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I would build that dome in air! A stately pleasure-dome decree, That sunny dome, those caves of ice, And all should hear or see them there, And all should cry: Beware! Beware! Coleridge, Kubla Khan

Kurk Wold


Breughel’s Babel

I. The Metamorphosis New science asks, like it suddenly discovered the question, what does it mean to be human, but underneath the pretty science flower is a dead bird. So instead of poets, scientists and philosophers define the concept of human as “beyond culture.” This intelligence beyond culture hopes to replicate Einstein’s brain, but first the animal is opposed with the mind, saying the animal must be left behind. Transformations, metamorphoses so called, were the essence of classics through the renaissance. Circe turns men to pigs, “like to their minds most monstrous.” When science speaks of “ceasing to be human” it is just opposite this and what happened to Nebuchadnezzar who turned into a beast


for seven years. Ceasing to be human means to be a god, transcendence from the human. The pretense that human is different now because the container is remade would be due in part to its severed head, meaning again, science and philosophy would sever the human from its culture and past to be remade. These visionaries imagine a future that they themselves do not live in, propose a love purer and stronger than anyone has felt, but are divorced, promise pleasures, bliss without end, greater than ever known, but by use of a drug. Nietzsche is their inspiration to transcend both beast and man, “rope the abyss,” become a superman, but he is insane. To talk this way is reprehensible, but not as glib as the assumptions about human identity that never question themselves. Monsanto argues that shortage is outdated since there is so much surplus food, the only problem being to consume it all. That there is so much more food from the green revolution and the GMO world that it can be given away to the third world, except for destroying indigenous agriculture, is a paradigm only outdated by a deception of false plenty. It is poison food, not-food for the not-man. Corrupt regimes and transport do not cause the lack, but hyperdrive seed stock and chemical soil make food null and void. As to justifying the crimes science commits against animals, a zero sum logic comparing chimps and apes in labs applies, saying apes don’t have the brains of a man, therefore can be consumed, as if life were a competition. But life is a cooperation. It does not make a man better to dominate the ape. When an intelligence greater than wisdom redesigned viruses, genes and atmospheres these were put to death, proving minds most monstrous. Who can doubt whether tampering with the weather is justified to save lives, unless altruism is a rhetorical blind to cover the opposite? Either weather alteration might work or we will all die? Take a chance. Spin the wheel. Nobody knows if the DNA of every living organism were rewritten it might save the world! In the joust of supernatural powers the soul of the mandarin makes a deal with Faust. Storm surges, hurricanes, earthquakes, drought, rainfall, tsunamis of Scalar techs are all species of a giganticism understood as a joke, as if “one thought it a joke when the head next to him blew off.” Acts of science become acts of god. Manipulation done to save the planet from warming, unless it was the cause, used global warming to justify even greater manipulations. Amazingly, in this unknown world the only agency


on top of its game was FEMA, that stored 200 million coffins, and who knows how many plastic drums, refurbished WWII camps and generally did a good job finding places for refugees to be taken. They had swing sets and monkey bars in the compounds. In other words, weather altered American culture changed in about 60 years. You don’t have to be an intellectual to know it, just look at the physique of a world 1/3 morbidly obese by 2010. Iron City beer never looked so good or the Iron Age of Ovid. Honest iron, not so unpleasant compared with these Experiments. If Circe turned men to pigs other myths turned men to gods. The most germane of these is Dante’s Glaucus, the transformed Narcissus, who found a place untouched by civilization, chewed several blades of its grass and became immortal. To describe passage from the terrestrial paradise to heaven Dante invented a new word, thought to be the first occurrence of “transhuman” (Paradiso, I.70). [see danteworlds]. Just as ordinary language is not sufficient to describe such things as Dante says, we invent a word from Coleridge to describe these metamorphoses, Opiomes. Opiomes are an imitation trasumanar built much the same way that the EU Parliament was designed as an imitation Tower of Babel. Admittedly it is peculiar to describe science with poetry or buildings, but the vehicle serves. Dante, who invented the term said, “Transhumanizing may not be in words set forth” (Bergin), and neither can the horror of earth’s metamorphosis. Whether it be atmospheres, animals or plants, new technologies sever from the past by releasing crossed energies of even greater scale impossible to


shield. This principle of dissociation is manipulated even in personalities who fragment into multiples when divided, to produce and release unprecedented energy. This principle of dissociative release of energy occurs in the sky, sea, earth and man. An image search of Stratospheric Aerosol chemtrails can contemplate the results of division. Before long you conclude the existence of wereweather. So if it seems contradictory that Operation Cloverleaf uses commercial airlines to spray 200 million tons of aluminum (+ barium,+gna+) each year into the atmosphere as an exotic weapon, but that the new reflective atmosphere turns acidic soils alkaline beneath, requiring engineering GMO seeds such as Monsanto's trait technologies, 246 million acres (2007) of genetically modified corn and rice to withstand the chemical onslaught, and the spraying provokes catastrophic release of methane gas of the Arctic shelf, skyrocketing levels of asthma, autism, ADD and Alzheimer’s, and the nano particles easily pass the blood brain barrier, it’s all done to trasumanar. Crisscrossed trails of science, singularity, art and literature reveal a metamorphosis summed up as the creation of a starchitect, one whose novelty of creation transforms them into idols of the architecture world. Taking the visual Guggenheim Bilbao as an example of this belief helps identify every form. If it makes you say, “oh god,” the god’s not what you think. Other modifications lie behind the chemtrails visibility, what transhumanists call their putative god that chemtrails form and chemtranshumanists transform.


Different medias, technologies and devices make this ancient myth to modern known. These seem like inebriations, a drugged awareness that stumbles room to room. Let us call the situation an Opiome, from opium and Coleridge’s pleasure dome, implying a metaphor of drugs and architecture that built its heart and mind.

II. Stockhausen Bathing Punch up ELF Dome for these tutorials and you’ll find it’s not of Tesla or ELF that Coleridge writes, lava or lunar, Fuller Dome or the Net of Blake, but symbols of them all. Excited by the electron cyclotron resonance to heat and charge lost particles, various methods for altering earth's ionosphere, the mind wind of an atmosphere polarized by electromagnetic radiation is transmitted up, not quite trepanned as in the Times, a joke, not to worry, parallel fields through plasma regions alter. The radiation nation sang a new song, a frequency of charged particles like the Beatles, all the angels come: It was on a HAARP, High frequency Active Auroral Research Program Maybe in trying to melt the Arctic and free the Northwest Passage Queen for Queen Elizabeth to make a new way to the orient, Renaissance discoverers were just ahead of their time. It the arctic melts Alaska could deliver its vast resources to Asia, Europe and North America equally. This would restore the trade balance. Meanwhile we are fending off the Russians, Yakusa and Brazil with that ring of HAARP transmitters round the arctic. Ever seen a power boat accelerate, back end dip down deep? Maybe the new Earth can be taken into space! Yatahey! Dr. Strangelove comics make new myth to suit Dante. You cannot have chemtrails or the Russian Woodpecker grid to stop, and broken symmetries unify so the aluminium in the atmosphere makes energy systems work better! Those columnar focal lenses, horizontal drift plasma antennas are sprayed with barium to photo-ionize from the ultraviolet light of the sun. “Barium makes the aluminum-plasma more particulate dense.” Aluminium particle-heated electromagnetic contradiction-crossing promises energy release. Vertical and horizontal columns of gas, plasma orbs transmit-


receive. Oh Cloverleaf: Chemtrails and their Purpose. It does sound like science fiction made real. A new reflective atmosphere of 100 million tons of aluminum each year. A polymer fiber keeps it aloft. Acidic soils become alkaline beneath, 5.5 to 6.8 ph. Monsanto's GMO technologies surge on the new earth under the new sky with 246 million acres of remade corn and rice. What the sky looks like we hardly question. But looking up at the dissipation coming down in evening came these re-engineered skies. You call this subliminal? The sky is falling. Here are the Ten Points to get you up to speed. What in the world are they spraying? Charlie Rose interviews Ray Kurzweil at 3, then they will tour FEMA Camp at 4. All you need do is look at the sky falling.


