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Alliance Baza{a}r March-April 2011

Women's Day 8 March | AFK, Tripureshwor


19 to 22 April | AFK, Tripureshwor

La Semaine de la Francophonie 21-25 March | AFK, Tripureshwor

WAX TAILOR @1905 7 March | 1905, Kantipath

2 | Alliance Baza{a}r | September-October March-April 2011 2010

{Editorial} Namaste, Dear Friends, This spring promises to be festive at the French Alliance in Kathmandu! From March 7, we offer a special concert by Wax Tailor! You read correctly, the French star will be in Kathmandu for a single concert in 1905, ending an extensive tour of India. Wax Tailor is a DJ of international repute. His music blends Hip Hop and Trip Hop. For this concert Wax Tailor is accompanied by his band on stage, including a violinist! Seats are on sale at the French Alliance (Tripureshwor) and 1905 (Bar-restaurant in Kantipath). For the second consecutive year, the French Alliance Celebrate sWomen's Day. Rendez-vous on March 8 at the French Alliance! Film screening, photo exhibition, performance art, dance.. to celebrate and to honor women. Many NGOs working for minorities will be present at the Alliance to share their work and sensiblize the public. The long awaited moment for our students arrive: The Francophonie Week! From March 21 to 25 : Contest, Quiz, petanque tournament, films ( by Rohmer and Resnais), photo contest ... and of course do not miss our annual event, Great night of Francophonie! Students and teachers of the Alliance have prepared a colorful show! Dinner à la Française, wine, theater, dance, song, disco and big raffle of the Francophonie with many prizes to win! In April, the French Alliance becomes an outdoor cinema! This is the French Film Festival! Come see a selection of French films subtitled in English, entry is free (see page: 12). More information on See you at AFK ! Stay tuned. Elise Director, AFK

Opening Hours Institution - Monday to Friday 7 am - 7 pm Library Monday to Friday 8 am - 6.30 pm Alliance Française in Kathmandu Tripureshwor, Teku road (next to Xerox showroom) P.O. Box 452, Kathmandu, Nepal Phone : + 977 (1) 4241163 / 4242832 Fax : + 977 (1) 4242621 E-mail : Website :

Campus France Desk - Monday to Friday 11.30 am - 6.30 pm Translation Desk - Mon/Tue/Fri 9.30 am - 12.30 pm Le Bistrot Monday to Friday

7 am - 5.30 pm Alliance Baza{a}r | March-April 2011 | 3

{Event} Alliance Fran莽aise in Kathmandu & 1905 present


@1 905 Hip Hop Concert Monday, March 7 7 pm Tickets

Nrs. 400 Available at

AFK, Tripureshwor Venue

1905, Kantipath For the first time in Nepal the best Hip Hop DJ from France! Opening by : NIRNAYA DA'NSK & Gaurab Subba with Lyrics Inthependense Wax Tailor is the alias of French trip hop/hip hop producer, Jean-Christophe Le Sao没t. He started in 2004 with two EP's (Lost The Way and Que Sera / Where My Heart's At). The first album Tales of the Forgotten Melodies he released in March 2005, mixing hip-hop, downtempo, trip-hop with samples extracted from movies. This album became one of the best selling electronic releases of the year. The second album Hope & Sorrow released in April 2007. It was nominated for the French "Victoires de la Musique" and US Indie music award. After being a host on a French radio in the Paris suburb of Mantes-La-Jolie, JC Le Saout started the French Rap band

La Formule in the 1990s. He created his label Lab'Oratoire in 1998 and produced records from La Formule as well as Break Beat compilations and a collaboration with the Swedish band Looptroop. He began work on the Wax Tailor project in 2001, first appearing on a remix of Looptroop & La Formule's "Breathing Under Water". Wax Tailor's first EP Lost The Way was released in 2004 and features contributions from Charlotte Savary, Marina Quaisse, and Big Dada rapper Infinite Livez. Other musicians who have appeared alongside Wax Tailor include North Carolina Hip-Hop duo The Others, Ursula Rucker, Sharon Jones, Voice and A State Of Mind. His third album "In The Mood For Life" was released on September 22, 2009.Winner of the 7th annual Independent Music Awards Vox Pop vote for best Dance/Electronica album "Hope & Sorrows"

