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When you walked through the festival gate you entered a special place. SLOT is a few days away from the daily routine. Even though the clock face still has 12 hours on it, time here is thicker. It can also be surprisingly deep, so beware. Since we’ve mentioned a daily routine- we don’t want to avoid it permanently. If you find that your routine is more beautiful when you get back to it, then we’ll feel that this 19th festival is a success. Whatever may come, the new festival slogan remains... SLOT ART FESTIVAL – THE ART OF LIFE WELCOME TO SLOT!!!!! fot. Łukasz Krzywda




fot. Łukasz Krzywda

page 3 festival rules 4 SLOT ART FESTIVAL 2011 – stages each day- where, who, when 6 festival info 10 workshops – by round 11 SLOT agency 12 workshops – descriptions 32 main stage 34 map 38 clubbing stage 42 experiential stage 44 reggae tent 46 hardcore punk club 48 unplugged stage 49 cafe pralnia stage 51 small stage 52 revolutionary-literary stage 54 seminars 57 social initiatives fair 59 PRO Zone 60 consultation point 61 slot film 63 exhibitions 66 worship LAB 67 green SLOT 68 SLOT club 68 organizer

fot. Mateusz ‘Matek’ Bilski


festival rules


5 days free from chemicals and violence:

* on the festival terrain there is an absolute ban on consuming, possessing or handling any sort of alcohol, drug (it doesn’t matter what kind) or any other mind-altering substance. Security has the right to control and confiscate any such substance – people under the influence of any of the above will not be allowed onto festival terrain. * possessing, and even more, using any object that could threaten the health or life of another person is totally forbidden. * wearing wristband /name tag on your neck / is obligatory. Please, show the wristband / nametag before crossing the festival gates and at every security call or information desk request. If you break these rules you will be escorted off the festival terrain by security! One more thing: after 22:00 please try to keep as quiet as possible on the camping grounds so you won’t disturb your neighbors. The festival day is from 11:00 to 11:00.

information (location i)

The most informed place! You’ll find all necessary info connected to SAF ’11 here daily from 8:00-23:00. Polish and other languages spoken.

medical point (location 2)

If you need any kind of medical care it’s available here 24 hours a day.

slot shop (location 56)

Just inside the main courtyard, close to the main stage. From 10.00- .00.30 daily you can buy all sorts of slot gadgets as well as CDs from bands playing at the SAF this year.


SLOT ART FESTIVAL 2011 - stages each day- where, who, when tuesday, 5.07 main stage / page 32 / location: DS 20:00 20:45 21:45 23:00 00:00

Bipolar Bears (from 20:30) The Poise Rite +SVRMPNDC@ QJMRT

small stage / page 51 / location: 53

wednesday, 6.07

Stage of Unity (from 20:30) Frenchman Izrael QJMRT

17:30 18:15 19:00

hardcore punk club / page 46 / location: 53

Because Mairess +DDĂ–,MLC@W



Sun for Miles

20:45 22:15



22:00 CČŠQ





DJDIRPMLHI@ Upalny Himself / -MLDĂ–Ă–'@IS "@KHJĂ–Ă–5HQS@JĂ–3MĂ–&MĂ– Malaga


&Ĺ­WIĂ–/ ( *Ă–3PHM




!@QGKDLRĂ–-HFGR #PD@CQOS@CĂ– Ă–*@"D9DR Frenchman



cafe pralnia stage / page 49 / location: 16

clubbing - dance floor / page 38 / location: 46


clubbing - chillout / page 38 / location: 39 22:00 CČŠQ TČŠQ

experiential stage / page 52 / location: 26 reggae tent / page 44 / location: 59

unplugged / page 48 / location: 41 00:30

social film / page 57 / location: 46 18:00

slot film / page 61 / location: 53 00:30



SLOT ART FESTIVAL 2011 - stages each day- where, who, when

thursday, 7.07

friday, 8.07

saturday, 9.07

winner small stage %HĂšCPMIH DVA -MĂ–+MLFDPĂ–,SQHB QJMRT

winner small stage "GDBIMJ@C@ Japoto 3GDĂ–2NHPHRĂ–3G@RĂ–&SHCDQĂ–4Q QJMRT

winner small stage Dash Ocean *HKĂ–-MU@I QJMRT


'DPMDQĂ–FDRĂ–PDKDKADPDC Neith Fat belly family

"MBIPM@BG Ebola Cereal Bolilol



Face of Reality


"MJDQJ@T Wru& Prosfer









Kari Amirian




1@FF@KSĂœLĂ–-HFGR Jam Vibez Reggae Tent Crew













festival info Café Wirydarz (Laundry) (location 41)

Open 24 hours a day, this unique café is set in the small courtyard of the castle. We’ve got a new name, but the same atmosphere. This on your way to anywhere and everywhere is close. A place to relax, be quiet and slow down. Come anytime and bring your friends. We’re known for our great coffee and chocolate, plus Café Jeżyna (Blackberry) (location 53) we’ll serve you any number of other goodies. This year we’ve got more new things for you! And totally for free we offer unforgettable We’ll serve an even wider range of breakfast fo- conversations, literary slams and unplugged ods. New bands and the fresh sounds of Hard- concerts. core Punk and the Small Stage mix with Jeżyna Eastern Tent (location 52) tea during nightly movies. Audio-visual interior, Feel the spontaneous breeze from the east: photo exhibits and animation. And this year the- workshops, seminars, films, slides, and discusre’s no mosquitoes!! Don’t believe us? Come and sions over chai. see! We’ll be waiting daily from 8.00 ‘til the last Small courtyard building (location 42) client. See ya! A perfect place to hide away. Rain or shine you’ll Café Kalafior (Cauliflower) (location 49) find room here to drink tea or play a board game. The furthest point in the SLOT craziness. You can Come and make yourself at home. rest between our cool walls on those hot days to the sounds of peaceful music then at night sail Game Room (location 42) away to crazy club rhythms. Here you’ll find the Come back to the ‘90’s, those wonderful childhobest hot water servers around. Great coffee and od years for many of us. In this room in the small delicious sandwiches will get you going for the courtyard you’ll find Nintendo, board games, Disney stories, old school sweets, evening attracfestival whirlwind. tions (movies, tournaments…), and super nice seKIWIarnia (location 57) rvers from Ziom Jan. Come to the Kiwi- a place where you can take a breath and relax from all the activities. The Fair Trade (location 57) refreshing scent of kiwis mix with the smells of Look- try-buy delicious coffee, tea and other coffee and tastes of specially made cakes. Besi- products from poverty-stricken countries. des filling your energy tank you’ll be able to re- You’re invited to the cafes and booths connecfill your spiritual tank as well. Save some time ted to this movement which guarantees small producers and farmers a fair price for their for KIWI! products and supports development of the loCafé Pralnia (Laundry) (location 16) cal society. You’ll find info about Fair Trade at Peaceful, sunny and full of joy, peace and love. the booths run by the Society for Third World Rest from the rush on sofas while you drink Fair Trade and Us, Polish Green Net and in fejuice and listen to the sounds of light. Charge stival clubs. SLOT is a member of the Coalition your batteries and surprise yourself in great for Fair Trade. ( company. For dessert check out our evening program and surprise events. We’re waiting for you!

Café Gafa (location 34)

At last... a hip hop place at SLOT! Gafa has changed its image. As someone once said, “Coffee and hip hop get me going.” So, there will be rap and there will be coffee. As well as tea, soul, jazz… Freestyle! Come and check us out!


festival info


small stage – tent by the carriage house (location 53); time 17:30-20:00

main stage – main courtyard – (location DS); This is the competition stage where young, time 20:00-0:30 ambitious bands have the possibility to present Each day four bands will play on this stage, inclu- their music to a wider public. The audience will ding the winner of the Small Stage from the pre- vote for and choose their favorite band from the vious day. Slotv at the end of the concert. ones that play each day. That winner will open clubbing stage-cauliflower café – (location the concert on the main stage the next night.

46 i 39); time 22:00-5:00

Once again, no lack of partying here…we’ll try to assure you sleepless nights with 2 stages for house/ techno/ electro/ funky/ breaks/ drum’n’bass/ dubstep/ chillout + visualization

revolutionary-literary stage (location 41)

Dearest poet comrades! Prose writers! Children of Art! We warmly invite you to the Revolutionary- Literary Stage where we’ll dig into the depths of “Polish thoughts” from the pages of “literature experiential stage – cathedral (location 26); for all”- rebellion, writing workshops and anecdotime 0:30 tes from the literary life. Workshops, “Open MiOur new proposal- here in the cathedral each ke”, original work evenings, and slam with prizes. night we’ll share unusual experiences and good (See details on page 52). chemistry. Between jazz, classical, electronic and workshops experimental. Unique music in a unique place. About 120 this year including, manual, theater,

reggae tent – in the main courtyard (location musical, sport, psychological, language and many 59); time 0:30 others. Each workshop is offered daily for 1 hoJamaican music has more than one face and we always try to show the best ones in the tent, far from what happened in Tivoli Garden in Kingston last spring. Come dance on the hard ground!

ur 45 minutes during one (or more) of 3 rounds between the hours of 11.00 and 17.00. They’re spread all over the SLOT grounds.

seminars hardcore punk club – tent by the carriage ho- Theory and practics, Mind and body. Those who use (location 53); time 21:00-23:00 like to act and those who find joy in thinkingJust like last year we’ll focus on bands from the often the two don’t meet. This year the seminars hc/punk scene integrate theory with practics and teach us to unplugged stage – café wirydarz (location think so that we can act. Come!

41); time 0:30

social initiatives fair – (location 38)

Not always acoustic, but always with character! Open from 16.00 to 19.00 daily. You’ll find boLots of sweet and mellow, yet dynamic, sounds. oths, exhibits and presentations of organizapralnia stage – Café Pralnia (location 16); tions that responded to our invitation this year. time 20:45 Even with their differences these organizations A mix of styles and voices on a professional le- have one thing in common. They all believe that vel, classical and alternative with a twist. Sur- our personal involvement can change the realiprises and guests are planned. Discover some- ty around us. thing new! exhibits – ArtCathedral (location 23-32) The art of life Promising. Fresh. Current. From the past- a fruitful future.


festival info

We look higher. We look deeper. We aim wider. We want to shock you with intensity. We hope to amaze you with individuality. We will conquer the ART Cathedral and awaken thousands of emotions. One of a kind. Unforgettable. Clear. Precious and bringing LIFE!

Created to move (location 61)

A place where good fun is all that matters, Here you can send your time actively and relax. Start the day with exercise by borrowing sport equipment, climbing a wall (even at night), or play “people football”. If you want to work your mind we’ve got Sudoku, comics and cross-word puzSLOTfilm – ArtCathedral (location 53); time zles. For those of you who are really tired we’ve got one-of-a-kind Wrocław lawn chairs. 0:30 No one ever changed the world by pleasing eve- Serious questions and honest conversaryone and living according to expectations. True, tions, stories, faith and prayer: but with a wink, a dose of humor and a shot of If you’re interested in deepening the spiritual side hope! of your life, if you struggle with questions or proLadies and gentlemen, SLOTfilm invites you to blems and want to talk, if you’re interested in the come! practics of being a Christian you might want to Be warned! Tears, laughter and emotions will check out some of the following propositions: flow like a river…. • Eye to eye – a quiet space, set aside for prayer, meditation and reflection 24/7 – locaEastern Tent (location 52) tion nr 8. Salam alejkum! In this oriental, Eastern atmosphere you can le- • WorshipLAB – experiment, creation, perforarn more about distant cultures while enjoying mance, remix, chill-out, meditation. This year the words are ora and LABora- pray and work. More tea (not from a bag!): info on page 66. Come to: workshops (games, communication basics, cros- • Prayer Concert – Prayer Concert (location DS); time 9:30-10:30. s-cultural communication) On this stage, the only audience is the Creator of slides (Albania, Morocco) the World. The concert is given by you with help films (mainly Iranian) seminars ( the face of Islamic peoples, women from some musicians. Come and spend some tiin Central Asia- myths and reality, the father of me expressing your prayers with others. nations- democracy in the East, about Isaac, his • „Road Help” – in the Café META-noja you can talk over all those hard questions and other brother Ishmael and Isa walking on water) meet interesting people, discuss with them and things while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea. There drink czai ‘til the early hours. Come to the tent will be a multi-denominational group of educaby the big tree, read details of the program and tors, psychologists, therapists, pastors and “normal people” available to help. They’re united in a have fun with us! deep faith, aren’t afraid of the tough questions Sau bol! and guarantee you honesty and discretion. Extreme Summer (location 54) Summer, water, beach... it’s not a slogan. This • True Life Stories – tales from people who hayear we’ll serve only the best on the beach. Chill- ve been changed by God. location 9 out will come on loungers on the sand with beach Radio report- 15.00, live meeting 17.30 volleyball and skimboarding. Mega crazy djs will provide the tunes. Gotta b there! .

festival info


• Consultation Point – for people struggling with addiction. Daily 13.00-14.45, location 7, seminars at 17.00, location 19. More info on page 60.


The place where we focus on an issue that none of us can avoid- WORK. Whether we want to or not, we all have to find our place in this area. We’re convinced that the less randomly we approach it the more satisfaction and pure enjoyment, aside from financial gain, we can have from this activity that generates the “means to survive”. We recommend two cycles dealing with this theme: ECONOMIC INTERVIEWS location: Café Pralnia, round 1 (11.00-12.45) Meetings with people actively involved in various areas of work and business How to create and develop your own businesslocation 22, round 2 (13.00-14.45) Led by Keith Shortley (UK) business consultant (more info on page 59).

Green SLOT

New this year! The beginning of a dialog about combining our strengths in the fight for the good around us that was given by the Creator. Take up the challenge- look at your life and ask yourself, “What else could I change to be more friendly to my surroundings, the environment, people, animals….” (more info on page 67). A guarantee of a good time for the youngest SLOT participants! This year we’ll have two groups: -Younger kids (ages 3-5) will meet in the Lubiąż pre-school and playground. Childcare will be from 10.00-18.00 daily. There will be games in a wellequipped room, drawing, painting and bubbles. - Older kids (ages 6-10) will meet at the Lubiąż culture house upstairs. From 11.30-15.30 there will be workshops and special classes for them.

fot. arch. SAF

discovery club (location 66 i 65)



Workshops name of workshop – place number ROUND 1 [11:00-12:45]


ROUND 2 [13:00-14:45]


ROUND 3 [15:00-16:45]


Workshops / SLOT AGENCY


LEGS – 64C, GERMAN IN PLAY – 17, PLASTER CASTS – 29, PERCUSSIONALIA – MUSICAL EXPERIMENTATION – 15, SCREENPLAY WRITING – 46, SCREAMO – THE ART OF SCREAMING – 65A, LEATHERWORK – 11, SLOTminiTRACKER – 55*, AIM, FIRE AT ECO-STYLE! – DECOUPAGE – 11B, DECORATIVE CANDLES – 30, BALLROOM DANCING FOR BEGINNERS – 64B, DANCING WITH FLAGS – 62A, PHOTOGRAPHY FOR BEGINNERS – 13, LITERARY WORKSHOPS – 42, PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP – FOTOGRAM – 31, DRUM KIT – 41, ZUMBA – 64A, CONTACT JUGGLING – 58, WELL-SPICED ART – 25 * - means that the named space is only the meeting place and the workshop will take place somewhere else! max. – maximum amount of participants in the workshop / level: 1, 2, 3


fot. Łukasz Dunikowski


We’ve created the possibility of interesting work for people who would like to share their artistic, juggling, craft, sport, etc. knowledge and talents. Our proposition is especially for those working as freelancers or those who are open for extra work. The offer of workshops and creative activities is made with agencies or firms in mind who would hire that sort of help. Artistic projects, integration parties, city festivals and family celebrations are just some of the ideas for places where we could bring fresh SLOT quality and ideas. We are active the whole year all over Poland. By making use of the good reputation we have built though the years as SLOT we hope to utilize our potential and build a business that will support the SLOT Art Festival and other SLOT projects. If you’re interested in our offer or in co-working with us, please visit the site: or write to us at:



1. TIME LAPSE ANIMATION  round 3 / place 3 / level 1 / max. 20

Zbigniew Tenerowicz – degree in IT, film animation is his hobby We’ll create movement out of inanimate images with cameras. We’ll learn some tricks of time lapse animation and we’ll see that it requires only patience and creativity. Everyone can find within them the talent to move something still. We’ll need one camera or cell phone with an SD memory card per group. We can divide into groups once the workshop begins :-)

2. INTERNET APPLICATIONS – advice and directions for all  round 1 / place 46 / level 2 / max. 30 Daniel Mendalka – degree in IT, works at the Mobile Lab, Poly-Technical University, Poznan Internet applications are not just www pages. Come and find out how to begin your adventure with this dynamically developing environment and what you can create in a simple Internet search engine.