“Cloudscapes, a recent series of stamps issued by the US Postal Service looks suspiciously like subliminal conditioning, that is, a social engineering campaign to alter the way people perceive, think or act. Obvious chemtrail images are included on these stamps, no doubt to subconsciously influence us into believing that what we are seeing in the skies is perfectly normal and nothing to be alarmed about (...move along folks... nothing unusual going on here...the sky has always looked like this.)�

Thousands of Airline Manager's Statement ... 5-22-00 were whited out to suppress this myth. First person reports disappeared like microbiologists. Modification plate tectonics, ocean fertilization, cloud seeding, Co2 sequestration and military weapons, the list is incomplete, Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails (August 2012) directed energy beams, entrained minds.


Like an iceberg melting we deduce a myth to describe this affair and call it Stockhausen going to the bathroom. The bigger myth hides under an appearance we don’t know. History masks the gunner-chemtrailed earthplanetary weapon. Stockhausen going is an image of the bioelectromagnetic body and mind. Not Whitman’s image of the body electric, this reminds more of actual, semi-actual science fiction. Goggle him going, listen to the youtube accounts of HAARP at night, improbable booms, snorts, snuffles, groans, shrill screams in short.

Chembow bounces off aerosol metal sprayed from jets. The pink is aluminum, the yellow is strontium and the blue is barium. How good does this look on grass? Dr. Deagle treated the pilots here. Whistleblower pilot here. Chemtrail superjet Organoid nanobot dispersion spoof here. True Democratic Party here. Next dance at the Extremes of Byzantine Extinction here

Extremely low frequency waves, ELF, VLF refract around mountain ranges, propagate a ground wave, follow the curve of Earth. Called Ground Wave Emergency Network, some three hundred GWEN towers were to spread coverage across the States 200 miles apart, coast to coast. Except there are no Ground wave towers. Wikipedia says that GWEN Ops and Maintenance funding were terminated mid 1990s when the cold war ended. Things obsolesce.


First the Woodpecker Grid went down, then GWEN, but HAARP antenna fields still surround the pole. Fasten your seatbelts citizens of earth. Those booms, grumbles, hammerings like Stockhausen at night are the haarp music from California to New York to Vancouver 2012. Lights, cloud swarms, all kinds of sicknesses beneath, blamed on fillings in teeth. Whether Costa Rica or Norway, as recent as this month, who would not want the 50s back, when the forlorn EM Lida tolled catatonic states in POWs in the Korean North.

Bilbao Spider Scalar Weapons made the Woodpecker Grid, first principle of planetary events pegged to 3 to 30 Hz to subvert the Schuman Resonant Earth Brain. If you don’t like the hand dealt in inhabiting the planet Styx on your watch, come down to Bilbao to see spider Shelob out front, memorialized in brass with the gold Siren of Bilbao. Its name is Hideout, but we cannot show it lest we be banned. You think these things are mysteries but they’re not. Among all things magnetic, tissue penetrate, currents in the head: Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) induces Hotheads. Ever hear of time speeding up, such a nineties trip! right out of Terence McKenna according to the lights (Preston Nichols). Our present reality, as if


there were some other, operates at 435 MHz (#7, 1940’s, 4th paragraph), the window frequency to human consciousness at 400-450 MHz where “a new ‘reality’ is being churned out with a series of ‘thought forms’ transmitted from technology tuned to 400-450 Mhz.” Transgenics transchronics, transpsyches, ‘multiple realities’ of different timelines operate concurrently at U.S. military underground sites at Montauk, LI, Dulce, NM, and Pine Gap, in central Australia (according to the Branton and the boxcar waving Excalibur Briefing Bearden). Transgenics I think you know, but Transchronics: “As our physical reality vibrates at a certain frequency, various physicists are using transmitters to change the way time flows and therefore how our time-frame vibrates. Ex NASA physicist Hoagland says in his opinion, we are being manipulated into a belief system, which is reaching a critical point. Someone wants us to think a certain way.” Transpsyches: “Americans and Russians are both using scalar waves to engineer a particular kind of level of reality vibrating at a different frequency to the one we have at present and changing the expression of our brainwaves, which operate in scalar waves. Various frequencies are equal to the way we perceive life, depending on what parts of the brain are activated by that frequency. Hoagland says hyperspacial constants are changing, that nuclear plants sited on the grid are getting ‘hotter’ than they should be.” Very long waves of negatively weaponized ELF frequencies induce paranoia at 4.5 Hz, depression at 6.66, manic rage at 11.3. It makes a difference whether they are generated from within or outside the brain, from a cell phone tower or… huh? EM signatures of, err… viruses, pathogens broadcast as sudden diseases, epidemic Scalar twinklings. The main use of these frequencies in our time is population apathy . Populations unapathetic would notice and beware. The fiat accompli of writing about this


drives writing into the absurd. Weaponizing the atmosphere at least gets rid of mosquitoes. (HAARP: The Ultimate Weapon of the Conspiracy by Jerry E. Smith (See The Secret Shadow Government.)

HAARP pushes the ionosphere out and the lower pressure systems rush up to fill the void. Together the electronics of Brave New World Revisited technology and changed emotions and perception with electronic telepathy to create synthetic memory. Call it dry seining, arming electromagnetic particles. What is knowable is the belief it can be pulled off, and the right to do it, to prescribe for every living being this condition. Prosecuting the greatest good for the greatest number the geoengineer barters 100 lives in Plano for thousands in New Orleans. How much do ethical decisions depend on distance in space and time? This is the Mandarin problem deduced from Adam Smith’s Theory of Moral Sentiments.

