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Message from the CEO AE Smith’s new South Australia location Environmentally Sustainable Trigeneration Project for the City of Sydney Subscribe to Cool Breeze and win AE Smith projects win at 2015 Victoria and Queensland Architecture Awards AE Smith employee profile: Corrine Cullis New electronic security offering AE Smith Senior Living environment Brissie to the Bay Bike Ride 2015 Delivering HVAC and building construction expertise to Deakin University AE Smith exhibits at student career fair Locations

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2 Cool Breeze 2015 #24

Message from the CEO

David Willett, CEO

Hello and welcome to Cool Breeze #24, I’m pleased to report that the AE Smith integration into Spotless is now complete. Producing new and exciting opportunities, the integration has seen AE Smith providing a broader service offering to clients and existing projects than ever before. We are already identifying areas of expansion with the recent opening of our new AE Smith branch in South Australia, building upon our ever-growing client base, while extending our technical and mechanical offering with the diverse range of services Spotless provides. Constantly seeking new growth opportunities; mid-2015 saw us commence construction projects at Deakin University, and Queensland’s Sunshine Coast University Public Hospital. The building construction part of our business is an area that we see great growth opportunities and I look forward to sharing many more of our construction projects that we have in our pipeline in future editions. I hope you enjoy reading this edition of Cool Breeze.

David Willett CEO 3

Riverbank, Adelaide

AE Smith’s new South Australia Location AE Smith’s new office location in Adelaide strengthens our integrated engineering and technical services capability in South Australia

“ We offer new and better ways to help our customers and we are spreading the message in this market.”

4 Cool Breeze 2015 #24

AE Smith customers can now benefit from AE Smith’s extended service offering at our new location at: Address: 290 South Road, Hilton, SA Telephone: 08 8354 8160 24 hour service: 1300 313 313 AE Smith Services Manager Simon Bennett, Operations Manager for Building Construction and Maintenance, Andrew Ingram, along with two Heating, Ventilation, and AirConditioning (HVAC) and electrical trades are based on-site at the Adelaide office. TechGuard Security’s Electronic Security Project Manager Michael Price and security technicians are also situated on-site, working on our new electronic security offering.

The AE Smith SA Services team are currently establishing the Engineering Services Manager (Electrical) and Energy Manager roles within the new Royal Adelaide Hospital, steadily working towards building relationships within various Public Private Partnership contracts by providing sustainable solutions and minor building projects to support the infrastructure. “The establishment of the AE Smith business within the Adelaide market provides us with an opportunity to expand our client base by offering our range of services including mechanical, electrical, energy, fire, hydraulics, security, plumbing and refrigeration,” said Wayne Long, General Manager for South Australia. “It provides local companies, together with national organisations, with an alternative to their current providers. We offer new and better ways to help our customers and we are spreading the message in this market.” Being located close to the Adelaide CBD gives AE Smith a central location to service all of our South Australian clients.

Left: AE Smith Operations Manager Andrew Ingram, Right: Electronic Security Project Manager Michael Price 5

Sydney Town Hall

Environmentally Sustainable Trigeneration Project for the City of Sydney AE Smith have been awarded the design, construct and operate contract for a world leading trigeneration plant for the City of Sydney.

AE Smith have been awarded the design, construct and operate contract for a world leading trigeneration plant for the City of Sydney In early 2015, AE Smith won a Government contract to design, construct and operate a trigeneration plant for the City of Sydney. The trigeneration plant will produce a 3% drop in the City of Sydney’s total greenhouse gas emissions and taking a significant step towards achieving the Sustainable Sydney 2030 plan. Lord Mayor Clover Moore said locally-produced energy would make a big contribution to the City’s emissions reduction target of 70 per cent by 2030. “At the City, we know most of our residents want action on climate change so we have set an ambitious long-term target of reducing our emissions,” the Lord Mayor said. “Cities use over two thirds of the world’s energy and emit more than 80 per cent of carbon dioxide emissions, so its action in cities that provides us with the greatest opportunity for deep cuts,” the Lord Mayor said.