3. BADMINTON  round 1 / place 62B / level 1 / max 24

Krzysztof Pokorski – degree in International Relations, fascinated with paddles from childhood, goalie Explaining the rules, warm-up, single and double… playing badminton. Izabela Haÿduk-Hawrylak – musician and lawyer, has danced for years The workshop contains the basics of classical ballet (including the French terms) accompanied by the greatest works of classical music. In the program we also have stage movement, sensing space and the dependence between dancers, correcting posture, elements of improvisation, training your memory of movement and learning confidence on stage. I suggest you have ballet

fot. Mateusz ‘Matek’ Bilski

4. BALLET  round 3 / place 4 / level 1 / max 15



slippers and a comfortable, loose outfit, or a one- the theory of bike polo and its rules, playing bike piece ballet costume, also large pieces of fabric polo, taking the bike apart and preserving it, taking apart the stick. We want to show how much for the final performance. 5. SOAP BUBBLES  round 3 / place 62 / level fun a bike can be and what interesting things you can do on it. Bike polo is great entertainment 1 / max 20 Henryk Tereszczak – runs his own firm speciali- especially for people who ride bikes often. You need to be able to ride a bike to take part and zing in artistic performances and workshops We’ll make bubbles by hand in various ways. We’ll we’ll teach you the rest! make small ones, big ones and tunnel rings aro- 9. MODELING CLAY JEWELRY  round 3 / und us. We’ll make them smaller, blow small bub- place 14 / level 1 / max 15 bles into bigger ones and catapult them up into Ola Krasnoborska – graduate of an art High the air. We will also play bubble ping-pong… we’ll School, student of art education all have a lot of fun. Make beads, charms and other things, then finish 6. BASS RULES!!! Learn to play the bass gu- them off with nail polish. Hope to encourage you to be creative and look for other modeling opporitar  round 1 / place 3 / level 1 / max 30 Daniel Dębniak – bass player for the band OX tunities after SLOT. You will be able to relax by working with modeling clay and you won’t have to (on the main stage this year) for 11 years The bass guitar is one of the most beautiful and make a trip to the store to get new jewelry! versatile instruments. Music without the bass is 10. FELT BRACELETS AND NECKLACES  rolike food without salt – you simply can’t eat it. The und 3 / place 27 / level 1 / max 10 new technologies incorporated in amplifiers and Anna Pichler – art historian, teacher, art theraeffects give so many new possibilities in playing py group leader this amazing instrument. The workshop will pre- Felting using a water technique. Before the pracsent many different methods of playing the bass tical part starts there will be a demonstration of in different styles of music. From the basis to a how to make felt. Every participant will design a project and make it. They’ll be able to take their bass heaven! 7. BATIK  round 1 / place 39 / level 2 / max creation home with them afterwards.


Karolina Oleksik – student of artistic education, has done batik for years Batik is the technique of dyeing fabric by applying bee wax and paint. It is said that batik is wax stained-glass windows – they come alive when we shine light through them.

11. GOSPEL CHOIR  round 1 / place 26 / level 1 / max 30

Sarah Allen – Studies Music, supporting program in Church Ministries, Stone Creek Church, Connections Pastor. She has directed a few gospel choirs, multicultural choirs and ministries. She plays the piano and sings, and writes music. 8. BIKE POLO  round 1, 2 / place 64D / level This workshop is about the history and culture of gospel music with song-writing and …singing. 2 / max 18 Szczepan Grosel and Krzysztof Kubrak – 12. BODY, MOVEMENT, ENERGY  round 2 / High School students, have ridden bikes radical- place 64a / level 1 / max 30 ly for years Anna Straczyńska – student of physical theraWe’d like to have a few stations at which we wo- py as well as choreography mad dance techniquuld teach some theoretical and practical things: es, has been in many concerts and shows



This workshop is for anyone who would like to learn to dance or who has danced before and needs more of it! We will work on our shape and condition as well as loosening up our bodies. Through modern dance and improvisation we will use all of our energy for natural movement. Comfortable clothing needed!

13. DID YOU KNOW THERE IS CREATIVITY LURKING IN YOU? TIME TO LET IT SHOW!   round 2 / place 17 / level 1 / max 25

Urszula Tabaka – dietician, student of business and administration, group social therapy leader, leads workshops on eating disorders and healthy eating The point of the workshop is to awaken the dozing creativity within us with exercises and games. We will work individually and in groups, and there will be mini-lectures (about intelligence and its types, creativity, the role of music in creation and learning through movement) woven in.

14. DIABOLO  round 2 / place 60 / level 2 / max 15

Bartosz Krawczyk – law student with string bass on the side. Began his adventure with the Diablo at SLOT 2006 and then was trained at a circus school in Ameins. Diabolo – a ball cut through the middle and reconnected, add a couple stick and a rope – it may be small, but it holds so many secrets! Discover them all!!! :-)

15. DIDGERIDOO – learning the basics of playing  round 2 / place 62A / level 1 / max 15

Ernest Drelich – masters degree in art education in music. I’d like to teach participants the basic technique of making sound, how to modulate, as well as circulatory breathing. This element of the workshop is geared towards people who have some knowledge of the basics already (though not necessarily). We will work individually, so that everyone fot. Mateusz ‘Matek’ Bilski



comes away with something, but of course we will play together as well.

16. DIGITALIZING DOCUMENTS   round 1 / place 4 / level 3 / max 15

Tomasz Nycz – student of cultural- visual anthropology in documentary film making Participants will learn about narration/biographical interviews and the work following the interview. We’ll talk about iconographic film, documentaries, how to film and interview and everything will be based on lots of examples. We’ll talk about coding, ethics, digitalization, organization of cultural events and space for expression.


Marta Kopczyńska – High School student, daughter of a photography workshop author Workshop/lecture about the history of photography and the historic and social nuances of the discovery of technical paintings. We will talk about the main turning points in photography’s history and show how the view of photography has changed through the years. We will ask questions such as why did the photo have to be created and why then? Why did “painting die” along with the creation of photography and why was the author of the first picture not the author of photography?

18. DRAMA ACT   round 2 / place 4 / level 3 / max 15

Marta Kontny – graduate in acting, participant of Atelier Monique Stalens in Paris The workshop will take place on many levels. The point is to bring attention to the basic abilities of the actor, diction, awareness of the body, the stage, creativity and using creativity in studies and acting tasks. The goal of the workshop is to put together a presentation, drama or short play to present at the end.



19. SCRATCH AND BOOKMARK-MANIA A simple workshop of working with movement 2-IN-1  round 1 / place 11B / level 1 / max 40 and word – a workshop of happening. We want Magdalena Fryz – student of landscape architecture, paints on glass, walls, ceilings, make ecological jewelry, interested in recycling Scratch is a graphic technique which stimulates the mind to act. We’ll create works of art using cardboard, wax crayons, ink and needles. Bookmark-Mania is a manual workshop during which we will make bookmarks, but with a little creativity your bookmark might turn into a bracelet or something else.

to stimulate creativity in the participants and give them the courage to pass it on. We’ll use performance art as our medium of expression, working on the edge of theater doing things like flash mob, theater of movement and happening. The workshop will not stop at the doorway of the room, but it might even stretch to encompass the whole festival grounds!

Piotr Piech – student, has his own business, involved with dreds since 2003 The workshop will be divided into two parts. The first will be devoted to a short lecture about the history and meaning of dreadlocks as well as what dreads are to people today. The second part will be the practical part. I’ll try to explain and show the technique of making dreads and how to maintain them. Anyone interested will be able to try their hand at dread-making.

The materials we will use to make furniture can all be found in a garbage can: cardboard, newspapers, old cans, lighters, bottles, plastic cups, etc. The point of this workshop is to expand your view of “sitting machines” and show that with a little bit of work and money we can make shelves, tables, chairs or completely change their original purpose. The game of making furniture out of garbage or unneeded things teaches us to be creative and responsible for our environment.

23. ECO DESIGN – eco furniture  round 1 / place 24 / level 2 / max 15

20. DRED-HOUSE  round 1 / place 59 / level Monika Wasiuk – student at the Fine Arts Academy in Wrocław in industrial design 2 / max 40

21. DREDS – alternative hairstyling  round 2 24. THE ELVISH ART OF WALKING ON A ROPE  round 1 / place 50A / level 1 / max / place 59 / level 1 / max 50 Maciej Wójcik – degree in philosophy, dreds are 25 Katarzyna Kubaszek – degree in electronic processing of information, involved in all sorts of artistic and musical projects Have you had enough of walking on solid ground? Move above it! Find your balance and walk as elves do, take deliberate and quiet steps along a line. Feel the weightlessness, improve your concentration and a hint of risk will deliver positive emotions. The secret of walking a line lies in finding internal balance. This workshop will im22. IT’S HAPPENING! – have a performan- prove you sense of balance, the feeling of your own body, it will improve your concentration and ce  round 3 / place 5 / level 1 / max 20 Sebastian Świąder – degree in cultural anima- exercise fortitude. tion, part of several theater groups his passion and since 2003 his source of income At this workshop you will be able to find out about the history of dreds, different techniques of making them, how to take care of them (retouching, washing, cosmetics), other treatments (thickening, elongating) and solving problems (such as breaking, dandruff, problems at school – discrimination). You will also be able to learn some practical stuff: how to make dreds, fix them and style them.



25. EUPHRATES AND TIGRIS – strategic board games  round 3 / place 53 / level 1 / max 12 Paweł Makuch – student of finance and accounting, his love of strategic games started at SLOT Participants will learn the game Euphrates and Tigris, its rules and play. They’ll become an ancient ruler of the dynasty who has to intelligently grow his kingdom, lead wars, take care of the economy and so on. The game has held high positions on boardgamegeek ranking and despite the passing of time has not lost its popularity.

26. FLOWER STICK  round 3 / place 60 / level 1 / max 20

Patrycjusz Miazgowski – student of political science, years of experience with juggling and flower stick First we will make a flower stick then learn the basic and medium advanced tricks. For those who already have the know-how – flower volleyball /Jolleystick/ - for general enjoyment.

27. FOOTBAG FREESTYLE (extreme hackeysack)  round 3 / place 10 / level 1 / max 15

Dawid Michałowicz – technical High School student, awward-winning footbag player and Arkadiusz Stanek- High School student and award winner as well The workshop will help SLOT participants understand what footbag really is. Everyone will be able to try it out, hit a hackeysack around and learn some basic tricks.

fot. Łukasz Krzywda

28. FRISBEE  round 1 / place 67 / level 1 / max 20

Bogdan Aleksieiev – Master’s degree in International Information I invite everyone to learn Frisbee regardless of age, gender and physical ability. Frisbee is for everyone who likes to move around, run, jump, in a word have fun and be active. We will learn to throw and catch a Frisbee in different ways (backhand, scoober, blade, forehand, overhead, thro-



ne, hammer, thumber, pizza and others). We will This workshop will infect people with an interest also learn to play ultimate Frisbee, double disk for dances such as salsa and cha-cha. We will court, guts, flaber guts and many more! show the basic steps as well as figures which will 29. GEOCATCHING – modern treasure hun- allow participants to get to know these dances ting   round 1 / place 55* / level 1 / max 18 better and maybe encourage them to expand Wojciech Chrzan - student of cognitive studies their dancing abilities. and philosophy 33. PLAYING THE GUITAR IN ALTERNATIVE Do you think that there are no uncharted places TUNINGS  round 1 / place 41 / level 1 / max and that everything has been discovered? Whe- 10 re and how can you find modern treasure? What Jaroslav Bebko – Guitarist of the band To Leave should you do to hide a trunk yourself and obse- A Trace from the Ukraine. rve the race to find it? There will be training in I invite everyone who would like to learn about finding hidden things as well as in hiding them alternative ways of tuning a guitar and how to play in them. First I will present a bit of theory yourself. This course is one of a kind! 30. VOICE-WORD-RHYTHM-SPACE. NON- then I’ll show the practical side and you will be SINGING CHOIR  round 2 / place 55* / level able to listen and try for yourselves.

1 / max 150

Bartosz Ignacy Wrona – has been reading stories on street corners, at festivals, in schools and in theaters for 6 years, studied conducting improvisational choir This workshop will allow us to play with our mouthophone and our voices, we’ll work on making noises. We will weave a rhythmic tissue (or fabric) out of words, which can rival song. We will experiment a bit with our sounds, we’ll search for what lives in our mouths: we will smack, hiss, cluck, howl, yell, whisper and even recite a poem together. The workshop also leads into the world of conducted and free improvisation.

34. PLAYING SPADES GIVES RESULTS – A FEW WORDS ABOUT PLAYING BRIDGE   round 1 / place 53 / level 1 / max 16 Hanna Loch – High School grad, has played and competed in bridge for years During this workshop we will present one of the most popular card games in the world – bridge. We will prove that anyone can play and that even a girl can be a “grandfather”.

35. ANCIENT GREEK  round 3 / place 47 / level 1 / max 10

Piotr Matuszek – studied classical languages The goal of the workshop is to present participants with ancient Greek through lectures and 31. GOLF  round 2 / place 55* / level 1 / exercises. You will be able to learn the alphabet, grammar and history of this ancient language max 12 Przemysław Pietrzak – journalism student, so- and learn to read it fluently. und engineer 36. BOARD GAMES – HOW THE SETTLERS OF I hope to show you the basics of this beautiful and CATAN GOT A TICKET TO RIDE ACROSS EUnoble game. Theory and practice just for you! ROPE TO ESCAPE FROM UNPREDICTABLE

32. HOT LATIN RHYTHMS FOR BEGIN- SABOTEURS   round 3 / place 53 / level 1 / NERS  round 1 / place 64A / level 1 / max max 15 Marcin Piórkowski – degree in IT Administra20 Marcin Kuźlak – degree in chemical technolo- tion Board games are not only Aggravation and Checgy, loves dance



kers, don’t you know? Come and find out for your- in theater directing, theater teacher and memself. We will play Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride ber of troupe and Saboteur. Please come! This workshop will connect the theory and prac37. BUTTON-MANIA  round 2 / place 11 / tice of being an actor. The program was created based on improve techniques from around the level 1 / max 20 Magdalena Lazar – student of architecture and world. These include Konstanty Stanisławski’s “System”, Viola Spolin’s “Theater Games” and urban studies During this workshop you will be able to see that Stephen Book’s “Improvisation Techniques”. you can make extraordinarily creative decora- 41. KEYBOARD INSTRUMENTS  round 2 / tions from simple materials. I will show you what place 41 / level 1 / max 20 to combine to make something that will accen- Pawel Zarecki – award winning musician and tuate an everyday outfit. producer, arranger… 38. HIP HOP DANCE  round 2 / place 64B / This workshop is supposed to encourage those who have never played a keyboard instrument level 2 / max 20 Katarzyna Kipiel – dance instructor and former and are not afraid to try as well as those who know a bit already and would like to increase their dancer, hopes to start her own group soon An energetic, sophisticated, modern dance style. knowledge of playing. The goal is that after foMy workshop is an excellent opportunity for any- ur days, those who have not played before will one who would like to “dance it up” a bit and have be able to play a song on the piano and maybe fun. God has given me talent, for which I am very awake the desire to continue learning and that those who have played before would learn sograteful, and I want to share it with others! mething new.