III. TransPolitics The Mandarin Discovered Genome You might think the Mandarin was a comic of Iron Man but the first version says a visitor from outer space approached earth with the deal that if one member of the race surrendered to be tortured forever earth would be given technology to bring perfect health and life to every human. The rearmaments among us think this refers to President Eisenhower’s bargain in the putative Greada Treaty of 1954 where humans could be abducted by aliens on a limited basis for the purpose of medical examination and monitoring, with the stipulation that they would be unharmed and returned to the point of abduction with no memory of the event. In exchange, earth, meaning science, would receive its many fruitions of Moore’s Law, which treaty worked about as well as those with the Indians. Earth was the Indian. In order to misexplain all this, synthetic memory was invented to fill the void. Forget PTSD and the overnight technology of the sudden genome. Our Mandarin reduced the price for a motherboard because of slave shop maquiadores in Ciudad Juarez. In other words, forget the silly dude being tortured on Betelguese, would you not swap one hundred lives in Plano for thousands in New Orleans? Destinies switched by spraying that negates or materializes clouds, the weather wars went mandarining. That does not at first suggest scientific divination of the weather is about Chinese suffering. But kidnapping in exchange for technology, even as Stockhausen is an


image of HAARP in an apparent fictional setting, simplifies that one is sacrificed for many, a dilemma long before these Opiomes, as forced as Sartre’s whether a French son should stay home and care for his mom or join the Resistance. His answer was no justification for either, both are equal, but that the choice is forever and the choice made for one is the choice for all (Existentialism and Human Emotion). If earth tortures one it tortures all. The anguish is that the choice comes alone as an act of will, absurd as all aloneness and opposed to those who say the choice is made publicly, after discourse and politics, tasteless considering that chemtrail protocols ride bareback all such political bodies that forbid choice, especially when in Revelations 13 the merchants of the earth grow rich from its commerce. The balance of deceit in discourse prevents choice, and anguish, and assuages it with a million rise in disposable income topped with plenty of rhetoric. Seeking to determine the original choice existential psychoanalysis lays bare this corruption of the will. The deception and profit motives of art, history, politics and science present the Mandarin problem thus: all people will be given health and immortality in exchange for their extinction. If there is no one to decide but Sartre, he says “there is at least one being in whom existence precedes essence, a being who exists before he can be defined by any concept, and this being is man, or, as Heidegger says, human reality…,” it is just this “man, with no support and no aid, condemned every moment to invent man” who “ought to know sartre-end.jpg that if I do not choose, I am still choosing:” “The most terrible situations of war, the worst tortures do not create a nonhuman state of things; there is no non-human situation. It is only through fear, flight and recourse to magical types of conduct that I shall decide on the non-human, but this decision is human, and I shall carry the entire responsibility for it.” (Sartre)


A voice in the wilderness when the invention is not of man, but of the notman. Camus must answer in myth; the choice of life is equal to species continuation. Have there been efforts to save the buffalo but none for the human race? While hunters extinguished 100 million buffalo on the American plains in the 1880’s critics wiped out the Law of Moses and the prophets. “Would you accept the death of a slave or two in return for cane sugar and cheap cotton (14)? Would you, today, admit that the miner occasionally maimed in an industrial accident is the unfortunate compensation for reduced prices on computer motherboards? Most Westerners alive in the past two centuries have answered yes to questions like those, if only by the passive fact of living in an economic system devoted to the production of surplus value…It matters that the Mandarin is Chinese, because his being Chinese means that his being Chinese doesn’t matter. The function of Chineseness is thus, paradoxically, to force the transformation of the instance into a universal that retains the instance in fossil form. It appears by disappearing; it disappears by appearing.” Eric Hayot

Fait Accompli The public might believe that events are staged, or that commercials are real. It depends on who talks. Unsavory augers of the tales below reveal, but careerists will not say. They would lose their jobs. That iridescence in the model’s eye is as airbrushed on, as sincere as the drugged events of which we read. We do not completely believe that sympathy and anger are manipulated in the mind-massed whole, but that the mass might still need manipulating is a comfort.


So if a clue comes they must have been blown it by chance. Maybe the mind skipped and saw what occurred in Mr. Obama’s spiritual speech in Denver to the Aurorans, 22 July 2012, a model of intelligent and sympathetic mirroring, well worth seeing, and a perfect appeal to quietly “do something about some of the senseless violence that ends up marring this country.” A small thing tips the hand if we attend, two fingers held against the neck, showing how pressure was applied to the gunshot wound by that girl’s friend to save her life. Those fingers stayed there a full 45 seconds, so long it was startling when they were finally taken away. Each has a view on staging or not, or to accept staged protocol. Our own insights offered to neighbors, who have the media’s, are rejected as if placing two fingers against the neck is not a tell suggesting the whole speech staged, not impromptu at all. Walling off sense from intellect because the conclusion too horrible, that the whole shooting event was staged, must be contained. What insight this question hides is forever lost in the hope “that over the next several days, next several weeks and next several months we all reflect on how we can do something about some of the senseless violence that ends up marring this country.” Soo many lone gunmen, but soo few kills withal, compared to governments that is, and except for Nixon and Johnson, no clandestine American ops, programs or think tanks counted at all! It is impossible to bring accusations against higher powers. Michael could bring none against the covering cherub, even in detail. Compartments wall off the sense from intellect when the conclusion is unthought. Never asked why, and certainly not what, Chris Hedges calls the moral compartmentalization of Goldman Sachs the worship of death, and that all institutions are inherently demonic (39.27f). Such charges are countered easily in the public eye by the good deeds and patriotic


shibboleths of the families of Goldman. Hedges lights up plenty of whats, the purpose of the NAFTA treaty being to dispossess three million small Central American farmers of their land for agribusiness, then to remarket their loss by attracting them to Florida and California to pick crops, bent over, irradiated, toxified by sprays and left broken and incompetent at 40, so liberals could bemoan immigration policies in Scarsdale to turn further advantage in Goldman futures of unspeakable speculation. This is a win win win for agriculture, investments and politics, and for the news reporters who alternately gang the victim, reverse field again and again, a fait accompli. These small examples argue a condition of history in the form of an engineering project, early drafted plans, cost analysis, competitive bids, deadlines, completion and marketing the finished work. Calling it a Trojan Horse or other images from classical and modern literature and art is merely comic relief. So many projects once we begin to count, no matter, you will have your own. The History Weapon is conscious manipulation of the masses, "Ordo Ab Chao," events staged to bring order out of chaos (Edward Bernays). Order means disorder, William Burroughs said, in “an elitist World State very much along the lines laid down by the Nazis. At the top would be a theocracy trained in psychic control techniques implemented by computerized electronic devices that would render opposition psychologically impossible” (Mind War, William S. Burroughs (1985). "You seize control of all the means by which government and populace process information to make up their minds, and adjust it so those minds are made up as you desire" (Michael Aquino, PSYOP to MindWar, "We need a program of psychosurgery for political control of our society. The purpose is physical control of the mind. Everyone who deviates from the given norm can be surgically mutilated. The individual may think that the most important reality is his own existence, but this is only his personal point of view. . . Man does not have the right to develop his own mind. . . . We must electronically control the brain. Someday armies and generals will be controlled by electronic stimulation of the brain."- Dr. Jose M.R. Delgado, Director of Neuropsychiatry, Yale University Medical School, Congressional Record, No. 26, Vol. 118, February 24, 1974. “The cultural control of populations by means of fabricated and coached celebrities” (Plastic Macca).


