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AADA welcomes passing of Sunscreen Innovation Act The American Academy of Dermatology Association (AADA) has released a statement applauding US Congress for passing the Sunscreen Innovation Act. The new act will give the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) the authority to prioritise the review and approval of more effective sunscreen ingredients, many of which have long been available outside of the US. The FDA has not approved a new sunscreen ingredient since the 1990s, and the AADA believe that consumers will now be able to reap the benefits with less exposure to harmful UV rays. In the statement, AADA President Brett M Coldiron said, “The American Academy of Dermatology Association praises Congress for its widespread, bipartisan support of skin health with its passage of the Sunscreen Innovation Act. The move by Congress signals the urgent public health need to make more effective products available to consumers, as skin cancer rates continue to rise at an alarming pace.” He added, “The AADA looks forward to working closely with the FDA to implement the new law, and will be providing comments on its implementation.” Dermatology

Survey shows US public misunderstands the work of dermatologists The results of a study published in the November issue of the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology show that the US public has a low understanding of what dermatologists do, believing they spend far more time on cosmetic procedures than is actually the case. 800 adults were surveyed by telephone for the study, which was carried out by researchers at the University of Colorado. 92% of respondents believed that primary care physicians (GPs) put in longer hours than dermatologists, with 54% thinking the former have a more difficult job and 63% believing that primary care physicians have a more critical profession. 46% thought that dermatologists spent the majority of their time treating skin cancer, and 27% cosmetic treatments. “The study shows that the public may not be fully aware of all the various areas of expertise and services that dermatologists provide, especially in the realm of medical dermatology,” said study co-author April Armstrong, of the University of Colorado. “Changing the public’s perception to reflect the reality of our range of expertise is an important and worthwhile long-term goal for our field.” Equipment

Laser Physics introduce loyalty scheme Aesthetics equipment supplier Laser Physics has introduced a rewards scheme for customers to earn three points on every pound spent on products. Each point is then worth one penny on future Laser Physics purchases. The launch of the loyalty scheme coincides with the introduction of several new products to the Laser Physics medical and cosmetic range, including white skin marker pens, disposable towels, non-woven swabs, cotton buds and facial tissues. Practitioners can sign up by completing the form on the Laser Physics website. Aesthetics | January 2015

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Stuart Rose, Managing Director at Merz Pharmaceuticals Tell us about the new Merz Vision. Over the last 12 months Merz has undergone a full strategic review, and aesthetic medicine is now at the very heart of our global business. Our Vision is to become the most trusted, admired and innovative aesthetics and neurotoxins company in the world. What tangible steps are you taking on that journey? Our biggest impact in the short term will be in our product offerings. In the first half of 2015 Merz will integrate the recently acquired Ultherapy platform (ultrasound energy device) to our business. Like the rest of our portfolio, Ulthera is FDA approved (four indications), and is unique in the energy device market in the precision it can deliver for skin lifting. The Belotero+ range will have one of the most exciting advances to that range, with the launch of our volumising HA (Belotero+ Volume). Soon after this we will launch Radiesse+ (containing lidocaine). These new product launches, coupled with the recent crow’s feet licence for Bocouture, will give us one of the most impactful FDA-approved portfolios for aesthetic practitioners worldwide. You have some tough competition. How achievable is your Vision? Aesthetic practitioners do benefit from some excellent competitors in the market. What makes Merz unique is our ability to focus on the long game and make investment decisions that may have longer-term payback than most public company shareholders would accept. Merz remains fully family owned which means that we are not subject to stock market or institutional shareholder pressures. All of our management time is dedicated to business growth. Our focus is always on what is right for customers, patients and employees. We want to build a business that has genuinely robust, sustainable value in it and, as we grow, invest our improving returns in product innovation, not shareholder dividends. The Merz family are very clear – we are not for sale. We want to invest and grow our business to deliver our Vision. And we will. This column is written and supported by


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