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2 | Alliance Baza{a}r | Nov-Dec 2009

{Editorial} Namaste ! Dear friends, Chers amis, I have the great honour to succeed to Philippe Martin at the Direction of Alliance Française in Kathmandu. It is also a great honour to me to have the chance to live and work in Nepal, such a beautiful and fascinating country. Alliance Française in Kathmandu will go on to be as much active as the previous years, we definitely want to rock Kathmandu ! We want to give artists the possibility to express themselves. Musicians, painters, photographers, contemporary artists, movies directors, writers, Nepalese, French and francophone will be in our cultural in 2010. In November It will be the "10th Edition of the Month of Documentaries", in partnership with Namuna College of Fashion Technology and Nepal Music Center. We will propose you three different thems: "Fashion Myths", "Himalayan stories" and "Musical Documentaries". More than 10 documentaries screened in three different venues, following by discussions with guests from 18th to 27th November. Come to Alliance Française’ garden for discovering the story of Yéti or following a shaman and ask all your questions to French Director Véra Frossard and guests. We will screen also for the first time "Sherpas, The true heroes of Mount Everest" by Hari Thapa and two Swiss directors, Frank Senn and Otto C. Honegger. Also, Nepal Music Center will open doors during three days to all the fans of Manu Chao, Carla Bruni, Bob Sinclar and more. All the screenings will be followed by discussions with famous guests and on the 25th November you will have the chance to watch a performance/presentation by Hari Maharjan on French Gypsy Style. On Saturday, November 27th, let’s discover the universe of Yves Saint Laurent, the iconic French designer who revolutionized fashion at Namuna College of Fashion Technology. In December Alliance Française continues to surprise you with a Premiere at Afk: French Contemporary Artist Emma Ponsart will present you a remarkable installation. Be ready for something new! Alliance Française wants, more than ever, to be a place for meetings, rendez-vous. Come to the library borrow books, DVD, comics for you and your children. Take French newspapers and magazines and have a drink or even a French meal at Le Bistrot in our beautiful garden. Feel free to ask for "La Directrice" I’ll be glad to meet you. French up your mind !

Elise Tassin, Director

Opening Hours Institution - Monday to Friday 7 am - 7 pm Library Mon/Tue/Wed/Fri 8 am - 6.30 pm Sunday : 12 noon - 4 pm Closed on Thursday

Alliance Française in Kathmandu Tripureshwor, Teku road (next to Xerox showroom) P.O. Box 452, Kathmandu, Nepal Phone : + 977 (1) 4241163 / 4242832 Fax : + 977 (1) 4242621 E-mail : Website :

Campus France Desk - Mon/Tue/Wed/Fri 11.30 am - 6.30 pm Sunday : 12 noon - 4 pm or by appointment Translation Desk - Mon/Tue/Fri 9.30 am - 12.30 pm Bistrot Monday to Friday

7 am - 6.30 pm Alliance Baza{a}r | Nov-Dec 2009 | 3

{Team} board of directors

Keshav Raj Jha President

Pratima Pandé Vice President

Mahen Shrestha Treasurer

Deepak Rauniyar Vice Treasurer

Rajendra Khetan Member

Christophe Abbou Member

Rabin K.C. Secretary

Sylvie Casiulis Vice-Secretary

NayanTara Gurung Kakshapati Member


Elise Tassin Director

Prabin Rana Deputy Director

Benoît Gillet Courses Director

Krishna Shrestha General Secretary

library & campus france desk

translation section

Mira Thapa Médiathéque

4 | Alliance Baza{a}r | Nov-Dec 2009

Niranjana Neupane Campus France

Ingrid Chiron Translation


Claire Féménias

Maya Gillet

Eva Przyszczikowski Rijendra Shrestha

Ashok Shakya

Deepkar Shakya

Cindy Bahy

Oliver Polychroniadis

Maxime Gehreinger


Laxman Khadka Suresh K. C. Receptionist Supervisor & Technician

Navraj K. C. Driver

Tsering Sherpa Office Assitant

Thakur Pyakurel Night Guard

Mira Dahal Cleaner

Karna P. Itani Night Guard

Madhav Pandey Office Assitant

Pradip Biswokarma Gardener


Uttam Aryal Head of 'Le Bistrot'