Official Beer

4 | Alliance Baza{a}r | March-April 2011

Official Media Partner

Official FM

Hospitality Partner

Alliance Baza{a}r | March-April 2011 | 5

Women's Day


8 March | AFK, Tripureshwor

Alliance Française in Kathmandu celebrates for the second year, March 8th Women’s Day! With the help of Lucie Ramognino from FEDO, AFK is pleased to invite you for a whole day program with dance, documentary, photo and painting exhibitions. NGOs working for minorities in Nepal will be present all the day to present their work. 11 AM Film Screening: 'Women are Heroes' by JR, 2010, 1hr 25Min Africa, Asia and South America. French artist JR transforms streets, buildings, favelas and villages into art galleries forcing viewers to see art they might not otherwhise encounter. Women are heroes talks about women who sometimes walk side by side with death and often embrace life moving from tears to laughter. They are generous women who own nothing, but are willing to share, women who have painful pasts and want to built bright futures. Searching for what is common is their gaze, we come closer to what is universal: the human factor. 12.30 PM Visual Art performance: '8 meters, 8 march & 8 people' by Heart Beat with Gyanu Gurung, Kailash Shrestha, Laxman Karmacharya, Rabita Kisi, Sandhya Silwal, Sanjeet, Satya Shila Kashajoo and Sudeep Balla Celebration with colors and canvas on the occcasion of International Women's Day. Art for development and social change for interconnecting for equality and justice. The canvas will be divided in 4 meter and 4 meter each for 2 men and 2 women. 12.30 PM Lunch: prepared by Women for Human Rights 2.30 PM Dance program by Kritika (45Min) 25 dancers from minorities dancing for social justice and equality. PAINTING EXHIBITION: 'ILLUSIONARY LINES' by KriSHNA THING Originally a traditional Thangka painter, Krishna Thing has, over the years, combined the techniques and emblems of traditional Thangka painting with a very personal expression of inner feelings. The strong influence of Thangka painting is reflected in Krishna’s unique art: the techniques, proportions, as well as some imagery and symbols appear throughout his artwork. He uses the traditional techniques of Tangka painting to develop a three-dimensional world of his own to express his feelings and let his imagination run free. 8 - 18 March Photo Exhibition: 'Femmes du Monde' by Yann Rollo “The age to come will be the age of women. The world, to survive, needs the values they embody…” French photographer Yann Rollo van de Vyver, who was present at His Holiness The Dalai Lama’s conference in Nantes on 2008 August 15th, kept the message in mind. When he flew the next month to Nepal and Bhutan for a pilgrimage, he decided, on his own way, to pay homage to all these anonymous women of the world who fight courageously to provide everyday life for their families, often barely a subsistence. He invites us here to share with him a small selection of his most beautiful encounters, through the photographical glance of an ethnologist and the heart of an artist. He modestly means, with this work, to promote equality between the sexes and, more simply, to question us about the room left to women nowadays in the world. Alliance Baza{a}r | March-April 2011 | 7

Organizations invited for Women’s Day at AFK

Heartbeat Heartbeat is a non government organization that conducts social activities in diverse sector of the country through the participation and involvement of youth. The organization was formed in 2006 and has been working in the field of arts and social issues since then. In 2009 it was registered as a non government organization (NGO) in District Administration Office (DAO) and Social Welfare Council (SWC). In the initial phase the organization was mainly based on the field of arts and worked on the creative art exhibition in relation to the society. Heartbeat has already worked and exhibited more than 10 national and few international art exhibitions and also has conducted various workshops in arts. The organization has been working with various donor agencies, INGOS, Community based organizations, and youth organizations through the involvement and participation of youth from various sectors of the society. The activities conducted by the organization are mainly focused on the development issues of the society such as human rights, environmental issues, drug abuse, street children, education, poverty, child right, water and sanitation and eco organic farming and so on. The main focus of the organization is to empower the youths through the exposure to different social interlinked activities, capacity building through different trainings and involvement of the youths in the planning and intervention of the social activities. Kritika Campaign In order to end violence against women for good by changing attitudes and behaviors, a group of women human rights activists and defenders has been united in 2008 and is running Kritika Campaign in Nepal ever since. This Campaign raises the common concerns of women in general and more specifically of marginalized women through cultural programs (songs, dances, drama). Collective actions for social justice, speaking out for equality are ingrained values of this campaign. National Disabled Women Association (NDWA) Nepal Disabled Women Association (NDWA) was established in 1998 adopting the values of the fundamental rights described by the Constitution of Nepal in order to support women with disabilities to pursue their rights and provide them protection 8 | Alliance Baza{a}r | March-April 2011

