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* This script contains some adult content including language, dialogue and situations that may not be appropriate for young readers. Some content will be removed or changed for broadcast purposes.

FADE IN: 1 EXT. PALM GLADE HIGH SCHOOL - SOCCER FIELD A playing field adjacent to the high school, dotted with a half dozen 14, 15 year old BOYS in soccer uniforms. They kick a soccer ball between them, warming up for practice. 2 EXT. PALM GLADE HIGH SCHOOL - SOCCER FIELD PARKING LOT – Callie’s KIA SORRENTO pulls into the parking lot, noses up to an empty spot across from the field. 3 INT. CALLIE’S KIA SORRENTO Callie with Jeff, who’s wearing the same uniform as the other kids, flips a soccer ball back and forth between his hands. Callie takes note of his additional nervous energy. CALLIE Pretty exciting, huh? JEFF It’s just after-school soccer camp. CALLIE Your last soccer camp before you’re officially a freshman here. (off his silence) Freshman? High School? (off his silence) Okay, well I’m excited. JEFF Awesome for you. CALLIE Jeff. She takes a beat. Knows what’s going on here -JEFF Mom. I’m not nervous about next year. CALLIE Well obviously not, since you’re taking my head off for no reason. Busting him on his attitude. Jeff takes a beat.

JEFF Maybe I am a little nervous. She smiles, starts to dig something out of her purse -CALLIE Here’s the check for Coach Ryan. She starts to hand him the check. JEFF You can give it to him. CALLIE Aren’t you mortified to be seen with your mother? JEFF When I was ten, maybe. Play the beat, then they trade smiles, get out of the car and head for the soccer field. 4 EXT. PALM GLADE HIGH SCHOOL - SOCCER FIELD - CONTINUOUS 4 They approach the other PLAYERS, warming up. CALLIE Does Coach still teach Biology? JEFF Yeah. CALLIE Maybe you’ll end up in his class. JEFF Sophomore Biology. CALLIE Oh. Right. JEFF But he said his door was always open if I needed anything. CALLIE That was nice of him. JEFF Yeah, he’s a pretty good guy. Everybody loves him. He’s like the best teacher at Palm Glade High. They land near the practice squad, Callie looking around for the Coach.

CALLIE It’s not like him to be late. A ball rolls toward Callie and she kicks it back to the kids who are playing with it. She checks the time -CALLIE Well, I’ve got to get to work. (hands Jeff the check) See that he gets this? JEFF I will. Bye, mom. See ya. Jeff moves over to join the other kids. Callie turns to leave, but stops when she hears some distant shouting. She looks over by the bleachers and spots two JOGGERS waving and trying to get anyone’s attention. Their body language indicates whatever they’re waving about is serious. Commotion that now has Jeff’s attention. JEFF What’s going on over there? CALLIE I don’t know. (a concerned beat, then) Stay here a second. Callie starts over, Jeff watches her go. After a beat he registers her growing concern, and follows her. 5 EXT. PALM GLADE HIGH SCHOOL - BLEACHERS - DAY 5 Callie and Jeff arrive as the Joggers come out from beneath the bleachers, now in a full on panic – FEMALE JOGGER Oh my God, oh my God - someone call 911.

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The Glades - Iron Pipeline Script Preview  
The Glades - Iron Pipeline Script Preview  

The Glades - Iron Pipeline Script Preview