Buddhi Ratna Chef

Uma Maya Lama Assitant Chef

Mangal Tamang Waiter Alliance Baza{a}r | Nov-Dec 2009 | 5

Kathmandu November 2009 10th Edition

11 documentaries, 3 thems, 3 venues from 18th to 27th November at Alliance Franรงaise, Nepal Music Center and Namuna College of Fashion Technology 6 | Alliance Baza{a}r | Nov-Dec 2009


Himalayan Stories 21 - 24 NOVEMBER | Alliance Française in Kathmandu TRIPURESHWOR (next to Xerox showroom) Wednesday, 18th November - 18:30 LA NUIT DU SHAMAN (Director: Véra Froissard) A Shaman from Nepal calls « Spirit of the Ancestors » during a very special ceremony, some irrational phenomenons happened! Discussion with Carroll Dunham, Anthropologist and Director Véra Frossard Thursday, 19th November - 18:30 KYIKYI SOSSO, LHA GYALO (Director: Véra Froissard) A 12th Century ceremony still practiced at Bön Lubra Village, in Mustang, for exorcising demons Discussion with Jérôme Edou, Tibetologist and Director Véra Frossard Friday, 20th November - 18:30 LA MÉMOIRE DU YÉTI (Director: Véra Froissard) Survey on Yéti in the depths of Himalayas. Legends and testimonies about Yeti. Discussion with Henri Sigayret, writer, specialist of Sherpas "Special Guest", Shanker Maharjan of SAM VIDEO and Director Véra Frossard Saturday, 21th November - 18:30 SHERPAS, THE TRUE HEROES OF MOUNT EVEREST (Directors : Hari Thapa, F. Senn and O. C. Honegger.) For the first time a Himalayan expedition shown from the perspective from the ever-smiling Sherpas Discussion with director Hari Thapa

FREE EVENTS Alliance Baza{a}r | Nov-Dec 2009 | 7

Week of musical documentaries 23 - 26 NOVEMBER | Nepal Music Center, PINGALASTHAN Monday, 23rd November -15:00 CARLA BRUNI, QUELQU'UN M'A DIT (Director: David Teboul) FOLK Great success with her first album, Best female artist at the French Music Awards in 2004 CHEB MAMI, LE MÔME (Director : Rabah Mezouane) RAI Cheb Mami, born in Algeria, is the most famous RAI singer (modern music style from maghreb). 16:00 Discussion with NMC & Members and managers of Kutumba Tuesday, 24th November - 15:00 UNE VIE DE DJ, BOB SINCLAR (Director: Sophie Blandillère) HOUSE MUSIC Bob Sinclar is one of the most famous DJ, he's also producer UNE VIE DE DJ GREGORY (Director: Sophie Blandillère) HOUSE MUSIC Influenced by the "French touch" artistic movement , this house / deep house music producer and DJ, has created his own label and build an international reputation 16:15 Discussion with NMC Manish Paudel, (Freelance DJ/Band Manager) And Pravin Rayamajhi (freelance DJ/Owner of De La Soul/ Event Manager of 1905) Party Nepal. Wednesday, 25th November - 14:30 M A QUOI ÇA RIME (Director: Laurent Brun) FUNK ROCK SONG WRITER M is a musician and a wizard, a writer, a words player. JEAN-LOUIS AUBERT, COMMUN ACCORD (Director: Laurent Brun) ROCK Ex member of "Telephone" band with Louis Bertignac. 15:45 Discussion with NMC, Umesh Shrestha (, Rockwire (Music Magazine promoting rock music of Nepal) and Raymon (Kantipur Fm, Extreme Show) 17:00 Performance/Presentation by Hari Maharjan on French Gypsy Style 17:45 Shubha Bahadur Sunam: Popular French Tunes

