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Ellen Heck Printing Character by CATHERINE ZINSER

Rory As Frida, 2012, woodcut and drypoint on paper, 8x6 in. Opposite: Davina As Frida, 2012, woodcut and drypoint prints mounted on panel, 24x18 in.


Heck does not make prints; she is a printmaker. What’s the difference? A printmaker bows to the age-old processes mastered hundreds of years ago yet has an expert understanding of the medium in order to manipulate it at will. Artists who merely make prints seem to be interested only in their multiplicity and lack the patience to experiment with the various techniques. The result is uninspired and flat. Heck, on the other hand, dominates the medium, layering different techniques and colors in one image resulting in a dynamic and harmonious array of lines and textures. While not necessarily an innovation,

insight gained by such experimentation promises a very fruitful career for this young artist. An Austin native, Heck studied philosophy at Brown and printmaking and painting at the Art Institute of Chicago. She currently lives and works in California’s Bay Area. As an artist-in-residence at the Kala Art Institute, she began work on The Aging of Mark Twain on One Copper Plate and Forty Fridas, two portfolios that will hang with other work at Wally Workman Gallery in June 2012. Both touch on the theme of variation and play on the ideas of identity and time. Like those aether


aether issue two- spring/summer 2012  

aether is a semi-annual e-magazine that aims to engage collectors, artists, and galleries in conversation about the visual arts in our commu...

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