IV. The New Religion

Guggenheim Bilbao If there is a new religion where these improbabilities and immortalities are understood Guggenheim Bilbao is its temple. It is a genetically modified religion if you like, that motivates biologists to make a headless frog to mine its body parts. This is thought to be right and ethereally real, and that all opposition to it is bigotry. This religion reaches into time the way chemtrails reach to space and can be tracked through literatures once thought myth by academics, but now, since science makes its own myth, they become empirical fact to be revived even while denying the fact basis of myth. Religion usually has priests to explain its arcane secrets to the laity as far as they can understand. In this case the priests are scientists. The religion


is epic in proportion. Requirements of epic include that it encompass heaven, earth and under earth in one continuous scene of action. Geoengineers aerosoled the new sky and the sky fell. The new earth beneath the new sky sprouted an engineered pig, battery pack mice, and closed circuit controls for cockroaches. All this and more was policed by military enforcers made to hear and see like a dog. If scientists were like starchitects who idolized themselves we would be their worshippers. Before there were starchitects there were pleasure domes and gardens which science made gigantic and microscopic at the same time as the Microbiologists disappeared. Here’s the roster. They literally disappeared, as ridiculous as saying that before they did they built domes of ice in a bat, spider genes in a goat, a flounder in a tomato and new forms of death. Literature and writers were the old testament scriptures of science in this transformation. Buildings, art and the literature of the hybrid celebrated the hybrid age before it appeared. These so called genetically modified writers were precursors before the means of the decoded human genome appeared. Thus Coleridge’s opium enabled his dream, Baudelaire, Burroughs did the same, Huysmans suggested nature was diseased, Dada, Beckett, Rimbaud. All were precursors of Monsanto seed and Frankenfood. Coleridge drank the milk of opiomes that inspired Baudelaire, “dreams of a maniac who would replace solid furniture and a real garden by decorative canvas” (Les Paradis artificiels). Coleridge heard deep rivers flowing in “caverns measureless to man.” Barry Lopez heard them too, upriver “at the headwaters itself, farther up than is shown, ravens are meditating, and it is from them that the river actually flows, for at night they break down and weep.” (River Notes, 87). Being measureless, Kubla built an altar of giant reveries, electromagnetospheres, in these caverns that foresaw the Knockout Mouse and the Denver Airport. Human Knockouts (KO) of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Knockout Medicine were marketed in 2025. Between the buildings of this future state where the spider of Bilbao and Blue Horse of Denver hid, Batcave Opiome were the literary pleasure of Huysmans, “not one single invention of (Nature's), however subtle or impressive it may be thought to be, that the human spirit cannot create; no forest of Fontainebleau or moonlit scene that cannot be produced with a floodlit stage set; no waterfall that hydraulics cannot imitate so perfectly as to be indistinguishable from the original; no rock that papier-mâché cannot


copy; no flower that specious taffetas and delicately painted papers cannot rival!” (Against the Grain). Moralists like Coleridge and Burroughs at the end of the age worried that addiction and “ancestral voices prophesying war” would come. Artifice Thus Coleridge in his descent of Broad Strand, rappelled from a dream of hopes in air to reconstruct in hieroglyph a pleasure dome of his an immortal pursuit of artifice (Baudelaire 34) alive as wood and stone. But 19th century artifice was not so cruel as to exclude the artilect, although if the term were artificial imagination it were a fool. These devotions appeared in literature and art. A new type of artist emerged. Breasts grew in jars at exhibitions, rabbits with the heads of jellyfish glowed in the dark, GFP mice, lizard grafted earlobes wagged their tongues. To hear them talk, hardly different from the elves of DMT fairy land, lizards made starchitects jealous to learn DNA art and werewolf weather, to give transgenic e. coli out as pets. But that was ten years before Turnspeak watchdogs of the Critical Art Ensemble taught the Whitney Museum to exhibit hybrids for cash. It wasn’t Caliban they wrote, but god. The days of Noah returned. Severed from culture and the past, pure mentality mastered body and lived 5000 years. Silver dollars rolled across the floor, but they only looked like heads. This genetic art was a Josef Mengele creation, and Kac, another boy from Brazil. Blue Horses? Vermillion sheep? You want, we got. Arthitects, second gen starchitects contacted their inner arthropod, turned flowers into glass, trees to gold, frogs to armies and locusts mined fantasies from the landfill. Fulfill the immortal! Old biology made new yellow metal, ambiguity of gold refined from earth, image of wisdom to Midas to touch and kill the plant, the man. “A vision of reality not real,” Baudelaire said, a vision of reality instead of reality itself. Coleridge preached on honeydew and many exudates of poison plants. To call it milk of paradise concedes the point. Not to leave good science out, the liberty to invent the head, frog body, cabbage parts, livers, tomato hearts, brussel sprout eyes, porcelain teeth, diamond bones, gelatin eyelid monitors made beautiful people all the way from Byzantium.


A damsel with a dulcimer in a vision *killed the extremeophile biologists who engineered all this. She was a mythical being with a biological injectable 2200 IQ. She was the faery child of Opiomes, La Belle Dam Sans Merci. I told you poets knew. In this dream of Coleridge Uber Alter Nano Bot played and tested super fly. Super man is coming. Homo Sap bye, bye. The geoengineered fruit under Camp Uber Funston found in a potato from Mars had two minds, both drilled into its skull. Why do we talk this way? Again, because some did not have heads. I tell you but you don’t believe. It’s the old half remarkable question, what is it that we are part of and what is that we are? A flying hat searched land and sea: Neuschwaben, Kammler! hup, hup, hup: Star Chyld! Baudelaire and Burroughs blew a 2.0 in their hunger to transcend. The milk of paradise is more than glass and gold. The gold plant, towers, sculptures, art substitute for food; artifice to touch the sky enshrines the starchitects of sky. It seems too deliciously surreal that there is a transgenic religion that achieves biological contact with Sagan when the heads are raised, these were the Opiome of many, which takes us back to Dr. Caligari and beheadings, some above, others below the ground. Do you see how there is no rational way to say it, a horror account on a science fiction planet? Sagan, Sagan on the wall who’s the most transhumanist of all? Science became myth. That was the new religion. Driven to distraction by hungerhauser crime and Nazi research on embryos, Dr. Graefenberg owned the genes to patent Dwight BabyNauer and Obermacher Serbottendorff took down his spear Then they began to eat each other.


Denver Airport These all thought ahead to make the man immort. To keep him company in his new estate Frabel designed glass botanicals in the shade of its poison tree, a biosphere of artifice, “flowers like the Lily, Dogwood, Cherokee Rose and various Orchids recreated in realistic fashion using borosilicate glass� (Life in the Gardens, 2009). Further down the caverns measureless too its place. Nanobot suction cups formed in the fingertips of a mensch. Science engineered microscopic viral clones of a new genetic cell, which sounds like fiction, except for a new kind of bird flu forged in those times from old Kiebsiella planticola that killed the past, which was oddly not dead. Waiting to be revived, Plantosaurus maximus rex loved the Headless even if he did not yet exist. He would come the way the weather had after twenty years of covert spray. Science, business, government and art planned to fill a thousand empty necks.


