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Fitness After 40: For Men

Fitness for men over 40 can be quite daunting, especially if you are just getting in to it. Here’s the good news, it’s not too late to start now. In fact, I would recommend you start now, right now; not tomorrow, not on Monday, now! I will tell you why: The things you will gain out of fitness right now is phenomenal! Recent studies show that exercising and physical activity will help you at least maintain or build more strength, flexibility, endurance and balance. In addition to these, you will find that it can decrease the risk of heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol, just to name a few. If that’s not reason enough, healthy eating and regular exercise improves your sleep patterns, enhances your feeling of overall wellness, enables you to effectively cope with stress and you will feel much more energised, allowing you to live life to the fullest whilst giving you a greater perspective and outlook on life itself. Now, if you needed convincing, I hope that was reason enough to convince you. In this article, I will give you a general run down of what you will need to be doing in and out of the gym with bonus workout and nutrition plans based on goals to help you achieve your fitness success. FACT: 1 pound of fat will burn roughly 4 calories a day, whereas 1 pound of muscle will burn 50 calories a day. After the age of 30, an inactive person can see anywhere from 1/2 to a full pound of muscle loss per year.

So, taking the above fact into consideration, it states that as the years go by, your metabolism slows down (don’t forget it depends on your levels of activity). For example, after 10 years you will see roughly a loss of 10 pounds of muscle mass. This will then calculate to an extra 250-500 extra calories a day that needs to be burnt off!

What Can I Do About This? 1. Get a good nutrition plan in place. A good diet works wonders for anyone, especially if your over 40! You will see great increases in your energy levels, happiness and overall


well being with this alone. 2. Become more active. Sign up to a gym or go on walks or runs outside. This will further increase your overall well being and health. Your cholesterol levels will decrease as will the risk of heart disease. 3. Rest up. With anyone taking on extra physical activity apart from their daily life, rest becomes an important factor. Without rest you will not gain all the benefits and hard work of eating clean and exercising. Anything less than 8 hours sleep a night will cause your body to become fatigued. When this happens you will find yourself less motivated to exercise and eat clean. With that being said I will go into further detail below about nutrition and training. I will provide a variety of plans to suit ones goals that you can add into your new and improved healthy lifestyle! So check them out and feel free to leave me some feedback below, it would be greatly appreciated.

Nutrition Plans: [tab name="Gain Muscle"] Here is a great muscle building diet for a man over 40. The total amount of calories in this diet plan amounts to 3500 with a protein intake of approximately 270 grams. This is only a base plan to get you started so feel free to change things around if need be.


Meal #1

Time 7 am

Protein 60

Calories 500


10 am




1 pm




4 pm



Description Omelette: 2 full eggs 2 whites. Add in some lean meat like chicken or tuna and a tiny bit of cheese. Toast: 1-2 slices of brown or multigrain toast. 2 pieces of fruit: 2 bananas or a banana and an apple Whey protein shake 200g Lean meat: preferably chicken, fish or turkey however lean beef is allowed. 250g brown rice A piece of fruit or a light salad same as meal #2 however you can add in 3 low fat biscuits.



6 pm



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Fitness After 40: For Men  
Fitness After 40: For Men  

What Can I Do About This? FACT: 1 pound of fat will burn roughly 4 calories a day, whereas 1 pound of muscle will burn 50 calories a day. Af...