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Kyle Mountford High Concept Game Title: Star Horizon Consoles: Xbox 360/ PS3/ PC/ Wii U Audience: Teens aged 16 and above Rating: 16+ Story & Gameplay: You are the leader of an elite mercenary team hired to stop the ruler of an evil army trying to take over the star system. In order for your team to be successful you must travel to different planets and stations to recruit new members. These members will consist of mercenaries, military personnel, militia and assassins. The game will be a first person shooter that allows the player to choose multiple paths to complete the missions. The player will be able to commandeer vehicles such as cars, motorbikes, attack helicopters, fighter jets and space ships. The game feature Role Playing Game elements as the player will be able to purchase upgrades for weapons and armour, as well as skill points that can be used to improve the characters abilities. The player must first unlock these abilities before they can be purchased and used. E.g. if a certain ability is available on skill level 5, the player will not be able to purchase that ability until they reach skill level 5. Once that skill has been purchased it will slowly increase the more the player uses it. So if the player purchases a skill for faster reloading, over time the player will be able to reload faster and faster until they reach the peak of that skill. Selling Points: the problem with modern first person shooter is that the most popular once are all sequel e.g. halo and call of duty. There have not been that many original first person shooters that have caught the eyes of reviewers or gamers. This is what we think will make our game a success, the fact it is completely original should most definitely catch the attention of any gamer looking for a new first person shooter. We also believe that giving the player the freedom of choice is another great selling point. Instead of forcing the player to complete a mission a certain way, we have created multiple paths for the player to take. The player could simply shoot their way through the missions with the enjoyments of the action as well as gaining points for weapon upgrades. An alternative would be if the player was to break away from the set path and explore the environment around them allowing them to discover new routes and opportunities to flank the enemy or give your team members covering fire. Another alternative would be to use vehicles such as cars with mounted turrets or tank giving the player the upper hand against the enemy. But if the player uses vehicles, the enemy will have more vehicles themselves preventing the gameplay from becoming too easy. Another alternative would be the use of aircraft allowing the player to attack the enemy from the air. However, the enemies on the ground will try to shoot the player down as well as enemies with aircraft themselves. We think that these multiple options make a great selling point as the

Kyle Mountford player can play how they want to play. It allows increases the replay value of the game which most first person shooter fail to do. Competitive products: We have taken elements from other popular first person shooters such as Halo, Crysis and Call of Duty and merged them to make our game fun and enjoyable as well as increasing the chance of the game becoming popular among FPS players. Call of Duty has become very popular because of its online multiplayer mode. What makes CODs multiplayer popular is that the player can unlock new weapons, attachments for those weapons and equipment. This keeps the player coming back for more because the player WANTS to unlock every weapon in the game, as well as reaching the highest rank. In our game we won’t have as many weapons as call of duty, but there will be weapon attachments that have their own pros & cons for the weapon they are attached to. Halo reach had a similar approach where the player would rank up depending on how well they did in a multiplayer match, but instead of unlocking new weapons and equipment, the player would unlock new armour items. The player would start off with the default armour which did not look very good; however the player would earn points as they rank up which can be used to purchase new pieces of armour such as a new helmet, chest plate, shoulder and knee protection. The great thing about this mechanic is that it basically tells the player “if you want your armour to look good, you need to play more”, and sure enough the player will, which is why our game will include armour upgrades allowing the player to customise their characters armour however they want. Crysis 2 was a huge hit for console gamers because its game engine the Cryengine 3 proved that developers can make a great looking game on consoles as well as the PC. Crysis 2s visuals were mind blowing with a great use of lighting, textures and physics that were once thought not possible for consoles such as the Xbox 360 and PS3. We believe great visuals, physics and sound help the player jump into the world of our game. We have heard a lot of gamers say “graphics do not make the game good”, but we believe that even the most story driven game can fall short because of poor art and sound design. Crisis 2 also had great player animation, if the player would fall from a high building, the characters hand would touch the ground to supposable break the fall. We think that more player animation helps make the character you are playing as more of a person instead of just hands with a gun.

Star Horizon High Concept  
Star Horizon High Concept  

this is the high concept for the game we are creating call Star Horizon.