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Airline Uniforms

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The uniforms are carefully manufactured to ensure that employees reflect an aspect in harmony with the corporate image of their company.

Pilot uniform

Our airline clothing solutions offer you the possibility to create airline pilot uniforms that display the perfect mix of professional attire, fashionable fits and contemporary design. • Uniform 1- 80% polyester 20% viscose • Uniform 2- 55% polyester 45% wool • Uniform 3- 70% polyester 30% wool Made in Mexico


NOMEX Army Safety Uniforms

Applications Used by the Pilots in Flying. For Pilot Safety Use in Air-Force & Army.

Green Royal Blue Black Desert Tan Navy Blue Orange

Heat & Flame Retardant Anti Static - Anti Flesh

Style & Design Specifications Velcro name tag

Two side chest pockets


Arm pocket with pencil slot

Adjustable cuffs with velcro

* Sewn to MILITARY SPECIFICATION FNS/PD 96-17 (MIL-C-83141A). * As Worn by all U.S. Flight Crews. Two way heavy duty metallic zipper

* 92% Meta Aramid, 5% Pare Aramid 3% Conductive Fibers.

cinturón ajustable

Two side thai pockets

* Anti-Static Fabrics. Knife pocket

* Two-way Zipper with Pull. * Six Primary Pockets

Two side leg pockets

* Adjustable Waist Belt with Velcro Fastener. Leg opening with heavy duty zip

* Knife Pocket on Left Sleeve. * Gusseted Back

Action back


Care & instructions lable


Only by

4.5 ox/yd 6.0 ox/yd 7.5 ox/yd Durability 40/18 50/31 59/35 Trap Tear, Ib, (wrap/fill) Taber Abrasion CS-10 (1000g) 578 734 1475 92 146 304 H-18 (500g) 217/116 287/167 317/266 Grab strength, Ib, (wrap/fill) 1.9 N/A N/A Laundry Shrinkage (%) Comfort 4 5 4 Vertical Wicking (Inches @ 10 minutes, average of wrap/fill) Note: maximum is 5" 239 83 56 Air Permeability (cfm/ft) Thermal Protection 2.9/3.0 1.5/1.5 Vertical Flame Char Length (in.), (Wrap/fill) 2.7/3.0 Instrumented Thermal Mannequin (% total predicted body bum) 38.0 29.0 19.3 3 sec@ 2 cal/cm sec 51.7 44.3 36.7 4 sec@ 2 cal/cm sec N/A 58.0 53.3 5 sec@ 2 cal/cm sec

Concealed elastic waist on backside

* Cycle to failure * 50X industrial laundering, identical style coveralls used. Reported value is average change in length of leg inseam before and after laundering (right and left legs)

Style options Style and color as per client`s requeriments can be produced Computarized embroided company logo, name badges & job designation can be embroidered

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Nomex military flight gloves are perfect as nomex pilot gloves flyers or as gloves pilot flight use.

Flight Gloves • Non Melt • Non-Drip Material Anti-Static with Permanent Fire Resistant Properties

Airline pilot hat

Wear tested and perfected by airline pilots. Black Airline Captain's Cap with gold trim is used by major airlines, regional carriers, and corporate ight departments around the world. This airline cap meets the requirement of most airlines and military uses. Made in Mexico.

Is designed to rest between your scalp and your ight helmet, providing a warm and comfortable layer of protection that keeps you focused during operations in cool or cold climates.

Helmet Skull Caps

Profile for Aero Pilot

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Prueba imelman  

Profile for aeropilot