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The holidays are just around the corner, which means that the streets of Naples are starting to come alive with people, events, and winter fun. This is a wonderful place to be, so while you’re enjoying the surf and sun this holiday season, remember that November is a month of gratitude.

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in lederhosen and made a point to enjoy all of the traditional dishes like brats, sauerkraut, pretzels, and beer cheese. It was a ton of fun, and a great opportunity to spend time with some friends. Mar/Apr 2018

JULY 2015 JULY 2015

This month I have been busy both in the office and at home. We are still

Fromall the Baseball Diamond the This month is the perfect time of year for remembering of the things that working on constructingto our new officeDance location, so itFloor has been a lot of work

PAGE 1 1 PAGE PAGE 1 ASummer Jampacked Spring Summer Memories Memories in in Making Calendar the the Making

Summer Memories Memories in in the theMaking Making

we have to be grateful for, and the people who helped us get where we are today. Veterans Day, on November 11, starts us off with a special reminder

3699 Airport Pulling Rd N, Naples, FL 34105

(and a lot of fun!) to pick out all of the different tiles and colors that we are going to use during construction. When I’m not in the office, we have

been planning our travel schedule for the holidays and making sure that we visit as many people as possible for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Luckily,


most of my family lives here in Florida, so I will be taking a week off for

PAGE 4 The 3 Best Places to See Beautiful Flowers

As the

Thanksgiving so that we can go visit my mom’s sister and our cousins in Tampa. we’re there, Dellene and I plan family is always looking forward to more summerWhile gets underway, the Hasen