6 Cool Breeze 2015 #24

Bringing Innovation to the Heart of Sydney’s History The trigeneration plant will be located on the roof of Town Hall House. It will supply power, heating and cooling to both the 40 year old Town Hall House where the City of Sydney staff offices are located, as well as the adjacent heritage listed Sydney Town Hall. Given the space and logistical requirements associated with the installation, AE Smith’s Energy Services team, led by Mark Sanders, used their expertise in creative problem solving to find the right solution to meet the City of Sydney’s performance requirements. Seven Capstone Microturbines – An Australian first A number of trigeneration technologies were reviewed by AE Smith’s Energy Services team. The recommended solution to deliver the desired reduction in emissions was a 1.4 Megawatt electrical output trigeneration system comprised of seven 200kW Capstone Microturbines. Capstone Microturbines utilise jet-engine technology, they have no oil or other consumables throughout the combustion process and utilise only one moving part. This makes them compact, quiet and reliable. Each Capstone Microturbine is capable of turning down to 10% of its total power output, which means they can actively follow the electrical demand in the building throughout the day, in winter and in summer. “We assessed installing numerous smaller 65kW Capstone turbines, which would have greatly reduced the complexity of cranage and perhaps allowed us to use the goods lift for their installation,” said Mark Sanders, AE Smith National Energy Services Manager. “This could have circumvented using a crane for this part of the installation. Unfortunately, the goods lift doesn’t go to the roof and the plant layout was not suitable.”

AE Smith’s Energy Services team, led by Mark Sanders, used their expertise in creative problem solving to find the right solution to meet the City of Sydney’s performance requirements.

Tenderers were provided with a concept design based on two or three larger reciprocating generators being installed. However, in order to provide the most robust system AE Smith determined that the Microturbine solution would help to mitigate the potential impact of breakdowns or unscheduled maintenance. Essentially, having more generators reduces the risk of down-time. (Continued on page 8) 7

(Continued from page 7)

“With seven Capstone Microturbines installed, we can meet the City of Sydney’s power needs with a very high level of reliability. If one turbine were to fail or require maintenance, the overall power output would drop less than 15% of the total output,” said John Bourne, AE Smith Energy Engineer. A top to bottom solution

Once the trigeneration plant is installed, AE Smith will work closely with the City of Sydney’s facility management to optimise the performance of the system. The project includes up to another five years in operating and maintaining the e-contract.

The seven Capstone Microturbines will generate electricity to offset the buildings’ electrical demand, thereby reducing energy costs. Waste heat from the generators will be used for heating in the 24 storey Town Hall House and Sydney Town Hall, as well as cooling for both buildings with the installation of two absorption chillers. A majority of the trigeneration plant will be prefabricated offsite before being installed on the roof, 24 storeys above street level. Heating water will connect to the existing boiler system on the roof, the chilled water will be integrated into the mid-level plant room and the power will be delivered into a new main switchboard in the basement. Once the trigeneration plant is installed, AE Smith will work closely with the City of Sydney’s facility management to optimise the performance of the system. The project includes up to another five years in operating and maintaining the e-contract. A better way for the City of Sydney “This trigeneration solution for the City of Sydney will be a world leading installation. It’s economical, both at the system capital expenditure stage and through reliability with fixed cost 40,000 hour life cycle maintenance supported by Capstone’s 100% Factory Protection Plan (FPP),” concluded Mark Sanders. The FPP is unique to Capstone Microturbines and provides a manufacturer’s fully inclusive maintenance and product life cycle insurance plan. As well as reducing CO2 emissions by 3% and creating energy savings for the City of Sydney each year, the trigeneration plant is expected to improve Town Hall House’s NABERS rating significantly. “We have reached a critical decade in the battle against climate change and trigeneration is a proven way to produce electricity locally and slash carbon emissions,” the Lord Mayor said.