and welfare. Thus, NDWA promotes programs to these women with disabilities from remote areas in order to make them capable, strong and to build their self-esteem and confidence. This association has important objectives, such as to advocate the issues of women with disabilities, to give them access to education, health, employment, rehabilitation and social security. National Indigenous Women Federation (NIWF) Nepalese indigenous women have their own social issues rooted in a socio-culture and socio-structure that are fundamentally different from those implemented in the Nepalese society. National Indigenous Women Forum (NIWF), established in 1998, aims to empower these backward women through awareness in economic, social, political and cultural sectors. NIWF also carries out researches on various social aspects affecting indigenous women and children to conduct programs appropriate to their needs. Videh Foundation Videh Foundation was established in 2007 with aims to support women, especially women from the Terai/Madhesi women. Videh Foundation has the following specific objectives, which are to improve women's status by politically, to increase women's involvement in peace and constitution making process and to work for establishing peace and social justice. Nepal Muslim Women's Welfare Society (NMWWS) In Nepal, it is known to all that Muslim people, especially women, are extremely backward in every aspect of social, political, educational or economic life. Taking in consideration the rights of Muslim women and their voices, we should secured them in the decision making level under the constitutional provision for the forthcoming Constitution of Nepal. Since Nepal Muslim Women Welfare Society (NMWWS) was established in 2006, it is struggling for the achievement of these objectives. Feminist Dalit Organization (FEDO) Some Dalit women, who were suffering from the caste and gender-based discrimination, decided to establish the FEDO Dalit Organization (FEDO) in order to uplift the oppressed status of Dalit women. FEDO is the first national level non-government organization as a pioneer to represent Dalit women and to fight against caste and gender-based discrimination. Through advocacy, economic empowerment, health and education projects, FEDO is promoting a just and equitable society, where Dalit women can benefit from their rights and participate into the Nepali society. Alliance Baza{a}r | March-April 2011 | 9

10 | Alliance Baza{a}r | March-April 2011

{Event} La Semaine de la Francophonie

21-25 March AFK, Tripureshwor

The 10 words/ Les 10 mots :

Fil, Accueillant, Avec, Main, Cordée, Agapes, Harmonieusement, Réseauter, Chœur, Complice

Writing contests Quiz & SCRABBLE TOURNAMENT From Monday 21st to Thursday 25th at 1.45pm

French Film Screenings (Tribute to Resnais and Rohmer)

21st March: Hiroshima mon amour, Alain Resnais 1959, 1h30 22nd March: Ma nuit chez Maud, Eric Rohmer, 1974, 1h50 23rd March: Cœurs, Alain Resnais, 2006, 2h01 24th March: Pauline à la plage, Eric Rohmer, 1983, 1h35

Photo contest

Choose one word among the 10 words of the Francophonie, be inspired and send your picture with your name and contact to before March 16th. 1st prize : A session of French classes at AFK ! The best pictures will be exhibited at AFK during all the Francophonie Week

Tournoi dE PETANQUE One bottle of Pastis to win !

Friday, March 25th from 5pm

Grande soirée de la Francophonie !

Songs, artworks, photo exhibition, theatre, dance, food, wine, disco (come to hear French Music on the dancefloor!). An amazing show by students, teachers, staff of AFK, The French International School, Rupy’s International School and more !

Alliance Baza{a}r | March-April 2011 | 11


FRENCH FILMS FESTIVAL 2011 Come and enjoy a selection of French films with English subtitles!