on taking kidsquality to Disneyworld or Family adventures and opportunities to the spend time together at theskiing beach,inon our bikes, Kendell and Kennedy’s recent dance competition The Hasen Winter Park, at COsea, and on Universal Studios. Then, in December, the playing fields and courts around Naples and beyond. After Kendell, Kade, and Kennedy finished Dellene’s parents come down up their bigHome spring show at school, they will began looking forward to a summer of sports, and Lego A Busy Spring at Work and education. Every room of the office will be filled with representatives from Come in and let us LIFT your spirits by making you a and stay with us in Naples for robotic and dance camps. Keeping these kids busy and a will bit receive of funa while at can it isgetwhat various companies. Eachhaving attendee passportwe’re that they As the summerstamped gets underway, the Hasen family is always looking forward to more Outside, wandercofee the 16-acre garden, Roji-En: Theat Garden of the Drops of Dew. delicious or chocolate treat our custom Latte & In February, I celebrated my 50ththe birthday. If I’m being totally honest, I was at different stations. There will also be refreshments and drawings Christmas. The kids love having summer is all about, particular summer especially, my in-laws joined us atforsea,a and Caribbean Asand thethis summer gets underway, the as Hasen is always looking to more adventures and opportunities to spend quality time together at family the beach, on our bikes,forward on Comprised of six gardens, famousagardens in Japan, a little nervous about crossing the big 5-0 threshold, but the celebration for prizes. Cappuccino bar.each It isinspired sure tobybring smile to your Roij-En LIPS is adventures and opportunities to spend quality time together at the beach, on our bikes, at sea, on Pop Pop Jerry and Grandma playing fields and courts around Naples(these and beyond. After Kendell, Kade, and Kennedy finishedand cruise! Cruises are thethe perfect getaway for our family massive ships are basically floating cities) 8. couldn’t have been better. A few friends, Dellene, and I traveled to South intended to be a place for reflection and peace. See rock formations, waterfalls, the playing fields and courts around Naples and beyond. After Kendell, Kade, and Kennedy finished upLady their big spring show atthe school, they began looking forward to a summer of sports, and Lego and make your LASHES flutter with delight! of all of the men and women who made in order to preserve thesomething Elaine holidays. Discovering World Culture in since is for everyone toFollowing enjoy — including magic a waterpark for Beachsacrifices for the weekend. We enjoyed thethere sun, great food, and nightlife. Given in for close on the heels restaurants, of that are two events we shows, have coming up in up their bigdance springcamps. show at school,these theykids began looking forward toofa summer sports, Lego robotic and Keeping busy and having a bit fun whileofwe’re at itand is what bonsai trees, koi lakes, and beautiful Japanese architecture as you move through Discovering World Culture in what a blast it was, I can’t wait until I turn 50 again next year … and the year April. First is the Hydrafacial/Galderma event. On that evening, we’ll be offering Get over to Delray Outside, wander the 16-acre garden, Roji-En: Theliberties Garden of the Drops Dew. today. Even though that weofenjoy it has become a day of parades, the kids, and even a Broadway robotic andisshow. dance camps. Keeping thesesummer kids busy and having a bit of funjoined whileuswe’re it is what the summer all about, and this particular especially, as my in-laws for a at Caribbean the grounds. Outside, wander thegardens, 16-acreeach garden, Roji-En: Garden of the Drops of GetBeach over to after that! discounts on Dysport, Restylane, and Hydrafacial treatments. The event will be forDelray an easy Comprised of six inspired by The famous gardens in Japan, Roij-En the summer is all about, and this particular summer especially, as my in-laws joined us for a Caribbean cruise! Cruises are the perfect getaway for our family (these massive ships are basically floating cities) fireworks, and Facebook photos, this used to be a time for solemn silence Besides the holiday fun, 8. With Ultherapy you can Lift your brows, neck,Comprised face, and each inspired bypeace. famousSee gardens in Japan, Roij-En is Beach for an easy weekend trip this intendedof tosix begardens, a place for reflection and rock formations, waterfalls, April 19th from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and an appointment is needed. cruise! Cruises are the perfect getaway for our (these massive ships basically floatingfor cities) since there is something for everyone to enjoy —family including restaurants, magicare shows, a waterpark 8. in rock memory allthrough past and current military members. me wrong, everything really well hasIAfter been fortunate to have some time together close to home as well. Low-key Naples summer, and seek percent out intended bonsai trees, lakes,for and beautifuland Japanese as youof move to be koi a place reflection peace.architecture See formations, waterfalls, weekend trip this At home, my family isDon’t gearingget upOur for a family busy spring. returning from aenough ski is going décolleté downtime! 20 off. In the evening, head with down zero to Atlantic Avenue forGet world cuisine like Scouola the kids,there and is even a Broadway show. to enjoy — including restaurants, magic shows, a waterpark for since something for everyone the cultural sideout of the grounds. bonsai trees, koi lakes, and beautiful Japanese architecture youcelebration move through as much as anyone summer, and seek trip toelse, Winterbut Park, Iwhich kids’ first attempt the enjoy After that iskids a big are seminar focused breast enhancement on April enjoy as the alsofeatured enjoy moment of tototackle onmoguls, theand homefront. The is the aafantastic place be, since we the quiet getting to on spend our weekends at 25. theWe’re beach club the kids, even a Broadway show.and Vecchia Pizza E Vino, which serves some of the best Neapolitan cuisine in the Beach the grounds. the Palm cultural sideCounty. of focus is squarely on school and spring sports. Our son, Kade,Our is excited for the calling it the Breast