8 Cool Breeze 2015 #24

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Green Chemicals Futures by Lyons Architecture

AE Smith projects win at 2015 Victoria and Queensland Architecture Awards AE Smith’s trigeneration and energy service expertise awarded for energy-efficient concepts. Recently, two significant AE Smith construction projects, the Green Chemical Futures building at Monash University, Victoria, and the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital (LCCH) in Queensland were announced as winners at the 2015 Queensland and Victoria’s state Architecture Awards. Victoria Award: Green Chemical Futures building designed for Monash University At the 2015 Victorian Architecture Awards, one of the winning projects with high sustainability achievements, included the five star, Green Star Green Chemical Futures building at Monash University, designed by Lyons Architecture. The hub will be used for research and training to develop a “green workforce” in the chemistry sector. AE Smith contributed to this outstanding achievement by delivering a 16-metre, 10-tonne giant prefabricated module for the Green Chemical Futures (GCF) building. The $80 million, 9,500 square metre GCF multi-level facility challenged the Victoria Construction AE Smith team in reconsidering how to stack multiple and small prefabricated modules together to achieve multi-storey heights. With 197 entries in the Victorian Awards, the jury for the Victorian Chapter said the entrants “focused on key design elements and sustainable practices that will enhance and cement the longevity of a building and its versatility in future use.” Victorian Chapter President Peter Malatt said: “The Victorian Chapter is thrilled by the quality of entrants in the 2015 Victorian Architecture Awards. The winning practices have showcased beautiful, user-centric and sustainable design worth recognising not just for the aesthetic, but also for the vital role they play in our State’s wellbeing and development.”

10 Cool Breeze 2015 #24

Queensland Award: Turnkey trigeneration energy system for Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital At the Queensland Chapter Awards, the LCCH, designed by Conrad Gargett and Lyons Architecture, was the big winner, receiving multiple accolades including the FDG Stanley Award for Public Architecture along with the Karl Langer Award for Urban Design and the Art and Architecture Prize. In 2014, AE Smith’s Queensland Construction team managed delivery of a world-class turnkey trigeneration energy plant at the LCCH. As the largest of its kind in Australia, the plant’s objective was to increase energy efficiency and energy security as well as reduce emissions for the Hospital, which has been achieved. The world-class central energy plant was constructed and commissioned by AE Smith, occupying 4,500 square metres across five stories, meeting all the power, heating, cooling and steam requirements of the hospital, research facility and planned future buildings.

AE Smith onsite at Monash University

During the installation of the trigeneration plant, LCCH Project Director Ashley Robinson said: “Hospitals are large energy users, and typically HVAC solutions form the majority of this usage. Every health facility, whether old or new should be asking how they can save on energy costs and cut emissions.” To maximise project time constraints and help compress critical time paths, AE Smith invested heavily in prefabrication techniques and technologies.

Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital by Conrad Gargett and Lyons 11

“...more females are starting to get into the trades business.”

Corrine Cullis

AE Smith employee profile: Corrine Cullis Qualified plumber, Corrine Cullis, shares her story Since completing her apprenticeship, Corrine Cullis has been a qualified plumber at AE Smith, learning the ins and outs of the trade. At a young age, Corrine was inspired to become a plumber after developing an interest in the trade when her father, uncles and brothers entered the industry. With her background and family history of plumbing, she has gained extensive work experience and training skills through a variety of major plumbing projects and new installations. Holding a great respect for the trade, and the safety-oriented culture that AE Smith integrates so firmly into their everyday tasks. Corrine is hard-working and proud of her many accomplishments, attributing her willingness to maintain work flexibility as a key factor to becoming a quality tradesperson. Motivated by a good team, and relaxed environment, Corrine appreciates that no two days are the same, and enjoys the spontaneity of receiving a job a few days before she is dispatched. Fostering diversity and seeing more females participating in the workplace is an objective of AE Smith. Corrine firmly believes that “more females are starting to get into the trades business.” 12 Cool Breeze 2015 #24

TGS’ Evan Themelakis and Jenk Behic operating electronic security CCTV screens.