39. DUTCHMAN  round 3 / place 28 / level 42. HOW TO BUY RESPONSIBLY? – (A VERY 1 / max 20 Sebastian Osiak – assists handicapped people LARGE) BOARD GAME  round 1 / place 62A and has taken part in many projects and exchan- / level 1 / max 12

Magdalena Noszczyk – works with Polish Green Net and with a responsible consumer campaign, leads workshops Do you know what it means to be a responsible consumer? Do you know how toys are made? What ecological cotton is? Where your jeans were sewn? How to limit the amount of garbage in your home? How to find ecological food? Want to check your knowledge about responsible consumerism and find out more about producing and consuming products which we use everyday? Please come to this (literally) giant game in which people are the pawns, products on store shelves 40. IMPROVISATION – TRAINING SENSITIVI- are the points, you could hide behind the huge TY AND RESISTANCE  round 2 / place 65A/ dice and the questions are about our daily brelevel 1 / max 40 Darian Wiesner – about to defend his degree ad: buying. ges for handi-capped people Dutchman is made up of a wooden trough with four holes at the end and 27 round discs. The player roles the discs down the trough so that they hit all the holes creating a “line”. After using all the discs the player collects all of the ones that didn’t make it through the holes and you begin the second round with them. You decide on the amount of rounds before the game begins, then you count points and there is a winner of each turn. The game is very simple, but a lot of fun!



43. CZECH LANGUAGE  round 1 / place 13 / level 1 / max 20

Katarzyna Wawrzyńska – does anything connected to the Czech language This workshop will allow participants not only to get to know the language, but also the culture and mentality of our southern neighbors. Czech apart from being “easy” and funny for Poles is also the love of my life which I would love to pass on to others.

44. SIGN LANGUAGE – let’s sign together  round 3 / place 32 / level 1 / max 25 Marta Bilczewska – biology student In the beginning was the Word and you know where it was. Everyone uses words, but what do people who can’t speak use??? A short course in being a “signer”.

45. UKRAINIAN LANGUAGE  round 2 / place 47 / level 1 / max 10

Izabela Tylkowska – student of Russian and Ukrainian language, has made many “eastern” journeys to keep contact with the languages The goal of the workshop is to learn some basics of the Ukrainian language, acquire some phrases, and see the basic differences between Russian and Ukrainian. The workshop will be lead in the form of a game with language mixed together with short lectures about our eastern neighbors’ culture.

46. HOLE-PUNCHED CARDS  round 2 / place 29 / level 1 / max 20

Alicja Pelc – studies economics, for three years has dabbled in mathematical sewing The point of the workshop is to show how to create beautiful bookmarks, cards and pictures out of a needle, some floss and a piece of paper.

47. SCULPTED CARDS  round 1 / place 14 / level 3 / max 10

Marzena Dziadul – studied at the Fine Arts Academy in Poznań, works as a designer and teacher

fot. Mateusz ‘Matek’ Bilski



A sculpted card has 4 or more layers created by a combination of forms, cutting by hand, slicing, folding paper and gluing. Collage. It’s a combination of cut-outs creating a 3-dimentional structure. Each sculpted card created a scene – a postcard, a view of nature, a fantastic scene, a plant motif, animals or an ornamental figurine.

48. RAIN STICKS  round 2 / place 32 / level 3 / max 15

Katarzyna Chudecka and Jakub Zajączkowski – studied music art Creating an instrument that makes the sound of rain. First participants will receive a pipe and some tools. Inside we make a spiral form which we later fill with grain then seal up both ends with leather. Next, we decorate the instrument. On the last day of the workshop we invite the creators to summon rain, which (supposedly) is never missed.

49. DECOUPAGE EARRINGS  round 1 / place 11 / level 1 / max 20

Marta Gadomska – studies Political Science and International Relations, loves all things handmade, connecting things that are pleasing to the eye and functional, has participated in shows and exhibitions in Poland and abroad We will glue colorful and patterned paper napkins on wooden circles. We’ll put polish on them, hang them on earring hooks and… voilá! Fast, easy, you don’t need any particular amount of artistic talent to make something amazing!

50. CIRCLE CIRCLE LINE  round 1 / place 25 / level 1 / max 15

Tomasz Łepak – years of education in the trade of ink-dipped penmanship, currently holds the position of the court painter of the city of Wrocław Create your own character which will become a part of you. Choose a farm, find the space for it and show yourself. The goal of the orkshop is to create your own original person.



51. LACROSSE – THE FASTEST SPORT ON 54. PAINTING ON GLASS  round 2 / place TWO LEGS  round 2, 3 / place 64C / level 1 11B / level 1 / max 7 / max 10 Hanna Ściążko – architect and interior desiPiotr Węgrzyk - studies management and engineering, Filip Winkowski – high school student, has played lacrosse for 1.5 years Lacrosse is considered the first American national sport, the prototype for hockey. It was first played by teams of over a hundred people. It’s fast, exciting and incredibly addictive. It’s easy to see that a stick with a net on the end has much more interesting uses than just catching butterflies. Within a few days you will learn to catch, throw and shoot a ball with amazing speed.

gner, owns a designing company, painting glass is her hobby We will uncover the secrets of painting on glass. We will get to know the technique and a brief history of this area of art. While playing with color and a paintbrush we will grant forgotten glass bottles and jars a second life. You will be able to take your creations home with you.

Ariel Denenfeld and crew – they have lead workshops, training events and Le Parkour shows for years in Poland, members of the group “Freedom” We guarantee that it won’t be easy. Participants will learn basic techniques of Le Parkour, the art of effectively moving round the city. Other than sharing basic knowledge and ability we also show the way of further training, methods of training, self-improvement and safety rules connected to extreme moving around the city.

is important not only to be fast and light on your feet, but also to think and plan. Two teams battle on a selected area of grass. The goal of the game is to make it onto the opposite team’s field and reach MANZO, which is the point furthest away from you. All you need is some comfy clothes and a desire to have fun!

55. MANZO  round 1 / place 62 / level 1 / max 20

Agata Filar – high school student in a math-phy-

52. LE PARKOUR  round 2 / place 10 / level sics profile class 1 / max 40 MANZO is a dynamic movement game in which it

53. ARCHERY  round 3 / place 67 / level 1 / max 60

56. COPPER WONDERS  round 1 / place 32 / level 1 / max 15 Magdalena Zelna – artist, carver, owns a company which specializes in wooden sculpting, carving and artistic jewelry This workshop is for everyone who would like to create beautiful jewelry out of copper and anything else worthy of incorporating into jewelry. I will show how to make copper jewelry out of wires and plates together with stones, wood and other things you could find anywhere. You will learn to make basic and more complicated things: earrings, bracelets, charms and rings. You will connect, twist, hammer, bend, fold, weld and create…

Paweł Świerczyński – studies medical physics, has co-organized the archery workshop at SLOT for years, leads workshops for members of a small group of knights in Katowice, passionate about kites and the history of archery The workshop is supposed to help participants understand this fascinating sport and perfect the skills they have previously acquired. Apart from athletic bows you will be able to shoot a historic bow and handmade traditional arrows. 57. TALES OF THE SEA  round 2 / place 53 /

level 1 / max 20

Urszula Mras – studies musicology, has sa-

WORKSHOPS – DESCRIPTIONS iled for 8 years, has a yachting license, the sea is her passion, sails on lakes and smaller bodies of water, has sailed the seas a few times, once as captain We want to introduce the participants to the world of tales of the sea and the secrets of sailing. We invite old seamen and land-rats alike. The program includes sailing terminology, learning to build a yacht (in practice building a model), learning about tying knots, sailor slang, contemporary chanting with a guitar – may the everpresent sound of the djembe at last be drowned out by sailors’ song!

58. MOTORCYCLE  round 2 / place 67 / level 1 / max 20


like to learn to create sound and play the zamponas – a flute from the Andes Mountains. Previous experience of playing any sort of instrument or reading music is not necessary. You will also be able to make a zamponas by hand.

61. UNICYCLE FOR BEGINNERS 1  round 2 / place 37 / level 1 / max 25

Jakub Nowak – competes for the team, rides trial and street, favorite tricks are crankflip and sidespin, organizes workshops on unicycle riding in Poland The goal of the workshop is to show people that riding a unicycle is much more easy and safe than it is commonly thought. A unicycle should stop being thought of only in connection to the circus, but as a separate sport and method of transportations. During the workshop people will learn to get on and ride a unicycle on their own. It is generally thought that you need 6 hours to learn to ride a unicycle, but we can do it in less than that. We will also show some basic and easy tricks which become pretty easy and fun with a few pointers.

Darek Cieślak – studied sociology, own a sound system company, member of the Christian motorcycle club “Boanerges” for 13 years The basic mechanics of a motorcycle engine, and learning to ride it. Basics of maintenance and using a motorcycle. Safe maneuvering on the road, elements of road rescue. The world of motorcycling from the basics, so what a biker can and should not do. 62. UNICYCLE FOR BEGINNERS 2  round 1 /

59. PRINTING ON TSHIRTS  round 2 / place place 37 / level 1 / max 25 3 / level 1 / max 15 Paweł Pajda – graduate of the Economic UniPaweł Jadczak – has lead many workshops including at previous editions of SLOT The workshop is supposed to present the basics of preparing a pattern, cutting it out and transferring to a surface such as a shirt, canvas or wall. Please come with your own shirt or other fabric on which you will be able to create your design.

60. LEARING TO PLAY THE ZAMPONAS – ANDESE FLUTES  round 2 / place 31 / level 1 / max 20 Bartosz Bobeł – studied history, leads music workshops at elementary and pre-schools, plays wind instruments from all over the place The workshop is directed at everyone who would

versity in Krakow, competes for the Team, has ridden a unicycle for 3 years, successful in competitions in Poland and Europe, leads many workshops and shows of riding a unicycle The goal of the workshop is to show people that riding a unicycle is much more easy and safe than it is commonly thought. A unicycle should stop being thought of only in connection to the circus, but as a separate sport and method of transportations. During the workshop people will learn to get on and ride a unicycle on their own. It is generally thought that you need 6 hours to learn to ride a unicycle, but we can do it in less than that. We will also show some basic and easy tricks which become pretty easy and fun with a few pointers.



63. GERMAN AT PLAY  round 3 / place 17 / might be exaggerated, since unfortunately it is not always possible to save someone, yet still all level 1 / max 15

Oktawia Łaskawiec – owns a company, leads basic German lessons and workshops The workshop’s goal is to teach basic German through role playing. It’s a lot of fun while learning the language. For beginners and people who do not know the language. The workshop will clear the path for future language learning and it will make speaking German easier.

of our actions are to that aim. During the workshop we will teach participants first aid, so that they will be able to help in health-threatening and life-threatening situations. The workshop is sponsored by Votum S.A. (

Dorota Piwowarska – studied anthropology, art therapy, theater, work with the theater institute “ę” The workshop will be based on performance and photography: we will get our bodies and creativity going and in contact with space and work with photography. The performing will be an intro, preparation, but also the material out of which we will build an interesting situation from the point of view of creating a picture. We will give the participants a chance to develop their skills and creativity through exercises and activities.

consciousness, contact with yourself and others, deepen the perception of your own needs, abilities and limitations and also invite you to expand your imagination and creative expression.

67. OPEN UP!  round 1 / place 17 / level 1 / max 15

Katarzyna Grad – psychologist, therapist,

64. PERFORMATIVE PICTURE – THEATER/ works with people with disabilities, children, PHOTO LAB  round 2 / place 5 / level 1 / youth and adults Psychological workshops which aim to develop max 20

68. HAND MADE PAPER  round 1 / place 40 / level 1 / max 20

Artur Szabatowski – graduate of industrial design at the Fine Arts Academy in Wrocław, studied social therapy, high school teacher, leads therapeutic art workshops We will discover the secrets of paper pulp, the techniques of dyeing it, and the rules about ma65. PLASTER CASTS  round 3 / place 29 / king sheets of paper out of it. By adding different special things to the paper pulp we can level 1 / max 10 Marta Hajdrych – educational therapist, art create colorful pictures, cards and other paper therapist, works with the “Ostoja” association specialties. You will be able to make many different things 69. PERCUSSIONALIA – MUSICAL EXPERIout of plaster: figurines, pictures, frames, candle MENTATION  round 3 / place 15 / level 2 / holders, etc. You will be able to take them home max 20 with you afterwards. Sławomir savas Cichy – tutor and music te66. FROM A MEDICAL ZERO TO HERO  ro- acher in Northern Ireland, plays in many rock, jazz and blues bands in Poland and abroad, one man und 2 / place 14 / level 1 / max 10 Andrzej Iwański – studied physics and rescue/ band, leads music workshops for children, youth lifesaving, worked in the ambulance service and and adults in Poland and abroad many volunteer medical services including at If you already play a percussion instrument and would like to add another one to your kit than I SLOT. First aid is everything necessary to save an in- encourage you to come! Or, maybe you have only jured person’s life. The phrase “to save their life” just discovered a musical talent and you need so-

WORKSHOPS – DESCRIPTIONS me encouragement to play some sort of instrument, please come as well! This workshop is a time of musical experimentation, a fun time and nice atmosphere. It’s not only lectures or a show, but everyone sharing experiences in music and not only. If you have your won instrument please bring it with you to SLOT.

70. PETANQUE  round 1 / place 55 / level 1 / max 30

Maciej Ziółkowski – petanque trainer in both the French and Polish leagues, certified judge, has lead teams and players on all levels in Poland Petanque is an athletic game which comes from the south of France. In Poland the game is colloquially called “game of balls” or “game of boulles”. During the workshop the participant will learn the rules of the game, techniques, tactics and strategies. It’s a lot of fun and a lot of playing. There is also the traditional Boule Noir, in other words playing at night. Foreigners are more than welcome to come!

71. POI… AND MUCH MORE!  round 1 / place 58 / level 1 / max 13

Marta Zagaja – leads her own company This workshop is directed at people who would like to begin their adventure with fire, beginners and more advanced alike. We will begin with theory (a bit about the construction of the tools, fuel, safety, danger, dance, fire, choreography, etc). We will also warm up and learn some helpful stretching exercises. Later, we’ll begin with the basics and some easy tricks and work our way towards the harder ones.


73. INSTRUMENTAL WORKSHOP  round 1 / place 30 / level 1 / max 15

Tomasz Grabowski – studies environmental protection, leads musical workshops for children, loves to dig, drill, saw, polish and make something out of nothing During the workshop we will learn how to cheaply and simply make instruments such as the Slovakian koncovka, kalimba or berimbau. In the workshop you will stimulate your imagination to play with sound and search for new ideas of ho to use it. You will find that music is for everyone and that SLOT jam-sessions can only gain from them.

74. RECYCLING ART – ECO FASHION  round 2 / place 24 / level 1 / max 15

Agata Schleiss – student of the Fine Arts Academy in Wrocław, sings in “Gaudium” choir of the Wrocław University The materials we will use to make our projects come to life are cardboard, newspaper and things that would normally be found in a garbage can: old cans, lighters, bottles, plastic cups, etc. This is an attractive form of discovering new talents, expanding your imagination and battling with fabric. During our time together we will design and create models. The inspiration if the fact that many things get thrown away, but we can really find a use for them in other areas, which we often forget. The point of the workshop is to show that we can reuse simple things again and again.

75. LITERARY WARM-UP  round 1 / place 42 / level 1 / max 25

Jadwiga Skowron – doctorate student of Polish, has been published and won literary com72. BOXES TO HEAVEN  round 2 / place 62B petitions These workshops are meant to expand parti/ level 1 / max 18 Kamil Klęczar – rock climbing high school stu- cipants’ knowledge of literature and linguistic creativity. After a short presentation we will dent, This is a fitness workshop in which we will climb a deal with the practical application of the learned techniques and forms (like a sestina, dada tower of boxes which we will build ourselves. technique).



