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Why I should take part at this training day? If you are involved in Aesthetic medicine and Cosmetic Surgery and you want to perform high standard Aesthetic treatments with excellent result and no contraindications, the Soft Surgery is the latest innovation in Aesthetic industry. Already 1700 doctors around the world are using the Soft Surgery technique having extraordinary results.

mct injector

What I have learned at the end of this course? • Soft Surgery technique • Soft Surgery applications (Blepharoplasty, scars, skin marks, xanthelasma, treatment for acne and acne scaring , face and body lifting, virtual thread lift, increase lip and cheekbone volume and... Much more... • World-wide studies and medical cases showing the remarkable results obtained with Soft Surgery • During the training you will have the opportunity to perform the treatments in our models.

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mct injector is a unique injection gun that combines two complementary techniques in a single device: mesotherapy and carboxytherapy. This convenient, versatile medical device includes high technology features (touch sensitive wheel, high definition colour display, 20 hour battery life, illumination of the treated area, micromassage, portable CO2 cartridges) to guarantee optimal control during treatment. Used in combination with mesohyal™ , the most comprehensive, extensive range of intradermal medical devices, therapists have a precise tool for safely and efficiently correcting the aesthetic facial and body concerns of each individual patient. medical-aesthetic devices Meeting the needs of your business, delivering high satisfaction to your patients Call us on 01234 313130

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Aesthetics January 2015  

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Aesthetics January 2015  

Weight Loss & Body Contouring