TechGuard Security electronic security offering AE Smith are working alongside TechGuard Security to deliver electronic security services With heightened security concerns and workplace health and safety requirements, AE Smith can now offer electronic security solutions. The new offering of electronic security via TechGuard Security assimilates into AE Smith’s Building Automation Division, providing a “one-stop shop” for clients for all their facility needs. This contributes to AE Smith’s capability of being one provider located nationwide to service their facilities, anytime, anywhere. AE Smith manages electronic security control devices, with customised and integrated electronic security solutions including Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), Access Control and Intruder Detection Systems.

Certification AE Smith’s electronic security solution is backed by the highest quality standards and delivered by our licenced TechGuard Security professionals. AE Smith’s electronic services are installed to Australian Standards such as AS2201 to give you the very latest in electronic security. SA state profile AE Smith’s SA team has already integrated our electronic security offering into business operations. Work has commenced on the following:

Assisting local business through the design and installation of a state of the art CCTV system in a new, locally owned roadhouse.

Providing multiple upgrades and improvements to high security defence installations, both in a corporate environment and on operational installations in remote locations.

Assisting our local businesses to deliver state-of-the-art integrated solutions.

AE Smith looks forward to delivering electronic security solutions to our clients all around Australia.

Prevent intruders and gain control Electronic security is a fundamental element in protecting your assets, ensuring the buildings we work, live and socialise in are safe and protected each day of the year. Helping you gain control of your facilities, AE Smith provides on- and off-site services, while ensuring a protection system is available to help you manage the security of your assets, allowing you to make real time informed decisions. 13

AE Smith Senior Living environment Training AE Smith Service Technicians in the Senior Living environment AE Smith examines the benefits of effective service provider training to senior living facilities and its occupants. On May 26, General Manager for Western Australia, Graeme Stewart, presented at the Facility Management Association (FMA) Ideaction’s National Facilities Management Conference and Exhibition, examining how service provider training can improve culture, safety and reduce risk in senior living facilities. After a challenging encounter at a client’s senior living facility, AE Smith took the initiative to commission train our Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) Service Technicians. For our Service Technicians, it can be confronting when faced with senior living residents who have dementia, and are unable to voice their needs.

14 Cool Breeze 2015 #24

Graeme spoke of just how challenging it can be to work in the senior living environment: “Although I had regularly experienced this environment through my own eyes, from a family perspective it [is] quite confronting. I began to realise what a challenging environment this would be to a new Technician should they be exposed to this on his first day of the job.” Skilled and capable Technicians The senior living sector is an area that we feel our presence can grow, and it is important for us to teach our people how to communicate appropriately. AE Smith intends to educate every Service Technician about dementia, increasing care and safety through the development of necessary skills required to effectively communicate and work safely amongst senior residents. Across Australia, 75 (and counting) AE Smith Service Technicians are now trained to deal with those suffering dementia, and an overall senior living environment. Understanding the environment of senior living and aged care In developing training around educating Technicians, AE Smith were taught: •

An understanding of how dementia affects the brain

The behaviours of a person with dementia

Learning how to communicate appropriately and effectively

For over 15 years, AE Smith Perth have focused on providing support to the senior living sector, considering the risks associated with Service Providers working onsite including: •

The mental and physical safety of residents

The time taken by carers to deal with incidents

Scrutiny from the media, community, families and residents

“When everyone has care in full focus, [an aged care provider], the service provider and industry bodies can see [how a practical initiative], such as service provider training can improve culture, safety, and reduce risk.”

For AE Smith, the best way to tackle communication barriers within the senior living environment is to care. 15

AE Smith proudly participated in a team that raised $8,965 for charity

Brissie to the Bay Bike Ride 2015 BMPX Contracts Administrator, Megan Conlon, gave positive feedback: “Just wanted to say a big thank you for being part of our Brookfield Multiplex Brissie to the Bay Team. Our team raised a spectacular $8,965.”

