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Alliance Baza{a}r November-December 2010

20-21 November . Paris

Maison des MĂŠtallos

Kutumba goes international

2 | Alliance Baza{a}r | September-October 2010

{Editorial} Dear friends, Namaste! Planet Nepal festival ended Sunday, October 31 at Patan Durbar Square with 7000 people! In all it's an audience of nearly 15,000 people who attended Planet Nepal Festival: Concerts with Lo'Jo Trio, Tryo, Kutumba, Nirnaya Da'NSK, Bijaya Vaidya and Rock Sitar; exhibitions of Contemporary Art; performances; photo exhibitions; documentaries screenings and scientific panels. We thank all our partners, sponsors and volunteers of the French Alliance and Patan without whom this festival would never have happened. The festival was extended to KCAC for Contemporary Art Exhibition where Karl Knapp, Ashmina Ranjit, Rodolphe Huguet, NayanTara Gurung Kakshapati, Sujan Chitrakar, Sanjana Joshi, Om Khatri and students of Kathmandu University for Art and Design and Lalit Kala Academy presented their works created specially for Planet Nepal. We are very pleased to announce that for the first time, the French Alliance of Kathmandu will present an event in Paris, which is none other than Planet Nepal Paris! For the occasion Kutumba is invited for the first time in France and the photo exhibition "A Weathered People" by NayanTara Gurung Kakshapati and Prawin Adhikhari will be presented to The Maison des MĂŠtallos next November 20th and 21st. The French Alliance in Kathmandu is very pleased to offer the opportunity to great Nepali artists that we follow for a long time to be able to perform in France and thus give them international exposure! The Alliance also continues his daily life with the new session of French classes in December and special courses for professionals of trek. Our Bistrot is open Monday to Friday, also for a lunch in the sun in our garden or just a coffee and a croissant. Mira and Niranjan also welcomes you to the Library of the Alliance. You'll find French films, the French press and an incredible number of French books for all tastes and ages. Campus France office is open Monday to Friday for all your questions and study projects in France. The Alliance team is available Monday through Friday to answer your questions. Wishing you a wonderful season. Stay tuned! Elise Tassin Director

Opening Hours Institution - Monday to Friday 7 am - 7 pm Library Monday to Friday 8 am - 6.30 pm Alliance Française in Kathmandu Tripureshwor, Teku road (next to Xerox showroom) P.O. Box 452, Kathmandu, Nepal Phone : + 977 (1) 4241163 / 4242832 Fax : + 977 (1) 4242621 E-mail : Website :

Campus France Desk - Monday to Friday 11.30 am - 6.30 pm Translation Desk - Mon/Tue/Fri 9.30 am - 12.30 pm Bistrot Monday to Friday

7 am - 6.30 pm Alliance Baza{a}r | November-December 2010 | 3

{Ambassador's message} BONJOUR & NAMASTE! As the new French Ambassador to Nepal I am grateful to the Alliance Francaise for giving me this opportunity to present myself to you readers of Alliance Baza(a)r and lovers of the French language and culture. My long career as a diplomat has given me the opportunity to experience different cultures in various continents. As such I have enjoyed postings in Madagascar, Calcutta (where I met my wife Marina), Tunisia (where our son Mathieu was born), Bahrain, Zambia, Brunei, Tanzania, the Philippines and India, all of which have left their unique and lasting impressions in our memories. In each of these postings I have always been a proud witness to the eagerness with which the citizens, young and not so young, wish to learn more about France in general and the French language in particular in our Alliance Française establishments. When my wife and I visited the Alliance Française in Kathmandu shortly after our arrival, we were impressed by the dynamism of the Directress, her Deputy and their enthusiastic colleagues. We were also fortunate to meet some of the young teachers, albeit briefly during their lunch break, and partake of a delicious French meal in the canteen! Recently I had the honour to present an award to Reshma Maharajan, an Alliance Française student, who ranked 47th in a worldwide French writing competition which attracted over 1000 participants! Reshma, as well as the professors of the Alliance Française, are to be congratulated for this achievement which is the first for a student from Nepal and hopefully not the last. On this occasion my wife and I were happy to participate in the end of the academic year celebrations and to observe that the Alliance Française is a booming hub where the youth of Nepal gather to imbibe a little bit of France and the French language, exchange views and ideas and have a good time doing so. It was also our first taste of authentic Newari cuisine prepared by the Alliance Française canteen. It is my firm conviction that the Alliance Francaise in Kathmandu plays an essential role in bringing Nepal and France closer together and in doing so nurtures the already harmonious relations between our two countries. I wish the Direction, the teachers, the administrative staff, the canteen staff and you students and lovers of France, every success in your endeavours to bring un petit peu de France au Nepal! Vive la France, Vive le Népal & Vive l’Alliance Française à Katmandou ! Jean-Charles DEMARQUIS French Ambassador to Nepal October 2010 4 | Alliance Baza{a}r | November-December 2010