Blue Horse Among starchitecture frogs and knockout mice Guggenheim Bilbao was a pleasure port. Arrivals and departures, flights of fancy prey, special forces took their genes to town. Take your gun to town son, don’t leave that gun at home. The Horse of Troy, Tower of Babel, EU Parliament, Guggenheim Bilbao, Denver Airport, Whitney Kac, parks and services of the UN Zeus, name your own, Parliament- Babel furnished with a spider and a siren vision of sculptures of the new age were semaphores on the runway, Anubis and the murals of the Denver Airport signaling. Long-necked lion, faux dinosaur, of the Narmer Palatte

Architects, dubbed “archistars” for design-made “starchitecture” memorialized, but the coinage suited thousands of years no doubt, including that Trojan Horse like the Ishtar Gate. Blue horse Denver didn’t seem demonic though. Such honor was reserved for Spanish conquistadors, part human / part beast for the Aztecs otherwise called recombinant mutants from DNA labs, ancient Sumer USDA horses


with heads of a lion and stingers in their tails (Bergson’s Seventh Seal). Do tell movies had long replaced the news. Visiting Anubis, the Jackal-headed dog, floated down the Thames on its world tour to join the line of icons dwarfed or magnified from the past. In the guise of bringing art to the masses, great Zeus in the lobby of the UN, the eyes of Oculus Horus in the subway beneath 9/11, a vortex swallowing the globe, the Capitol Dome, Washington Monument, Nebuchadnezzar’s gold statue, Ishtar Gate, Babylon.


Paradise Lost Satan Rises From a Burning Lake


V. Bring Art to the Masses To better manipulate structures committees of starchitects revived Paradise Lost, Book II, to fulfill the unspoken need, as illustrated by Paul Gustave Doré Satan on the Burning Lake, prescient as well, raised up the engine of Pandemonium executed by governments for extinction. Was Michelangelo’s Drunkenness of Noah to be made an inebriant hologram to numb the culling the culling of the herd? Did the Denver Airport herald some further Dantean traverse of its underground, to stow away on ships ready for blast off, as elites escape planet Earth? Ready for blast off? Read this before you go. Photographers on the Inferno beat, read the Dante/Virgil Report, exposed how "two travelers find the shaggy and gigantic Lucifer at the absolute centre of the Earth, embedded up to his waist in ice. John Martin, Pandemonium 1825 The only way they could continue their journey was by climbing down his sides-there is plenty of hair to hold on by-and squeezing through the hole in the ice and so coming to his feet" they climb down its sides, "though it is down to his waist, it is up to his feet" (Inferno xxxiv, 70f: C. S. Lewis. The Discarded Image. 141-2). In this first version of the devil’s staircase, that is


the devil is the staircase, not only does Dante scoop the first reptilian man and the first use of the word transhuman, but also for devil’s staircase. It seems unfair. Was Turner’s Angel Standing in the Sun on the drawing board for the new millennium in France?

We best not look in the Horse. That hair will be needed in the cold. Everyone who sails, quickly aboard bestow you, make ready metaphors, hair and port, for that donkey mule to carry you aloft. Fear obesities of imaginative bonds? Bulge up equator? Flesh up “scale to the circuits below. The epic world is closer than we know.” What more? Starchitecture counterparts in movies, lit? “Munch a mountain, drain a quaff, poem seepage deep enough.” Never mind the Denver Airport, Plutarch said, the little world has organs of the great, opposite Joseph Campbell who said, “myth manifests in


metaphorical images of the organs of the body in conflict with each other� (The Power of Myth, 46). What myth these lines create. Giant Plutarch metaphored that "stars revolve like 'radiant eyes' 110, but he never saw these lines crisscross the sky or he’d have

thought the heavens were playing tic tac toes with him. Do not be blind! He said in the face of the universe the Extreme Weather sun disperses out of itself heat and light as if it were the heart. Blood and breath, earth and sea are bowels and bladder. Moon between sun and earth is the soft liver, viscera 111 between heart and bowels, warmth sends up exhalations above and from that region refined and more below (112 On the Face of the Moon Loeb Classical Library, XII, 1957). What's that, aluminium, barium, strontium, bits of plasma? Pathetic lunacy? Metaphysic physical mass, thoughtformed shaped existence.


Compare the Greek purged pity and fear. Star(chitectures) forgot the purge, just feared. Different from the heart where desert pump and blood whoosh vein, different from the mountain where wind blows sound, different from the voice within. The good news about all this is it spells an end to all those Evolution Prayer Breakfasts at the White House.

VI. Revelation of the Goden Age Cephalus Aurora, Poussin If the Golden Age hides conceptual faux pax, compare Titian’s Pastoral Concert here for hidden grotesques.

Prospectors of Gilgamesh, Babylon and Berlin deep in the politics of the Novus Ordo Seclorum of the American seal belie a gentle life without care. Ruins Of Pergamos An obvious starchitecture of its own, With the sweet


Golden Age of Hesiod and Homer, called Christian the three harvests of Apollo, or Apollyon, and as the Hebrews say, Abaddon, the golden age up from Nimrod's plain. Christians took that old compound from Virgil's Fourth Symphony as a celebration of the prophecy of Christ, but Roman starchitects had prepared the age for another, the ultimate godemperor marriage of religion and state, even if it was latest applied to the new world and America. The American Capitol Dome and Great Seal lacked a cross, but had a hexagram above a pyramid as the Eye of Horus! The mystery Golden Age of Greece, Rome, Babylon and Egypt as America, the eye of Egypt on the dollar bill, resembled ancient mystical starchitectures like those to which Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego refused to bow. Domitian before his nose job Treading ever thinner ice, Domitian decreed this worship of god-emperor revered byKing Nebuchadnezzar of the Neo-Babylonian empire (c. 600 BC). Later, that first century altar of Pergamos was duplicated on the Denver

Gigantomachy Frieze stage for the candidate of twenty-o-eight. Pergamos was a center of emperor worship before Constantine made the ecclesiastical state join religion and politics. Pergamum worship of gods, like in the Ishtar Hotel, got them into the Bible. St. John said Pergamos is “the place where


Satan dwells,” which was not a figure of speech. The Roman emperor-god was what is called today among transgenics an evolved creature who had once been a man, which resonates extremely in the manufacture of god-men in the underground (Severed Heads), especially in the eastern provinces. This triumphator had whole buildings and complexes (neocorates) dedicated to worship. Man-god-emperor, it would be as if the president declared himself divine and enshrined himself among the gods on the Dome ! It would be as though worshipers must either venerate or die, which more identifies what happened at Pergamos at that huge altar, than what happened later at its opening in Nazi Germany. “The image of the emperor that Pergamans worshipped with their gods was revived in Denver.” If that’s good news try also that the demons of ancient Pergamos could not bear that their sacrifices were being ruined by Antipas, who was casting them out. The governor told him to cease and desist, that the old gods were better than the new, that the religion of the Greeks and Romans was better than the Christian because improved with time. Impolitic Antipas responded that while Cain was older than Abel, it was Abel who was accepted by God, not Cain. Do not engage in such free speech since the outcome is always the same. The Governor won the debate when Antipas refused to put incense in the red hot copper bull kettle, which would have been taken as an act of adoration to the emperor. He was thrown into the kettle the way Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were when Nebuchadnezzar threw them in the fiery furnace for not bowing down to his gold god. They said, “know O king, that we will not serve your gods or worship the image of gold you have made.” So Antipas joined Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. In late medieval Switzerland where they would drown their Mennonites in a bag or


