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Group Profile AES began operations in the Dominican Republic with the intent to add value to the national energy market and contribute to the development of the


communities where it serves.

Today, AES Dominicana is positioned as the principal investment group in the Dominican Electric Sector, with modern facilities for energy production and the most competitive fuels for power generation in the national electric system.

AES Dominicana has two deep-sea port infrastructures: ITABO’s and Andres’s International Piers, destined to the unloading process of coal and LNG as fuel input for electricity production process. Also, at AES Andres’ facilities, has the first LNG terminal intended for the distribution of liquefied natural gas in specialized trucks.

As a business group, AES Dominicana combines a global perspective with deep local knowledge and a relentless commitment to operational excellence. There has been a consistent pattern of improvement, year after year in energy generation and efficiency. AES serves as role model to the rest of the players in the electric sector by displaying the best practices of corporate governance within the industry in the Dominican Republic.

AES Dominicana supports the growth of its business by standing upon a strong foundation: consisting of its code of conduct, corporate social responsibility, environmental care and its people, which are its most valuable resource.





Informe estadistico 2013 (ingles)  
Informe estadistico 2013 (ingles)