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continued from page 5 not be where we are at in AFA without her dedicated work. And finally, while he does not arrive until this evening, I thank my partner Greg, for his support this year with the many conference calls, meetings, and time away. As you know, I like to use quotes for inspiration. A quote I found recently summed up this past year.

“Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention  of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside,  totally worn out and proclaiming ‘Wow, what a Ride’.”

– Author Unknown

Thank you for a allowing me to serve as your AFA President this past year and for providing me with a great ride! – Kyle Pendelton, 2007 President


arrak O’Bama, in his commencement address last June at Northwestern University, stressed the importance of not forgetting where you came from and who helped you get where you are today. “It all is important,” he said. I grew up in Southern Ohio, so I learned at an early age the importance of down home family values, hard work, and close personal connections. Couple that with the fact that I come from a family of educators. My grandfather, father, and mother all have their roots in teaching others. I think I got the best of both worlds when it comes to my folks…my mom taught high school students for 35 years, and my dad, as superintendent, made sure everything ran smoothly (and of course, that folks behaved). Combine my father’s quiet, stoic leadership with my mom’s desire for order in a chaotic world and I think you kind of begin to understand me. I am so lucky to have my parents here today. In fact, many of you might have met my mom yesterday as she worked the lobby, introducing herself. All joking aside, their love and support for me has been unconditional, even as I called them to tell them that I had accepted a job at San Diego State just as they moved to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. My sister could not be here, but I have to give special thanks, because without her, I certainly would not be here today. She is a member of Alpha Delta Pi, and encouraged me to not only “Go Greek”, but to not make the same mistake she made. She stressed the importance of getting involved, not only with my fraternity, but on campus. Aren’t I glad I listened to my big sis? I think most of you know that Jon Hockman was the president of the Delta Sig chapter at Ohio State when I was a pledge. Even though he had permed hair at the time, I thought this individual was just the coolest fraternity guy ever. Of course, I think most anyone who knows or has worked with Jon will agree that he is not afraid to make us all think BIG picture. His commitment, vision, 

Perspectives / Winter 2007

and advocacy for the fraternal movement has in some way, affected us all. Add Ginny Carroll, Jonathan Brant, and Karyn Sneath to that list! They are amazing mentors, professionals, and friends. Then there is my trio of friends that really have made me a better person: Scott Carter, Cathy Earley, and Mary Ellen Gillespie. Have you ever been asked the question, “Who would be the best AND worst people to write your biography?” Good times, bad times, they have coached me through it all. I owe so much to my fraternity, Delta Sigma Phi. “Challenging Each Man to a Greater Good” was a tagline adopted in the late 90’s (circa the Hockman years as some of us refer to that period). I quickly adopted it as my motto for working with undergraduate students. Paul Lawson took me under his care the moment I arrived in Indy during the summer of 1993 as a new consultant. I am glad he was and is still there for me. How did I get to Indy? Well, that honor goes to Mike Hayes, my one-on-one when I was an undergrad participant at UIFI back in 1991, who said to me, “Have you ever thought about working for your fraternity?” Sue Kraft Fussell and Linda Wardhammar, my AFA mentors… I hope I can give half as much back to the Association as you have. Sue’s work for AFA can only be described as selfless, which was made quite clear to me when I began my transition in October. When the news that she was leaving AFA began to circulate I received many an email and phone call. I had a standard reply: “When Beta calls, you go!” I cannot wait until next year to stand up here and see her right there, in the middle of the Beta Theta Pi row. Mandy Womack, Andrea Gaspardino, Lisa Blockus, three of the most caring and kind individuals I know. Jennifer Jones Hall, Dan Bureau, George Miller, Ashley

Dye, Megan Vadnais, Libby Anderson, and Mark Manderino…I have been fortunate to have had you working side by side with me. They always were a clear reminder to me that if we are going to truly change things, we need each other! The Ohio State University, University of South Carolina, San Diego State, Columbia University, Northwestern University, and finally…Purdue University. As diverse as they are in their geographical locales, they are equally as diverse in terms of fraternity/ sorority communities. Each one has left an indelible mark on me as a professional. Doug Case was my first boss after I received my masters. He is a former AFA President, but more importantly, taught me the importance of perseverance. And to my current colleagues at Purdue, including Diane Blackwelder and Colleen Drazen here on the front row, thanks for welcoming me into the Boilermaker family. I truly feel at home. BOILER UP! And a shout out to the Big Ten! All of our institutions are steeped in tradition, but none better than that of the camaraderie of professionals working with the fraternities and sororities. You all are the best! Rivalries…maybe, but hey, Mary Beth Seiler has taught me that even I CAN learn from a Wolverine. (Still I just have to say… four outta the last five years, Mary Beth!) On Sunday, a few of us went to have our tarot cards read. At one point in the reading the woman turned over a card and sighed, “Oh my, this card represents a person that is constantly worrying about you…and I think it is your mother.” Well Mom, there was, and is, no need to worry. I have had an official group of surrogate mothers looking out for me, they are called NPC volunteers. Betty Quick, Marilyn Fordham, Patty Disque, Ellen Van Den Brink, Eve Riley, Martha Brown, Maureen Syring, and others have taken great care of me! WOW! That list certainly contains quite a few Delta Gammas.

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AFA Perspectives Winter 2007  

Perspectives provides a forum for research, innovative ideas, and information related to the advisement of fraternal organizations. It promo...

AFA Perspectives Winter 2007  

Perspectives provides a forum for research, innovative ideas, and information related to the advisement of fraternal organizations. It promo...

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