Event Ever! And you won’t want to miss it. Not only willNaples we family has been fortunate enough to have some time together close to home as well. Low-key reflection on days like Veterans Day to remember what I’m grateful for. doing great in school, and they as often as we can. I haven’t had much time to golf, but I do enjoy playing tennis with my daughters, one annually from mid-March to mid-May, but midSpring isWant here, which means flora will soon be Anza-Borrego State Parklike Scouola In the and evening, head down to Atlantic AvenueDesert for world cuisine Reflecting their motto more youthful face? With JUVÉDERM VOLUMA™ region. Theira delicious pizza crust is made with imported Italian flour, their Palm Beach County. start of another baseball season. Over the years, he’s developed into quite the be discussing options for breast enhancement, but we’ll also be offering special isOur a fantastic place to be, since we enjoy to thehave quiet and time getting to spend ourto weekends the Low-key beach club family has been fortunate enough some together close home as at well. Naples April is the ideal time to seeInthe tulips. in full bloom. Flowers can be an easy pick-me-up Desert flowering cacti, pygmy poppies, Vecchia Pizzahead E Vino, which serves lavender, some of the best Neapolitan cuisine in the the evening, down to Atlantic Avenue for world cuisine like Scouola areorwith always top class. of whom taking some ofof herthe friends. She’s already got a playing natural talent for the game! “villagetheir by the sea,” Reflecting motto player. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of seeingishim takinglessons the field stepping event pricing that won’t be available at any other time. With bikini season rightoneI love as often as we can. I haven’t had much time to golf, but I do enjoy tennis with my daughters, andcolor burrata are made from imported curds. XC, you can now add volume and lift to your face to is a fantastic place to be, since we enjoy the quiet and getting to spend our weekends at the beach club or a mozzarella great way to add to your home, but fresh and rock daisies are just a few of the many region.Pizza TheirEdelicious pizza crustsome is made withbest imported Italiancuisine flour, and their Vino, which serves of the Neapolitan in the Delray contains Vecchia “village byBeach the sea,” box. around thearound corner, we couldn’t think of a got better time for thisfor seminar. Lately the thing thatState I am most gratefulinto fortheisbatter’s my friends and family. Last Outside of school, they are playing baseball with my son, or going cycling the neighborhood. Our youngest actually recently of whom is taking lessons with some of her friends. She’s already a natural talent the game! I love some people take their flower obsession to the wildflowers decorating Anza-Borrego Desert Washington, D.C. as often as we can. I haven’t had much time to golf, but I do enjoy playing tennis with my daughters, one mozzarella and burrata are crust madeisfresh from imported curds. region. Their delicious pizza made with imported Italian flour, and their regain that youthful appearance. $150 syringe. theSave longestcontains main streetper Delray Beach playing baseball with my son, or going cycling around the neighborhood. Our youngest actually recently next level by planning botanical-themed vacations. Park. The various native speciesI are often seento spend time just enjoying the fun and company Besides the monuments and historic buildings, one of whom is taking lessons with some of her friends. She’s already got a natural talent for the game! I love month, was able of some all staying busy with personal hobbies like learned how to ride a bike, so she’s very excited to join in our rides. It was fun teaching her to pedal, Dada, an running alternative inthe a restored 1924 home at 52 North Swinton and burrata are made fresh from imported curds. in Florida, throughrestaurant downtown to ocean. Atlantic Avenue is known longest main streetfor in mozzarella He’s not the only athlete in our household, though. Kendell and Kennedy to ride a bike, Finally, I want to take a moment to our express gratitude to our wonderful Here are some of the most impressive gardens and weaved together tohome form aatcolorful over any ofthe the biggest attractions Washington, D.C. is the learned so she’s very excited join in It was funOur teaching her to pedal,recently Dada, an alternative restaurant in a restored 1924 52 Northcarpet Swinton playinghow baseball with my son, or going cyclingto around the neighborhood. youngest actually of the best people in my life, on Halloween and at an amazing Oktoberfest dance, volleyball, and football. It’s a little crazy at our house, its wonderful galleries, upscale restaurants, and exciting nightlife. And although requiring a little help from dad in the beginning, of course. She’s finally getting used to itinrunning and canfrom play Avenue, serves creative cuisine arttree byisblossoms. local Enjoy their in Florida, running through downtown to the and ocean.features Atlantic Avenue knownartists. for Travelers both participate in dance. That might not be the first activity that comes to community of patients. We took a little break from the newsletter the aftermath flower displays in the world. barren patch in the park, which is located just two cherry who visit the Tidal requiring ahow littletohelp from dadsoinshe’s the beginning, of course. She’s finally getting used to it and can Avenue, serves creative cuisine and features art home by local artists. Enjoy their learned ride a bike, very excited to join in our rides. It was fun teaching her to play pedal, Dada, an alternative restaurant in a restored 1924 at 52 North Swinton Luscious lips: Let us help you get the luscious lips you the shopping in Delray Beach is notable, perhaps the very best the town has its outdoor wonderful galleries, restaurants, andentertainment exciting nightlife. And although from San Diego. In addition to flowers,was visitors when you think of “sports,” but I’ve that dance is as athletically of Irmatrying in order to to focus on returning to normalcy. When I think back Basin during the spring can witness 3,000 trees, party. Halloween a huge successmind in my household. The kids had a blast one toinfrom another dinner and homework with her activity