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Encouraging all of my Association of Fraternity/ Sorority Advisors friends to read the spring 2014 issue of Perspectives, and specifically the special section titled “Community, Subcultures and Organizational Change” by Dr. Peter Magolda. A few highlights that stood out to me:

Tweets about our spring 2014 issue Jeffrey Cufaude @jcufaude

Fascinating to read an anthropologist’s description of your own keynote. Thx #afaperspectives

Donald Abels @donaldAbels

This is going to be a good one. #AFAPerspectives @AFA1976

AFA is a business and a family, formal and informal, and committed to sustaining traditions and changing. Members of the warm, collaborative, chaotic and sometimes inefficient enclave were all about creating a family-like ethos and the future of AFA rests on celebrating and encating these values.

Kahlin McKeown @kahlinmck

AFA members, regardless of their subculture affiliation, have honorable intentions and serious investment in and concern for the Association.

Just reading Dr. Magolda’s article in #AFAPerspectiveswhat an interesting thought to assess @AFA1976 in this way and cool article to read!

AFA subcultures are essential because they support and give voice to individuals outside of the mainstream and should be celebrated, not deemed as a threat to progress.”

Kevin Reynolds @ReynoldsKevin

I am a very proud member of the Association of Fraternity/ Sorority Advisors and appreciate the courage and the leadership of our professional staff and executive board officers for inviting someone in to shine a light on our Association’s culture through the Annual Meeting. I find myself a part of the fourth subculture (see page 20), however, I have a strong appreciation for the passion expressed by those in the third subculture. I also welcome those in the first subculture as I would love to share the story of AFA and how the Association has impacted my life both personally and professionally. Carrie Whittier Assistant Dean of Students Valparaiso University

Really enjoyed the Spring 2014 @AFA1976 Perspectives publication. Great contributions and important topics. @afa_ chat @afaf_1992

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