YSL : Fashion Legend 27 NOVEMBER | Namuna College of Fashion Technology, BANSBARI Friday, 27th November - 16:30 YVES SAINT LAURENT LE TEMPS RETROUVE (Director: David Teboul) A beautiful documentary about Yves Saint Laurent, the iconic French designer who revolutionized fashion. 18:00 Discussion with Mrs Elise Tassin Director of AFK

FREE EVENTS Namuna College of Fashion Technology 8 | Alliance Baza{a}r | Nov-Dec 2009


Contemporary Art Exhibition by Emma Ponsart

« VISUAL POEMS » a score for experimenting your perceptions Alliance Française in Kathmandu introduces Emma Ponsart, a young French contemporary artist from Briançon in Hautes-Alpes. Thanks to a partnership with "Maison du Népal" and ESAG (Ecole Supérieur d'Art de Grenoble) in France, the French Embassy in Nepal and Alliance Française in Kathmandu, this recently graduated artist will stay in Nepal for 6 months in order to follow her researches. Emma Ponsart's work, "Visual Poems, a score for experimenting perceptions", is an introduction to her universe through visual and sound experiences, experimentation with the body in space, evoking an initiatic journey. This multi-disciplinary artist aims at releasing the viewer's perceptions into space with this amazing creations involving both body and senses. It is a poetic writing about her own sensitive universe. Allow yourself to be surprised with this unprecedented Contemporary Art Exhibition in Kathmandu.

Friday, December 11, 2009 6.30pm

Alliance Française in Kathmandu Tripureshwor, Teku Road, Next to Xerox showroom.

Free event Maison du Népal

05000 GAP - France

Alliance Baza{a}r | Nov-Dec 2009 | 9

{Flashback} ça s'est passé à l'Alliance Française It happened at Alliance Française

Threshold & Kutumba Movie Concert - Friday, September 11

The taking over of the AFK's direction by Elise Tassin from Philppe Martin.

Deepak Rauniyar, the director of the movie Threshold giving answers to audiences’ questions.

Student Party - Friday, September 18

Traditional Newari meal enjoyed by students.

In very happy mood in front of the bar.... of course!

Book launch 'The Country is Yours' - Friday, October 9

Manjushree Thapa, author of the book.

10 | Alliance Baza{a}r | Nov-Dec 2009

Poet Bairagi Kainla read the original version of his poem translated by Manjushree Thapa.

© Ingrid Chiron

The audience love for Kutumba.

Why not enjoying the meal on nice lawn!

Amazing dancers!

Ashmita Ranjit, multitalented artist during her performance.

Bairagi Kainla handed over all royalties of the book offered by ‘The Printhouse’ to the non-profit Down’s Syndrome Association, Nepal.

© bikas rauniyar/ the kathmandu post


Kutumba performed their new compositions.

Alliance Baza{a}r | Nov-Dec 2009 | 11

{Le Bistrot}

Opening Hours Monday to Friday 7am - 6:30pm

So, if you are looking for diversity and atmosphere, for a place to feel at ease, well here you are: stone’s throw from the top of the world, "Le Bistrot" of the Alliance Française in Kathmandu proposes you a creative and refined food with a perfect combination of freshness and delicacy. "Le Bistrot" is proving to be the ideal place to relax, to have a chat with friends, to meet people and to do this so French experience of la table. And if you don't have time to stay for the lunch, just come to relax for a moment with a delicious ice-tea or to enjoy a table soccer game with your friends! The menus are online:

Alliance Française in Kathmandu's garden Tripureshwor, Teku Road (next to Xerox showroom)