16 Cool Breeze 2015 #24

AE Smith teamed up with client Brookfield Multiplex to cycle a 100km course around Brisbane in the name of charity On June 21, AE Smith and their sponsor, Brookfield Multiplex (BMPX), participated in the Brissie to the Bay bike ride to raise awareness for thousands of Australians living with Multiple Sclerosis. AE Smith’s CEO, David Willett, personally participated in the event with Project Manager Peter Cahill and Mechanical Engineer John Bourne, completing the new and challenging 100km course from Musgrave Park to Wellington Point. The cycle course rewarded the team with incredible scenery and picturesque views. BMPX Contracts Administrator, Megan Conlon, gave positive feedback: “Just wanted to say a big thank you for being part of our Brookfield Multiplex Brissie to the Bay Team. Our team raised a spectacular $8,965.”

AE Smith’s Jeff Wright, Troy Harding, Adam Barker and Alan Ewart.

Delivering HVAC and building construction expertise to Deakin University A crucial three and a half week start to finish delivery for AE Smith’s HVAC and building construction teams In early 2015, the AE Smith Victorian Construction Services team were awarded the contract to deliver Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC), prefabrication and mechanical services to Deakin University’s Burwood Campus, as part of an ongoing project to install heating, chillers, electrical and control components in each building by December 1. Time critical instalment As principal contractor for the project, AE Smith managed an on-site team of up to 80-100 contractors, with 40 plus AE Smith staff. For the first phase of the project, timelines were very strict with only three and a half weeks to complete the installation, installing 61 Fan Coil Units, and new heating and water pipes into Deakin University’s Building B site.

Team challenges For the team, the biggest challenge overcome was redesigning the installation. AE Smith’s in-house engineers had a short period to address the issues, drafting a new proposal for the team, who was on-site ready to go. Committed to finishing the job within their allocated timeframe, AE Smith Site Manager, Adam Barker, Construction Manager Jeff Wright, and Site Foreman Troy Harding, were impressed by the team’s commitment. Working collaboratively to deliver the project to the University, and drawing on experience from other educational facilities projects, the team maximised the quality of all building works. AE Smith’s in-house engineers, plumbers and electricians were utilised for their high experience and effective project management skills. The first phase was completed by July 10 with four more buildings to be completed by December 1. 17

Sam Waters and Philip Orebiyi talk with students

AE Smith exhibits at student Career Fair AE Smith engages Monash University Students at the ‘Meet an Engineer’ student career fair

AE Smith provided students a valuable insight into engineering and possible career options available at AE Smith.

On April 22, AE Smith’s Sam Waters, Philip Orebiyi and Shaun Toh participated in Monash University’s annual ‘Meet an Engineer’ event.

Working to develop and mentor young people is a significant aspect of the youth engagement work we do as part of the Spotless Group, of which AE Smith contributes greatly. We have a proud history of guiding and nurturing people in the early stages of their career and we truly value the contribution young people can make when given the opportunity.

The AE Smith booth was popular with first to final year Monash University students who sought Engineering career advice from our AE Smith team members. The event served to provide engineering students the opportunity to meet recent graduates and engineers with many years’ experience, and to learn what engineers do in the workplace. It was AE Smith’s first time at the career event, with Monash University alumni, Mechanical Project Engineer Philip Orebiyi and Energy Services Manager Shaun Toh, representing the company.

18 Cool Breeze 2015 #24

The Spotless Group employs over 10,000 people under the age of 25 and AE Smith is always looking for emerging talent. Attending careers fairs gives us the opportunity to actively engage and meet with ambitious youth. Further to this initiative, AE Smith will participate in Monash University’s Faculty of Engineering careers event in September, to provide tips and guidance to students on resume writing and the job interview process.

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