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Centros Unico collaborates with Fotona Lasers to offer tattoo removal in its UK clinics Laser hair removal specialist Centros Unico has collaborated with global device manufacturer Fotona Lasers to offer tattoo-removal across its UK clinics. The clinic chain will initially launch Fotona Lasers’ QX MAX laser system, a Q-switched, single pulse laser, in four of its clinics, before rolling it out nation-wide. Managing director of Centros Unico David Smith said, “Our emphasis on the best quality of treatment at an affordable price means that Fotona is a natural choice in the selection of suitable laser equipment.” He continued, “The Fotona QX MAX is not only a world-leading laser for tattoo removal, but also offers a range of additional applications, like pigmentation and skin whitening, that will ensure Centros Unico has a great aesthetic platform and our clients will have access to even more advanced aesthetic procedures.” Topical

DermacareDirect introduces range of microdermabrasion creams Online skincare distributor DermcareDirect has added three microdermabrasion products to its DermaTx range. According to the company, Brighten, Clarify and Rejuvenate each contain active ingredients to target specific skin concerns, along with professional-grade aluminium oxide crystal abrasives that work towards an effective peeling effect. Brighten contains Sabiwhite and Achromaxyl to target uneven skin tone, sun-damaged and ageing skin; Clarify uses salicylic acid and retinol which aim to improve the appearance of acne, oily skin and enlarged pores; while Rejuvenate contains lactic acid and vitamins C and E, which DermacareDirect claims are suitable for normal to sensitive skin. The company explains that the creams were developed for use alongside the DermaTx Cleanse & Exfoliate 2-in-1 device, to provide a ‘Complete Resurfacing System’. The products can be incorporated into professional protocols and retailed to patients for home use. Topical

Futurederm launches Age Erased Skincare manufacturer Futurederm has launched a topical serum to target visible signs of ageing. Age Erased contains Argireline, an active ingredient that is used in botulinum toxin and aims to prevent the formation of wrinkles. Futurederm claims that the product reduces the signs of ageing within 60 seconds and can last for up to eight hours. Owner of Isle of Wight Advanced Aesthetics Elaine Harrison said, “It’s been great to provide my clients with an alternative to invasive wrinkle injections. Age Erased has been a great addition to my business as a daily product.”


Nadja Collin, Marketing, Sales and Digital PR Manager at MACOM Medical What does MACOM do to stay at the forefront of the compression garment market? MACOM has been around for eight years now, and although we are still classified as a small business we have grown to become the leading provider of surgical compression garments in the UK. The road to success stems from working closely with plastic surgeons, doctors, nurses and aestheticians, and encouraging their feedback. We have recently launched our much-anticipated anti-cellulite leggings, Crystal Smooth, which are made of emana® fibre, a patented intelligent material woven with bio active crystals which absorbs body heat and returns it to the skin in the form of far infrared rays. They are worn just like a normal pair of leggings; all the while fighting cellulite, improving lymphatic drainage, increasing collagen synthesis and blood microcirculation. What benefits do Crystal Smooth bring to your clinic? Although Crystal Smooth have been scientifically proven to treat cellulite when worn daily, even without a professional treatment, there is strong clinical evidence showing they will significantly enhance the result of any professional cellulite or firming treatment too. They are totally pain free to wear, in fact, it feels like wearing a silky second skin, and, due to their thermo-regulating properties, a patient wearing the leggings immediately after any professional treatment will see optimised results. What does the future hold for Crystal Smooth? We are launching a sleepwear range in the same patented cellulite-fighting material as our professional leggings. The sleepwear range will be even more feminine, and the two ranges complement each other by encouraging patients to wear Crystal Smooth as much as possible; the more Crystal Smooth is worn, the more powerful the results. In a recent clinical study, it was documented that after wearing Crystal Smooth leggings daily for six weeks there was an 88% improvement in blood microcirculation. This, in conjunction with our sleepwear, and alongside the aesthetic treatment, will pave the way for some truly incredible results. This column is written and supported by

Reproduced from Aesthetics | Volume 2/Issue 7 - June 2015

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