drag them behind boats for their executions, the Swiss lacked the devotion of fire. [Accounts of the fiery furnace in midrash Canticles Rabbah say Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah (Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego) asked the prophet Ezekiel (Hazqiyal) whether they should resist Nebuchadnezzar's command and choose death by fire instead of worshiping his idol. When they had left, determined to sacrifice their lives, Ezekiel was told: "You believe I will abandon them, but that shall not happen; let them carry out their intention and see. Ezekiel's famous resuscitation of the dead is said to have occurred the same day the three were cast in the furnace.] Ishtar Gate The Golden Age and Pergamos got much from The Ishtar Gate stolen by the Germans in the 19th century and sent to Berlin. In ancient times those gates strictly represented political and religious authority joined in one. Masked as archeological sites, the true purpose of the Berlin acquisition remains speculative. That Gate would have seen condemned captives from all over the world taken to captivity, from Old Jerusalem to the Shiites of the Iraq War. Cakes were baked with Ishtar's face (Jeremiah 44), before being led out. But if “Babylon Gilgamesh is Iraq and Iraq is Uruk, and Mr. Obama stands a counterpart to the ancient ruler of Uruk, epic hero Gilgamesh, with one exception. Gilgamesh rejected Ishtar. Ishtar the beautiful, the irresistible, Ishtar whose lovers turned up dead, Ishtar who had wanted to seduce him too. Gilgamesh would not. The President, is a Gilgamesh who did not know what Ishtar meant when she


invited him into her arms. The arms of the goddess wanted the office of the king, the office of President. Her love signs, lapis and the lion, blue gold with allure enflamed any man’s blood. Ishtar the First! but Ishtar had wings and claws.” "Give me the seed of your body, give me your semen;[she said] Plant your seed in the body of Ishtar. Abundance will follow riches beyond the telling" (David Ferry, 29). But cross her and she would make you deformed. Considering this we might wonder, how Ishtar could claim a whole chain of Washington Hotels? For in the language of the poem the man was discarded as the broken wing of the bird, the lion who fell in the pit, the horse hobbled in mud, the goatherd turned to a wolf. The tempted gardener in the Uruk palace offered a go, her lust was that great – She said,"touch me where you dare not, touch me here,touch me where you want to, touch me here" (31), --but the gardener would not "eat the rotten food / having been taught to eat the wholesome.” She turned him into a frog. That is literary fact about which we should not ask. Wah, wah! “Gilgamesh found out and told all my foulness" (32). The important matter concerns the body politic. Gilgamesh caressing Ishtar’s palace dogs

She was "the door through which the cold gets in, the fire that goes out, the pitch that sticks to the hands of the one who carries the bucket, the house that falls down, the shoe that pinches the foot of the wearer,


The ill-made wall that buckles when time has gone by. The leaky water skin soaking the carrier. -She was the door by- chemical wood-la belle dame sans merci sans mud.No wonder captivity felt so good itgot the better of the captive when Ishtar and Pergamon came to Denver. Nobody believed it, but what about the team? Not the Broncos, the Democrats! “Ishtar took center stage that night in beautiful blue.” The nominee accepted from the middle of the image . "Abundance will follow, riches without telling. The lapis and aurochs and cedar down the way of lions we will fulfill.” Would the promise of the beautiful Ishtar turn him to a frog? No journalist saw a giant bull kettle off stage, roasting on the coals.


VII. Ishtar

Behave! That’s what they say when they’re together. Ishtar was called to the Altar when starchitects built the gigantic stage of Denver . Much like buildings and art of that style world-wide, the iconic Altar and the frieze of Gigantomachy were prima facie larger than life. The image of The Ishtar Gate in the foreground enclosed the podium.


The Ishtarocrat design suggests Ishtar was thought a harmless myth the way Joseph Campbell said myths are essentially powerless since they are inside people and mirror only their internal states as “world dreams,” evoke feeling, but never evoke states of being. When fact is myth then myth turns fact. Do not enter these buildings without the whole armor. Iraqi Freedom Camp as American Captivity Instead of Mr. Obama’s fascination with Ishtar being myth, it was a superimposition of the reality of the Iraq war, a war as a metaphysical as the women weeping for Tammuz, impacting the proto-Semitic Akkadians of Jericho, Megiddo and


Ai when the lands of Sumer and Akkad south of Baghdad bounded the Tigris, Euphrates and Persian Gulf united under one king, as ignorant as calling Sesostris an

immigrant or the Trojan Horse a tribute. All the fabulous shock and awe of the physical assault of Bush revisited America in the spiritual Obama. Even though it began with another President it made no difference, the war was for the office, not the man, given license, designed from long ago. So it was said that “Americans think they can conquer territory, appropriate whatever riches and leave the rest behind. When they left Iraq its gods came along.” That’s how Ishtar showed up in Denver, but the superimposition of the Babylonian gods upon America begun years before included the Washington Monument (Egyptian stele), the Capitol Dome and the dollar bill. So old hat as to be meaningless. These invited the Arab to the mosque before Iraq, so to speak, for not so remote tenets of Islam state that America annexed herself to spiritual Babylon and Egypt in retribution for its


aggression (under no less an authority than Gurdjieff). Iraq being Babylon, which is how Ishtar got to Denver with her Pergamon backdrop, she was enshrined in Congress. Where else but in Congress would Ishtar be? The Capitol Dome as a kind of Dome of the Rock took over Republicans and Democrats.All Urukians took Ishtar as the officiate at President Obama’s ascendency, Did Americans know that in conquering they were conquered? Aggression is such a two-edge. Being outside ordinary ken, it is not ours to question if this phenomenon is real. Anyway, there was another work in this series of political metaphysics called Shock and Awe on Animals of Iraq, filled with the cries and brays of terror of pets that went unnoticed in reports. Those touching tales told by children show how nations that experience Babylonian captivity undergo an amazing cross pollination. Among many instances the Jews who came out of Babylon Captivity never said the name of their God again! They got the Babylonian Talmud and the Zohar in exchange for the Diaspora, loss of tribe and Name.


In Isotexture Start Lectures the Kurk Wold name contains all the letters of Uruk, except one, the spiritual capital of Babylon, but one, revisited in the U for the K. As much is capable here of hermetic expansion as America’s captivity in architecture and undertecture that enlarges and diminishes the scale. The President’s act of genius with the Pergamum altar and the Ishtar Gate transformed America. Considering the long reach of the Babylonian Captivity upon the Jews, who changed their entire religion under its influence and adopted entirely new symbology, Babylonian captivities in general and the captive taking in particular are a symbol of the later human takings. Taken from Babylon to the Pergamon Museum in Berlin, where Mr. Obama visited on his previous trip, images of the Ishtar Gate and the Altar of Pergamos were mostly unrecognized by the press at the Denver acceptance. Pundits saw images of the Lincoln Memorial in the background, Dr. Martin Luther King on the Denver stage. Some saw the pillars of the White House on the altar where saints had been slain. Some saw Greek columns. To really get it you have to combine the Altar with the Ishtar Gate in your mind’s eye, or you can just look at the pic below. If you have trouble seeing, step back and squint, imagine, I wonder if you can, there’s no countries. Imagine no religion I guess that’s no surprise. Imagine just an aura, blue as blue could be for frogs in the frying pan. Oo, ooo, I hope you’ll join us so the world can be as one.


“What a big smile you have grandma.”