76. MOVEMENT AND MUSIC, ELEMENTS 79. DESIGN DRAWING  round 1 / place 29 / OF RHYTHM  round 1 / place 5 / level 1 / level 1 / max 15 max 15 Anna Pawłowska – studied architecture and

Agata Paluszkiewicz – 3rd year student of Musicality at the Music Academy in Poznań, loves to dance, plays the piano, music gives her wings This is a musical and movement workshop. We will show some music through movement and motion. There will also be exercises to increase concentration such as mirror choreography or split attention – doing two things at once.

77. ARCHITECTURAL DRAWING  round 1 / place 28 / level 1 / max 30

Andrzej Kabat - professor at the Fine Arts Academy in Wrocław, and ABRYS art and photography design school Sebastian Płaszewski – graduate of ABRYS art and photography design school, works at a company which provides stage technology for theaters, TV studios and cultural institutions We will practice the basics of frontal perspective in a sacred building – the Cistercian monastery. We will explain terminology and architectural issues connected to interior design. We will consider the characteristics of a drawing – its clarity and presentation.

interior architecture, designs graphics, interiors, products and visuals Designing is not difficult, it can almost be a game. Few are aware that a beautifully drawn car or dress on a manikin was not drawn from memory. The designer usually has a base, or shape of a typical car, or the shape of a human on paper and then sketches their idea. This makes it fairly simple. I will show people who have never held a pencil in their hand how easy it is to pour their imagination onto paper. We will design on a base and draw our own product – a car, dress, shoe or toy. I invite you because everyone, regardless of age, can be a little designer.

80. WOODEN SCULPTURES  round 2 / place 23 / level 1 / max 20

Janusz Ochocki – instructor of recreation through motion, accomplished amateur sculptor, poet This workshop means to create a sculpture or handiwork out of wood. We will also get to know the tools used in whittling, species of wood and the correct ways to use them.

78. DRAWING WITH A FEATHER AND 81. SCREENPLAY WRITING  round 3 / place INK  round 2 / place 28 / level 1 / max 16 46 / level 1 / max 30 Marta Tomczyk – high school student, leads art workshops for elementary schools A feather (base and nib), ink and a clean sheet of paper. This is all you need for this workshop. Despite this basic equipment we will create works beyond our imaginations. The workshop will of course be about drawing, but this technique might be more challenging than using a pencil, since you cannot erase potential mistakes with an eraser. You can only transform them into an element of your work.

Artur Pilarczyk – studied Polish, culture animator, director, screenplay writer, organizes film and screenplay workshops This is a lecture about the specific issues and steps in writing film screenplays. The theoretical part will include showing the film “Teraz i zawsze” (“Now and always”). The point of the workshop is to show the participants why they are bored, entertained or moved by the film that this is closely connected with the script. People actively involved in films will be able to increase their knowledge on the subject.



82. SCREAMO – THE ART OF SCREAMING  round 3 / place 65 / level 1 / max 10 Oksana Bugajova – lead vocalist for To Leave A Trace from the Ukraine, has done metal vocals for years I invite all the guys and girls interested in vocal screaming. I will share my experience in the alternative work of a singer on stage. I will tell you how to scream properly, I’ll demonstrate scream connected with singing. You will also be able to try yourself.

83. LEATHERWORK  round 3 / place 11 / level 1 / max 12 Gabriela Boczarska – graduate of economics, interested in handiwork since childhood, she began sewing when she couldn’t find the perfect purse and so she made one for herself, then for her friends, cousins and others, If you like original things, this workshop is for you. I will show you how to make a purse, I’ll help you make unusual jewelry, we’ll make unique bracelets, interesting cell phone covers, remarkable belts and much more. Maybe you are an undiscovered artist!

fot. Mateusz ‘Matek’ Bilski

84. SLOTminiTRACKER  round 3 / place 55* / level 1 / max 200

Maciej Gaczoł – trainer at the center for information and social development in Wrocław The basic rules of the SLOT mini TRACKER is making it around the track (about 20kn long) in 4 hours time. You must make it to all of the markers along the way and some of them might contain interesting things for you to do. To fulfill one of the main goals of the race, integration, participants will leave the start line in groups of 4-6 people.

85. SLOT GAMES  round 1 / place 55* / level 1 / max 20 Wojciech Szczurek – student, organized game



events for his friends, volunteers at the Freestyle City Festival in Cieszyn Become the Indiana Jones of SLOT 2011! Come on the first day and solve a series of questions hidden throughout the festival grounds, find the road to the price. On the way, along with your team, you will have to solve problems such as anagrams, riddles, and the like. By no means are they childishly easy. Maybe you will win a map from one of the volunteers, put together a puzzle and think about the question “where to next?”. Our workshop is based on recreation and entertainment so that you interact with your SLOTish surroundings. On the next days you will create the routes sprinkled with interesting hints and questions, and then we will try to find the prize hidden by another group of SLOTers.

make a seemingly useless object by decoupage. We will make incredible eco-bags, earrings and jewelry boxes.

88. WELL-SPICED ART  round 3 / place 25 / level 1 / max 20

Agata Spietelun – doctor of chemistry, crazy cook after hours, full of dreams and passion The point of the workshop is to make a picture of whatever you’d like out of multicolored spices and other food (grains, pastas, laurel leaves, etc) on an A5 piece of paper. We will make a beautiful, colorful, nicely smelling and ecological picture which is a great present if you frame it.

89. DECORATIVE CANDLES  round 3 / place 30 / level 1 / max 7

Zbigniew Hajdrych – graduate of the nature university in Wrocław, volunteers at a center of 86. SLOT YOUNG LEGS  round 1 / place 64C aid for children and youth / level 1 / max 20 Before we begin the practical part we will begin Tomasz Szkwarek – trainer at the center for in- with a short lecture about making and decoraformation and social development in Wrocław ting candles. During the practical part there will The point of the game is to promote a healthy li- be a chance to make a candle in a special form. festyle, physical activity and integration of youth 90. MEDIEVAL DANCE  round 1 / place 10 / environments. It may seem like these things se- level 1 / max 20 em obvious, but according to the phrase “a he- Angelika Mizera – junior high school student, althy soul in a healthy body” we have decided to has lead a medieval dance group for a few years organize time to play ball. Meetings on the play- and organizes workshops ing field are a great chance to meet new people. The workshop will be based on different types of The playoffs will be on the 6th and 7th. Before the medieval dances: from festive dances at peasant playoffs we will talk about correctly warming up feasts to court balls. Every day, depending on the and the general rules of soccer. level of the group, we will learn the steps to two

87. AIM, FIRE AT ECO-STYLE! – DECOUPA- or three new dances. GE  round 3 / place 11B / level 1 / max 20 91. IRISH DANCE  round 1 / place 64B / level Rafał Derkacz – senior in high school, plays the 1 / max 30 standard bass, amateur actor, scout Our main goal is to care for our polluted environment and encourage others to live an ecological lifestyle so save our planet. We want to “infect” others with a creative and manual thinking though decoupage and also show how to revive old, neglected things. The workshop is manual and artistic and every participant will be able to re-

Małgorzata Szarycz – graduate of the Wrocław Polytechnic, has lead dance workshops many times at SLOT, is interested in ballet, gymnastics and Irish dancing. If you want to feel the wonderful atmosphere of the Green Island, listen to lively music and, most of all, have a good time, you should come to our



with them for our final performance. Participant will learn how to behave with this beautiful and unpredictable element, fire, how to light and douse the equipment how to choose music and spin 92. BALLROOM DANCING FOR BEGIN- the poi so that nobody gets hurt. workshop! We plan to learn Irish group dances. Don’t forget to bring comfortable shoes (please, no sandals!), bottles of water and a towel. Of course we’ll begin with a warm up. See you there!

NERS  round 3 / place 64B / level 1 / max 95. JEWISH AND ISRAELI DANCE  round 2 / 20 place 26 / level 1 / max 50

Karolina Soboń – junior high school student, leads workshops at a youth center, has taken ballroom dancing classes for 3 years Workshop for everyone who has always wanted to dance, but not known where and how, or simply was scared. In the age of “Dancing with the Stars” who wouldn’t like to dance like Patrick Swayze in “Dirty Dancing”? We’ll learn the basic steps to a few latino and standard dances, so that everyone can try for themselves. Lots of fun, movement and laughter to the rhythm of music, so we’ll learn through fun.

Dorota Herok – teaches Jewish and Israeli dance as well as modern dance in Poland and abroad, leads a Jewish and Israeli dance troupe “Klezmer” in Cieszyn Learning Jewish, Israeli, Chasidic and Yemeni dances with different themes. Israeli and Jewish dances are not only about the steps, but also about prayer and expressing joy. The Chassidic Jews say that if someone dances it is as if they were praying twice.

96. THEATER – THROUGH THE LOOKIN GLASS   round 1 / place 65A / level 1 / max 93. DANCE WITH FLAGS  round 3 / place 15 62A / level 1 / max 10 Paulina Antoszczyszyn – studied anthropoPaulina Cygan – first year student of English and Chinese, has organizes many workshops and local events, loves dance We will learn that flags are not only a piece of material on a stick, but that you can do things with them just like with poi (but flags are much easier to use). Once we master the basics we will put them together into a mini-choreography which we will try to put to some hard-core music.

logy with an emphasis in film and theater and theater directing, has lead many theater workshops for children, youth and students in Poland and abroad The workshop concentrates on theater of movement and art. Participants will do some individual and group acting to learn the technique of improvisation, basics of theatric movement and pantomime. Exercises and etudes will stimulate the 94. DANCE WITH FIRE. BASICS AND CHO- participants’ imaginations through games and REOGRAPHY  round 2 / place 58 / level 1 help them think unconventionally. They will see how important an actors body is on stage and / max 40 Karolina Kuleszyńska – graduated from a so- how little is necessary for theater to happen. ciology-profile high school, leads a small unoffi- 97. PHOTOGRAPHY FOR BEGINNERS  rocial poi school, assisted in Poi workshops for be- und 3 / place 13 / level 1 / max 25 ginners in 2009. Grzegorz Markowski – has lead many workThe point of the workshop is to explain the art shops at SLOT in the past, his photos have been of dancing with fire. Participants will learn basic featured and awarded at home and abroad tricks with poi. We will show how to transition We will learn the basics of photography: the cabetween them and we will create choreography mera (a box with a hole), the composition, filling



the frame, the connection between ISO and time, focus, creating a frame, the photographer takes the picture with the camera, the camera doesn’t use the photographer to take a picture.

98. CHESS- CHESS CAFÉ  round 1/ place 53/ level 1/ max 20 Maciej Taranek – graduate of theology, English and chess teacher Café Chess- come play at all levels

99. JUGGLING  round 1 / place 60 / level 1 / max 40

Marcin “Ex” Styczyński- eternal student- 5 years of experience in juggling and learning the secrets of pins… Do you think you have two left hands and couldn’t learn to juggle? Come and see how wrong you are! Learn to juggle 3,4, and 5 items- for beginners and more advanced, learn easy and difficult tricks

100. PHOTOGRAPHY-PHOTOGRAM  round 3/ place 31/ level 1/ max 10

Ewa Żukowska- physical therapist, leads art therapy through photography classes Make a photo on light sensitive material without any special instruments, merely by using fatty crème

101. REBELLION IN LITERATURE  round 2 / place 42 / level1 / max 25

102. KNIGHTS  round 2 / place 62 / level 1 / max 26

Rafał Nowak – award winning sculptor Learn the basics of using a sword and shield, bow and arrows. Then stand opposite your opponent and try your medieval battle skills.

fot. Mateusz ‘Matek’ Bilski

Anna Czyrska - student of family studies, author, award winner in poetry contests First we’ll look at the history of rebellion in literature and then, through discussion, lead people to form their own opinions. The goal is to awaken independent thinking in the participants. Is it worthwhile to rebel?



103. ASSERTIVENESS- I SAY YES, I SAY 108. DO IT YOURSELF  round 2 / place 25 / NO  round 2 / place 3 / level 1 / max 18 level 1 / max 10 Bożena Gawrych- pedagogue, social skills coach, court mediator, HR consultant Learn more about your personal rights, how to openly express your opinion, not give in to demands without internal agreement, increase self-confidence. You can learn to defend your personal borders.

Bogumiła Janowska- master’s degree in pedagogie, graphic artist How to make jewelry, cards, invitations (for example origami). For all who value hand-made items. Learn several techniques of enriching and adding character to simple cards or presents.

Małgorzata Trepte- law student, has ridden the wave since SLOT 2009. She’s not an expert yet, but well on her way. Waveboard is a two-wheeled board that you ride without pushing with your feet, just turn and maneuver your hips.

administration, has danced zumba for 9 months For those who want to try their hand at this unique dance. Zumba is mostly good fun, yells, clapping and time well spent, easy steps to great music

109. ZUMBA  round 3 / place 64A / level 1 104. WAVEBOARD  round 1 / place 35 / / max 25 level 1 / max 10 Katarzyna Górka – student of sociology and

110. CONTACT JUGGLING  round 3 / place 58 105. WICKER FLOWERS  round 1 / place 23 / level 1 / max 15 / level 1 / max 15 Krystian Minda – engineer of forestry Małgorzata Marszałek- degree in pedagogy Simple and difficult tricks as well as ceramics, embroidery and wicker You’ll touch, braid and see that wicker is a great material to work with. Beautiful flowers can come from your first steps with wicker.

106. JEWISH CUT-OUTS  round 2 / place 15 / level 1 / max 25

Agata Szepe- High School student Each participant will make their own cut-out inspired by historical reproductions and designs from Poland and other countries. Learn different types, Biblical symbols and traditions as well as their connection to Jewish holidays and celebrations. Kacper Popek- degree in percussion, session musician, plays concerts and leads workshops, also plays piano Learn a creative attitude towards percussion as well as basics of playing on a drum set.

fot. arch. SAF

107. DRUM SET  round 3 / place 41 / level 1 / max 10



Main stage

Kim Nowak (PL)

Kim Novak was formed in 2009 by Michał Sobolewski, Piotr and Bartek Waglewski (known as Fisz and Emade). Their album “Kim Novak” was recorded live in 2009 and includes 12 “messed up” songs, “that are so hot they break hearts and blow the power out in the whole city”. The name is a throw-back to the 60’s and the desire to record without all the production fireworks. Guitar riffs that hearken back to classics combine with punk, garage rhythm and Fisz’s strong and quality texts.

Izrael (PL)

Israel is a legend in Poland reggae that began in 1983 with Roberta Brylewski (Armia, Brygada Kryzys, 52UM) and Paweł „Kelner” Rozwadowski (Deuter). Later Dariusz „Maleo” Malejonek (Maleo Reggae Rockers, Houk, Moskwa, 2Tm2-3) joined along with multi-instrumentalist Włodzimierz „Kinior” Kiniorski. Their incredible concert energy and years of experience have made them one of the best Polish bands. They’ve polished their sound for years to come up with an original mix of reggae, rock, jazz and punk. tuesday, 5.07 wednesday, 6.07 thursday, 7.07 friday, 8.07 saturday, 9.07 winner small stage winner small stage winner small stage 20:00 - 20:30 &IÜDQNJI Checkolada Dash 20:45 - 21:30 od 20:30 Bipolar Bears od 20:30 Stage of Unity The Poise Rite Frenchman Dva (Cz) Japoto Ocean 21:45 - 22:45 Luxtorpeda Izrael No Longer Music (NZ) The Spirit That Guides Us (NL) Kim Nowak 23:00 - 24:00 slotv slotv slotv slotv slotv 00:00 - 00:15

The Spirit That Guides Us (NL)

The Spirit That Guides Us is a Dutch guitar collective that’s been playing a mix of hard core, emocore, screamo, and rock for 10 years. This is a super-group formed of musicians that normally play in bands of very different styles such as Anderson, The Hot Stewards, At the Close of Every Day, This Beautiful Mess- some of whom you fot. Mateusz ‘Matek’ Bilski

Main stage


heard last year at SAF. We’ve been trying to get them to SLOT for years and it finally worked!