Le Bistrot team

is n o w , a n d it wn e d ays m o s it , s s o it s e n d ip s a il h o ve s t s ’s e e t c ro om in I’ h ing c e Bis t e a rs s way le t t h Eve r y t t wo y g o n n t a lo e h a or m o re t o t r ave l t ime f be e n m e n ts t we did c o n t in It h a s e a ll y, ! e r e v t d fi u ig n o e s a r e n e w, os t th s; t o d t he cr re d a lm o rs o r s p ic e lo p jo ine d t a ls o x u e b v e r. We yo u r o rs, fla v e a s s a nce, t le t o ge t h be s e x p e r ie us t o p t the us me n xc it ing ow e io fin d o u r n is a a v m n en al and h e te a T e It ’s b e . . p s u o r ig in w d u o av b ok s u re t we t o t a s te y p le a u te s s t h at m o u rs o e r g is n ir e it e th nd ch a ll le ad a s t f or f u ll o f e the t he be to tak t hem y g d in a h e r C h iro n e w is Ing r id bye by t hem e. t o c om

r De a r f

ie n d s,

12 | Alliance Baza{a}r | Nov-Dec 2009

{Interview} Manisha Pokharel AFK Student

When and why did you start to learn French ? I am always fascinated by cultures and when I got to know that French is the second language largely spoken in the world, I wanted to learn it so that I can be familiar with the world. Secondly, my elder brother used to be student at Alliance Française so why I got encouraged to learn it. I wanted to do my higher studies in France. Due to these reasons I started to learn French at Alliance Francaise since 2007, January 29th.but now I know more reasons for being a francophone, it is beneficial for earning a living as well. In your opinion, why people should learn French ? Having knowledge of anything is always good. Since French is widely spoken in the whole world, people will get benefited if they know it. If one wishes to know different cultures, wants to do higher studies in the francophone countries, French language helps. Nepalese knowing French can work in the sector of tourism because many tourists come here to know about its culture n natural beauties. Where were you last August ? Why ? I was chosen by Alliance Française de katmandou for a month long scholarship in France so I was in France in the month of august. What did you do, where did you go during one month ? During a month, I visited some parts of France. During the first week in Paris, I visited most of the famous places like La Tour Eiffel, Le Château de Versailles, Louvres Museum, Disneyland etc. I visited the city in bateau-mouche at night. After that I went to Besançon where I completed a course of French at CLA. We were taken to visit places during weekends to know more about franc, French culture and tradition. What's your first impression when you arrived in Paris ? I had never gone out of Katmandu before but going to France was an excitement as well as a new experience. I also feared a bit and it was obvious I guess. When I reached Paris (it was already midnight) I had mixture of fear and excitement. I found Paris equally as marvelous as I had heard of or seen in TV5 .I got amazed seeing its modern marvels and fast life. What's your best souvenir in France ? I think the best souvenir of France for me is its architectural beauties. The ancient palaces, buildings, monuments that I had only read in my history book were superb. I can never forget the organized infrastructures of France, pollution free environment, humble people who helped me there. I got to meet many students from different parts of the world and know about their cultures as well. Do you plan to go back to France ? Since longtime, I had thought of doing my higher studies in France due to my scholarship, if got to know about French universities and also got a chance to study in a university though it was for a short time. I liked the way the teachers taught us, the teaching methodologies. I will certainly try to do my higher studies in France and hope to grab a French degree. Alliance Baza{a}r | Nov-Dec 2009 | 13

{Courses} Feel free to come ! Whoever wishes to learn French and whatever the reason (professional, pleasure ...), come to the Alliance Française to study in a friendly atmosphere. Enjoy understanding and speaking this beautiful and useful language. Our teachers will help you to progress from the basis to the the advanced levels through various activities in lively classes.

