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2012 BRANCH COUNCIL MEETING DATES: Governments have responsibility for the education of ALL young people. David Gonski, the government’s own choice, has recommended a change to the way school education is funded in Australia. That is, that it should be on the basis of need. Our young people comprise the most important resource this country has, and they are more important than the stuff you can dig from the ground or harvest from a paddock. Our young people, with a high level of education, can ensure the economic prosperity and social cohesion of this country well into the future. The federal government MUST ensure the implementation of Gonski’s recommendations and also review all aspects of its education policy to ensure it meets the needs of students, not its political needs. The first step should be to clearly define what a high quality education is, and to develop a mechanism for assessing the quality of education that is much more accurate than the mediocre diagnostic test which is NAPLAN. The Gillard Government has hung its education reputation on a website that hides more than it reveals. And there were the computers which were not needed and cannot be supported with

the current level of resourcing, the introduction of a “National Curriculum” which is based on political imperative rather than student need, and finally on a lot of buildings which are welcome but can hardly be said to have improved outcomes for students. The reality is that since Gillard became involved in education policy Australia’s results in international comparisons have declined because she has forced all jurisdictions to focus on NAPLAN results. Further, she has clung to Howard’s failed SES funding model and now baulks at truly addressing the inequity of outcomes in this country by embracing Gonski’s recommendations. All education professionals have an obligation to challenge the Gillard government and the Opposition to do something positive for the future of our country rather than focussing on their political futures.

Roger Amey Acting Branch President

Branch Council meets on the following Saturdays in 2012 at J Block Theatre, Reid Campus CIT from 9:00am - 12 noon. Please arrive by 9:00am as a quorum must be present by 9:30am or the meeting lapses. Papers are available from 8:45am. Tea and coffee is also provided but please bring a mug. • 24 March • 26 May • 23 June • 18 August • 22 September • 27 October • 24 November For the information of new Councillors, Business Papers are forwarded through the Union’s maildrop via Sub-Branch Secretaries at least 1 week prior to the meeting. This is your chance to have your say!

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