No Longer Music (NZ)

Known on 5 continents, fans in multiple countries, shockingly creative, a living legend-No Longer Music! NLM played for the first time in Poland in 1987 at the Jarocin Festival. As their popularity grew here, their music also matured. The musicians are also actors in what can be called postgrunge/psycho-punk theater. NLM is not just music and theater- it’s a passion that goes beyond any esthetic borders or any other kind of border to share their message.

Luxtorpeda (PL)

On the one hand Luxtorpeda is a solo project of one of the best guitarists and most deserving stars of the Polish rock scene- Litza (Acid Drinkers, 2 Tm 2:3, Kazik Na Zywo, Flapjack) and on the other it’s a new band of four friends who have played together for years in various bands: Litza, Kmieta, Drężmak, Krzyżak. It’s a solo project in that it’s the creation of Litza and his neverending drive to play great guitar. He’s the vocalist, writes the texts and steers the whole project. It’s a group effort because they play and create together.

Ocean (PL)

Ocean was formed in 2001 by the leader/singer/ guitarist, Maciek Wasio and they played at SLOT that same year. Through many personnel changes and a unique attitude to creativity, they managed to come up with their own recognizable style of heavy, rough sounds contrasting with moving melodies and ballads wrapped up in boundless energy. They’ve just released their 5th album, “Wojan Świń” produced by Grammy winner Vance Powell.


64Ø ØRCHNNKØ!  65Ø ØCTKSTQAKØHNTREØ 66 - kinder garden

R - registration point i - information 1Ø ØFERSIUAKØNÞCE 2Ø ØLEDICAKØHEKO DS - main stage


camping site pn 2

katering wozownia cariage house

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camping site pn 1



58 DS





57 23B 23


32 25 31 cathedral 28 26 27 30 29 38 40 39 41 42A 33 37 42B 42 wirydarz


was hba sins sho we rs





45 43 68 50B

46 47

48 49

camp sit pn

$ Ø-$+


6 7 8






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62A 61


pn rodzinne

18 19 17 1611B 15 1411 13 11A 12








Main stage

Dva (CZ)

Circus, beatbox, cabaret, tango, avantpop, acoustic electro and electro-acoustic. A sibling duo that mixes vocals with acoustic instruments in a looped reality. It’s folk music of an imaginary land that doesn’t exist in the world of old people.


The memebers of Japoto are experienced musicians who normally move in different musical streams: Damian Pielka - guitar, voice (Lech Janerka, Pogodno), Krzysztof Brejdygant - Zalewski - vocals, keyboards (solo, Hey - concerts) Michał Mioduszewski - percusssion, vocals, grey smoke (No!No!No!, Lech Janerka) Tomasz Leś - guitar, voice (100-nka, Abradab). In general you could say that Japoto plays alternative music since even though it’s an all-guitar band they find a sound that fits dance, jazz and rock.

The Poise Rite

They say that they play rock and roll- concrete numbers dunked in a dark psychedelic aura, written with much feeling and impressions yet losing nothing in the reflective texts. The basic and suggestive guitar compositions are truly promising. It’s worth mentioning that they took part in the famous English Glastonbury Festival in 2007.


Half Polish, half French, born in Africa where he spent 14 years. Known for work with Bass Medium Trinity and Jamal, just finished his first solo album with guests such as O.S.T.R. AbradAb, Marika, HiFi Banda and Gural. All music and lyrics are his and flow from long reflection and deep conversion. They contain a conscious spiritual message about daily life and the nuances of the Polish music scene and show business in general. fot. PoiseRite

Main stage Bipolar Bears

An avant-garde mix somewhere between rock energy and electronic sounds. Their debut album “Interpolar Link” was composed and produced by Kubę Mitoraja and Szymona Danisa ( CO.IN. and Fate Unknown). Besides them is Maciek Zakrzewski (Digit -All-Love) responsible for samplers, synthesizers and electronics and bassist Grzegorz Posłuszny. Their latest album speaks about breaking barriers and cultural pride. bipolarbearspoland

Stage of Unity

The band formed in 1988 in Wrocław. Since that time Stage of Unity, even with its strong roots in reggae, has gone through many changes and life experiences which enriched the sound. They’ve played Poland’s biggest festivals and re-activated in 2008. Their sound is strongly guitar- reggae and with


side trips into dub. Their strong point is the Kristafari vocalist with a true Jamaican voice. In 2010 their albums “Good Connection” and “Jah Bring I” were re-released by Lion Stage Records under the name “The Rainbow Power”.


A crash of styles- mainly pop and alternative. The vocalists bring Kate Bush or Tori Amos to mind and the arrangements make your body move. Their concerts are energetic and full of emotion. Fans have compared them to Florence and the Machine or Moloko. The band is aware of visuals so their performances are a treat not only for the ear but also for the eye.


The unpredictable musical creativity of Fifidroki began in 2008 and grew into electrifying schizofolk.


A mix of hip hop, funk and rock with a bit of country thrown in- all in the spirit of the ‘80’s. An important element of their creativity and image is a distance to reality and themselves. They “become” rap stars who, in post-Communist Poland, try to imitate their idols from the West. It’s an ironic parody of a large chunk of Polish hip-hop that tries to be more black than American hip-hop.



Clubbing Stage

Location 46 i 39; time 22:00 NAZA (UK)

Naza is a DJ from Middlesbrough, England. In the early ‘90’s was resident at ON:IT- the first drum and bass party at the Arena-Middlesbrough. He’s played with Andy C, Roni Size & Reprezent, Fabio and Goldie and has his sets played on Rinse FM. Naza is currently the most listened to DJ on DUBSTEP.DRUMSTEP.DRUM&BASS 21st CENTURY AUDIO ASSAULT!


„I’m a multi-instrumentalist (I play percussion and guitar) and a music fanatic. I have a lot of energy and you can see that in my performances. I’m part of the international group PODAJ KABEL and produce music with IMO-TEP as DRUMATIX. I do a lot of MASH UP in various styles. My influences are Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, Korn, Deftones and the producers of KIKO, Noisia, sub focus, spor, NERO‌ I play anything from hip hop to dubstep, house, breakbeat, liquid funk and hard DnB.�






tuesday, 5.07 wednesday, 6.07 CKTBBIMGĂ˜ Ă˜DAMCEĂ˜Ă?NNQ elektronika Haku / Upalny Himself / None

friday, 8.07

saturday, 9.07

dramy Ouki / Nasty Drop / SeBAss

mash up Albrecht Lorenz / Josia Loos / Naza / Klaus Frauenholz

Olila / Luminator / Malaga


6IRTAKĂ˜4NĂ˜'NĂ˜Ă˜*NHMĂ˜#NĂ›EEĂ˜ blendylvl

dramy / dubstep Aj / Cad / Pan Volf & Eksempl

elektronika Cruzoe / Kartal / Albrecht Lorenz

dramy 3E"!RRĂ˜Ă˜"QNĂ?NVĂ˜Ă˜ 3k-sha / Nasty Drop

Kochan / Jooska / WaMa

Visual To Go / Marki.mark / Olila

dramy / dubstep elektronika Pan Volf & Eksempl / Microslave / Klaus Frauenholz / J RHAĂ˜Ă˜"QNĂ?NV Josia Loos

Marki.mark / Malaga / ,TLIMASNQĂ˜Ă˜*NHMĂ˜#NĂ›EEĂ˜ Camil Marki.mark clubbing - chillout dramy / dubstep elektronika Ouki / Cad / Naza Upalny Himself / None / Haku WaMa / Visual To Go / *NHMĂ˜#NĂ›EE

thursday, 7.07

Camil / Visual To Go / Malaga

fot. Josia Loos Press

Klaus Frauenholz is a musician, DJ, producer, creator of re-mixes and live electronics from Ber-

Clubbing Stage


lin. His sets are a mix of minimalism and techno. Frauenholz is the creator of the tehillah-session, and has worked with people like Anatomic G, Heike Barth (D) and David Hollness (UK). During the “Eternal Rave Tour 1997” he played with artists such as: Kenny Mitchell (NYC), Andy Hunter (UK), Robbie Bronnimann - dba, Hydro (UK). He’s played at festivals in the USA, Finland, UK and around Europe. He’s got several albums and is working on a new one with Kelvin Sholar (Detroit) and vocalist Hekie Barht (D).

is a church, a club, a festival or a dorm party he always heats his audiences to red-hot with his mixes inspired by classical, Latin American, Balkan and pop music.

Josia has listened to and played music since he was a child. His adventure with electronic music began when he discovered the Frankfurt clubbing scene when he was 17, then finally chose Berlin as his artistic home. He’s worked on his style for years and describes it as, “ dirty rocking house loaded with explosions of maniacal emotion”. As a producer Josia combines a dirty bass line with dark electro, adds house sounds and as a foundation lays down minimalistic techno beats. He has his own labels Chameleon Records, Muenchen Recordings and LaserLaser/Rough Trade. He is a co-founder and resident at the famous Ufer WG parties which are known for their rich, colourful music and style.




Nasty Drop is Oskar Piotrowski and Paweł Filipczak, from Warsaw, dj’s, producers, creators of the agency P.O.F. art. Present “DIZKI-DENZ” shows on the radio where they play a wide range of club music. In 2010 they went into a studio and formed Nasty Drop with sound man and friend Przemek „Kudłaty” Kruszewski. SEBASS [Killa Beatz Crew/ P.O.F Art/BassBrothers] On the scene since 2004 as a member of the Warsaw collective trickiside crew. Currently resident at THC Luztro club. Performs in many clubs and on radio programs.


Pan Volf – composer, producer, instrumentalist fascinated with dubstep, drum and bass and everything from neoclassic on. Tries to confront instrumental music with modern electronic sounds. Eksempl - producer (also known as Dj -Se2 ) shaped his work through his years spent in Berlin. He’s inspired by old Funk and Soul sounds and BROFLOW (DE) experiments with electronic and dubstep using He began his adventure with a gramophone in samplers and live instruments. 1999 and has played with many hip hop artists Together Pan Volf & Eksempl play live dubstep with in clubs in Germany and around Europe. After a fat synthetic bass line patented by Pan Volf! experimenting with electronic music in 2005 he- OUKI ’s immersed in drum ‘n’ bass. His sets are mainly DJ Ouki Wrocław, Poland- took her first setps on flowing and melodic but there’s always room for the SLOT stage in Gizycko where she was infecsome rough sounds. ted with the clubbing spirit. She especially liked drum’n’ bass. She’s played Wrocław clubs and this ALBRECHT LORENZ (DE) year will join other “SLOT-dinosaurs” as well as Albrecht began his journey with electronic music go solo. Expect light or dark d’n’b and even Aras a 3 year-old! Regardless of whether the venue mageddon!


Clubbing Stage


Dj since 1992, organizer and dj at parties named “Planet X”. Has played clubs all over Poland and co-created the first SLOT clubbing party way back in Gizycko. He’ll present a mix of liquid and hardstep with elements of jazz and funk.


After years of playing heavy neuro dnb, he has started a refreshing romance with electro but that doesn’t change the fact that Upalny loves his audience and they love him. But don’t believe the notes, come see and dance for yourself!!! It’ll be loud and rhythmic with female vocals and crushing drops, fast changes and romantic breakdowns.


None (3Unltd / Neuropunks – Katowice) Debuted at the age of 16 playing with HC/Punk bands, has been mixing for 11 years. He plays what he likes and what brings him joy- techno, electro, dnb, dubstep, heavy bass and uk funky. He’s played hundreds of sets at parties and before acts like: Kero, Apparat, Kemal, Corrupt Souls, Phace, Black Sun Empire, Jackmaster, Star Eyes, Tomb Crew, Jeff Mills, Crystal Castles…


Tomash Gee aka Microslave- number 1 representative and producer of hard techno in Poland. Has performed all over the world and at the largest Polish festivals. This time he’ll perform live minimal and electro. Founder of the label ZEPAM. You can hear his electronic creativity on labels such as definitions rec and dirty stuff records.


By day a teacher and translator of English, he began his musical adventure 4 years ago after returning from Scotland where he got hooked on the club scene. His EP “Bava” was released on the English net-label Vorbic. Leads a series of parties fot. Albrecht Lorenz

Clubbing Stage “Uneasy Listening” combining difficult films with uneasy sounds. Cruzoe, despite the temptation of modern electronics, remains faithful to vinyl and simply loves to turn.


funky, jazz, experimental, down-tempo, ambient For: Plequ, 3K-sha, Imotep, DRY-ROT, Mazubar, Krtl, Highlander,Mulungu Project, … Likes: visualization on the edge of vj’ing, visual arts and performance, treats the light projector KARTAL Kartel- dj, promoter strongly linked to the audio- as an abstract means of expression. visual collective Podaj Kable in Cieszyn. You’ll he- MALAGA ar a mix of nu-funk and a deep version of house By day sculpts and at night sits at the computer. and techno. Constantly filters visual and sound stimulants to create a collage taken from reality. Loves color as well as black and white. Created Podaj Kabel HAKU Haku aka Hakuryba – DJ and promotor, by day a in 2009. Has “shown” for: PLEQ, paracetamol vs graphic artist. Always on the look-out for fresh KSZ, 8rolek, Podaj Kabel (Mazubar, Kartal, Heller, productions. Plays everything from tropical rhy- 3k_sha, IMO-TEP, DRY-ROT), Dub Lovin’ Crimithms of UK funky through energetic Bmore Club, nals, Kuba Sojka, Kicó Mdfk, Upalny, None, Digital Pilgrimz, Cntrst&Rylski, Steve R.I.O.T., Kenny Heavy Bass, Techno. Mitchell, Mungo’s Hi Fi, itd. CAMIL Talents- wide range of visual arts from computer OLILA graphics to animation, photography, film… Has vj Olila- her videos are a mix of color illustrations, been doing visualizations for about a year with daily experiences and unusual events. Part of Pothe collective, Podaj Kabel, using archival, mo- daj Kabel. nochromatic recordings combined with full color WAMA Though the name sounds feminine this VJ is not! and dynamic, abstract animation. Focused on 3D graphics, film and photography in LUMINATOR First place winner in the Polish festival, Videozo- his visualization, but not only. ne 2009, for best original VJ set. Ideally at home VISUAL TO GO Got inspired during the Vj’ing workshop at SLOT in any type of music. Resident at club Eter. 2005 and since then has been at work in his hoMARKI.MARK Marki.mark [Break Brain Art ColectIF] Musically- me town. Co-founder of EyeCombatCollective classic lovers of the electronic sounds of break- and is an eternal soft combiner. Likes visual vabeat funky, through drum and bass and jungle riety and warm colors. into heavy dubstep. Visually seeking new connec- JOHN COFFEE tions between live picture and music. BBA Co- VJ JohnCoffee – formally, Alexander Kuiava – dilectIF are people who have a common passion rector/performer of the post production studio for creating fresh music and playing with pictu- ‘’Lime Art Group’’ which will be present in full dures. It’s for an audience that likes surprises and ring SLOT ’11. Video installation Lima Art Group is a treat for fans of geometric pictures- of conew ideas. urse in 3D! The video will be complemented by [vj jooska] Music: experimental, click&cut, dubstep, d.n.b, drum& bass and dubstep.


Experiential Stage


Location: Art Cathedral (nr 26); time 00:30

Our new proposition- here in the cathedral each night we’ll experience unusual concerts and great chemistry. Somewhere between jazz, classical, electronic and experimental. Unique music in a unique place.