 AFK Levels At the Alliance Française in Kathmandu, we have chosen a rhythm of 50 hours per session, in order to settle a step by step learning pace of the required skills and knowledge. There are 14 levels, following the program of the three Connexions French books. We also use the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages to describe the level and progress of our students in accordance with a largely used and recognized scale of language proficiencies. According to the six levels of proficiency defined by the Council of Europe, students are then able to reach level A1 (Breakthrough level) after three sessions, A2 (Survival level) after 6 or 7 sessions, and B1 (the first stage of Independent User) after 12 sessions. You can start the classes from any point: if you are not a beginner, you will just have to take a test before admission to check which level matches your proficiency. 14 | Alliance Baza{a}r | Nov-Dec 2009

AFK levels


Connexions book

Beginner 1


Connexion 1





Elementary 1






Intermediate 1






Advanced 1










DELF levels


Connexions 2


Connexions 3 B1

DELF and DALF examinations The DELF (Diplôme d'Etudes en Langue Française) and DALF (Diplôme Approfondi en Langue Française) are the official French proficiency diplomas delivered by the French Ministry of Education to non native French language speakers. These diplomas are valid forever, without any time limit. DELF and DALF diplomas are in fully accord with the six levels of proficiency defined by the Council of Europe. These levels have been specified to describe objectively any European language. Examination dates : 4 -8 January 2010 Admissions : 1 - 19 December 2009 Fees : Rs 1000, 1800, or 2500 according to the level Candidates interested in taking these exams can benefit from a specific training program at the Alliance Française, during two weeks before the exams. Contact us for more details, or visit

French Session for Trekking Professionals In Nepal, a lot of trekkers come from French speaking countries, creating a growing demand for guides able to work using French language. This is why Alliance française, with all its experience in educational field, propose a special program for trekking professionals, in order to teach them what they really need to know in French. These classes (three levels of 40 hours each) are based on an oral approach, to develop all the oral skills needed by the professionals, to speak as naturally as possible.

Q&A "I don’t speak English", "I haven’t my SLC" : can I register ? Any professional can join the classes, either the complete beginner or the one who already speak some French : the former will start from the beginning while the latter will take a test before the session starts to determine what his level is. No need to be fluent in English to take classes : the levels are taught by Nepalese teachers and the classes are mainly conducted in French.

"But I don’t have much time" : when are organized the classes ? From 14th December to 12th January 2010 (two hours a day from Monday to Friday). Contact us for more details, or visit Alliance Baza{a}r | Nov-Dec 2009 | 15

think high, study in france

16 | Alliance Baza{a}r | Nov-Dec 2009

{CampusFrance} CampusFrance

National agency for promoting French higher education abroad. Campus France, National agency to promote French higher education abroad is dedicated to international mobility in higher education and research. The CampusFrance is supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of National Education and Higher Education and Research. The CampusFrance Desk in Nepal works in close association with the French Embassy and is single official agency for higher education in France present in Nepal. You can get free information and counseling from our desk. Service: Planning to study abroad is a process involving a sequence of steps that must begin well in advance of your anticipated arrival in France. CampusFrance helps you gather information, compare educational institutions and their programs, plan your budget, help to apply for admission, visa information, prepare for departure, and accomplish essential tasks upon arrival. Worldwide network: Campus France has established more than 100 offices in 80 countries. an official website visited 15,000 times each month, a complete information & search engine NOW starts to provide GRANT SEARCH ENGINE which might change your direction in best way which you have never think before!!! Check out Master of Science in Informatics at Grenoble GRENOBLE UNIVERSITES UniversitĂŠ Joseph Fourier/ UFR IMAG Institut polytechnique de Grenoble / ENSIMAG Tuition fees: Approximately 400 Euro/Year Deadline for applications: May 31 Web site: Communication Systems Engineering Master GRENOBLE INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY POLITECNICO DI TORINO Tuition fees: Approximately 750 Euro/Year Deadline for applications: April 15 Website: Contact us for free counseling

ESPACE CampusFrance ALLIANCE FRANÇAISE IN KATHMANDU Tripureshwor, Teku Road (next to Xerox showroom) Tel: 4241163 Fax: 4242621 E-mail: Web: / Check out the program offered, log on for complete information regarding higher studies in France. Alliance Baza{a}r | Nov-Dec 2009 | 17