{Flashback} ça s'est passé à l'Alliance Française... It happened at Alliance Française... PHOTOGRAPHIES DE INGRID CHIRON


Head dancin' student

no need to kill myself, I pass ;-))

Rashna Maharjan

His excellency the French Ambassador JeanCharles Demarquis presenting "la plume d'or" to Rashna Maharjan

His excellency the French Ambassador JeanCharles Demarquis, his wife Marina, and Rashna

Music'n'light, tadadatadada Alliance Baza{a}r | November-December 2010 | 5

{Planet Nepal Kathmandu} 29, 30 & 31 October | Patan Durbar Square PHOTOGRAPHS BY INGRID CHIRON

Sanjana Joshi and Sujan Chitrakar pieces of art designed for the "RickshawProject".

Scientific round tables, Art installation by Ashmina Ranjit.

Tryo on stage.

Denis, Yamina and Nadia from Lo'Jo Trio.

"A Weathered People" photo exhibition by NayanTara Gurung Kakshapati and Prawin Adhikari. 6 | Alliance Baza{a}r | November-December 2010

Patan Durbar Square as never seen before.

Kutumba and Lo'Jo Trio.

Nirnaya Da'NSK on stage for Planet Nepal Festival.

Rock Sitar for Planet Nepal Festival.

Salil Subedi, Sandip Dongol, and Nishanta Gauchan (Bboy Nhurr and a beatboxer).

Planet Nepal Contemporary Art Installation at KCAC. Alliance Baza{a}r | November-December 2010 | 7

8 | Alliance Baza{a}r | November-December 2010

{Thank you}

warlmy thank Supporters

Delegation of the European Union to Nepal

Nepal Government



Kathmandu University Centre for Art & Design

Lalitpur Sub Metropolitan City Office

Jyapu Samaj

Official media

Hospitality partner

Alliance Baza{a}r | November-December 2010 | 9

{Planet Nepal Paris}

LA MAISON DES METALLOS, PARIS 20-21 November For the very first time The Alliance Franรงaise in Kathmandu is pleased to present Nepalese artists in Paris! After the success of Planet Nepal at Patan Durbar Square, Planet Nepal goes to France !


Kutumba in Paris for Planet Nepal November 20th at 20th

"A Weathered People" a photo exhibition by NayanTara Gurung Kakshapati and Prawin Adhikari October 29th to November 21th

10 | Alliance Baza{a}r | November-December 2010

{Courses} DELF and DALF examinations The DELF (Diplôme d'Etudes en Langue Française) and DALF (Diplôme Approfondi en Langue Française) are the official French proficiency diplomas delivered by the French Ministry of Education to non native French language speakers. These diplomas are valid forever, without any time limit. DELF and DALF diplomas are in fully accord with the six levels of proficiency defined by the Council of Europe. These levels have been specified to describe objectively any European language. Examination dates : 3-7 January 2011 Admissions : 29 November - 17 December 2010 Fees : Rs 1000, 1800, or 2500 according to the level Candidates interested in taking these exams can benefit from a specific training program at the Alliance Française, during two weeks before the exams. Contact us for more details, or visit

French Session for Trekking Professionals In Nepal, a lot of trekkers come from French speaking countries, creating a growing demand for guides able to work using French language. This is why Alliance française, with all its experience in educational field, propose a special program for trekking professionals, in order to teach them what they really need to know in French. These classes (three levels of 40 hours each) are based on an oral approach, to develop all the oral skills needed by the professionals, to speak as naturally as possible.


"I don’t speak English", "I haven’t my SLC" : can I register ? Any professional can join the classes, either the complete beginner or the one who already speak some French : the former will start from the beginning while the latter will take a test before the session starts to determine what his level is. No need to be fluent in English to take classes : the levels are taught by Nepalese teachers and the classes are mainly conducted in French. "But I don’t have much time" : when are organized the classes ? From December 13th to January 10th (two hours a day from Monday to Friday) Admissions : 29 November - 9 December Contact us for more details, or visit

