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Aventura Private Air Center This project is for an existing Private Air Center in Bahrain, that will be demolished, re-designed and following that re-built. The purpose for starting this project is because the clients wanted a modern building that would be more fitting to represent Bahrain in a better light, as the existing one is very old. I worked on this project as part of my work experience at NJ Engineering. The exterior design followed was aiming to emphasize the entrance using the curved glass design with diamond-shaped divisions, as well as give a vast area of glass that would cover the interior lobby and lounge areas, in order to make the space as open, bright and inviting as possible. The interior design idea was to create a space that is memorable and has a strong impact on the visitor, as we want the user to always remember their experience in the short time they spend at this Air-Center. As a result, the interior design ended up being quite busy and full if it were used in other situations, but in this one it is perfectly fitting.

Zawaya Walk This project is a commercial center, the first of its kind in Sharjah, designed in the form of an open mall with various shops and restaurants centered by a beautiful 100 meter lake. In this project, I worked on the interior design of the public areas, such as the indoor walkways and the food court, as well as full design for some of the mall’s shop and restaurant tenants. Additionally, I worked on various outdoor elements, including the design of landscapes, selection of plants and distribution of outdoor seating areas.

Food Court


Mathaqat sweets shop

Bakery Shop

The project presented here is a small coffee shop. The client has requested the interior design to have a classical, country-style american look. This idea was brought to life through the cladding of parts of the walls with rough red bricks, giving the space the country look requested. The complementary feature with the bricks is the use of the wooden beams in the ceiling, some parts of which have exposed light bulb chandeliers, and other parts have the carefully chosen black hanging pendant, adding a unique accent to the space. The reception or counter area has a series of small bulb lights hanging at different height, bringing the visitors attention to the area. The other aim was to give the space a homely look, which was the guide for the selection of the furniture, which consists of big couches and arm chairs of warm colors. The use of the fireplace finally complements the warm homely welcome.

Hospital Atrium This project is for a large Oncology hospital currently under construction in Bahrain, and aims to be completed in 2017. The approach they are taking in the design of the entire project is a modern, open and attractive one, unlike other hospitals in the country, which are rather bland and unappealing. The clients wanted to use colors that would psychologically provide a form of healing. The area designed here is that of the central and biggest atrium in the hospital. This was one of the proposals for the interior design of the space. It followed a very natural, organic approach, using wooden strips behind the counter mixed in some areas with light and plantations, which would be of a type that does not indirectly harm the patients or the hygiene requirements of the hospital. The central feature of the space is the large wooden strips hanging from a height of 4 floors, all the way down to the center, mixed with a number of light bulbs in different heights. This again emphasizes the organic and authentic concept followed. The colors used on the wall are colors that are psychologically analyzed to be soothing, being close to the color of water, an attractive and calming element.

Shopping Mall This Shopping Center will be placed on an important road in Bahrain that is full of restaurants and shops. The project aim to stand out was fulfilled through the traditional design used, which is not common in the area as most buildings follow the modern approach. The design is inspired from Traditional Bahraini Architecture. Some of the traditional features used are the wind towers or “Badgirs”, the extruded wooden beams or “Danchals”, as well as the patterned screens or “Mashrabiyas”, and the wooden pergolas and wooden railings on the terraces. Other details include gypsum moldings on all the glass shop windows, the niche designs in the walls, and the landscape of palm trees. The design also incorporates a roof garden, which is unique and rare to find in the area.

Modern Villa

Medical Center

Modern Villa Landscape

Coffee Shop

Eight Villa Complex

Expo City Architecture Individual student graduation project. Expo City is a Convention and Exhibition center and future World Expo host designed to be in Bahrain, and a restaurant square. having a main theme of "Sustainability, Recycling and Green design”, because there is an increasing importance for this subject in the world and the Middle East is trying to catch up with this movement. For this reason, the aim is for this project to be among the first projects in Bahrain to gain the LEED international certification for environmental design, by applying many of LEED’s recommended strategies. The design concept used in Expo City is "Desert Architecture", inspired from it's context and desert surroundings. The design is going to be something extraordinary and unusual so it would have a stronger impact and the visitors from all over the world will be amazed by it. Its going to have a very fluid and organic design, following the natural beauty of the desert. The project is going to be visited by millions of tourists from all over the world especially during the World Expo, so it's important for Bahrain to represent an important part of it (the desert) for the world to remember. The project benefits the local society by improving businesses, the economy, as well as giving people a recreational center. Design Ideas: ▪ Local & Unique. Representing something that is a part of Bahrain rather than something foreign, giving people original experiences, glimpses into another world through architecture. ▪ Outdoor-Indoor Connection. Improving indoor environment quality by providing

daylight and views, embracing the desert rather than blocking it out. ▪ Water. Beautiful Oasis within the buildings, enhances natural ventilation while maximizing indirect sunlight indoors. ▪ Organic. Buildings embedded into their desert surroundings, architectural language connoting fluidity and nature, with a dramatic flair.

Graduation Project

LEED Sustainable Strategies: ▪ Protecting the existing habitat, the plants, soil and existing habitats will be reused on site. ▪ Covering the parking areas with recreational spaces to increase the percentage of open space. ▪ No turf grass covers as they require lots irrigation and maintenance. ▪ Pervious paving materials to allow rainwater infiltration. ▪ Maximized open spaces. ▪ Maximum connection to outdoors improves indoor environment quality. ▪ Demand control ventilation, senses occupancy and changes cooling accordingly to save energy. ▪ Reducing the footprint of parking, roads and hardscape by taking them underground. ▪ Only native and adaptive plants used(easier and less costly to maintain, require less irrigation) ▪ Passive technologies (daylighting, night venting, natural ventilation) to reduce lighting and cooling loads. ▪ Mechanically controlled skylights that can be opened for ventilation at nights, as well as closed and covered when the sun is too harsh.

▪ Efficient controls used (occupancy sensors for lighting and cooling) to reduce energy consumption. ▪ Treating black waste water, and grey water will be treated and re-used. ▪ Recyclable construction materials. ▪ High SRI (solar reflectance index) building materials (white). ▪ Site assessment in order to find the best location and orientation of buildings. ▪ Site next to future transport infrastructure. ▪ PhotoVoltaic Panels, Renewable energy generated on site to reduce load on local municipalities. ▪ Recycling Points, to reduce waste generated on the site that is disposed in landfills.

Muharraq Grande Plaza

University Project

This is a project that is for the reconstruction of an old and abandoned Grande park. It’s mostly a Landscape design project, as the building was very small in comparison to the rest of the space. The conceptual idea used was the Natural connection of humans to various features and of spaces to each other.

Railway Station

The conceptual idea of this project is Visual connection, which was used in order to ease the circulation of the users in the space.

University Project

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