{Translation Desk}

Looking for a translation? The translation desk of the Alliance Franรงaise stands there for you. From Nepali or English to French or, French to Nepali or English. For any kind of document, official or non official documents : Standard Certificate (form type) Citizenship, birth, marriage, death, domicile, Police report, Driving licence, School & university certificates Official and non-official technical documents Legal attestation, Commercial contracts or documents, Statutes of an organization, Adoption related papers, Medical documents, Tourism related documents, Movies scripts, subtitling, Articles (magazines, newspapers, etc.) The desk is open Monday, Tuesday and Friday from 9.30 to 12.30. Visit our website: For more information or details, please contact us at 4241163, 4242832 Email:


The French Constitution in Nepali The French Embassy, in collaboration with the Alliance franรงaise of Kathmandu, has translated into Nepali the pertinent parts of the French Constitution in order to bring a contribution to the ongoing discussions about the New Constitution of Nepal. This booklet can be obtained, free of charge and of any copyright limitations, at the French Embassy or at The Alliance franรงaise. It is also available in electronic format below.The Translations has been officially presented on September 10th, 2009, to the Honourable Mr. Subash Newang, President of Parliament, by the Interparliamentary group France-Nepal represented by three members of the French Upper House, Senators Yvon Collin (President of the Group) and Senators Simon Sutour and Jean Faure. Download the .pdf version from 18 | Alliance Baza{a}r | Nov-Dec 2009

Alliance Baza{a}r | Nov-Dec 2009 | 19

{Library} Une visite à la médiathèque... A tour of Library...

With its audiovisual room, its reading space and the children’ corner, the Library meets the most diverse demands about every aspects of contemporary France.

What can I find at the Library ? Resources You can find a wide range of documents in French. There are also some documents in English, distinguished by a yellow label. Visitor can of course find French-speaking literature, but also a particularly important comic books collection, French movies DVDs with English subtitles, magazines and newspapers, CDs and the Frenchspeaking channel TV5. French for beginners Easy-to read books in French, films with English subtitles, comics, music: there are a lot of documents that a beginner in French can consult in our library! Follow the Beginner label in the shelves. Students learning French will also find textbooks, exercise books and easy-to-read French literature in order to complete their training. Children's corner A special room with books, magazines , comics, CD's and films meant to the very young as well as for teenagers.

One can consult freely all the documents at the Library. In order to borrow some documents, the visitor has to take out a Basic, Multimedia or Family subscription. Institutional membership is also available for schools, firms, NGOs, etc. Opening hours : The Library is open Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 8am to 6:30pm, and Sundays from noon to 4pm. It is closed on Thursdays and Saturdays and during the Alliance Française’ public holidays. 20 | Alliance Baza{a}r | Nov-Dec 2009

Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clézio Born 13 april 1940, usually identified as J. M. G. Le Clézio, is a globetrotting French author, professor, and Nobel Laureate in 2008. The author of over forty works was awarded the 1963 Prix Renaudot for his novel Le Procès-verbal. Recently acquired at library : «J.M.G. Le Clézio» (Gallimard/CulturesFrance Editions), a biography by Gérard de Cortanze with Audio CD including three interviews. A book to understand the complex and subtle Le Clézio's world. Find out these best-sellers by J.M.G. Le Clézio also available at the Library :

>>>>>>>> How can I become a member? The library is open to everybody, but to borrow some documents it is compulsory to be a member. To become a member, a proof of identity and a proof of residence must be submitted, along with a membership form and two photographs. Membership forms are available at the borrowing desk, can also be downloaded from our website.

External visitor Duration (months)




































Basic: Books, periodicals, comics Total documents: 6 Multimedia: Books, periodicals, comics + CDs, DVDs, CD-ROMs Total documents: 11 Family: A complete membership for the entire family Total documents: 22 Institutional: Open to institutions, organizations, schools, etc. Total documents: 30

Alliance Baza{a}r | Nov-Dec 2009 | 21

{Supporters & Sponsors} Alliance Franรงaise in Kathmandu is grateful to its sponsors for their valuable support.

b&n w w w . b n . c o m . n p

Nepal Tourism Board


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