12 | Alliance Baza{a}r | November-December 2010

{Interview} Carnet de Voyage

By Wishrut Bhattarai, winner of AFK’s Scolarship I haven’t the slightest idea on

where I should start. The whole experience dates back almost two months before I was actually in France (Besançon, to be precise). For someone who’d barely set foot outside of my nation, not to mention – outside of the valley of Kathmandu, you’d have to say, I was pretty brave – simply for not having been scared out of my wits when the realization struck, when it was time to leave, when it was August 2010. Regardless of the apprehension, the funny feeling in my guts and the anticipated change in my social environment, I had had hardly a minutes rest by the time I was in Besancon earlier this fall. Amidst all the hubbub, the tension, the biological clock gone haywire (thanks to the jetlag), the original identity was lost, I was already a different person. I was never impulsive, never intent on imposing anyone, simply to put - timid in all meanings of the word. But the new environment changed everything, the strange land was strange no more, a bus driver was as friendly as a next door neighbor and a bartender as easy to relate to as the information desk clerk. May be it was France that changed me. May be it was the living experience outside of my home that did. Things never ceased to amaze me though, things like watching people cross roads only at road crossings and the fact that not once did I encounter an embouteillage despite seeing twice the number of vehicles on the road every day. So the hours went by and so did the days (although some nights were longer than others and some I have absolutely no memory of) in a multicultural mélange of people from all over the world. I was surprised at hearing myself speak towards the end, you know, with that Besancon accent, although having a friend incessantly remind me of it, helped me accept it. Before long, it was time to leave, things weren’t much different with me, however, except that the shoes were still mine and I wasn’t sure about the feet standing on them. With a hair dyed magenta, a fedora on my head and a life’s worth of memories, I finally headed home, more mature, experienced, no doubt and left my introversion back in Besançon, France. Wishrut

{CampusFrance} The Alliance Française in Kathmandu and Campus France congratulate all of these brilliant students!

Mr. ALI Sharib Masters, Computer vision Université de Bourgogne, Dijon

Mr. DUMARU Rakesh Bachelor, Sociology Université de Nantes

Mr. Prabin Rana Deputy Director Head of Campus France desk

Mr. PAUDEL Danda Pani Masters, Computer vision Université de Bourgogne, Dijon Mr. ADHIKARI Prakash PHD, Engineering Management SKEMA Business School Nice Sophia Antipolis

Mr.YADAV Sanjaya Kumar Masters, Finance Université Lumière Lyon (CIEF)

Mr. AWALE Sampurna Bachelor, Hotel management CUFLE / La Rochelle

Mr. PARIYAR Dipendra Masters, European management Université d’Orleans

4241163 | November-December2010 2010 14 | Alliance Baza{a}r | September-October

Mr. CHAULAGAIN Uddhav Prasad Masters, Astronomy & Astrophysics Observatoire de Paris, Université Mr. RAJBHANDARI Prashant PHD, Chemistry Université de Lille 1

Mr. MOURYA Rahul Masters, Optique image vision Université Jean Monnet, SaintEtienne Mr. Niranjan Neupane

Campus France Counsellor Call 4241163

Mr. RIJAL Nished Masters, Public health French School of Public Health (EHESP Paris) Mr. BHATTARAI Biraj Bachelor, Sociology CEUFLE, Université Nice Sophia Antipolis

Miss. YADAV Rubi Masters, Public health French School of Public Health (EHESP Paris)

Mr. KHANAL Bishesh Masters, Computer vision Université de Bourgogne, Dijon

Mr. GHALE Ful Bahadu Masters, Finance Université Paris Est-Créteil

Yes, we are studying in France to pursue our higher studies! Why don’t you follow us? Alliance Baza{a}r || November-December Alliance Baza{a}r September-October 2010 | 15


Mr. ADHIKARI Bipin Masters, International business & management Grenoble Graduate School of Management

