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Merz to launch Belotero+ Volume at ACE with Dr Arthur Swift Belotero+ Volume is set to have its official launch at the Aesthetics Conference and Exhibition (ACE) 2015. Belotero+ Volume, a volumising HA dermal filler, is the latest introduction to the Belotero range, which was recently awarded the Aesthetics Award for Injectable Product of the Year 2014. According to Merz, the new product has the unique advantage of CPM technology and, together with other products within the range, will provide a complete solution for treating superficial lines and wrinkles and restoring facial loss. World-renowned surgeon Dr Arthur Swift will attend the conference to deliver a presentation and demonstrations on the new product, exclusively at the Merz Aesthetics Education & Demonstration Zone. Canadian surgeon Dr Swift completed his board certification in plastic surgery in 1986, and is currently in private practice in Montreal, having trained in both England and the United States. Dr Swift is one of the most sought after mentors in aesthetics, and is known globally as an expert in both invasive and non-invasive aesthetic treatment. A champion of continuing medical education, Dr Swift has held over 150 master classes for aesthetic practitioners in 32 countries, spanning over six continents. Lasers

New hair removal laser claims to treat the whole back in under four minutes Asclepion Lasers has released a new triple wavelength laser, which claims to have the world’s largest spot size. The NeXT PRO has increased power from 800 Watts to 2400 Watts and two new handpieces; the XL handpiece and a new 755nm Alexandrite diode, which adds an extra wavelength to the existing 810nm and 940nm. With a spot size of 34mm x 23mm (9.1cm²), Asclepion claim the laser is able to treat a full back of hair in under four minutes. As well as a decreased hair removal time, the laser caters for all skin types, suitable for vascular, acne, and skin rejuvenation treatments. The SMOOTHPULSE mode claims to offer a pain-free experience, offering a 12-shot-per-second repetition rate. Nick Fitrzyk from Carleton Medical Ltd, the UK distributor for Asclepion, said, “The new NeXT PRO offers an unrivalled specification compared to other hair removal systems with 810nm, 755nm and 940nm in one upgradeable platform. Asclepion continue to develop the highest spec lasers on the market with the lowest running costs, the longest warranties and German-build quality.”

Research reveals what women want to know about Botox Research commissioned by Allergan has found that women feel they have limited information about Botox. Allergan joined with SheSpeaks, an online women’s community, to conduct a survey around what questions women want answered in regards to Botox Cosmetic. It found that 54% of the 2,200 women surveyed wanted to learn about how much Botox actually costs, while almost half felt that cost was holding them back. “Many of my patients believe that Botox Cosmetic is more expensive than it is,” said Dr Youn, a board certified plastic surgeon specialising in cosmetic surgery. “Patients don’t realise that the cost of treatment not only includes the price of the product but, more importantly, the skill and expertise of the healthcare professional who is administering the treatment.” Another major point revealed in the study was that 40% of women were concerned about safety and side effects. A smaller portion (18%) were worried their face would not look natural after treatment. In response to the study, Allergan has launched the new Allergan iVisualizer app, which enables consumers to upload images of their face in order to see what lines and wrinkles would look like postBotox, as well as providing access to further information on the treatment.


New body contouring device launched Cryosthetics has launched a new device, the CryoContura+, which combines cryolipolysis and laser lipolysis for body contouring. The aim of the new machine is to soften the target fat with laser lipolysis prior to freezing it with cryolipolysis, in order to achieve better and faster results. The company claims that one CryoContura+ treatment will remove approximately 25% of fat in the treatment area. The treatment can be repeated every eight weeks until the desired result is achieved. 8

The CryoContura+ machine has two heads, meaning that two areas can be treated at once, which Cryosthetics claims provides maximum return on investment. Cryosthetics managing director Tracey Loughrey said, “CryoContura+ technology is safe, efficient, non invasive, easily repeatable and unlike other machines, quick and good value for money. Following the purchase of a CryoContura+ machine we provide full training, combining theory and practical sessions. Only once this is completed will the clinician receive a certificate of competence and a marketing support package.”

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