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Letter from the president It is a great pleasure to present the 2013 AES Dominicana Statistical Report, which highlights our principal assets, operational performance, as well as important business lines information and a variety of electricity market data as a whole.

This year, our generation units achieved new operational milestones among which stand out that AES Andres and ITABO, S. A. exceeded their energy generation historic annual maximum with

2,099 GWh and 1,701 GWh based on Natural Gas and Coal respectively. By the end of 2103, AES Dominicana supplied an average of 36.6% of the total energy demand of the Dominican Republic’s

As AES Dominicana new president, I dedicate this document proof of the Company’s achievements to whom was the impulsor of a lot of initiatives that today we celebrate and who carried the wheels of the company all the way until his unexpected passing, our friend Marco De la Rosa.

Electrical System, Sistema Eléctrico Nacional Interconectado (SENI) by the Spanish name. This means that AES Dominicana injected 5,075 GWh, overcoming the 2012 annual energy maximum and reaffirming with this the fact that AES is the leading company of the national electrical market.

The 84% of AES Dominicana’s produced energy was acquired by the Distribution Company’s (DISCOS), which meant significant savings for the Dominican Government, by offering them the most economical energy of the National Electrical System. Throughout this year, the Natural Gas Market recorded new sales records, achieving an increment of 2.4% from the past year sales, increasing the sales made to the Generation Industry and as a consequence an increase of the LNG purchases in the international market in order to supply the uprising demand of the fuel.

On the corporate environment, AES Dominicana shows its commitment with this county by strengthening its position regarding the environmental protection. As a proof of this we were awarded with the recertification of ISO 14001, receiving outstanding feedbacks from the ISO auditors regarding the excellent performance and robust management of the environmental management of our generation units and corporative headquarters. On the industrial safety area, this year’s DuPont survey showed a 97% score for AES Dominicana, which was the highest score of all AES Corporation businesses, consolidating us as a company with a world class safety. The AES group was also awarded by the American Chamber of Commerce of the Dominican Republic (AMCHAMDR) with the first place on Corporative Government best practices.

Edwin De los Santos President





Informe estadistico 2013 (ingles)  
Informe estadistico 2013 (ingles)