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The elements of the new identity

UEFA arc is a compulsory component needed in all official UEFA products

Red, green and yellow segments of the shield show Germany’s national colours and represent the clean and precise aspect of their game

The Beautiful game as we know it today is made up and consists of many different aspects and styles. It is important to remember that football is both a mixture of flawless precision with professional flair. Green ribbon adopts colour from the DFB logo. It Also shows Germany can slo show a certain flair in their game

Clearly legible and illustrates the clean precise Germany


DAS schÖne spiel

The colour palette used for this project consisted of four main colours, alongside white. The colours derrived from Germany’s national flag and the colours used throughout the current Deutscher Fußball-Bund brand.


Approach & Values My personal values are important. All of the feedback gathered through tutorials highlighted that my values are echoed. Good design in sport tournaments is not taken seriously enough, countless tournaments watched by millions worldwide suffer neglegence in the branding department, football more so than others. Sport tournament brands need to maintain unique and well designed visual consistency from here on in. To achieve this goal I will send snippets of this project to the DFB, UEFA and FIFA. Anyone response, if any, will be both productive and beneificial to myself, maybe good design doesn’t have a place in football?

The brand identity reflects the countries national identity and style of play.

The process of defining a brand identity has been thorough. There has been considerable market research and existing comparisons. The results of which were comprehensively analysed and then distilled to create subsequent brand.

The results formed the creative foundation on which the tournaments identity has been created. Take a look at the key words in the brand wheel. Hopefully, you’ll see how this has been creatively translated into a clean yet dynamic new brand identity.

How do we want to be perceived? - As a brand International football tournament, appreciated both the precise and flamboyent aspects of the beautiful game.

- As a tournament Welcoming of all styles of play, there is room in the game to appreciate both today.

- As a country A new wave of German footballers show that there is room now for both Klinsmann and Matthäus in the same team. Germany as a country need to embrace this to develop their national identity as a whole.

- As an experience Upon leaving Germany, football supporters and tourists alike will have a new found respect for design in sport, they will question previous tournament brands and there will be a higher

So what do you think? I really would like to know what you have to say about the brand & identity I have created. All responses I consider as constructive and will serve as a good criticism to develop myself and my work. Email




As Germany and the Deutscher Fußball-Bund prepare to make a bid to host their third international football tournament, and second European football championships. A brand has been created....

Germany and German football has come a long way in recent years and have made considerable progress in regards to their long term strategic objectives. This, on its own, is not enough. With increasing competiton in the world of international football there is recognition that Germany must change if they’re to cement their position as one of the leading footballing coutries throughout the world. The new brand and identity has been designed around footballing style and national identity; “German expression is a bit more nuanced than a predilection toward clean precision” - JL Murtaugh With this in mind I tried to create a brand that was both clean and precise, but also showed an element of flair, much like the German national team has begun to show more and more each footballing year. The first signs of this began when we saw Jürgen Klinsmann and Lothar Matthäus play together on various occasions. In my opinion, what is considered as good design for international football tournaments is long overdue and represents a trememdous opportunity for us to create stronger and more dynamic brands within the industry. Adam Fowler



Germany 2020  

Brand Guidlines

Germany 2020  

Brand Guidlines