in un create and sign by whole illuminati and other side gaddafi declraed war on illuminati with his army illuminati sent offical fucking nato to kill gaddafi family first then gaddafi blood bath start in libya too with false flag agenda as in iraq afghanistan etc they bombing gaddafi house and kill his family son's etc in war after blood 35 illuminati sent agency agent's all cia mossad blackwater claim to be fighter of libya they look for gaddafi at end of gaddafi life 2011 they found gaddafi after few day's and shot him and kill cool gaddafi close his topic after the death of gaddafi all illuminati freemasonary un whole leader celebrate gaddafi death gaddafi death was illuminati bloodline sacrifice most people confused that what is blood war human sacrifice actually blood sacrifice use & made by illuminati freemasonary and master's mason person will be killed on illuminati order and his blood will be waste as water in deep river every person will alot life's destoryed by illuminati example 911 was inside job and terror found by illuminati to bleed people why secret nato and war kill million innocent people in afghanistan & iraq ? cause their blood was sacrifice to illuminati antichrist and occult devil illuminati destory every person and her line gaddafi had wish to win war but he couldn’t win . peace

Afaq ali jr

Who's behind gaddafi death  
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