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Find a Prisoner Online Locating an individual who is in prison is not as complicated as it used to be. If you put in some effort and do a little research you will be on your way to locating that friend or relative who is serving time in a prison. You can also find out how to contact the individual if you wish. It may be extremely important for you to locate a prisoner who is a friend or family member. You might have thought there was no way to do this but there are many ways to conduct a search to find a prisoner. First you must know the person you are trying to locate, meaning you must at least know their legal name. You must also try and know their race, age, eyes and hair color. It can also help to locate a prisoner by knowing their social security number because often there will be many prisoners with the same name. Secondary pieces of data such as hair color and age will be beneficial as you do your search. Try and contact other friends and family members as they might have some important information about the imprisoned individual. You must find out the name of the prison that the individual is located in and if they know how to contact them. Do an online search with Slammer Search. Using this database can greatly help your search and cut back on your time, particularly if you lack the friends or family to assist you. If you do not have access to certain info, then you may be able to use their complete name, age and sex. Slammer Search even provides results for inmates who are in state and county prisons. So the search doesn’t just end with federal prisons. You can find someone locally. To start searching online for an inmate in any state and in any prison, start using Slammer Search -

Find a prisoner online  
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