July 5

Głyk P.I.K. Trio

P. atryk Głyk – percussion I. rek Głyk – vibraphone K. inga Głyk – basS Głyk P.I.K. Trio is a new project from Irek Głyk, vibraphonist, percussionist, composer and arranger who has worked with the cream of Polish jazz and pop. This explosive mix of family talent has brought dad, son and daughter together in a magical world of sound. The combination of vibraphone, percussion and bass guitar from this family creates an unforgettable sound, energy, musicality and joy that stays with the listener.

July 6

PLEQ is an original project by Bartosz Dziadosz who represents the experimental trend in electronic music. The music revolves around a widely defined laptop sound, including elements of drone, down tempo, abstract glitch and modern classical. He’s played at festivals like Warsaw Summer Jazz Days and last year’s Open’er. Pleq has several albums out and his album „Sound of Rebirth” was hailed as one of the best in 2010. use colorful laboratory chemicals rather than a FLUIDACJE computer and mix them on a graphoscope. The A project from the Ebert Brothers of the visual picture is created live, analog and relates to the label, Analog Visuals. Through years of experi- music. mentation they have uncovered a visual wealth of interface between fluid and light. The artists

fot. GŁYK P.I.K. trio


Experiential Stage


out of improvisations and new musical themes. They’ve played concerts in England, Lithuania and in many Polish clubs. Mariusz Sobański guitar Paweł Rogoża tenor sax Robert Bielak violin Krzysztof Waśkiewicz basS Miłosz Krauz percussion

July 8


This debut project from a young vocalist and producer promises to be an interesting event on the Polish music scene. Her songs are a well thought through mix of indie-pop, acoustic and experimental. During Kari’s concert with her band we’ll hear songs from her first solo album (due out in the fall of 2011). Kari Amirian – vocals, piano, live electronics, cymbals Janek Stokłosa – cello Robert Amirian – acoustic guitar Krzysiek Łochowicz – acoustic/electric guitar Kuba Szydło – percussion Wojtek Traczyk – bass

July 9

Mateusz Zastawny and vj Malaga – accordeon and pictures in the cathedral

July 7


Light Coorporation is a musical project oscillating around film music, progressive and jazz supported with live-mix visuals. Each Light Corporation concert is unique. Compositions are born

An excellent accordion player rooted in the Wroclaw music scene. Thanks to his passion, he interprets classical, theater music and songs as well as jazz in an amazing way. He has participated in and won many contests. We’ll hear his renditions of JS Bach, A. Piazzoli, R. Galliano and some jazz improvisations. All that will be added to with pictures by vj Malaga, who uses collages of images torn out of reality.


Reggae tent

REGGAE TENT/ZELT/STAN/ NAMIOT/ Location nr 59, time 00:30


Reggae Tent Crew – The mysterious name holds many surprises. Let’s remember the times of the first reggae tent, set up near “the big tree” (platanus), which was in 2004 AD, and the following years. There the “roots” and “modern roots” compositions reigned supreme, with the help of selector/DJ TomAll and the like. DJ Zamęt & Crew means you can’t know what’s coming… Puma i Jego Zona Soundsystem (PL/UK) – The core of the band “Puma i Jego Zona” are two charismatic vocalists, jawing their (sometimes pretty abstract) lyrics one by one at the same time. Żaba and Bąbel, together with their excellent band, reigned supreme in the Greater Poland concert halls in the mid 90’s heating up the audience. Years later they have come together to mingle even more, this time in the Soundsystem way. A good party’s in the pipeline! Freestyle session – We’ll try to bring the Soundsystem to life, letting everyone willing to add in their two (or three) pennyworth on the Frenchman aka. Mc Misijny (McMission) riddim, reggae background. – Half Polish and half French, born in Africa 6/7.07 (Wed/Thur) Bashment Night Dreadsquad and KaCeZet (Lodz/Warsaw) where he spent 14 years of his childhood. – Everybody knows those guys. Undoubtedly, Known from Bass Medium Trinity and Jamal. the biggest start of this year’s tent. Their joint This year, he’s finished the work on his solo album “Stara Szkoła” (“Old School”) was rele- project “Świadectwo” (“A Testimony”). The ased in 2009 – a compilation of 16 fantastic work is entirely his own. The topics brought MMF productions, from reggae/ragamuffin to up on the album are the results of long reflecska and dub, topped off with KaCeZet jaws. tions and a deep conversion. The topics are Since then, they have been touring the length a conscious message about spirituality, life’s and breadth of Poland spreading dancehall as day to day problems and the shades of the Polish music scene and showbusiness. they go. Your body will roar to dance!

Reggae tent 7/8.07 (Thur/Fri) The Roots’ Night

Czlowiek Gavron (Lodz) – A sing jay from central Poland, a member of Ras Bass and the vocalist of Pali Się Sunsystem and currently also Bieda Sound. Gawron is a lover of roots, dub, rocksteady and ragamuffin and melodic rhytmizing of words and sounds is his specialty and his hobby. Roots Defender feat. Natty B (Lublin) – “Outstanding”, as people speak of them, Jamaican sound system from Lublin. Formed by vinyl sounds, bass culture and genre pioneers enthusiasts of the kind of Lee Perry, The Heptones, Burning Spear or Big Youth. Supported by Kabat’s trombone (a musician known from “Sloma i Przedwietrze” among others), they defend the roots of reggae music, uniting it and rescuing it from oblivion during the cyclic gigs called “RootsEdukacja”. They enjoy UK dub, although during their shows they still prefer to use the Jamaican recordings from the 60’s, 70’s and the first half of the 80’s. The West Indies music straight from Eastern Poland.

8/9.07 (Fri/Sat) Dub Night

Muflon Dub Soundsystem (Białystok/ Lublin) – Our music is a compilation of all we can and are able to do… Samples, loops, special effects together with vocals and instruments (drums, melodica, flute, pan flute, guitar, keyboards)… Inspiration comes whenever and from wherever it will. People, places, emotions or music (especially Dub Syndicate, Yabby You, Congos, Christafari). It is sometimes an inspiration for a new text, new music or to record. A song can come to life in a day, month or a year. It’s a never-ending passion, but also a mission to saw the hot vibration and heat up the frozen world! Listen for yourself at .


Macca Dub (Lodz) – A cool number presenting the school of hard classic dub, digital dub, UK dub and hardstep dub. Caught the dub virus during the Original Bass Foundation and Audioactivity tour, which took place in Poland in the summer of 2004. As the time passed by, the dub virus connected with the vinyl virus. It caused a disease and it’s symptom is sharing the beloved sounds, regardless of the audience’s distrust. Japko Selecta (Lodz) – One of the best and longest active reggae selectors on the Lodz stage. His adventure with the gramophone began in the Dread Lion Crew (R.I.P.). Currently plays solo and takes part in many projects, also outside the genre (e.g. Sub-lo-matic). His selections are mainly dub stage and dubstep novelities, however he can sometimes surprise with some sophisticated classical sounds.

9/10.07 (Sat/Sun) Raggamuffin Night

Jam Vibez (Lodz) – Janek, Kleeb, Awiom – a group of three fans of good music, promoting the best sounds of digital reggae – raggamuffin – dub. On stage since 2005. Independent of popularity, they efficiently spread the joy and positive vibration flowing from Jamaican (although not only) recordings. They became famous on the Polish stage thanks to an album unrivalled through its uniqueness of a selection from the 80’s. The effect of this fascination was a very well received mixtape from 2008. Reggae Tent Crew – and lastly, a surprise…



HARDCORE PUNK CLUB Location: Café Jeżyna (nr 53), time 21:00-23:00 tuesday, 5.07 DAY OF DECISION - metal (de) PANTOKRATOR - metal (swe)

wednesday, 6.07 SUN FOR MILES - down-tempo thursday, 7.07 TO LEAVE A TRACE - posthardcore/srceamo ESCAPE FROM SICKNESS - hardcore/metal friday, 8.07 ON2B – punk ADWENT - punk saturday, 9.07 FACE OF REALITY - hardcore/metal

Workshops: Radical unity led by Robert Schellert

Wed-Sat round 1 (11.00-12.45)

We humans have a tendency to complicate things. Everyone wants the world to be better, without wars, family conflict, etc. But, to make a better world, we have to start with ourselves, you and me in our daily interaction with others. During these workshops we’ll learn how to bring peace and unity through our lives. Robert and his wife live in London and are part of the local anarchist/squatter/ alternative culture scenes. He’s worked with the church, The Bridge Collective, a varied group who are on the margins of the church and society; the forgotten, alternative kids, poor and homeless. He plans to re-activate The Bridge soon.



Sun For Miles

The band was form in 2009 in New York. In the beginning it was a two man band then it grew into a 5 person group. They’ve done a split with



in stage in 2009 and on the small stage in 2010 as well as playing lots of concerts around Poland in the last year.

Escape From Sickness

Escape From Sickness is a mixture of energetic hardcore and metal. This young band is already well known for their impressive live performances. Their strong sound and the positive message in their texts goes right to the heart.


This punk rock band formed in 2011. The founder is Arkadiusz Bąk, the leader of Profanacji. The music and texts are strong and characteristic for vocalists who have enough of the stupidity around us.

fot. Mateusz ‘Matek’ Bilski


Old punks from Poland who won’t give up! Regardless of their age they’re still tough and rebellious. They’ve played their music for years, not caring about trends and we love them for it!

Face of Reality

These guys have been around a long time on the hardcore scene. They play passionate, technically developed music characterized by aggressive, strong sounds. Last year they reGuantanamo Party Program and Echoes of Yul. corded the album “Behind The Silence” which Members of the group are also part of 52um, Se- was well received. The material in concert is arching For Calm, Thaw… They’re currently wor- doubly strong and won’t let your limbs rest. king on their first album.

To Leave a Trace

To Leave a Trace is a quartet of three guys and a girl. They play energetic rock/metal/screamo. They’re from Ukraine and have worked with SLOT for awhile already. They played on the ma-


Location: Wirydarz (nr 41), time 0:30 Tuesday July 5 For Vip


Friday July 8 Porozumienie

Rock, guitars, drums, bass, screaming? Not this time! Pieces that normally make you dance will be done gently this time. This band formed in 2003 and has played and played since then. Tonight, like Transformers. they’ll morph but with the same energy and message. Come, listen, think...

For VIP group was set up in 2007 in Żywiec. It consists of four different music styles and personalities. Their first album „Oczekiwanie” (Waiting) was launched May, 2011. It was produced and supervised by Cezary Borkowski, a brilliant producer at DR Studio in Wisła. You can hear blues interests of the keyboard player Krzysztof Bąbacz, a rock action by Rafał Hilarycht (bass) Saturday July 9 and Dominik Cendrzak (drums), unique Marek Janoszek’s guitars and vocal and a guest perfor- Beyond Natural mance of the young generation singer Natalia A combo of jazz, soul, R&B and funk. The highlights of Sołtysek. the are the two vocalists, Wednesday July 6 Ashiah Cackowska and Kid Brown Anyah Wysoczyńska., who This is a group of really relaxed people who are have very different vocal full of energy for creating together as well as in colors and temperaments. separate groups. They’re led by two ladies- Anna They play original music Frączek and Jadwiga Kłapa, who are passiona- that speaks of their life te and actively involved in music. They’ll perform with God as well as doing original music accompanied by piano. Required covers of artists such as attendance!! Alicia Keys. The main idea of this band is to share a Thursday July 7 new perspective of a better Duch Formed in 2010, this band plays mainly acoustic life in modern reality. Soulrock (widely defined). They’re 7 young people with ful, fresh and inspiring. different emotions and musical tastes. They’re able to get interesting effects out of each note to create something unusual and new. DUCH is: Piotr Aleksander Nowak - Guitar, compositions, Regina Bogacz - vocals, Stanisław Jan Klemens Słowiński - violin, Patrycja Pastrana -viola, Natalia Orkisz - cello, Łukasz Madej - string bass, Wiktor Machowski - cajon.

fot. Mateusz ‘Matek’ Bilski


Cafe Pralnia Stage



Lokation: palace 2nd floor, nr 16 20:45 22:15

tuesday, 5.07 wednesday, 6.07 thursday, 7.07 friday, 8.07 Kidbrown 4XLEJØƅMIEƤEJ Moonhead Coleslav Zaha United Gospel Singers Marcin Mielczarek Acoustic Dreams Wru& Prosfer

Cafe Pralnia Stage stirs, sputters, washes spiritual colours of your brain with sounds, sight, multimedia. ...from 8.45 p.m. in the white room, slow down, chill out and prepare your swoje soul for the energy from above. Mixture of professional styles and voices. Let’s experience something new. Bands : KIDBROWN They simply talk about life. For them, it’s a gift to gain new power. A duo of young ladies with power similar to a reactor in a submarine. Lots of energy, emotions and creativity on fot. Kacper Gunia

saturday, 9.07 Love Story


Cafe Pralnia Stage

stage. Two distinctive voices inspired by the mixture of neo soul and jazz. Vocal improvisations twined with saxophone ones, performed by Jaga, make quintessence of the sound of the duo. Zaha young guy from the east mused and played what was on his mind. Maniac on stage and madman in life. Electronic instruments, nice fat beats, creaky and scratchy speakers and a good vocal, ecstatic when creating. Zaha invites you for chill out and a little motion. Tymek Śnieżek Multinstrumentalist już after mutation. Creates his own pieces in a professional studio. Quality is his motto! He writes sonds about life. Jakub Jamielucha is going to play the drum kit in Tymek’s project. Definitely the youngest musician with promising future. We will hear about him one day! United Gospel Singers set up in April, 2010. Young musicians from a few cities in the south of Poland. UGS represent different styles of music. Their activities and development are directed mainly towards Gospel music. Acoustic violin bow group on Cafe Pralnia stage this year. Moonhead is a rock group set up in 2008 in Gniezno. Created by young musicians who found their inspiration in Pink Floyd, Dire Straits, Soundgarden and Archive. Trumpet, guitars, keyboard and vocal.. Michał Mielczarek Acoustic - vocal, Łukasz Chyliński – acoustic guitar, Wojciech Świerczyna - acoustic guitar. Acoustic sounds and guitar style of the pieces, also soul and jazz. The leader and author of the lyrics is Michał Mielczarek. He cooperated with Mietek Szcześniak, Natalia Niemen, Bajm. He’s a soloist of Polish well known pop-gospel TGD choir and a graduate of jazz faculty in Katowice. Coleslav a band that is a mixture of different personalities creating a delicious whole. That’s where the band’s name comes from. Founded at the beginning of 2011 in Warsaw. Their music is a combination of alternative rock and pop. They’re

preparing for their first album. Leszek Hynda – vocal, guitar, Tymoteusz Nowak – bass, Karol Soboń – keyboards, piano, Łukasz Chyliński – electic guitar, Artur Cieślak –drums. Wru& Prosfer Wru – not so greatly experienced, yet a very talented selector. So far, she has played in Wroclaw Vis-A-Vis and Szajba clubs. Her music paths are a kind of natural selection: from organic breakbeat to hip hop, rock, indie or electronic sounds like trip-hop, dubstep and drum-and-bass. Prosfer – in the beginning very mc, then a more hairy member of a duo JednoPiwoSound (OneBearSound). They musically terrorised Wroclaw clubs for some time. Selectively successively she goes from funk, breaks, rap i mashups to electro, dub, dubstep and jungle/dnb. Sum up? A mixture of Czech cinematography and Venice riot. Bon appetit! LoveStory is a musical Idea with a capital ”I”. ”The group was found from a general need for a good text about love.” Seriously. Objectively unique, thanks to genuineness. Their beginnings are around July 2006. The best of their lyrics are the ones that aren’t literal and are just fun and wordplays. The producer of their first record „Talitha kum” in 2010 also made Maria Awaria – which resulted in multitude of prizes that you are going to hear about. MADE IN COSMOS. Vjs, Kasia Muranty and Łukasz Sawicki. Young graphic studio from Warsaw. They design posters, books, visual identifications, catalogues and websites. More at MADEINCOSMOS.COM. They like good sounds and support graphically a lot of artists. They prepared unique visualizations for music, live, together with Fluidacje at SLOT ART . At Cafe Pralnia!


