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The Value of the AFA Foundation How Your Gift Dollars are Used for Your Development

How Are Your Gift Dollars Used? In 2006, the AFA Foundation utilized the gifts received to support the following programs and initiatives: ● Opening educational program at the Annual Meeting ● Graduate student training track at the Annual Meeting made possible by a gift from Rho Lambda National Honorary ● Five Jennifer Jones-Hall Scholarships for graduate students to attend the Annual Meeting ● Three registration grants for the ACPA Mid-Level Management Institute ● Rick Barnes Interfraternity Institute Scholarships ● Support for AFA’s strategic planning to advance the Association ● Educational program grant: National Hazing Prevention Week

With additional support the AFA Foundation could: ● Provide professional development scholarships or program grants for regional conferences and drive-ins ● Offer research grants for masters and doctoral studies ● Grant funding for Oracle, the Association’s research journal ● Provide even more scholarships for graduate students to attend the annual meeting.

Every gift is valuable, regardless of the amount. Please take a few minutes and contact the AFA Foundation to learn how you can make a gift today. Your support helps ensure our future.

Does My Gift Matter? Absolutely! Just ask Liz Schafer, the Director of Greek Life at the University of New Orleans. In August 2005, Hurricane Katrina hit Southeast Louisiana. The resulting financial impact caused all travel budgets for state employees to be frozen which prevented Liz from attending her first AFA meeting as a full-time fraternity/sorority advisor. Liz had a strong desire to attend the meeting to discuss her situation with other professionals and fraternity staff members and work with them

on how to best rebuild their fraternity/sorority community. She shared her dilemma with the AFA staff and they helped her apply for an AFA Foundation scholarship. Through the support of the AFA Foundation, she received a special conference scholarship, allowing her to make arrangements to attend the meeting in Atlanta. Liz said, “I cannot begin to describe the emotions that flowed when I finally arrived. Knowing that I benefited from the generosity of fellow advisors and fraternity professionals was moving. My experience at the AFA Annual Meeting in Atlanta was a tremendous experience

The Foundation’s Mission

and provided me with a much needed boost to head back to New Orleans, both professionally and emotionally.” Liz is a perfect example of how your generosity can positively affect so many people. The support she received impacted her in many ways and she says will continue to help as she interacts with and guides the many students that she advises. Will you help ensure that our organization is able to further our profession and provide critical resources when they are most needed?

How Can I Help? There are several ways you can make a gift to the AFA Foundation:

To secure, invest, and distribute the necessary resources to support the Association of Fraternity Advisors’ educational objectives. As a registered 501(c)(3) organization, the Foundation raises money through individual, organizational and corporate donations to provide the highest quality professional development opportunities for AFA members. Gifts are taxdeductible to the extent the law permits.

1. One-Time Annual Cash gift (check or credit card) 2. Set-up automatic monthly or quarterly credit card payments For online credit card gifts, please visit: 3. Have the AFA Foundation listed as a beneficiary in your will, estate, or life insurance policy. Please consider making a gift of $25, $50, $100 or more and send to: AFA Foundation, 9640 Augusta Drive, Suite 433, Carmel, IN 46032 For one-time or recurring credit card charges or information on estate or life insurance gifts, please call the AFA Foundation at 678-654-6207. Winter 2007 / Perspectives


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AFA Perspectives Winter 2007  

Perspectives provides a forum for research, innovative ideas, and information related to the advisement of fraternal organizations. It promo...

AFA Perspectives Winter 2007  

Perspectives provides a forum for research, innovative ideas, and information related to the advisement of fraternal organizations. It promo...

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