From 19th to 22th April at 7pm In the Gardens of Alliance Française Free entry! Tuesday, 19th April

Thursday, 21st April

La fille du RER

La petite Jérusalem

André Techiné, 2009,1h45 With Émilie Dequenne, Catherine Deneuve and Michel Blanc A drama centered on a young woman who claims she was the target of an anti-Semetic attack and the subsequent media sensation it creates. Wednesday, 20th April

Ma vie en l’air

Rémi Bezançon, 2005, 1h43 With Marion Cotillard, Vincent Elbaz and Gilles Lelouche Will the fear of flying rob a man of his second chance for love?

12 | Alliance Baza{a}r | March-April 2011

Karin Albou, 2005, 1h36 With Fanny Valette, Elsa Zylberstein and Bruno Todeschini A beautiful Jewish young woman still living with her orthodox family in a Parisian suburb, falls in love with a Muslim co-worker. Friday, 22nd April

La prophétie des Grenouilles

Jacques-Rémy Girerd, 2003, 1h30 (Animation) It's a catastrophe! A flood has hit our planet and an unusual group of people are all that remains. Led by Ferdinand, a modern day Noah, this little group have managed to defy the furiously raging elements. People and animals alike are dragged through this incredible whirlpool of an adventure.

{Le Bistrot}

Opening Hours Monday to Friday 7am - 5:30pm Le Bistrot, much more than French food! In the Gardens of Alliance Franรงaise in Kathmandu, Tripureshwor, Teku Road (next to Xerox Showroom) To book a table : 4241163

Alliance Baza{a}r | March-April 2011 | 13

{Campus France}

National agency for promoting French higher education abroad. CampusFrance Nepal is happy to share with you about the Nepalese students who went to France for their higher studies from 2007 till end of the year 2010. YEAR





Engineering, Management, Language, Hotel Management



Architect, Engineering, Language, Science, Medical Science, Communication



Hotel Management, Agro Food Science, IT, Language, Pharmaceutics, Erasmus Mundus / External Windows program, Science, Business Management, Engineering, Agriculture, Chemistry



International Business Management, MBA, M. Sc. in management. European Management, Engineering Management, Finance, Engineering, Computer vision, Computer science, Astronomy and Astrophysics, Public health sciences, Chemistry Language, Hotel Management

Total number


Students are enrolled from Bachelor to PhD level.

We welcome you to visit official site of French government to have complete information regarding higher education in France. Free counseling, you are welcome to our office situated at Alliance Franรงaise in Kathmandu Espace CampusFrance, Katmandou desk Tripureshwor, Teku Road Tel: 4241163/ Fax: 4242621 E-mail: Web: 14 | Alliance Baza{a}r | March-April 2011



Nepal-French Alumni Network (NFAN) You’ve studied in France? 5, 10 or even 20 years ago ? Please contact us to be part of our association NFAN ! This association will be an active network to all past and future students in France. Mr Prabin Rana Deputy Director Allianace Française in Kathmandu

Can you recognize them ?

Laxman Khadka and Mira Thapa: 30 ans déjà ! Congratulations to Laxman and Mira who started to work at AFK (previously Centre Culturel Français) in 1981 !

Alliance Baza{a}r | March-April 2011 | 15

{Courses} Alliance Française in Kathmandu and the French Embassy’s scholarships The Embassy of France in Nepal is supporting the Alliance’s work through many means, and one of them is by providing short term linguistic scholarships. The number of these scholarships may vary according to the Embassy’s resources; in 2010, one student, Wishrut Bhattarai, has been discovering France in August. Intensive classes and exploring French regions were on the program of this four-week stay. Students are selected according to several criteria: ability to make progress and to benefit from a complete French environment, need for French, for professional reasons or for studies plans, curiosity and interest in French culture and society. We’ll let you know next session whether new scholarships are available, and when the students will be selected… and in between there’s a French atmosphere to experience in our classes!

Ready for a new session of French?


Next session : April 27 – July 7 Admission : April 10 – April 24

At the Alliance Française in Katmandou, our team of motivated and experienced teachers is ready to welcome you for a new session and share with you their passion for French language and French speaking culture. From beginner levels to advanced ones you will enjoy learning and progressing among students – soon friends – hailed from different backgrounds, in the second language spoken and taught all over the world. Our teachers also teach outside Alliance in various schools and organizations. Among them, we would particularly like to thank our long time partners, Rupy's International School, since 1997, and Silver Mountain School of Hotel Management since 2005. We are also very happy to start a new collaboration this year with Little Angels' College of Management.