Isabelle Mac, “A Trickery” Weimar Germany could not believe Nazi fanatics. Before Napoleon and the French Revolution, Cromwell could not believe in the King. So they believed they had it coming. “If you were not put to death you could look up at the guillotine.” Memories of the guillotine were the memories of the living in that myth to Christianize our pagan culture, (Boyd (13). “When men of peace brought war the American people said, ‘who knew, who knew,’ which they said also when they found out what Washington did when he rose into heaven.” Like owls, Who knew? Who knew?


The Capitol Dome showed its presumption in that Starchitecture as a monument to glory, Rome, self praise, but not the same praise as ‘I sing myself and what I assume you shall assume’ for the *iconoperor had no clothes.” Icono-plastys saw a thousand times what world domination can do in the English character that ruled the Tabasco agriculture on the Tyson Chicken farm. The icono Dome compared itself with Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel in proportion, for “while there the Biblical *iconographer

creation expands, in the Dome the gods cavort.” So if the U. S. was not explicitly mentioned in the Bible, and Rome, Babylon and Russia were. Red states were concerned. “America is there,” Wold said, “it’d best not have been. Memories are short, and then came the internet so now we forget.” Whoever first said congress was a brothel for hire had implicit support from the Ishtar Hotel, with the novel reason that “disregarding the salutary example of Gilgamesh to resist, Congress got rich buying and selling. Congress got Ishtar rich too, for she was the one who turned them frogs.” The Capitol Dome represented symbolic control of the gods celebrated by writers from the Renaissance and before, who, “lived deliciously with Babylon City, Mystery Babylon,” of whom it is as hard to find an image in Western art as it is of the gold statue of Nebuchadnezzar. Wold brought one all the way from the Revelation of the Apocalypse 18: “a


catalogue to represent global capital and world domination, multi- national corporations traduced to impoverish nations and people of the world. Babylon City/Woman, a picture of bond traders and merchants of world capital, Alexander died in the palace built by Nebuchadnezzar global internationals unmasked in the intercourse of traffic whose fortunes make “an idolatrous cult of Mammon, a cult that can only merit the name ‘fornication,’ [said Ricardo Foulkes (El Apocalipsis De San Juan, 189)]. Extending the prophecy of St. John to contemporary global capital the Americas were polarized and crucified (Callahan, Ortega, Kidd on Wainwright) by the same enemy Ruben Dario saddled as AlejandroNabucodonosor, AlexanderNebuchadnezzar, ‘breaking horses and murdering tigers;’ the stones of Tyre, Babylon unbuilt like one day pieces of that dome sold to the cry of vendors of the Berlin Wall, pieces of Dome for Patriots, weave a circle round him thrice, shunned by atheists on the runway of the New World, with an entire heaven in danger of being sucked down.” Then, Wold said, “Washington would join the gods in a miscegenate swirl to funnel with the sound.”


The morning that “Washington Welcomed Lincoln Into Heaven.” the E Pluribus Unum, MONSTER WAR ACCORD WAS not yet written. Their adversaries used it to strangle them.” If it sounds like war turns earth to tyranny, according to Ishtarchitectery that was why presidents held the myth office in place of Osiris. What will happen when Ishtar finds out? Will there never be peace among the gods? Authorities laugh at their own myths. “God in their belief is an alien,” they said. “They believe in ET, not FEMA boxcars and Monarch Children, the systemic poisoning of their own timeblinking misalignments of corporeal time-centers, yes, shown on TV bigger than life, but everything outside the protocols they deny. Wold says the fate is All the better to eat you with my dear Prometheus.

Death was nothing except life unresisted. Immortality was a sham. While you lived you lived. The promise of immortality produced an inability to enjoy the life that was. Free to live, work, suffer without the heroic measures science forced like white pear blossoms in winter. New livers, new kidneys, new hearts, new fingers and toes were their death not as individuals, but as a race. Stalking horse of the immortal! It was better to die than receive such controls. They were so busy trying to stay alive they couldn’t live. Science substituted neurosis for long life for life, without corrective choice. Get the windows update, reprogram genes, a new heart, remain iatrogenic in tubes, beakers, DNA samples, cryonic tanks. Die while you live. Live when you die. Ted Williams was frozen in a bucket to maybe raise him up with science in that day and contradict all that life held good, life on the ground with the girl, a wife, and children under sky in fields. They eventually brought back Ted Williams and he killed himself, asked to be reburied like Elphenor did of Odysseus, the wise Greek. Odysseus buried Elphenor to honor daily life, but he was not half divine like Achilles so Odysseus rejected immortality. He was also faithful. But here’s the point, what Odysseus did to the suitors is what men finally did to Zeus and the


Anunnaki for ten thousand thousand crimes against humanity and woman. As Odysseus protected Penelope, impaled suitor wolves on a bier, men did to the gods who hunted women. Greek, Babylonian, the crimes of Zeus… god crimes against humanity were that huge.

VIII. New Goden Age Scholars, researchers and alarmists posed the arrival of these gods to found the goden age. Their research said overpopulation, degradation of resources, threats of revolution would bring an end that their goden age would save. But whether Hades or heaven, the goden that pretended health, three harvests and long life with ease, was always a state of death, so the opposite of what they said was true. The Goden Age would be the greatest age of tyranny ever known. Fantasy reality! People had been living in the goden all our lives and didn’t know, thought it myth. Then it became fact, like bad wine. Things turned opposite. The peasant farmer, hungry and benighted, ignorant of higher math, who had music and art, and even more community, like the Chinese peasant, had no difficulty until business-science in about a hundred years made communities over into new tribal forms. Not like the old that lived on earth under sky, these lived in a biosphere. Compare the number of days and nights these peasants spent in air, under sun and star, against the modern like a putative escapee of Mars. When living failed, this Caucasoid built a planetoid and settled off Saturn. No ocean there, no air. Boys didn’t tan. Worse than any prison, shut off from life, compared to the dream of the Santa Monica pier, the analogy held for people secluded in rooms, captivated by flickering screens. They lost their health contemplating images. There was no weather or grandparents. The goden age appealed to good will, justice, fairness and peace, as a fraud, virtues which had only just disappeared, killed by scientist demagogues. Brainwashed, behind appeals for justice, new god scientists, prophets said they would fix it with facts of their own, overwhelm people overwhelmed already by artificial food engineered to make them hungry, then sick. There’s three harvests. The golden age made them better with dissatisfaction, health and life suckered in. There’s fair weather.. Selected facts in obesity twisted the false into the true. There’s immortality.