Small Stage

Place: tent by the carriage house When: 17.30- 19.30 Wednesday July 6

17:30-18:00 Because 18:15-18:45 Mairess 19:00-19:30 Lee monday

Thursday July 7

17:30-18:00 Editt 18:15-18:45 Insult 19:00-19:30 Head up high

Friday July 8

17:30-18:00 Heroes get remembered

fot. Mateusz ‘Matek’ Bilski

The Small Stage (competition stage) is the place where young, ambitious bands have the possibility to present their music to a wider public. Just like in past years, from Wednesday through Friday (July 6-8) the small stage is a competition stage where a jury and the public will vote for and choose their favorite band from the 3 that play each day. That winner will open the concert on the main stage the next night. On Saturday, July 9 there’s no competition. This year ROCK, in all its various forms, will rule on the small stage. It’ll be very interesting! You’ll see and hear not only young groups who are taking their first steps on stage, but also professional bands that have played hundreds of concerts in Poland and abroad (even at festivals like Woodstock, Jarocin, and Union of Rock), recorded many albums and had success on TV. COME TO THE MOST ROCKIN’ STAGE AT SLOT ART FESTVIAL 2011!!!


18:15-18:45 Neith 19:00-19:30 Fat belly family

Saturday July 9

17:30-18:00 Cockroach 18:15-18:45 Ebola Cereal 19:00-19:30 Bolilol Additional award for the most interesting band among the 12 performing on the small stage50% discount on a recording session of from 3 songs to a whole album at MAGAZINE STUDIO-




Location - carriage house

Dearest poet comrades! Prose writers! Children of Art! We warmly invite you to the Revolutionary- Literary Stage where we’ll dig into the depths of “Polish thoughts” from the pages of “literature for all”- rebellion, writing workshops and anecdotes from the literary life. Comrades include: Jadwiga Skowron, Skowronek, Anna Czyrska, Xsiężna, Maciej Taranek, Dresu Dres and Mateusz Kulesza, who will fill your heads with revolutionary thoughts from a wide range of styles.


Two revolutionary workshops daily:

Creative writing - round 1, 11.00-12.45

We’ll wake our minds up to creative thinking with whatever comes into our heads.

“Rebellion in literature” - round 3, 15.0016.45


After all the emotions of learning, comes the time to show what you’ve learned. Bring your work, poems, prose- whatever you’d like to share . No one will judge you- no jury- just you and a mike. Be brave!

Tuesday-Friday 18.30-19.30 Original Evenings

Each day, after the Open Mike, you can hear your comrade poets and prose writers. Some are published writers and all are talented and real. Come and listen!

fot. Mateusz ‘Matek’ Bilski

Really interesting! Comrade Czyrska will lead you through the dark side of literature into the positive side of rebellion.

Tuesday: Jadwiga Skowron, Anna Czyrska (from the book „ZERO”) Wednesday: Ola Olejniczak, Szymon Stoczek (from the book „ ARIEGARDA: PRÓBA CAŁOŚCI”)




On the last day of the festival we’ll have a Slam- a chance to show what we’ve learned in the workshops. We’ll judge ourselves and the people who get the most votes from the public will get a prize! For the top three there will be SLOT gadgets, plus something special for the winner.

July 9 18.00-20.00 CONCERT

fot. Mateusz ‘Matek’ Bilski

Finally the cherry on top of the cake…. Saturday 20.00 Kamil Zając solo.

Thursday: Beata Podsiadły, Michał Wolny and Bogumiła Jęcek Friday: Marta Kucharska and Mirosław Marcol (from the book„ VULGARIS AUANTRA”)

From Tuesday July 5- Saturday July 9 11:00-12:45 Creative Writing. A warm-up to literature 15:00-16:45 Rebellion in Literature 18:30-19:30 Open Mike 19:30-21:00 original poetry from invited poets Saturday July 9 18:00-20:00 Slam with prizes 20:00-21:00 CNMCEQSØ Ø+ALIKØ:AȫijCØRNKN




Location: Tree Tree Round I Round II Round III





David i Jodi Pierce

In the early ‘80’s David and Jodi started a meeting for punks and other rebels on a boat in the center of Amsterdam. In time that grew into No Longer Music- a legend now- which shares the Gospel with power in an uncompromising manner worldwide. David and Jodi are also known as speakers and authors of books. This year we’ll hear them in two seminar cycles under the big tree: fot. arch. SAF

Miracles & Riots – David Pierce big tree / 15:00-16:45

1. A healthy spiritual life means that I will start Riots and general Mayhem. 2. Does Truth exist? 3. What happens to me after I die? 4. When dying is better than living. (or how to avoid selling out)

3. Is business evil? 4. Resident Evil ...or why things stay broken Allan Bussard – a president of Integra Foundation running developmental projects in Kenya Radical Encounters With The Living God – and Ethiopia, head of Ten Senses – one of the Jodi Pierce big tree / 13:00-14:45 first Fair Trade companies in Central Europe 1. The world you see is not the real world (do you Enjoy an Ever Fuller Life- Andrzej Burzyński want to take the red pill or the blue pill?) location 20 / 11:00-12:45 2. Terminator faith - part 2 1. How to create a relationship that works 3. Do you see God walking among us? 2. How to be friends with emotions 4. Miracle Meeting 3. How to survive a real adventure

Round I

4. How to be happy

Last year’s interest in Allan’s lectures inspired us to continue: 1. Why money is worthless 2. Why is Africa (still) poor?

a wide range of personal growth. He’s the author of the book, “Przebacz i uwolnij siebie� (Forgive and Free Yourself). He has his own training firm, KOAH.

A healthy approach to money location 19 / Andrzej Burzynski is a certified trainer with the group MSTEAM. His personal training focuses on 11:00-12:45



Parenting- it’s so easy? room 21/11.00- Round II 12.45 Red Suspenders at SLOT room 19 / 13:00For parents of pre-schoolers who want to under- 14:45 stand kids better and deal with parenting myths 1. Given or gained? Discover your child’s temperament 2. Who is my child? personality and body shape 3. Is this normal? child development 4. Oh, those emotions!- how to be a therapist for your child Katarzyna Ślawska–Wlizło – psychologist, for 10 years has led a schooling center and for 1 year together with her husband Pawłem Wlizło, has run a pre-school

Markets, stocks and investments. How does the stock market work? Could you become a financial shark? 1. Independent long-term investment 2. Ethics in the financial market? 3. Playing the market- how does it work? 4. Coffee, sugar, South African co-ops… What else is hidden in the Warsaw stock exchange? Jan Kasperowicz – student at Economic University of Wroclaw. A licensed stock broker with rights in investment counseling.

How to build lasting and valuable relationships in today’s world 1. Does quantity equal quality? Poblems of modern communication 2. Racing emotions-how to tame them 3. Luv u! Love today 4. „Take the trash out”- „In a minute”- how to raise kids in this crazy world Asia i Janusz Żydek- happily married for 21 years, parents of 2 adult children, do family counseling

Being male is a question of birth. Being a man is a choice. Who are we? Where are we running to? Why are we afraid? Funny, honest and painful. 1. The most dangerous woman on Earth 2. Fear and jump 3. Save the Princess 4. The Art of Walking on Water Piotr Tkaczyk – lawyer by training, runs a consulting firm, business coach. Bogdan „Bzyku” Pszczoła- has been involved in SLOT for years. Coach.

How to talk to be heard room 22/11.00- For Men Only. What’s Wrong With Your 12.45 Friend? room 20 / 13:00-14:45

New communities location 7 / 11:00-12:45

Are you a part of Christian community? Want to start a new spiritual, cultural or art project? Find your experience frustrating? Lets meet and talk. 1. A community. More problems than it’s worth? 2. Assembly line or a tropical forest? 3. Important vs more important. 4. Terrorism, passivism or creative action? Dan Hash and Florian Hoenish – involved in creative, innovative Christian communities, have rich pastoral experience.

Polyphony in Social Activity room 21/13.0014.45

Feelings of social responsibility are close to people from various world-views. Does that variety help or hinder? 1. Christianity and social life- a positive exampleLuke Bretherton 2. Christianity and social life- modern practicesLuke Bretherton 3. Economic factors and civic duty- Allan Bussard 4. Together or apart? Variety as a problem, challenge and possibility- Jakub Wygnański



Luke Bretherton- teacher of theology and politics at King’s College, London, actively involved in many NGOs Allan Bussard- director of the Integra Foundation in Bratislava, realizes development projects in Kenya and Ethiopia Kuba Wygnański- sociologist, promoter of NGOs in Poland, co-founder of Society Kon/Jawor, co-author of law regarding public use and volunteers.

it will be for us to understand what’s happening in our world. Four meetings about crazy scales and chance. Jan Masajada - works at the Wrocław PolyTechnical University. Has been provoking us at SLOT for years with discussions about reality.

A Nature Voyage- Green SLOT location 21 / 15:00-16:45

1. Mike Horn- the man who went around the world. 2. Young Explorers Program PANGAEA- about Round III All you need is law room 19 / 15:00-16:45 ecology to the ends of the earth Law- everyone has heard of it no normal person 3. Zosia and Martin’s expeditions-Siberia, the Arctic and South America understands it and most agree it’s evil 4. How each of us can get involved in an ecologi1. Law- history and genesis 2. Law like a Boeing 747, extreme law engine- cal project as a volunteer around the world. Zofia Drapella and Martin Anon – Ambasering sadors of Earth in PANGAEA Mike Horn project. 3. It depends… who it’s never 100% sure 4. Everyday law- how to act in the face of infec- Participated in many scientific expeditions and ecological projects. tion Dominik Zając- law and history student in Kra- Panel discussion- Third Sector today- vision, challenges and dangers Friday, 15.00 locakow, works at the university law clinic

Your Nutritionist- Do You Know What You’re tion: 16 Societies, foundations, citizen initiatives- next Eating? room 20 / 15:00-16:45 1. Basic principles of rational nutrition and the most common mistakes in eating 2. Read the label 3. Fast food problems 4. Coffee vs Tea Dorota Sikora – a nutritionist, has led group “diet therapy” and workshops in healthy eating for the sick and for children.

Scales and Chance- room 22 / 15:00-16:45

We live in a world of exorbitantly stretched scales. Atoms and electrons are so small that we can’t see them even with the best optical microscopes. On the other extreme we have billions of years of cosmic light space. To make matters worse, where scales grow, chance also appears like a evil spirit. The less familiar we are with the variations in scale and chance the more difficult

to government and the market, the third sector forms our common reality. What role should it have? What are the goals and how do we reach them? How should it exist with the 1st and 2nd sector? Panelists: Kuba Wygnański- sociologist, promoter of NGOs in Poland, co-founder of Society Kon/Jawor, co-author of law regarding public use and volunteers Allan Bussard- director of the Integra Foundation in Bratislava, realizes development projects in Kenya and Ethiopia Bartek Pilitowski - sociologist, founder of Foundation Court Watch Poland


SOCIAL INITIATIVES FAIR Location nr 38-39 time 16:30-19:00

We warmly invite you to visit the Social Initiatives Fair daily from 16.30- 19.00. You’ll find information, exhibits and presentations from the organisations that are represented this year. 1. Chrześcijańska Inicjatywa dla Indii (Christian Initiative for India) 2. Fundacja Stocznia 3. Stowarzyszenie Gaja 4. Stowarzyszenie „Możesz” – Instytut Rozwoju Mężczyzny (Institute for the Development of Men) 5. Instytut Spraw Obywatelskich ( Institute of Civil Affairs) 6. Stowarzyszenie MAITRI 7. Stowarzyszenie Obywatele Obywatelom (Citizens for Citizens) 8. Steiger International 9. Związek Stowarzyszeń Polska Zielona Sieć (Green Net) 10. Polska Akcja Humanitarna (Polish Humanitarian Action) 11. Stowarzyszenie Trzeci Świat i My. (Third World and Us) 12. Towarzystwo Edukacji Otwartej (Open Education) 13. oddział Wrocław 14. Semper Avanti 15. Fundacja Wrocławskie Hospicjum dla dzieci (Children’s Hospice) 16. Inicjatywa wolna Białoruś (Free Belarus) 17. Ekostraż 18. Aeris Futuro 19. Emmaus 20. Open Doors Social Initiatives Film award-winning documentary films that force the viewer to consider the state of modern man. Come be challenged everyday at 18.00 in location 46.


July 6- Up the Yangtze

The Yangtze River- 6300 km long, the longest Chinese river and one of the longest in the world. Plans for it harnessing it were laid 100 years ago. The surface covered by the lake formed by a giant dam is larger than Poland. That „Three Gorges Dam“ has inspired many Chinese artists. For Yung Chang, a documentary maker of Chinese descent who was raised in Montreal, the film „Up the Yangze“ is not just a sentimental voyage to his roots. The return to the river where his grandfather was raised became a pretext to showing a portrait of modern China.

July 7- Yes-Men Fix The World

When a gentleman representing Dow Chemical announced on BBC radio that his firm would pay compensation to the victims of an ecological catastrophe caused by the company, the interviewer was stunned. „We’ll do what we should have done long ago“ assured the company man. After 20 years not many people had hope that the chemical giant would show any heart, but the euphoria didn’t last long. The company quickly denied the information and the BBC requested an explanation on air. It turned out that the man who made the shocking promise had nothing to do with the company. „We wanted to remind everyone in this way that no one cares about vicitims today.“ he said. The results of the event were immediately seen. Dow stock plummeted and the company lost 2 million dollars in one day. The imposter was Yes-Man Andy Bichlbaum, a man whose goal is to make fools of the buisness world.


Armadillo is the name of an army base in Helmund Province in southern Afghanistan. There are usually about 170 British and Danish soldiers stationed there. Some of them are young and treat their war experience as an adventure, test or challenge that they can’t resist. However during their six month tour of duty at the base their personalities and their characters are ra-


fot. arch. SAF


dically changed. They prepare carefully at home for their assignment, but once there spend night duty watching porno on lap-tops and, like little boys, enjoying life in the platoon. Their spontaneous bravado is short-lived however and ends abruptly. While fighting the Taliban, one of them is injured and his horrified face proves that this is no boy’s game or paint-ball match. All this is played out before the eyes of the world who looks on passively, taking the role of a silent witness to the war.


Do we really know what’s hidden in our phones? The director of this film reveals the strong and shocking connection between the cell-phone industry and illegal mining of raw materials in the Congo. Every cell-phone conversation supports this criminal buisness and augments profits from

illegal mining in the Congo. That country, which is so rich in natural resources, has been engulfed in war for years. So far almost 5 million people have died and over 300,000 women have been brutally raped.


In addition to the films and the fair, each morning between 9.45 and 11.45 in location Café Wirydarz we’ll hold a NGO breakfast for people involved in the building of the Third Sector in Poland. This is especially for people who are actively involved in a NGO.



The place where we focus on an issue that none of us can avoid- WORK. Whether we want to or not, we all have to find our place in this area. We’re convinced that the less randomly we approach it the more satisfaction and pure enjoyment, aside from financial gain, we can have from this activity that generates the “means to survive”.



OFFTEAM was created 9 years ago by Tomek Bednarek and Adam Zapała. They create tools to make their client’s products more noticed among the competition, which leads to increased sales for their clients. The trick, and goal, is to find a way that their clients don’t pay for advertising.

Saturday July 9 YOUR OWN BUISNESSpassions and freedom: Monika Błoch, cosmetic salon and make-up studio

Until recently Monika worked as an independent make-up artist. One year ago she decided to try starting her own firm. She applied for a grant A cycle of interviews with free-lancers and from the EU for money to finance the idea, and owners of “young” firms. You can count on qu- after a fight she got the grant to open her stuestions dealing with the depths of all aspects of dio. these two types of professional activities and CYCLE OF SEMINARS: HOW TO CREATE AND lots of honesty. Sebastian Pawłowski, co-foun- DEVELOP YOUR OWN BUSINESS der of SLOT, co-founder and director of the creLocation 22, round 2 (13.00ative agency SHA CRAETIVE, will lead.

