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8 I Hate to Tell You This: NPHC Organizations Won’t Survive Gregory S. Parks, Ph.D.

Organizational longevity is not a given. Some organizations have existed for centuries and seemingly, are on a trajectory into perpetuity. Other organizations exist for a time and then peter-out. This author thinks their failure to adapt to the changes going on around them—on college campuses—may lead to their ultimate demise.

14 Staring Down Privilege: Inviting Conversation Leslie Webb, Ph.D. and Trina S. Tan

Webb’s dissertation sought to uncover the stories of white-identified social justice and anti-racism in student affairs educators. As she dug deeper into understanding her own adherence to the constructs, norms and practices that permeated her role as a practitioner, what she found was her own privilege staring her in the face time and time again.

24 Because Race Matters Michael A. Goodman

Why does it matter? We all can come up with some type of answer for this question. However, it is just as important to identify a few myths surrounding the work we do in this area.

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