many friends theHurricane neighborhood. with herlearned many friends inrequiring the neighborhood. outdoor garden seating and hours live while gardenupscale seating and live while savoring some Maplea little help dad inand the beginning, of get course. She’s finally getting used to itdone, and can but play our Avenue, serves creative cuisine andentertainment features art by localsavoring artists. some Enjoy Mapletheir to offer are unique slices of culture. One ofthe thevery mostbest famous of their cultural often spot bighorn sheep. Wildflower blossoms which aeach gift fromsyringe. Tokyo inGlazed 1912, Salmon flaunt their the shopping in its Delray Beach is notable, perhaps thewere town has Netherlands demanding as any traditional sport. Kendell, our oldest, will be on the to those hectic, stressful days, I’m reminded of just how lucky I am. The people always wanted. Take $100 off or Butternut Squash Ravioli, and warm Bananasome Bread for dessert. with herare manyfilled friendswith in the fun neighborhood. dressing up Mapleand trick-or-treating around the neighborhood with a bunch days and love, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. outdoor garden seating and live entertainment while savoring Glazed Salmon oritsMuseum Butternut Squash Ravioli,beautiful and warm Banana The Bread attractions is Morikami and Japanese vary in intensity each year, but they typically begin pinkcultural blossoms. bestfor timedessert. to see the Holland, most for always draws to offer are its famous unique slices oftulips, culture. One of the Gardens. most famous of their competition team this year for the first time. She’s also lookingBut forward to fooled, work in keeps my life,usincluding ourwife team, ourrunning patients, were always don’t be very busymy as family, well. My hasand been around, dealingthere with the Glazed Salmon or Butternut Squash Ravioli, and warm Banana Bread for dessert. of I’d friends. Before my big finishing celebration was an and Oktoberfest party tobeach bloomininthe late February or early March. through But don’t fooled, us very well. Mytoofwife has been around, dealing visitors at the first sign of spring.and One of its most Rest up beforethe heading to the morning. recommend stayingHalloween, at attractions is Morikami Museum Japanese Gardens. spectacle is from the end of March up middle school heading off tobe high school inwork the fall.keeps Just tobusy lend aas hand or word encouragement. Itrunning means the world to me. I’m gladwith the planning of our new office! We are very excited share with you more about the new-and-improved But don’t be fooled, work keeps us very busy as well. My wife has been running around, dealing with the Summer exhibitions at Morikami Museum include “Japan’s Robot Kingdom” and famous Keukenhof, located Lisse,when Parliament Inn, at a small, very well-maintained set ofatvillas, perfect forLodge families or Restdestinations, upWhy before heading to lashes theinbeach in theend morning. I’dgrow recommend of April. typing that makeswas me realize how quickly theof time flownoffice! by. asWe things almost back to but I’ll never the impact had on me wear fake you can them long space plans develop. We’re are looking forward tonormal, the you expansion, whichforget will include a fullyou medi-spa, the Rhino There a 17-piece band, planning ourhasnew veryoffice! excited share with more the new-and-improved Rest upstaying before heading to the beach in the morning. I’d recommend staying atwith a group of friends. “The Morikami Menagerie: Creatures in Japanese Art,” which are on display until planning of are our new We aretovery excited to share with youabout more about the new-and-improved Next time you’re planning a spring trip, consider isSummer among the world’satlargest flower gardens. The “Japan’s Robot Kingdom” and exhibitions Morikami Museum include small groups. Located just one mile from the avenue, at 1236 George Bush Blvd, in the weeks following Irma. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. massage, permanent makeup services, lasers, nonsurgical treatments, and more. We’ve got so many Inn, a or small, very well-maintained villas, forand families or traditional German dancing. We even dressed Parliament Inn, small, veryhas well-maintained set workshops, of Latisse. villas, and perfectParliament for families visiting one ofset theofworld’s most beautiful flower September 13. Theamuseum also regular classes, speakers, space as plans develop. We’re looking to the expansion, will include a fullmedi-spa, medi-spa, greatperfect food, some and thick! Getwhich $20 space as up plans develop. We’re looking forward to theforward expansion, which which will include a full park 79 acresMenagerie: and boasts approximately 7 million “TheisMorikami Creatures in Japanese Art,” are off on display until this serene setting feels set back from bustle of downtown, but is convenient and exciting things planned for this project, so please stay tuned! The next few months will be just as jampacked at the office. On March 7, we small groups. Located just onedisplays. mile fromNo thegreen avenue, at 1236 George Bush Blvd, thumb required. cultural demonstrations like Sado, the traditional Japanese tea ceremony. massage, permanent makeup services, lasers, nonsurgical treatments, and more. We’ve got so many flowers each year. This colorful garden is open small groups. Located just one mile from the avenue, 1236 George September 13. The museum alsoSpecials has regular classes, speakers, workshops,at and massage, permanent services, lasers, nonsurgical treatments, and more. We’ve got so many closeBush to the Blvd, beach. All valid until November 30, 2015 have a Girls’ Night Out event. We’ll be hosting patients for amakeup night of fun and this serene setting feels set back from bustle of downtown, but is convenient and exciting things planned for this project, so please stay tuned! cultural demonstrations like Sado, the traditional Japanese tea ceremony. this serene setting feels set back from bustle of downtown, but close is convenient exciting things planned for this project, so please stay tuned! to the beach.and Published by The Newsletter Pro . Published by The Newsletter Pro . 4close | 239.262.5662 | 1 to the beach. 4 | 239.262.5662 | 1 Published by The Newsletter Pro . Published by The Newsletter Pro .