Were we members of herds like cows or sheep, always subject we’re told, when we’re not, these demagogues would have their news men aggressively question any voice that challenged this view. See, it breaks control. Superman, Hatman borning Pop Mind, implied transgenics before 2012. Singularity 2045, 2025, counting down, H+ viewed the past superseded in itself. A therefore A, first law of Descartes, I think, therefore I am, assumed the I pre-enunciated being, before I think. So if I think I remember that I thought and I am not just a palindrome. Singularity = novus ordo. The woods come to Dunsinane! What kind of consciousness creates over gene alteration centuries before it is dreamt? The transgenic interprets myths of giants, monsters, aerial phenomena as precursors of his own. Chimeras, Polyphemus, Neptune, angels...there is room if it mattered, but it doesn't since it is shortly o’er-flown. Were there really dinosaurs revived with tatters of DNA, engineered, then reengineered? If dinosaurs will Yeats be raised, for transmortals seek selective resurrection of important persons, Max Planck? Tom Gilbert begs that the agenda of the Transhuman is not about his grandmother. “An expert in ancient DNA at Copenhagen University, who with Schuster and Webb pioneered the harvesting of mammoth DNA from hair, [he] admits that as a student of mammoths, he'd be the first to go see one trundle across a paddock…"if you can do a mammoth, you can do anything else that's dead, including your grandmother. But in a world in global warming and with limited resources for research, do you really want to bring back your dead grandmother?" National Geographic, May 2009). To him she’s like a mouse. Brought back by hair or bone is why the grave of Gilgamesh was dug and why the Smithsonian hides the excavated giants. This sounds totally like the search for Merlin’s grave in That Hideous Strength. It impacts King Ramses and whoever else would return with plans, come back to tell you all, unlike grandma. Boasts in architecture which the uninitiated ignorantly venerate and worship on the National Mall do not understand the absolute import. Maybe the Greenhouse Effect will make the new/oldies feel at home. The Defense Advance Research Projects Agency of the U.S. (DARPA) will construct an enhanced, hybrid, super soldier; it feels it must beat the Russian. There are


as many links to this as you wish. The one cited here is 4 years old. The SEALS might be part fish. If it sounds like Swift, Gulliver according to its kind, the organic machine will be dead serious when it comes online to the 10 to the 26 trillion trillion brain by Singular fiat, except old mammoths and warriors of the past will be new dug in Palestine. But the hybrids will be new. If transhuman assumptions hold and things are as they say, it were impossible to override, as impossible as the taunt that Isaiah gives against Babylon. Oops, also Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Jonah, Zechariah and Psalms. And, oops again, Matthew and Revelations dismayed "the moral tragedy of not building god," (Hugo de Garis. BBC Horizon, HumanV2.0--47.12-47:26) . Hybrid Age Reverse Genesis It should be obvious why the Transgenic does not sanction God. If you think the Hybrid Age the reverse of Genesis, that destruction does not create, then the bringing back of Ramses, Yeats and the wooly Mammoth mocks shows how prejudiced you are. Many religious are concerned not to take "the mark of the beast," emphasizing mark, not beast. In the age of the hybrid a retrofitted serum injected in guise of vaccine combining animal and human DNA to cure some engineered disease, in the words of Verner Vinge in 1993!, "within thirty years, we will have the technological means to create superhuman intelligence. Shortly after, the human era will be ended." (Abstract, The Coming Technological Singularity). Two-thirds of those thirty years are gone. Transmorts put up Ray Kurzweil to speak so they won’t be taken seriously. When PBS last showed him on Charlie Rose he spoke of Singularity as if it were an expression of the information age, that the "democratizing" technologies of cell phones and Facebook would prevent it being used for tyranny because of "the wisdom of crowds." But singularity is of the HYBRID AGE, like his rhetoric, where human organs are grown in pigs and dinosaurs are reconstituted from


80 million year old DNA stored in their bones. This is considered fantasy to the culture, an unserious effort of government and business to remake dinosaurs and pair all kinds of human and animal genes for human enhancement as well as parading nanobots in Kurzweil's brain. Bio: This primer, emerged from work at the Human Botany Review and other sites where these links and others are live. AE Day 4+

Further Operations:

Beijing1420 AD, the Altar of Heaven How did the eye atop the Washington monument pyramid fall off onto the dollar bill?

William Burroughs sharpening the Pyramid of aluminum atop the Washington Monument

What has this to do with the buying and selling of influence in the Ishtar hotel and to the National Mall compared to the Vatican?


How is the opposition of Benjamin Rush and John Adams to the deification of George Washington symbolic of the city, the Capitol Dome, street layout and the nation’s deification of itself in these architectural and Political Starchitectures of Roman emperor worship?

1791 layout of Washington D.C. The District is a perfect square ten miles on a side, but rotated 45 degrees so that it resembles the Masonic symbol of a square and compass. The city’s central north-south axis runs along 16th Street, NW, Lafayette Park, the White House and thence through what is now the Jefferson Memorial. L’Enfant planned a “grand avenue” running west from the Capitol to the Potomac River. The point at which it intersected the 16th Street axis was to be the zero mile marker for the United States, and the site of a proposed equestrian statue of Washington. Instead, the country Capitol Hexagram ultimately decided to honor him on that spot with a gigantic Masonic obelisk, ultimately to be moved a few hundred feet to the east due to fears about building on soggy ground closer to the river. L’Enfant’s Washington Francis Fukuyama What does Ishtar have to do with Horus, Israel, Babylon? How is DC is laid out in Geometric isotech or Genetic isotech of this? Are genes programmed like the DC streets to form a chimera of deification itself? The All Seeing on the supreme court building of Israel



What’s Solomon’s Star got to do with it? What are these followers of Yah:

IX. The American Captivity of Kurk Wold A man camped in a tent that looks out on space ought to go to metropolis to learn where it’s really at. There’s a lot to see. Statues of hydra and octopus in the foyer of the Ishtar Hotel, who says unbelievable, that a starchitect of the mind existed these thousands of years? The architectural plans are not on paper, but in a medium of light where shapes touch clouds, mansions, camps of belief, Guernica, Titans, hydra, minotaur built for global elites. American Captivity examines the iconic design of these multi- national events that dwarf wow-chitects, built and unbuilt, and link avant garde to pop. We call these starchitectures bridges in space, avant-garde and pop, unbuildable schemes that should not be built, Babel to Auschwitz, gulags, "desaparecidos," prison camps, experiments, infrastructures of death, mutants of high tech. What kind of science severs the heads of convicts, straps them to a machine, transplants them, tortures them, records their cries, then gives them drugs to drive them further insane? See the Kurk Wold Letters in this address, with Starchitectures, Cartoon at the End of the World, the Oops Fauxnonfic Cartoon at the End of the World:. To anybody who persevered the process the title is History Wild, but after a hundred visions, revisions and major cuts here's hoping the text discovers how Earth history is a Trojan horse. Science, politics, religion, myth exist not to advance the race or to figure the deep structure of the unconscious, but to cause the "super emperor" myth, super man, immortal man. Trojan horse. Science, politics, religion, myth deep structure. So this guy lands from Betelgeuse, maybe he's from out of town, comes down anyway into this-- you going to call THIS reality? If all the cases believe what they believe, and you, from the land of the far away, come with your own illusions as nuts as those who inhabit the place when you arrive,


why not add a little hyperbole to lighten the load, wake up in the middle of an earth-heaven war, galactic, not galactic, who can decide, as long as waking up means gradually, before seven, ha! but that’s the end of it till the hurt in your mouth from speaking and the laugh out loud in the telling. the

Further reading: Hunter Thompson’s Obituary for Richard Nixon Emperor Gods of Rome

Acknowledgments to Camel Saloon Gallery, Eyeshot, Red Fez and Antipodean SF for versions that there appeared. The cover is an opium poppy extruding its tears.


Tales of genetically modified science, politics.

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