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Sales Tips to Increase Landing Page Conversion Rate Landing pages are one of the most important components of your company site. They act as your elements which compose a great inbound marketing strategy. Increasing the number of landing pages from 10-15 can have as much as a 50% increase in the lead numbers. Landing page optimization is one of the biggest challenges for marketing and sales professionals. With a properly optimized landing page, it is possible to increase your conversion rate from single to a double-digit percentage. Here are a few tips on how best to optimize your landing pages to improve the conversion rates

1. Know your campaign goals: Landing pages often don’t have the focus on the only goal or action they’re created for. That is sometimes they even lack the CTA in addition to multiple landing pages existing for similar purposes. These things confuse the visitors and make them lose track of what they landed on the page for. This defeats the entire purpose of the landing page. Knowing what the goal is and successfully implementing it on the landing page can increase your conversion rate manifold if done properly. Create only one landing page for one offer/solution/CTA and that way your users won’t be returning after just surfing the landing page(s). Look at the way the landing page below guides its visitors through the process.

2. Using straightforward headlines: Landing pages are meant for one purpose only, you have to keep your visitors’ focus on the goal. Losing their attention can be as easy as not designing it properly or even not having a straightforward headline. Use short and simple headlines on your landing page which acts as a simple reminder of what they’re on the page for. [caption id="attachment_6375" align="aligncenter" width="628"]

Image source-Marketingland[/caption]

3. Use flowing text content: Use your landing page content to get to the point and tell your visitors what they can expect. It has to be genuine and flowing to satisfy them about what they were looking for. For a higher rate of conversions, the page has to have convincing and genuine content to lead them to convert. Additionally, including an FAQ section to eliminate any doubts and queries also works really well on landing pages. This eliminates the need for visitors to rethink their decisions or look elsewhere for more information.

4. Using the right images: As important as the content is on your landing page, images are also. The images should match the content and should be included after each point. They should be able to make the user convinced enough to take action after going through. Being in sync with the content is perhaps the most important point so that the user doesn’t skip over the content. Paired with the right kind of content, images can lead to a higher conversion rate.

5. Using CTAs to make users take action: CTAs are single most important part of a landing page. This is because they bring users to the landing page and they also direct the user forward. Even though they’re just a button, well a button is all it takes to convert visitors. Color​: Make sure that the color of the CTA is in contrast to the theme or background of the page. Just enough to stand out and blue, orange and green usually work the best. Size​: The button shouldn’t be small or too large. It should just be the right amount for users to see it clearly and visibly. Using smaller or larger CTAs can be disastrous for your landing page. Additionally, it should also adapt to the layout of the page. Message​: The message of the CTA should be able to out clear focus on what the motive of the CTA is. It should emphasize the urgency of the product for the visitor to improve the conversion rate.

6. Highlight the value proposition: The customers should have something to look forward to with the offer they’re getting. The proposition should be something unique and extraordinary to get their attention in exchange for opting in. Uber’s landing page is the perfect example here: They manage to get people to sign up as drivers in exchange for freedom from bosses, good money and working anytime. The point here is you need to make the visitor relate to the CTA and get a sense of urgency or relief after clicking the CTA.

7. Loading Time: If your landing page loading time isn’t as minimum as possible, all the work you do in optimizing it will go to waste. The person visiting your landing page won’t even let the loading complete if it takes more than 10 seconds in the first place. The landing page should load within seconds otherwise users are likely to not even load it. Google PageSpeed Insights can help you with the requirements and the changes to your landing page. The loading time affects the SEO of your landing page. It is better to fix all the issues it reveals the landing page loading time issues. [caption id="attachment_6380" align="aligncenter" width="550"]

8. Optimize your form fields: The landing page has to capture the user’s contact information. This will only happen if there is a submission form included on the landing page. Also, as the landing page has the purpose to capture the user information only, it is a good choice to first optimize your form. Unless your target is to bring in enterprise clients, it is enough to just capture the email ID. Consider that with lead enrichment the need to collect extra data can be eliminated altogether.

9. A/B testing your landing pages: Testing your landing page is a necessary step to improve the conversion rate. The problem marketing professionals face is they don’t know how to do so. A/B testing enables you to test out the best possible layout for your target audience. Using tools to assist you in this can help in better understanding the results. Moreover, this testing procedure helps in figuring out which one outcome triggers the audience.

Landing pages are a necessary part of your conversion process. From capturing information, redirecting conversions to even bring people onto your pages- landing pages do it all. Make sure you test out all the techniques and strategies before finally implementing your landing page.

Sales tips to increase landing page conversion rate  

Your business can always benefit from high converting landing pages. Higher conversion rates mean more customers, and more customers mean mo...

Sales tips to increase landing page conversion rate  

Your business can always benefit from high converting landing pages. Higher conversion rates mean more customers, and more customers mean mo...