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Valdez Marine Terminal Orthophotography shows the terminus of the 800-mile Trans-Alaska Oil Pipeline.


Delivering oil and gas to the marketplace is a complex and costly challenge demanding high levels of expertise at every step along the way. AeroMetric provides our clients with geospatial services at each of these steps—during exploration, corridor and site assessments, field development, production and field abandonment. Services and Deliverables Our variety of services and deliverables provide each client with the assurance that when a particular environmental, logistical, regulatory, operational or compliance need arises, we can produce the right solution to solve that need. These include digital aerial imagery, LiDAR, digital elevation models, planimetric and topographic maps, orthophotography, Enterprise GIS, and remote sensing. Life Cycle Solutions Life cycle infrastructure mapping can be a cost effective solution. Once we have provided baseline mapping, we can be on-call to fly and map along pipeline corridors, and over production and delivery facilities. Clients have discovered that our multiple services, including effective and functional Enterprise GIS databases, add great value to the management of their infrastructure, throughout the life cycle of operations. Enterprise GIS AeroMetric’s Enterprise GIS solutions assist with site management throughout the complete life cycle of the site. The services are tailored to support our clients' particular needs and can be integrated into their IT infrastructure. We provide both on-premise and cloud based solutions for maximum flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Emergency Response Mapping AeroMetric offers immediate response to calls for emergency mapping should a spill be detected, providing the most effective plan of action, and utilizing our ample resources. We have proven fast track performance providing rapid assessment of need, estimating and contract negotiations on the fly, mobilizing resources at a moment's notice, and providing final digital imagery deliverables within hours of the commencement of the mission.

LiDAR image of tank farm at the Port of Anchorage, Alaska

SOLUTIONS Corridor Mapping Emergency Response Mapping Engineering Design Mapping Small Scale Mapping Large Scale Mapping Environmental Mapping GIS Data Management Hazard Mapping

SERVICES Aerial Photography Digital Elevation Models Enterprise GIS LiDAR Orthophotography Planimetric Maps Remote Sensing Satellite Imagery Topographic Maps Land Survey and Design

Oil & Gas Supporting the complete life cycle of Oil & Gas operations Exploration

Flexibility is Key Our goal is to always deliver on-target geospatial solutions—adjusting our service offering to meet each client’s schedule, requirements and outcomes.



Exploration AeroMetric provides surface feature aerial mapping of the terrain to be explored. Our services support the logistical efforts of the scientists, engineers and field crews who perform seismic studies and determine the sub-surface geology. Field Development When a prospect field is to be developed, AeroMetric provides multiple services—ranging from aerial documentation in support of the licensing process, to small scale mapping and orthophotography in support of site planning. Orthophotos should be prepared regularly to keep the development team up to date. We extract precise elevation data using LiDAR and photogrammetric techniques to create Digital Elevation Models, Digital Terrain Models and topographic maps. These tools assist planners with access route studies along alternate corridors, pipeline corridor route selection, and local infrastructure and production wellhead development. Production Once the planning process is complete and site design commences, AeroMetric provides design scale mapping and orthoimagery which can be especially cost effective for remote sites. These mapping services can be efficiently utilized for the entire range of infrastructure required to get oil and gas to market. We can provide engineering design scale mapping for facilities such as wellhead infrastructure, pipeline networks, pump stations, refineries and oil and natural gas shipping terminals. Field Decommissioning Oil and gas producers who plan to decommission a field have to comply with multiple environmental and regulatory requirements. AeroMetric assists with aerial monitoring to provide evidence of documented compliance, proof of surface facility cleanup, and the success of phased remediation.


Aero-Metric, Inc., (AeroMetric) is a full-service geospatial solutions company built on over eight decades of consistent, quality service and enduring client relationships. The firm offers a comprehensive range of on-target geospatial solutions including the latest in photogrammetric, LiDAR, satellite and airborne imaging technology, and has earned a reputation for technical excellence, superior service, and on-time, on-budget delivery. O&GSS-120528

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