Need a little pick-me-up?

ing World Culture in Delray

out f y. otto ,” ains

Fun With Friends and Family This Fall


Delray Beach Delray Beach


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Published by The Newsletter Pro .

Published by The Newsletter Pro . | 1

Why Muscle Pliability

Is the Next Wave in Health and Fitness

Muscle pliability is all the rage in modern strength and conditioning training. This method of training has recently been made famous by athletes like Tom Brady, but it’s applicable to all levels of training. The concepts are very basic, the workouts can be done anywhere, and it benefits a variety of training goals.

By adding pliability to your workout regimen, you can enhance recovery and limit injury. It’s the perfect add-on to your program. It helps you push your body further while mitigating long-term complications. Plus, who doesn’t love a massage after a workout?

WHAT IS MUSCLE PLIABILITY? Muscle pliability is the lengthening and softening of your muscles. The long-standing belief in strength training is that lifting weights is the path to strong and healthy muscles. While you will get bigger by lifting, it also makes your muscles shorter and tighter. This increases the likelihood of an injury. Training for pliability elongates muscles, making them softer and less easy to strain. HOW TO TRAIN FOR IT Training for pliability is simple and can easily be integrated into any workout plan. Pliability workouts use resistance bands and foam rolling to train your soft tissue. The intensity of the training is at your discretion and can be as minimal or intense as you like. Training is usually accompanied by some form of massage to help prevent buildup of lactic acid and muscle tightening. FAD OR NEXT BIG THING? We’ve all seen the waves of new health and fitness regimes that will change your life forever. With a lot of trainers moving toward this approach, it’s easy to be cautious about whether or not this is the right path for you. Pliability is not just a specific workout plan; it’s also a great workout companion.

Congratulations to

Kent V. Hasen, M.D.!