Location: Café Pralnia round 1 (11.00-12.45)

Wednesday July 6 YOUR OWN BUISNESS- 14.45), passion and freedom- Natanael Filipowicz, hosted by Keith Shortley- business consultant from England who supports British firms of all tyN-FORMATIVE production house N-FORMATIVE is a production house that was created with success two years ago by Natanael. The firm provides equipment (sound, lights, multimedia…) for corporate and institutional events. They’ve worked so far with the Ministry of Culture and National heritage, Science Center Copernicus, Apple, Goodyear…

pes and sizes with his experience and knowledge. His consulting firm, Solutions, has been active in Poland, as well, the last 4 years. Happy husband and father of two adult daughters.

pendent acvitity- Maciek Ziołkowski

Thursday July 7- The clash of art, creativity and business

Wednesday July 6- Where do entrepreneurs come from? Do I have a chance?

We’ll look at examples of firms and entrepreneurs to see what led them on that road Thursday July 7 FREELANCE- the art of indeMaciek Ziołkowski- screen writer, copywriter, sound engineer (on hundreds of films and ads) coach and referee for Petanque as well as MC for the band Behavior. Worked for several studios in the past but now has gone freelance. Knows the good and the bad of each side.

We’ll discuss the challenges of earning from creative and artistic endeavors. Does your art loose its integrity and value if used in services? Come and join the discussion!

Friday July 8- The Market- what is it and how Friday July 8 YOUR OWN BUISNESS- pas- does it work? sion and freedom: Tomasz Bednarek, ad What is the market? How does it work? We’ll answer those questions and look at the structure of agency OFF TEAM the market. We’ll point out how important it is for




Daily open consultations, round 2 13.00-14.45, location 7,8 Consultation Point Seminars

Daily: 17:00, location: nr 19 Wednesday July 6

“Unwanted Inheritance- a few words about Adult Children of Alcoholics” Klaudia Szydło- student of re-socialization, probation officer, Teen Challenge worker

Thursday July 7

“Co-dependency- the most ignored addiction” Anna Kułakowska – specialist in group therapy, director of a re-hab center for addicts

Friday July 8

“ The World of Psychoactive Drugs” Paweł Stadniczenko- tennis coach for some of Poland’s best players, graduate of Teen Challenge, group leader of “Coffee House” in Wrocław fot. Mateusz ‘Matek’ Bilski

Saturday July 9

a firm to define its place in the market. What is the main area of activity? How can you learn more about the market in which you’re involved?

Saturday July 9- Think before you act!

What raw materials are needed for your firm? Is there a “rhythm”? Do you have the funds needed to function? Do you have a plan? What support is needed to function? We’ll help you decide if running a business is the right step for you.

“The Trap of Addiction” Leszek Kopczyński- co-ordinator for the “Coffee House” program, Christian Social Mission Poland



Location nr 53, time 23:00 tuesday, 05.07 - Hydrozagadka wednesday, 06.07 - 1. 3GDÖ!SRRDPÛWÖ"HPBSQ 2. ,@PRHȩLÖHÖ9MD thursday, 07.07 - -@ÖWDIÖ3@T@GMKÖ-MRÖ@LÖ(JJSQHML friday, 08.07 - Erratum saturday, 09.07 - 9ŭMR@ÖPWAI@

Hydrozagadka 70min dir. Andrzej Kondratiuk

“Never refuse when it comes to a just cause” If you think you’re too tired, just grab a cup of coffee and make your way to see this cult comedy hit from Andrzej Kondratiuk. It’s a miracle of Polish cinematography from 1970. The film is a cross between the grotesque and a parody with actors such as Zdzisław Maklakiewicz, Józef Nowak, Wiesław Gołas, and Ewa Szykulska. And since this is SAF… “The mosquitoes are biting so come inside”… to the Film tent. This film will change your life! You’ll never be the same! But, that’s not important! The “most important is following the rules of first aid, especially on a train!” The Butterfly Circus 20min dir. Joshua Weigel At the height of the Great Depression, the showman of a renowned circus leads his troupe through the devastated American landscape, lifting the spirits of audiences along the way. During their travels they discover a man without limbs at a carnival sideshow. However, after an intriguing encounter with the showman he becomes driven to hope against everything he has ever believed. Martijn i Zoe 42min dir. Kryspin Pluta Martijn and Zoe, father and growing daughter, are the main characters of this documentary by Kryspian Pluta. It is real, honest and funny in its presentation of the relationship between this father and daughter in a Dutch-Polish setting. It shows that no matter what your background,

fot. The Butterfly Circus



fot. Erratum


profession or place of residence, each of us struggles at sometime in a parent-child relationship. The question is- can such a difficult relationship also be beautiful? This documentary breaks the stereo-types of father-daughter relations. Worth seeing! Na yek Tavahom (Not an Illusion) 83min dir. Torang Abedian Sara is a young Iranian with a great voice - but women shouldn’t sing solo in public, according to the laws in Iran. However, Sara is determined -

she was a champion gymnast who was disabled in a freak accident, and doesn’t want to give up. „Na yek Tavahom (Not an Illusion)” follows Sara and her musician friends over five years through the ups and down in Tehran’s underground music scene. It’s a human story about hope, the struggle to achieve a dream, resistance and the fight for cultural freedom. A documentary which gives a deep insight to an explosive society caught between modernity and tradition as never seen before. A true story of the underground musicians of Iran. Erratum 90min dir. Marek Lechki A film where not words, but beautiful filming, close-ups and the crew bring out the essence of what sits deepest in a man- a longing for close relationships, dreams and lost passions. The director proves that it doesn’t take an abundance of words to show something that is wise, full and very mature. Erratum shows us, as well, that a great film isn’t dependant on a big budget or publicity but on that “something”, as well as talent, that all creators should have. This film was awarded the “Debut of the Year” at the 35th Gdynia Film Festival and has been awarded at festivals worldwide. Strongly recommended! Złota Rybka 69min dir. Tomasz Wolski A film about a social therapy center in the best tradition of Polish documentaries, reminiscent of the works of Piwowski, Bławut and Lankosz. This “not normal” world turns out to be more normal than the world around us. There is less hatred and more kindness. This gentle film doesn’t ask us to look AT others, but to look WITH others with other eyes.




Ja w twoim obiektywie (“Me in Your Lens”)

an exhibit project organized by the Culture Center of Górza Kalwaria connects breaks down walls binds and infects with closeness authenticity and the power of good Once upon a time, a certain Kuba came into the SLOT office, a man with the mind of a child. He left us some of his drawings and took our re-cycling to create new drawings… Nikifor of the 21st Century extremely accurate deep closes the spaces of our world other close living colorful and grey crayons on notebook paper …

Kobieta bez Cienia ( Woman Without Shadow)- multimedia project. Małgorzata Zielińska. Seeking your own shadow means a process of defining your true identity. Shadows are not possible without Light. So, if I have a definition of “me”, then what is the “Light” that allows me to have a shadow? Thanks to what can I see and define my shape? Can that “Light” get inside me and influence my consciousness and the way I see myself and the world?

10 Women. Kosma Ostrowski.

fot. Mateusz ‘Matek’ Bilski


10 WOMEN hard to describe unpredictable interesting characteristic REAL just like Ania, Ola, Kasia, Basia, Marta… and me.

Graduate in graphics from UMCS art depart- Trace. Joshua Simpson, Helen Bradley. ment in Lublin. Co-founder of gallery, „Kamieni- Trace is an interactive installation combining vica Cudów”, in Lublin. Cartoonist, illustrator, gra- sual art, written word and physical expression phic artist…



designed by Joshua Simpson and Helen Bradley, Community Artists from England. The work explores themes around journeying, mark making, identity and spirituality. It provides opportunity to look at where you are and how you have gotten there, it is also a response to your surroundings and a platform for others.

Reporters from the film school in Łódż

“This exhibit was created for the need of the moment. Important moments were captured on film with faith that our touching the world would meet with a reaction- create a discussion. Feature reports and photo-reports play an important role in media. Regardless of technical advancements they will always provide a foundation of knowledge about man and the world around him. I believe that our students will make that challenge easier.” prof. Krzysztof Hejke

The Infantilizators. Albert Oszek

Graduate of the Art Academy of Krakow. Painter, graphic artist. Creates cultural art involved in presenting man lost in a world of commercialism and consumption. Inspiration is drawn from masks and figures from art of the Pacific Islands as well as anti- globalism ideology. The theme of the project, “The Infantilizators” comes from the idea of etosu infantylizmu, used by Benjamin R. Barber in his book, “ Consumed”, where “the market ruins children, makes adults infantile and swallows up citizens.” This idea describes contemporary consumers as “shopaholics”, addicts against their will, manipulated from childhood. “The Infantilizators” is a cycle of acrylic paintings on canvas as well as plaster sculptures depicting small-adult figures addicted to possessing un-necessary products. The series is an attempt to laugh at human weaknesses by showing in an grotesque manner certain uncontrolled behaviors of man, whose biggest desire is to identify with the wonderful world of advertising.

Muleta Surface. Jakub Bera, Ola Wyłupek, Amelia Krzeszowska. we reach beyond limits we want to live we want space we want possibilities we want to increase our reach ‘cuz we know… a new beginning fresh shocking



revelational life is created the miracle of abundance

Portrety. Amelia Krzeszowska.

Graduate of the Art Academy of Wrocław a moment is given heaven is given get to know my emotions mine and yours


Graduate of the Łódź Art Academy and a student at the Łódź University. She focuses on the role of women in history and in art history. She does art such as video, painting, installation, and performance. SUR-REALIZACJE is the title of a cycle done on abandoned buildings. Fittingly, the title is associated with surrealism. Student at the Art Academy of Łódź and for the last few months at the MSGSU in Istanbul. My time spent in this weird, crowded city inspired this work that is similar to its source. It’s a collection of photos, notes and thoughts from my months spent in Turkey. The artist tells of seeking her way in a place where very few things are tame and all things taste new.

Dość! Oto kara - w drogę! (Enough! This is the punishment- on the road!)

fot. Mateusz ‘Matek’ Bilski

Bir lira, bir lira, birlira... Ola Adamczuk

painting sews large format installations builds space paintings connects puts it all together from pieces of canvas, string… stitches it all, weaves and that’s how reality is formed Justyna Strąk Graduate in painting from the Art Academy of her reality Wrocław Workshop participants were sent out for a few days into “no man’s land” and were told to define their attitudes according to their surroundingssurroundings where humanism ceased to exist. This exhibit is the result. It was supposed to be only photos, but it turned out that the emotions involved couldn’t be adequately expressed only in photos…


worship lab

WorshipLAB – ora et LABora

Inspired by the tradition of monasteries, we want to create a healthy rhythm of prayer, work and creativity each day. Come and join us! Location 39. ORA is a specially designed space in the middle of the festival. It’s a place for seeking, prayer or just quiet. LABORA is a specially designed space in the middle of the festival. It’s a place for seeking, prayer or just quiet. Visit us at the LABoratorium UWAGA! Be prepared! WorshipLAb could pop up anywhere at SLOT ORA

14.00-14.20 liturgy pause the day with a short prayer


14.20-17.00 atelier creation & prayer through analogue collages, performance and individual creativity and prayer


17.00-18.00 hour of silence take care of silence and it will take care of you

ORA et LABORA 18.00-18.40 liturgy WorshipLAB_Liturgy a setting between performance, collective prayer and chillout, check it out or join in

fot. Mateusz ‘Matek’ Bilski


Green Slot

Green SLOT - a new section of the festival. This initiative is the beginning of a dialogue about combining forces in the joint efforts to protect goods which surround us and which we have received from the Creator. Take up the challenge. Have a look at your lifestyle and think about what you can change in it so that it would become less harmful to the world around us: the environment, animals and people.

We have invited the following guests: - Vegetarian catering www.najadacze. pl - a project which is the effect of a culinary journey around the world. It was born out of passion, particularly a passion for cooking and discovering new flavors as well as the respect for our planet and all forms of life which exist on it. Visit the stand by the small courtyard where you can eat something delicious at any time of day. The workshop ‘Taste the World,’ during which you will be able to cook together with the Najadacze team takes place at their stand on July 8th (11 am-1 pm). AERIS FUTURO Foundation - AERIS FUTURO Foundation’s motto is: ‘Let’s create climate for the future.’ This organization runs projects and educational programs related to the broadly defined field of sustainable development. Visit the stand at the Social Initiatives Fair. The lecture ‘Green Festivals: music and art as a means of conveying eco-friendly ideas’ by Joanna Mieszkowicz, the founder of AERIS FUTURO Foundation, is on July 6th at 5 pm at the place 21. The workshop of recycling art ‘The Silver Chamber,’ July 6th-7th, 11 am, the meeting point at the place 55 (the workshop takes place elsewhere). Anna Osadnik and Małgorzata Warlikowska, artists and graduates of Wrocław Academy of Art and Design, will, together with festival-goers, create an inspiring and intriguing space of ‘The Silver Chamber.’ This space will be created solely from garbage which will be given a new life. We encourage everyone to bring silver garbage. The AERIS FUTURO Foundation invites you to join in! The Animal Welfare Group EKOSTRAŻ - the local animal welfare group, independent from all centralized structures.


Visit the stand at the Social Initiatives Fair. The lecture ‘How to help animals so as not to harm them’ July 9th at 5 pm at the place 21. Dawid Karaś - a graduate in zoology and philosophy at Wrocław University, an experienced educator. Travelling in the wilds - lectures by Zofia Drapella and Martin Anon every day, 3 pm - 5 pm, place 21 Zofia Drapella - a student of marine biology at the University of Southampton and a participant in the Pangaea Project. She gives lectures and runs workshops on ecology and travel. - the first Polish Internet site which offers the auctions of courier mail services and transportation services for people. The goal of the site is to connect those who want to dispatch something with others who, for a fee, can help them in transportation. Visit the stand by the main gate. Kamibashi - hand-made dolls - not only does Kamibashi offer quality products but also it ensures the welfare of artists and their families, with whom it cooperates on Fair Trade principles. Visit the stand by the main gate. Ecomateria – it was established to make beautiful and eco-friendly products of ecodesign easily available. Its goal is to help you to make more conscious choices when buying things. - the first Polish online community for eco-parents, which supports their interest in healthy lifestyle. The workshop ‘ECO-TRICKS,’ July 6th-7th, 11-11.45 am, place 15. Attention! Eco-hedgehog will visit SLOT. Together we will show you that eco-lifestyle is simple, healthy and cheap. The workshop will not be purely theoretical: we will not only talk about everyday ‘eco-tricks’ but also share our recipes for ecological face masks and cleaning supplies. - - Urban space is filled with ads which try to seize our attention. Quickly, they become out-of-date and turn into a pile of rubbish. The goal of the project torbyzplakató is to give these ads a new life and promote the idea of recycling.


slot info

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Association of Local Creative Centers Contact: + 48 71 / 341 46 56 ul. Robotnicza 36/38, 53-608 Wrocław Poland SLOT is a platform unifying young people for whom Christianity is the inspiration for involvement in culture, education and society. SLOT is a more of a movement than an organization. It is hard to set the borders of ideas when those ideas are carried by individuals. SLOT is a channel to break through human indifference, intolerance, selfishness and apathy. SLOT is a space to meet people who want to share themselves, their spirituality, art, abilities and skills with others in an atmosphere of true openness, love and creativity. SLOT is a non-profit organization, which means taxpayers in Poland may give 1% of their income taxes to SLOT each year. SLOT is not a profit-making or commercial organization. All profits are used to realize the goals set out in its statutes. To support SLOT please send a bank transfer to: ING Bank Śląski S.A. Oddział Regionalny we Wrocławiu, SWIFT CODE: INGBPLPW PL 93 1050 1575 1000 0022 7542 2810 To stay in touch throughout the year check out: |

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