Résultats de notre jeu de mots du précédent Bazaar Toutes nos félicitations à Kyaron Dhoju, le plus rapide à donner les solutions que nous reproduisons ci-dessous : 1.

On mal fous que seul de vaut accompagné plus être on mieux est plus rit il. Solution : Il vaut mieux être seul que mal accompagné. Plus on est de fous plus on rit


Coeur coeur qu'il souvent qui ce n'a soupire soupire pas désire content. Solution : Cœur qui soupire n'a pas ce qu'il désire. Cœur content soupire souvent.

16 | Alliance Baza{a}r | March-April 2011

Amusante, la langue française : Les termes empruntés au monde animal sont partout.

La preuve : Que vous soyez fier comme un coq, fort comme un boeuf, têtu comme une mule, malin comme un singe, chaud lapin ou fine mouche, vous êtes tous, un jour ou l'autre, devenu chèvre pour une caille aux yeux de biche. Vous arrivez frais comme un gardon à votre premier rendez-vous et là, pas un chat ! Vous faites le pied de grue, vous demandant si cette bécasse vous a réellement posé un lapin. Le type qui vous a obtenu ce rancard, avec lequel vous êtes copain comme cochon, vous l'a certifié : " Cette poule a du chien, une vraie panthère ! " C'est sûr, vous serez un crapaud mort d'amour. Mais tout de même, elle vous traite comme un chien. Vous êtes prêt à gueuler comme un putois, mais non, elle arrive. Bon, dix minutes de retard, il n'y a pas de quoi casser trois pattes à un canard. Sauf que la fameuse souris, avec sa crinière de lion, est en fait plate comme une limande, myope comme une taupe, elle souffle comme un phoque et rit comme une baleine. Vous restez muet comme une carpe.  Elle essaie bien de vous tirer les vers du nez, mais vous sautez du coq à l'âne et finissez par noyer le poisson. Vous avez le bourdon, envie de verser des larmes de crocodile. Vous finissez par vous inventer une fièvre de cheval qui vous permet de filer comme un lièvre. Vous avez beau être doux comme un agneau, faut tout de même pas vous prendre pour un pigeon ! AFK Levels At the Alliance Française in Kathmandu, we have chosen a rhythm of 50 hours per session, in order to settle a step by step learning pace of the required skills and knowledge. There are 14 levels, following the program of the three Connexions French books. We also use the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages to describe the level and progress of our students in accordance with a largely used and recognized scale of language proficiencies. According to the six levels of proficiency defined by the Council of Europe, students are then able to reach level A1 (Breakthrough level) after three sessions, A2 (Survival level) after 6 or 7 sessions, and B1 (the first stage of Independent User) after 12 sessions. You can start the classes from any point: if you are not a beginner, you will just have to take a test before admission to check which level matches your proficiency.

AFK levels


Connexions book

Beginner 1


Connexion 1





Elementary 1






Intermediate 1






Advanced 1










DELF levels


Connexions 2


Connexions 3 B1

Alliance Baza{a}r | March-April 2011 | 17

{Supporters & Sponsors} Alliance Franรงaise in Kathmandu is grateful to its sponsors for their valuable support.

Nepal Tourism Board


Location Map

To Sundh


To K



Veterinary Hospital Dasrath Stadium


Xerox Showroom



Uni Tra ted W de C orld ent re

Tripureshwor Chowk Alliance Franรงaise

To Th ali th

a ap

18 | Alliance Baza{a}r | March-April 2011

Peace of mind

* 10% service charge & 13% VAT extra

starts at Rs. 950* per night

Kurintar, Chitwan. Phone: 056-540129 City Office: Nanglo International Private Limited, Sanepa, Lalitpur Phone: 01-5544263, 5543036 Email: URL: Alliance Baza{a}r | March-April 2011 | 19

20 | Alliance Baza{a}r | March-April 2011

Alliance Baza{a}r  

March-April 2011

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