Please join us in congratulating Kent V. Hasen, M.D., for his announcement of accepting the position of section chief of plastic surgery at NCH Healthcare System. He will begin his new role at NCH Healthcare System on Jan. 1, 2018, while continuing to provide care for his cosmetic patients at his new state-of-the-art practice in Naples. Dr. Hasen discusses his new position, “I am very proud to accept this prestigious role at the NCH Healthcare System. I am committed to enhancing the plastic surgical services at NCH. And I am supporting our team of board-certified plastic surgeons to promote excellence in clinical care for a patient-centered experience in plastic surgical services and in treatments designed to enhance the aesthetics, health, and well-being of each NCH plastic surgery patient, whether it be reconstructive, trauma, or cosmetic in nature.” The NCH Healthcare System, Inc. was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit parent holding corporation in 1983 to better serve the community’s health care needs. The NCH Healthcare System, Inc. consists of the Naples Community Hospital, Inc., a not-for-profit corporation located in Collier County, Florida, which consists of two hospitals — the NCH Baker Hospital downtown campus and the NCH North

2 | 239.262.5662

Naples Hospital campus, which are both acute-care facilities. The NCH hospitals provide personalized care for over 40,000 patients a year in the two-hospital, 716-bed system. NCH’s outstanding hospital reputation is confirmed by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) in its award of accreditation to both NCH hospitals. In August 2012, the NCH Healthcare System became a member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network. The network’s primary goal is to help people gain the benefits of Mayo Clinic expertise close to home, ensuring that patients travel outside the region only when necessary. NCH is the first member of the network in Florida and the southeast region of the United States. The Hospital also has a blood center and various other outpatient treatment and surgical centers located throughout the community.


Spring cleaning isn’t everyone’s idea of a good time. Clearing out your closet and makeup bag, though, is the first step in updating your look for the new season. The fun part comes when you restock. Before you do that, take a look at the trends set to take the season by storm. •

Heavy flannel is best suited for winter, but lightweight checkered patterns were a fixture at spring/summer fashion weeks across the globe. From ginghams to tattersalls, fashion houses like Balenciaga and Burberry have been deploying plaids in interesting ways.

Zesty Zucchini


For a lighter take on enchiladas, go carb-free by swapping tortillas for zucchini!

INGREDIENTS • 4 large zucchinis

• 2 teaspoons chili powder

• 1 tablespoon olive oil or ghee

• 3 cups cooked, shredded chicken

• 1 large onion, chopped • 2 cloves garlic, minced

• 2 cups shredded cheese

• 2 teaspoons cumin •

The arrival of spring is also the perfect opportunity to add some color to your wardrobe. Pastels, like lavender and baby blue, look great this time of year.

Pick up a pair of Cinderella shoes for formal evenings. With elegant silhouettes and bright colors, they are the perfect fit for a South Florida soiree.

To add a little sparkle to your spring makeup, consider some gold highlighter. Fashion icon Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty makes a Killawat Freestyle Highlighter that looks amazing on cheekbones and as eye shadow.

Speaking of eye makeup, upside-down liner is surging in popularity. Lining your bottom lash line adds a pop of color while also creating clear definition around your eyes. Bright colors like blue enhance the effect even more.

Complete your outfit with some sleek, skinny sunglasses. Microframes of all styles, ranging from sporty to gala-ready, are replacing the boxy styles of old.

INSTRUCTIONS 1. Heat oven to 350 F. In a large skillet, heat oil. Add onion, garlic, cumin, chili powder, and salt to taste. Stir to combine. Add chicken and 1 cup enchilada sauce. 2. Use vegetable peeler to thinly slice zucchini. Lay out three slices, slightly overlapping, and spoon chicken mixture on top. Roll the zucchini “tortilla” and place on baking sheet. Repeat until all zucchini and chicken is used. 3. Cover the enchiladas with remaining sauce and sprinkle with cheese. Bake 20 minutes, and enjoy! Adapted from | 3

From the Baseball Diamond to the Dance Floor  
From the Baseball Diamond to the Dance Floor  

March-April 2018