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legs and maintain fitness.


“The door wouldn't open, so I climbed out of the driver's window and crawled as far from the car as I could to feel safe.”

“I now wear a very small ankle brace for when I am walking anywhere or standing for an extended period,” Nazli said.

Witnesses, including a work colleague who was travelling minutes behind Nazli, came to her aid, and she was taken to Fiona Stanley Hospital and later to Royal Perth Hospital.

“I see my physiotherapist twice a week and have started pool rehab. As an ocean swimmer, being back in the water is magic. I can't swim much more than 400 metres, but that's better than a few weeks ago."

Journey Cover is provided to all financial members of the union. If a member has an accident while travelling to and from work that results in an inability to work, they may be entitled to a benefit for any lost income.

Nazli had sustained upper, middle and lumbar spinal fractures, a fractured pelvis and cuts to her left knee and ankle in the accident. She was confined to a wheelchair for several months while her neck, spine and ankle healed, and wore a neck brace to avoid overextending her neck and thoracic spine. During this time, Nazli spent two hours a day in the rehabilitation gym to build strength in her arms and

“I also meet with a stress therapist to work through my trauma; these feelings come in waves, but I'm certain that in time, I will be alright.” Nazli has been unable to work since her accident, and recovery is her priority. But she has not had to worry about the financial cost of her ordeal due to being eligible for the AEU's Journey Cover Insur-

Nazli has been able to pay her bills and out-of-pocket medical expenses, as well as maintain her mortgage payments. “I never in my wildest dreams imagined that I would be this well supported,” she said. “I am a new teacher and had never considered how valuable this sort of cover is, especially because I had very little holiday leave accrued. My holiday leave ran out after 10 days. “(Before) I wasn't 100 per cent aware of how my union supported its members outside the


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