{Interview} Mr. Abhinav Narsingh Rana

Have your ever thought that by wishing to be a pilot you could end up as the General Manager of one of the most renowned hotel in Kathmandu ? That is exactly what happened to Mr. Abhinav Narsingh Rana. As a Young man, he dreamt of flying planes, but when he was about to leave for the USA to get his license, his mother told him he could do anything, anywhere, but flying planes! So he went to France as a tourist, just a trip, barely able to say “Bonjour”, hello, to the autochthones, but shortly joined the CLA (Centre de Linguistique Appliquée de Basancon / Applied Linguistic Center) in Besançon where he studied “la langue de Molière” for a year. Now a French speaker “Francophone”, besides being a passionate food admirer for long, he has been advised to join the “Ecole Hotelière de Paris”, where he learned the French Art of “la table et Le cuisine”. The 3 yrs of the curriculum was dedicated to study in hospitality management and a year of practical experiences in renowned hotels in Paris; “Ambassadeur - Concorde”, “Intercontinental – Rivoli”, “Hilton – Suffren”, and for about 8 months, in the kitchen of the famous Bistrot with sea food specialty restaurant “Le Presbourg”, avenue de la Grande Armée, where he could pursue for himself most of the responsibilities in a kitchen, and especially making of different salads and sauces that he recalls with a special ‘tenderness’. As a matter of fact, Mr. Rana is fond of sauces, and loves nothing more than cooking fish with a special sauce that will dazzle the taste buds, when he has time. While in Paris he had to accommodate himself. Came up to his mind he could find a room in exchange of his culinary talents. That is how he stayed rue de Passy, in the well-to-do 16th arrondissement of Paris, where he cooked diners for a French Countess and her husband. During his endeavors to acquire more culinary experiences, and just not to forget his origin and spices, sometimes a little mélange of oriental spices was such a real treat for affluent French families, not to forget his “savoir-vivre”. Through this experience, Mr. Abhinav Narsingh Rana could meet the upper crust, very demanding people in terms of quality and service, and sharpened his knowledge and skills on gastronomy, and on the art of being courteous and a great host. That’s the warmth we could feel now at Radisson!! Wiser for this French experience, he returned to Nepal, ready to share the benefits. First at the Yak and Yeti as Assistant Manager Food and Beverage, and opening the club “Shangri-la”, the fourth Executive floor for VIP’s with Butler service. Mr. Rana was then offered opportunity as Human Resources Manager to 16 | Alliance Baza{a}r | November-December 2010


on how a passion for French food can bring you to the top

open Mercure Hotel Kathmandu a brand of ACCOR, a number one French International hotel chain. Thanks again to his French, in 2006 he flew to Cambodia to work with Victoria Angkor Resort and Spa, property that belongs to French Company “Electricite et Eaux de Madagascar”. After completion of his 2 yrs tenure in Angkor Wat, Siam Reap, he now stands as the General Manager at the “Radisson Hotel Kathmandu”. Since French touch always meant something to his heart, Mr. Abhinav Narsingh Rana got close to the French community in Nepal. He helped monitoring the relaunching of Le Bistrot of the Alliance Française in the 90’s, and stood as the Vice President of the Board of Director of our Institution in 2005! All along he believes in food and fashion goes together thus, creative form culinary art has always been a true passion to him. Supported by the French Embassy to further enhance his passion and his culinary exposure, 2005 brought him to Dijon Sofitel, in Burgundy, for three months back in a kitchen. Burgundy is one of the best gourmet region in France that rhymes with “moutarde de Dijon”, “pain d’épice”, Beaujolais, Chablis and so many more… During his weekends he visited winery and wine cellar such as Cave de Baume. Mr. Abhinav Narsingh Rana is definitely someone who knows how to take his chance, whatever the place, and whatever the language. But, being such a good French speaker, and such a “bon vivant” has always been an asset to his career and personal development.



Chassé-croisé One is coming back while another leaves. Connected vessels law? Probably not, definitely not! Buddhi is leaving, now sailing towards new horizons. Who can really remember for how many years he has been Le Bistrot Chef ? To me, it seems he was there before the walls. As far as my memory recalls, Buddhi is cooking, baking, tirelessly standing in the kitchens, Dilli Bazaar, Thapathali, and Tripureshwor. I still have in mind, and probably always will, the picture of his chair standing outside the kitchen doorsteps where he would sit for a smoking break. He reigned over the kitchen for about 15 years, with dignity and calm, handling the work, taking on the lunchtime rushes, and from time to time coming out of the kitchen to serve guests. I am pretty sure many of our taste buds will keep the memory of his quiches, meringues, mustard chicken, French fries and so many more. I am also pretty sure

that for long, guests will ask about Buddhi, finding someone is missing in the picture! Even though we knew the time to say goodbye would eventually comes, we were not prepared, neither ready. Buddhi remains with us, in the kitchen, at Le Bistrot, and part of the AFK team. Therefore, his chair stays next to the kitchen doorsteps to make sure he can sit and share a tea with us, on a visit to his longtime friends. But show must go on and so goes Le Bistrot. As all of us here, we have been very busy preparing, and enjoying, Planet Nepal. Everyone at the AFK deserves a big round of applause for the work that has been done for this amazing festival! Next on our agenda, new menus for the beginning of 2011, special dishes for “the week of the women”, the “francophonie week”, and surprises from time to time. We hope you all like it! See you soon at Le Bistrot, Ingrid Chiron, and the team. Alliance Baza{a}r | November-December 2010 | 17

{Supporters & Sponsors} Alliance Franรงaise in Kathmandu is grateful to its sponsors for their valuable support.

Nepal Tourism Board


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NRs. 25,000 only (3 player team) To participate

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Novembner-December 2010

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